tagLesbian SexSlumber Party Consequences

Slumber Party Consequences


It was a typical high school senior's slumber party, I guess. There was wine, vodka, and someone brought a couple of illegal cigarettes. There was a lot of getting wasted and finally of passing out. Of course, I wasn't that into getting wasted and neither were a very few of the other girls, so after most of the others had gone to sleep, we broke up into pairs chatting in or on our sleeping bags. I was talking to Jaime and shortly, we may have been the only ones left awake. More than once, I had felt a little jealous of Jaime as I thought of how she was so much hotter than me. Strangely, that made me attracted to being friends with her.

Not that I'm shabby exactly. I have reddish-brown hair that is sandier than auburn, a few freckles and nice tits, at least nice for an eighteen-year-old high school girl. Jaime is a little taller than me and has long brown hair, smaller breasts than me and she wears glasses. So what is to be jealous of? Her legs, that's what – she has shapely muscular legs that are to die for – I mean, when Jaime walks through a room wearing short-shorts, every eye turns. And I mean every eye; boys, girls, and even me.

So here we were, our sleeping bags lying side-by-side and chatting; the conversation hits a slow turn, and I just blurt it out. "Jaime I have to confess that I am jealous of your legs. I think they're the sexiest legs in school."

Jaime blinked in surprise at the new turn in our conversation, and I noticed that she also had really lovely brown eyes. After a moment she answered, "Well you can't have them. I use them all the time." We giggled for a minute, probably longer than the joke deserved, but I guess talking about other people's bodies is a little embarrassing. Finally she added, "Ok, to be honest, I think you probably have the sexiest mouth in school, Karen. You have perfect lips, even white teeth, and I don't know, you just look so kissable. Besides, you have sexy legs, too."

I was caught off guard with the sexy mouth thing. It sounded like something a guy might say before asking me to suck his dick. Come to think of it, that has happened a few times, and a couple of those times, I went ahead and did it. I like giving blowjobs. It's raw sex, short in duration, and if you happen to like salty mushrooms like I do, one doesn't mind swallowing, which makes things neat and clean. I've also let a couple of guys go down on me as well. I love the sensation, but I am so nervous about it that I can't seem to come. I'm nervous because I know that after they are done licking me, they always want to fuck, and I'm not ready for that yet, so in a technical way, I am still a virgin even though my hymen has long since been removed by questing fingers.

So all this flies through my mind when she tells me about my sexy mouth. At least her remark about my legs being sexy is something I can respond to, "Oh, my legs look fat," I said with a little heart-felt disgust, "But as for my mouth – usually guys say that to get me to suck their dicks."

"Your legs aren't fat, they are just well rounded and very sexy," protested Jaime with a grin, "and you have a beautiful tan, Karen. I wish I could have smooth, tanned legs like yours. Look and me, pale as a corpse." Then she leaned close and whispered, "But if I had a dick, you would sure be the girl that I would ask to suck it with your beautiful, sexy mouth."

Okay that was strange. I mean the joke was good and we both giggled, but something about the way she said that about my sucking her dick made a thrill run up and down my spine. I think she had a little too much sincerity in her voice to be completely joking. I looked at her mouth and stopped giggling. Her lips were full, slightly parted, and suddenly very inviting. We just stared at each other a minute before she did the unthinkable thing. She kissed me. It wasn't like a seductive kiss exactly, just a really tender kiss. Not that it wasn't seducing me, it just wasn't that kind of kiss – like no French, but definitely friendlier than normal in duration. But it felt really, really nice, and when she pulled away, I sort of wanted to pull her back, but I didn't, of course. I didn't want her to think I was queer or something.

Neither of us had said anything, and we were still staring at each other. Finally, I said, "That was sweet, but what was that for?"

She gave a little shrug, "Just had to try it, I guess. You just looked so tempting with your sexy mouth, and I didn't have a dick to put in it." I could tell she was trying not to grin.

In the same spirit I said, "I guess I could suck your sexy legs, but don't expect me to deep-throat." We giggled and I could tell we both felt more than a little nervous about what was definitely becoming a sexual tension between us. It was crazy, I had never even seriously considered sex with another girl, it wasn't ever even discussed with me, at least, not with another girl, and it's not like I really wanted to do anything or have her do anything to me, yet... I felt another blurt coming on, and true to the evening, I let it out, "But the kiss was nice though."

She arced an eyebrow, "You think I'm a good kisser?"

"I couldn't go that far. It was such a little kiss, besides your glasses bumped me – nearly put my eye out." This was blatantly untrue, and was just as blatantly a challenge to kiss me again. I didn't know what the hell I was doing. I figured I was losing my mind.

She gave a little smile and set her glasses aside, opened her sleeping bag and cuddled next to me and kissed me again. At first it was just like the other, just her warm lips softly touching mine, then her lips parted ever so slightly, so I let mine open a little too and our tongues touched. It was like a war in my head. Part of me was saying 'You're kissing a girl for god's sakes,' and part of me – a growing larger part of me – was starting to really enjoy it. The soft kiss with tongues just lightly touching went on, and on, and it gradually became as if a boy was kissing me, and I was starting to feel an excitement that was like the stirrings I felt with a boy, then I started thinking but it's a girl, and that felt so dirty and perverted...

And suddenly dirty and perverted was a really, really hot thing, and it was much wickeder and sexier than kissing a boy, and now we were both of us breathing a little harder. Jaime was now licking boldly into my mouth, exploring me and I was sucking her tongue. Then I put my tongue in her mouth and let her suck mine a while. I felt her arms reach around me and hold me and I put my arms around her. I felt her hand opening my sleeping bag and she was slipping in beside me, still kissing me and now our legs were touching which seemed incredibly intimate and sexual.

We lay there kissing, getting more and more aroused, Jaime gradually began moving her legs, caressing the backs of my legs with the calf of the leg that she had eased over mine. I could feel the warmth of the crotch of her panties pressing against my hip and thigh, and suddenly my hips were moving a little too. I put both my arms around her neck, sucked at her tongue and made a serious effort to rub my mound against any part of her body that I could find. I think I was humping the area between her upper right thigh and her hip, and it was starting to feel really, really good. Suddenly I heard another voice.

Someone was whispering to someone, and we both froze like deer trapped in a car's headlights. Jaime eased out of my bag and once on top of her own, she sat up and cautiously looked around. There was one lamp burning out in the foyer – but we were in the darkest corner of the living room. I sat up, too. At first I couldn't make out where the whispering was coming from, it was so feint. But I was terrified it was two girls whispering about Jaime and me. Barely moving, Jaime's hand touched my arm and pointed. I could barely make it out, but evidently two other girls were sharing one sleeping bag and whispering to each other.

I felt a flood of relief, and a glance at Jaime told me that she felt the same. Then Jaime put her mouth to my ear and whispered so softly that I'm sure no one else heard. "That's Claire and Elizabeth. Do you think?"

I knew what she was asking, or thought I did so I whispered just as softly directly into her ear, "No, I am sure they didn't see or hear us."

Jaime shook her head, and whispered again in my ear, "No, I meant do you think they are having sex?" I have to admit that thought shocked me a bit, although I sure couldn't say why, and then the next thought shocked me even more. Were they having sex just like Jaime and I were getting ready to do? But were we? I had certainly given that no thought, but I was thinking about it now. I was still pretty aroused. I glanced down and could see my nipples pressing against my tee-shirt. If Jaime had put her hand in my panties, would I have stopped her? I was pretty sure I wouldn't have, and my pussy tingled at the thought.

Then the girls across the room answered our questions as we heard a couple of very soft but distinct grunts. But would I have put my hand in Jaime's panties? I really didn't know. Jaime and I looked at each other to acknowledge that the other two girls were having some kind of sexual activity. Jaime put her mouth to my ear, "That is making me so hot. I wish we could see what they are doing." I just looked at Jaime, who had put her glasses back on and was watching the sleeping bag across the room. There were definitely a few subtle movements inside the bag that could be discerned, and we heard a very low moan. Claire and Elizabeth had chosen a slightly brighter location in the dark living room.

I couldn't believe Jaime had said that. Why would we want to watch them? I thought that was pretty disgusting but then in my minds eye, I could picture myself spying on two girls, and actually a very pretty and a very interesting picture was beginning to form in my head. I shook my head and whispered to her, "We should go to sleep. I don't want to be seen by other girls doing something like that."

Jaime put her face cheek to cheek with mine and put her arms around me, holding me so we could talk into each other's ears. "But Karen, I was really enjoying kissing you and it was making me really hot."

"Me too," I admitted, "But I've never done anything like that before."

"Neither have I," and Jaime added a lick to my ear, "But I want to do it some more, and I want to do it with you, please?"

I admit that I can't exactly feel my pussy getting wet, but I could feel the result when the cool air tickled at my soaked panties. What Jaime just said shot through me like a jolt of electricity and I found myself answering honestly, "And I want you to do things to me, but not here, not tonight."

"Will you spend the night with me next weekend at my house?" I really couldn't hear the pleading in the whisper but I felt it.

"Yes, but make it my house," I couldn't believe I was saying this, but I was, "my parents will be out of town next weekend, and my little brother is going with them."

"Okay, can I just kiss you one more time?"

"No," I answered, "Just go to sleep." I pulled away, closed my sleeping bag and turned my back to her. I didn't trust another kiss, and I am pretty sure I wouldn't stop if Jaime pushed, so I wasn't about to let her kiss me again – not here, and not tonight. I was a long time actually falling asleep and trying not to think about sex. I wished I had drunk more booze.

The next week wasn't easy in some ways. Jaime and I shared one class and while we smiled and said hello, we kind of kept our distance. I didn't know what to think. Had Jaime changed her mind? I didn't think so, because whenever our eyes met, she would hold contact just a little longer than was natural. Finally on Wednesday we sat together at lunch. Other girls were at the same table so we didn't say much just talked a little about the class we had in common. Finally, Jaime said, "So, give me your address and phone number so I can come over Friday night to study biology. I hope you understand it better than I do."

Biology was the class we shared and where I had a B average, I knew Jaime had a slam dunk for an A. I had to laugh, and said, "That's nice of you to say," I wrote down the information on a piece of paper and handed it across the table, "But you are supposed to help me understand it better." She crossed her eyes at me and I had to giggle again, and absolutely no one paid the least bit of attention accept Ginger who groaned something about her last math test.

Gym class was the weirdest. Most girls are fairly modest about changing clothes, but no one exactly hides either, and I found myself feeling both more self-conscious about my own nudity and more curious about the other girls. And then I began to wonder if any of the others were looking at other girls surreptitiously like I was. And I was finding it harder and harder not to stare at pussies when I got the chance to see one. Some girls trimmed theirs, and a few had even shaved. For the most part, the shaved ones seemed a little shyer about being seen. But I was sure that one girl, a slim brunette named Myra, was all but displaying hers. I found myself wishing Jaime were in my gym class so I could get a glimpse of what she looked like.

That Thursday, Myra caught my gaze lingering just a little too long on her smooth lower lips. Feeling a little panicky, I reluctantly looked her in the eyes, but she was just smiling at me. After class, in the hall, she walked up to me and asked, "Well what do you think?" Her hips had displayed a distinct sway when she had walked up to me and I wondered if she was gay or something.

"I'm not sure," I knew that she was talking about my staring at her shaved pussy, but I had no clue what she expected me to say. Unfortunately, I am one of those people who say the most inane things when they don't know what to say, "I mean, it's pretty enough, but isn't it uncomfortable?" My God! I screamed at myself, I just told a girl her shaved pussy looked pretty, and the weirdest thing is I didn't even have that opinion really. I hadn't decided it was pretty or not – it had just seemed like the naturally friendly thing to say.

She just grinned again, "Sometimes it's uncomfortable for doing some things because hair does add some protective padding, but it's great for sex and wearing a bikini, and the boys seem to like it. Thanks for saying that it's pretty. I'm glad you think that." Then she walked off like we had just had the most normal conversation. Maybe we did. Maybe I'm going crazy. I had never been like this around other girls before, nervous and less than confident, but I couldn't get last Saturday night's slumber party out of my mind. I kept thinking about how wonderful it had felt with Jaime seducing me, and how Claire and Elizabeth had taken it to at least another level. Now I wonder if I didn't envy them, although that was really crazy because Friday night was coming soon enough. I was glad neither Claire nor Elizabeth was in my gym class; for I know that I would have stared at their bodies, wondering... Wondering what? I didn't even know.

I wasn't even sure I wanted to go through with it. It. I wasn't even sure what 'it' was. I mean, I know that Jaime wanted to seduce me, I think. I was pretty okay with some of that, the kissing at least, and even the dry humping. But if I had owned a magic button that could undo the whole thing – what had happened and what might happen, I would have had to press it. I was so nervous and I felt guilty. When I thought about sex with another girl, it made me slightly ill, unless that is, I started to feel dirty and perverted about it, then it would all come back with a warm pleasant rush. Maybe it was my strict religious background. I know that was a big part of what made me love giving blowjobs to boys. It made me feel guilty and dirty and cheap, like a slut, and that made me feel free. How crazy is that?

But did I feel lust when giving a blowjob? Certainly I felt some of that, and I certainly felt it when they kissed me and touched me, but I think it was mostly the feeling dirty thing that gave me my best intensity with boys. Except with Jaime, there was a whole lot more of a percentage of the lust part – of course it also felt much dirtier and much more perverted, so it was hard to be sure of myself. Would I just let Jaime do whatever she wanted with me? I felt some hesitation about it, but the honest answer is probably, at least if she kept up the pressure. I would probably give her what ever she wanted. Whatever that was, and thinking that way gave me that warm slutty feeling again. I could be a whore for Jaime if she wanted me too.

I did want to have orgasms though. I love orgasms. They're not so intense when I do them to myself as when someone else is fondling me, but I had only had a few and those were from boy's hands. Like I said, I loved it when they would kiss and lick me down there, but it made me nervous because I knew they wanted to fuck me more than just go down on me. One guy put his finger in my ass while licking my pussy and that was the closest I had ever come to an orgasm from oral sex. Playing with my bottom seemed especially dirty and perverted. He had asked for me to let him fuck my bottom and I nearly let him, too. Then I remembered about how men gave each other aids. Then later I thought, if he had offered up a rubber, I probably would have consented.

Thursday night, Jaime called me. I took the call in my room, so I wouldn't have to worry too much about being overheard, but it still made me a little nervous, until she said, "Karen, I just want to tell you how much I like you and enjoy spending time with you. Please don't worry about anything else. Nothing may happen, but I really want to be friends with you. We neither of us will do anything we don't want to, okay?"

"I'm nervous, Jaime, but it's not that bad. Besides, I like you, too. You make me laugh, and I like that."

Jaime was quiet a moment, "I'll bring some wine that I'm sure my folks won't miss. We could go out, or I could maybe bring a movie. My dad has a huge DVD collection."

"Bring a movie then," I really didn't know what I wanted to do, but at least she was giving me options, "What time are you coming over?"

"Is eight late enough?"

"You can make it seven if you like, my folks will be out of here by six or even earlier, I expect."

"Then see you tomorrow night at seven, Karen." And she hung up.

Friday was the easiest day of school all week, and I know it was because of the reassurance I had received from Jaime's call the night before. Gym was the only speed bump I hit that day, and it was because of Myra. She was right across from me and had taken off her gym shorts and panties without taking off her shoes. So when she put her foot on the bench to untie her sneakers, she was giving me a positively indecent shot of her shaved crotch. "Wanta know what it is about the sex being better?" she asked in a quiet voice while I stared shamelessly between her legs.

"Sure." I muttered, hoping nobody noticed where I was looking.

"When someone puts their mouth on me, I feel it so much more intimately. It's really wonderful."

My mouth was very dry when I softly asked, "Are you gay, Myra?"

She shook her head and gave me that insolent grin of hers, "No, but let's say I am bi-curious. And I have been even more curious since you said I was pretty down there. How about you?"

That was a jolt because, at that moment, I had been deciding that her pussy was indeed pretty. I blushed, "Definitely not, but I might be kinda pre-bi-curious. I mean, I have thought about it, a little."

"Well keep thinking about it, Karen," her eyes dropped to my waist because I had just pulled my panties off and was reaching for my towel to shower, "Because I think you are really pretty down there, too. Maybe sometime we can get together and talk some more."

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