By past_perfect ©

Author's note: This little piece is meant to make up for the rushed ending in "Heatwave". I didn't want to pull the original story, nor did I find a sequel appropriate -- so I just wove that one into this story...

"Sam? I did it. I bought it."

Sandra's voice was tingling with excitement. Oh my God, it was like nine o'clock? I couldn't even get my eyes to open properly. Saturday morning. Rough night, which had actually ended... forty-five minutes ago.

"Sandra... it's the bloody middle of the night... can I call you back?"

"Fuck you! We agreed that..."

I had to put the receiver ten inches away from my ear, her shrill voice was about to pierce my ear-drum. She was right though, I had promised to help my older sister to set up her new computer system. I had just completely forgotten about it; right at about... let's say the tenth pint of Guinness. What happened after that was all but a blur. I remembered getting out of the cab alright, before puking my heart out in Mrs. Green's garden.

"Are you listening? Get your sorry arse down here ASAP, or..."

"Calm down, will ye? Just give me a couple of hours and I'll be there. See you then sis. Later."

I switched off the phone, knowing that that was probably not going to appease her, but what the heck; after all it was me doing her a favour. A humongous favour for that matter -- something I was looking forward to as much as to a root canal: Setting up her spanking new computer system, connecting it to the net and explaining it to her from scratch. Hard to believe that at this day and age there were still computer illiterati out there -- my older sister being one of them, although she was 28 already. In her line of work, being a yoga teacher and doing some other new age crap with crystals, it might not have been mandatory, obviously, but she still was a relic in my eyes.

We had met at my mum's birthday a fortnight ago, for the first time in seven years actually, as she had travelled a lot and lived her own life at a great distance from the rest of our family. I had admired her for that; she was four years older than me and something of a free spirit, or so we all chose to believe, until she got bogged down by an non-descript older chap -- I believe he was her guru or something, she didn't go into too much detail when telling us, but the fact that he was a married old sod led to the inevitable messy break-up, leaving her in shambles. She had seriously considered joining a convent of sorts, or an ashram in India or whatnot, but then decided otherwise and moved close to my place, just an hour's drive away.

I sincerely hoped the pain-killers would kick in before I got to her place. I was still feeling sick. The motorway was full of morons heading out of town for a weekend break or serious holidays, after all, it was the beginning of July and the weather must have been better someplace other than here. Oh my God, there should be corporal punishment for honking. Idiots.

My big sister, well, I didn't know much about her, as we had spent only our early childhood together -- then my parents had split up, when I was ten. Being fourteen and weird, she had opted to live with my father and his new girlfriend, while my younger brother Daniel and I stayed with my mum. So we had just seen each other every other weekend until she was sixteen, and then she couldn't bear living with my dad either and got her own place. I think my mum admired her for that, on the other hand, they had tons of issues, which kept them bitching at each other for one reason or another, until there was this seven year spell were we had a total information blackout. Then she showed up on my mum's doorstep for her birthday, a perfect stranger willing to make amends and on the other hand taking advantage of each and every bit of help and sympathy she could get.

She had cornered me when I fixed some email problem my mum had on her machine and talked my ear off, about her having lost touch with virtually everyone, and that she always wanted to get "into computers" herself, and so forth, but that she knew nothing about it, what to get, how to operate it, the whole sad tale -- so in a moment of temporary madness I told her about a really good offer and that I would help her get started.

Fuck - that was close. I had almost overlooked the mini-bus changing lanes in front of me. I started sweating, which was good, since the alcohol had to come out one way or the other. Darn, an accident now and I could kiss my driver's license goodbye. All this for a sister, who hadn't even had the decency to send us postcards from all the fab places she had been to. Anyway, at least I felt a bit more alert now.

Although I knew the area she was living in, it took me ages to find her place; eventually I had to ring her on my mobile to get directions. It was weird, she hugged me when greeting me at the door, something I was never particularly fond of nor used to for that matter. She seemed positively chirpy and excited, well at least she had enough enthusiasm for the both of us. At the birthday party she had had a few dark and withdrawn spells also, but was mostly calm and composed. And she had managed not to get into any arguments with my mum this time, so I assumed she must have grown as a person a lot, despite her odd lifestyle and strange choices in fuck buddies.

Her place was simply fabulous, one massive, almost eighty square meter room under the roof with a small kitchen and bathroom, flooded with light through large windows. It was very sparsely furnished -- just some large cushions and mattresses arranged for several seating and supposedly one sleeping area, some corner that looked almost like a shrine with some Indian figurines on a pedestal with flowers. A bookshelf and a small table in another corner, where she wanted the computer to go on, which awaited me still fully boxed. Lots of plants and flowers, some really nice nature photographs on the wall; a tiny stereo playing some strange chill-out tunes, the smell of incense, fortunately previously burned, as I had the distinct feeling that I would puke if she would light any.

She ran out to get me some coffee, while I busied myself setting up the hardware, trying awfully hard to find a comfortable position to sit on the floor. She had this chair embargo going, claiming that it was much healthier to sit on the floor and that the western civilization was really doing itself a disfavor and whatnot. I sincerely hoped that she would keep the lectures to a minimum and struggled with cables and boxes until I finally had everything connected as it should be.

She had bought a very decent machine, much better than the old pile of rubbish I called my own, although she had saved on the wrong end as most beginners and bought a 17 inch flat-screen monitor instead of something larger. Most of the software she would probably need was pre-installed, so at least that part of setting up everything wouldn't take too long. When she came with a very nice cup of coffee, I was almost as exhilarated as her, as everything went smooth and easy for a change, even setting up her DSL connection and mail account.

"So what email address do you want?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, you tell me what you want in front of your provider name, and I set it up for you."

"Provider? I don't understand shit, you know. I told you, haven't got a clue about all this stuff."

O dear, this would take a while. So I tried to explain everything to her as best as I could. In some ways, she was worse than mum, when I had set her up, in others she seemed pretty quick in the uptake. And, even more surprisingly, she seemed to know exactly what she wanted. She obviously had heard about msn and internet forums, and after choosing an email address I set her up an account for her there too. She was eager to try stuff herself quickly and had a long list of email addresses from friends and students she put in herself. She could even type properly, telling me in passing that she had learned it on an old-fashioned typewriter when she wanted to become a writer after school.

"You must be starving, I'll make us dinner."

Hm, I was. Dinner? Was it that late already? I had just given her a crash course in Word. Time flies when you are having fun. In a fashion, it had been fun so far. We hadn't talked about anything but computers; her one-pointed, undivided attention was remarkable, guess that was her yoga thing or something. I admired her for that, as much as for her ability to sit there cross legged in her wide white, probably Indian, trousers without ever having to shift her position -- my legs were killing me. Soon it started smelling really nice from the kitchen.

We ate in relative silence, apart from me complimenting on her cooking; darn that was great food, lots of different little Indian dishes, some rather hot, but delicious nevertheless. After all that non-stop computer talk, I appreciated the silence. I used the time to look at her, her hair looked brighter than I remembered; in my memory it had been hazelnut or something, now it looked more like dark blonde. She was extremely tanned; she had told me that she had been in India for four weeks a couple of months earlier. Her green sparkly eyes were bottomless; she smiled a lot, as I had noticed before, but not with amusement or merriment. Her white shirt and trousers looked great on her, and although the baggy clothes didn't give much of her figure away, I concluded that I actually have a very beautiful sister. I noticed a musky perfume when she came close to me, not dissimilar to the incense she used.

The hangover was gone, however, after the great meal, I was severely wiped. Not having slept sufficiently finally caught up with me. My legs and my shoulders were hurting, from sitting in unwonted positions most of the afternoon. I needed a cigarette; I had curbed my smoking for most of the time, as she didn't smoke and made some sort of martyr face every time I lit one, so I thought that it was time to say my good-byes, having done my job and all. There was a party later on I considered attending.

"Listen sis, I think I'm going to split soon, if you don't have any urgent questions for the time being? It's all up and running, and I am starting to feel that I had only an hour's sleep or so... my fucking neck hurts and I am just not used to sitting on the floor..."

"Bad posture."


"That's why your neck is hurting. You are tilting your head to the right and your back is totally skewed too."

"Well, suppose so, never really thought about it..."

She looked up from the dishes she was just putting on a tray.

"I tell you what: I'll give you a nice massage and then you can crash here if you want, and we continue tomorrow... There is still so much I don't know about computers and the internet and stuff. I am sure going to be lost if you leave now."

Hm, that sounded a bit exaggerated, she had picked up most things very quickly. A massage was tempting though, I was sure she'd be pretty good at it. Crashing at her place... bit inconvenient, at that would mean not going to that party after all. On the other hand, driving back home, then sleeping for a couple of hours would probably not suffice to get ready to go out again anyway. Ok, I had a little something that would keep me up all night, but I wasn't really sure anymore if that was what I wanted.

"Hm... ok; yeah, why not. I need a fag first though..."

...and probably a shower too. I had noticed earlier that apart from exuding the remnants of last night's binge, forgoing a shower in the morning had had quite a negative effect on my olfactory aura. And sister or not, if she was about to get in close quarters with me, I didn't want her to suffer more than she probably already did earlier when sitting next to me.

"... and a shower..."

Ah, so she had noticed. Embarrassing that.

"Uh... um... yeah sorry, you got me right out of bed, told ye..."

"And I am grateful for that. Anyway, it will help you relax as well. I'll give you a towel and do the dishes while you are in the shower."

I took a long shower, as I enjoyed the benefit of decent water-pressure for once. Comparing to her place, my little flat was a dump... well, and a pigsty too, I have never been much of a fan of cleaning. I giggled when thinking that she would probably not last half an hour in my place with her white clothing without seriously sullying them. Her place was scrupulously clean, not a mote of dust anywhere. I used her lady's razor I found on a shelf to shave, hoping she'd be alright with it.

When I stepped out of the shower, I realized that I hadn't asked if I should dress at all for the massage. Well, that was a bit weird. Ok, she was my sister and all, but I was pretty sure that she didn't want to give me a full body massage or something. I never had a proper massage up to that day, only a couple of my girlfriends had given me a bit of a back rub, but that was about it. And it had turned into sex pretty quickly anyway. While a few memories of those instances flashed before my eyes and my cock acknowledged their sweetness, the door opened, and Sandra stood in front of me, holding a pair of trouser not unlike she wore in her hand.

"You can wear these, much more comfy than your jeans."

I was too stunned to reply. First of all, that little conundrum had dissolved nicely this way, but on the other hand, I felt a tad awkward standing naked in front of my sister, my dick half erect from reminiscing. Before I could thank her, apologize or react in any other sensible fashion, she was gone again. I took a few deep breaths, dried myself off and decided to put that episode on the shelf under "best to be forgotten immediately".

Nevertheless, I entered the room a bit more self-conscious and sheepish than I would probably have without that episode. She had prepared a spot with a yoga mat, a blanket and some batik cloths in the middle of the room. There was incense burning now, not as pungent as I had feared, rather light and mellow. I hurried to lie down and watched her stretch and rub her hands, continuing with what appeared to be breathing exercises. A few moments later she pulled on my legs and arms to get them into the right position, before sitting down on me and applying a few drops of oil on my back. "Ok, relax. Don't talk, just breathe and don't move -- you don't have to try and help me, just lie still. Enjoy."

Enjoying it doesn't come close to describing what I felt. This was heaven. She dug deep into my muscles, rubbed and kneaded me with an expertise I had never experienced before... It did hurt at times, but it hurt sooo nicely... And all the little knots and tensions melted into a warm, wonderful ocean of feeling marvelous and completely relaxed.

I must have dozed off quickly during the massage, which was a tad annoying as it had felt so glorious. It was dark outside now; she had lit candles all over the room and was sitting at the computer, quietly clicking away. I watched her for a while, sitting perfectly straight, her long hair flowing around her face, again with this extremely attentive and alert expression. She had put one of the cloths on top of me, the scent of the massage oil mingled with the incense in the room. At that moment, I hoped that she would have computer problems quite often or any other good reason to have me over and repay me for my efforts with a great massage like that.

Who would have thought that the day would turn out so nicely, after that shrill and sickening start. I turned to the side, marveling at the softness of my muscles, which still felt a bit jelly-like. She noticed the movement and turned to me.

"Ah, sleeping beauty is with us again. Feeling ok?"

"Yep, more than ok... Wow, sis, you have quite a talent there, you know."

"Thanks. A good friend of mine taught me in India."

"I see. Was I asleep for long?"

She looked at the computer screen.

"Four hours perhaps. Are you still tired? I could make you a proper bed over there if you want."

"Nah, I am alright actually. Quite refreshed even. Cool. Never had a massage like that before."

I scrambled for my cigarettes. She looked at me disapprovingly.

"You should take better care of your body. All these poisons won't do you any good."

"Yes mum."

She grinned.

"Shut up."

"You shut up."

I sat down next to her. She had opened lots of windows; almost every application installed on the computer was running.

"Um... you can actually close things when you don't need them anymore."

"I see. I was just playing around. Still don't know what I am doing anyway."

"Oh, I think you are doing great. You seem to be a natural. So, what else can I show you?"

"Well, you showed me the Goggle thing..."


"Whatever. But whenever I put something in there, I just get millions of lines of text and no websites."

"Silly, they are hyperlinks. Let me show you. Just type in something you are interested in."

I couldn't believe my eyes. My breathing must have stopped for a minute or so. She typed:

'Guys with big dicks.'


She snickered.

"Well... that is something I am interested in. You see what I mean? Over two million results and no dicks."

This was even more petrifying than the earlier scene in the bathroom. The nonchalance and ease she displayed made me even more insecure.

"Um... if you click... on the... the links, you know? You click on the blue underlined things... and then you get into websites... but those... um... would probably be... you know, pay sites."

"Pay sites? What's that?"

"You know sites where you have to be a member to get in... and you pay for a membership..."

"Oh... So you have to be a member to see one?"

"Um... well..."

She grinned.

"Sorry, am I making you uncomfortable? You look tense again all of a sudden."

Tense wasn't the right word. I was all over the place, embarrassed, weirdly turned on, highly confused and had nowhere to run. But after all, I was not going to make a fool out of myself.

"You are taking the piss..."

"Me? No. I really like big cocks. And that is one of the reasons I got this machine. I want to see porn, pictures, and movies, whatever. Maybe cyber... you know, my friend Anita told me about that... oh, the webcam, we haven't set up the webcam yet."

"Oh, yeah, sure, we can set that one up... not a big deal, really, all we need is to plug it in..."

"Yeah, later. "

She had started clicking on some of the links.

"Oh, some seem to be gay sites. Hm... fourteen inches... that is too much..."

I didn't dare looking at the screen anymore.

"So when it says: Join, it is a pay site?"

"Um... yes."

"But there are free sites?"

"I suppose."

"You mean you don't know? Don't tell me a twenty-four year old guy with no girlfriend has never looked at porn on the internet."

"Not at cock sites."

"Of course. Sorry, I wasn't implying you were gay. Huh... that one is nice..."

She seemed genuinely intrigued by what she was seeing there. I, on the other hand, was mortified.

"Sorry, I am making you uncomfortable. I didn't mean to. I didn't know that sex is such a big taboo theme... after all, we are siblings."

"Oh... well, sure..."

The fact that she had managed to make me feel like a stupid twelve year old again, raised some sort of defiance in me. After all, I was a man, not schoolboy. Or so I liked to think. No need to get embarrassed about all that.

"Just the way it came up was a bit odd..."

"Oh, you mean in the shower? Don't worry; we all have these urges sometimes."

Bitch. Darn, she was clever.

"Very funny. You know exactly what I mean."

"No sense of humor? Hard to believe we are brother and sister."

For the first time that evening, I wished we weren't. I would kiss her, grab her, make any sort of sexual advances just to shut her up. Not that it would have been a good solution, but at least it would have been one.

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