"Tsss... name calling. No, seriously, if you feel too uncomfortable..."

"Rubbish. "

I made sure that my sentences couldn't be twisted into anything else. I wasn't about to lose my face that easily. I would show her, how little I cared.

"So... apart from ridiculously big cocks, what are you into, sis? Straight? Lesbian? Bondage? Anal? Groups?"

"Oh, that all sounds great."

She beamed at me. That damn bitch was still winding me up, and I was still on the retreat. I needed a cigarette. Some time to regroup. Desperately.

"Ok, I show you something."

The easiest way was to look for some free TGPs and let her browse to her heart's desire. I could show her some not quite so legal ways to obtain porn later.

"Here you go -- there are the categories, just click on the links again."

"And those are free?"

"Yeah, but you have some annoying... See, it just is a link to another TGP. Occasionally, it goes on like that for ages. But this site is good actually, you get into genuine galleries most of the time."

"Oh, so you know that one?"

"So what?"

She didn't answer, as she had opened a couple of pictures of blow jobs.

"These are quite small."

"Well, not everyone has a fourteen inch cock."

She giggled.

"No, the pictures. Can I enlarge it? Make it bigger?"

"Oh, sure. Well, you have to save it to your hard drive first."

"Hard drive?"

"You remember, I told you, the piece in your computer where everything is on, the files, the programs... you can right click the picture and then save it. Let me show you..."


I was pretty happy that I could explain technicalities again. Yes, the images before my eyes had an effect on me; after all, I am but a man. On the other hand, I could retract mentally to the role of being an open-minded brother; cool enough to show her what she apparently really wanted. Actually, it started to feel rather cool. I bet there aren't many big sisters out there, with whom you could do something like that. While she experimented with saving photos, reopening them and so forth, I cast furtive looks at her, to see if this affected her at all. She seemed positively giddy about the whole thing, but else...

"What is this? That doesn't open."

"Oh, that is a short video clip, and we haven't installed all players yet. I didn't know you would need them... Ok, I will download and install this one here..."

"Ok, you do that, and I make us some tea. Or do you want something else? I don't have alcohol... It's bad for you. I have juices."

"Um, tea would be fine."

I used the time she was in the kitchen to regroup and download players, codecs and eventually filesharing programs. It was weird. This turn of events was something I would have never foreseen. I realized that apart from not knowing her at all, I couldn't make heads or tails of her personality. It didn't fit together. First she seemed to be very spiritually minded. After all, she wanted to join a convent for crying out loud. And then this. Maybe women weren't that different from men after all... or maybe she was unique? I was mechanically clicking windows to install things when she re-entered the room. Lost in thought, I was about to light another cigarette.

"Another one? Didn't you just have one?"

"Yeah, sorry, bad habit, I know."

"So what other bad habits do you have I should know about as your big sister? Drugs?"

"None of your business."

"How many sugars? Two? Ok. Don't be so defensive, I have done drugs when I was younger."

"You have?"

"Sure. Before I took up yoga. Not a lot, just the occasional spliff. Coke once or twice."

There was a hell of a lot I didn't know about my sister.

"And now you get your kicks from yoga?"

"Nah, it's a completely different story. I'll tell you about it some other time."

She seemed more interested in the results of my installations, as I showed her the first small clip.

"Oh.... That is very short. And not that great quality either."

"Yeah, the free things are like that. I show you how to download other stuff. It can take a while though, depending..."

She tried to follow my moves and got me to explain each and every step several times, until she was certain she understood it.

"And... don't you miss getting wasted sometimes?"

"I miss a lot of things lately. Why, do you have anything on you?"

"Nope, I left my dope at home... you see, that clip has finished downloading now... you can find it in this folder... You should have said something."

She had opened the clip, a straight fuck scene cut from a commercial porn movie. Loud moaning and groaning blasted out of the speakers.

"Maybe you would want to turn the volume down a bit... yes, there... ok... if you press on this button, you have it in full screen... there..."

The girl wasn't pretty, a random porn slut with fake tits and too much make-up. She looked at me as if she wanted to ask something, but then apparently decided against it. Her eyes went back to the screen.

"This one is much longer. Not good though, I don't like the way they look."

Well, at least there we had the same taste. The clip had played out and there wasn't another one that had been completed yet. Sandra went through the list of the site and clicked on a variety of download links. She grew proficient quickly and opened the next clip as soon as it was done.

"Oh, that one is much better, don't you think? The volume is lower though..."

She adjusted the volume.

"Can I ask you something?"


"How come you are getting a computer for porn, after wanting to go to a convent and stuff?"



"Yeah, it's like the bottom of a pond. It seems all clear, unless you stir it with something. If there are no dregs left at the bottom, you are where you want to be. If there are still remnants there, it comes up with a vengeance. It's a natural thing, really. I am not ready for some real spiritual progress I guess. Too many unresolved things, you know? Too many desires. Things I want to experience. Full on, that is. Things I have denied myself, just to realize, that that won't work. Now I am a little bit out of control, but exactly that is what I need to get back into control. Does that make any sense?"

"Um... am not sure... yeah, maybe."

Actually, I didn't understand a word she was saying. It helped me retaining some sort of countenance though.

"It's difficult to explain."

She blinked at me.

"Especially while watching someone getting her cunt licked that nicely."

Yeah, that was an image I had to process too.

"Do you like that?"

"Hm, the clip?"

"I mean licking pussy."

"Sure. You?"

"Sometimes. I prefer being licked though."

A lot of information to process here. So my big sister did girls too. The mere notion got my cock up yet another inch.

"Actually, I don't come from fucking. I love it, sure, but I never had an orgasm from penetration."


She opened another clip. Again, plastic people.

"Nah, that one is crap too."

She scrolled down the list, a real pro by now. We had to wait for a while before anything else was done. A good time to ask something I had always wondered about.

"So... you did girls? Are they... like better with their tongue? I mean, does it feel different, when a girl licks you?"

"Yes and no. Most women know what to do and what feels nice, but then again every woman has different predilections. Some men are pretty good at it too, but some are pretty useless."

"I see."

"Sometimes it takes a while for me to come. Some men just don't have the patience to go on for twenty minutes or longer."

That was interesting. I rummaged in my memories of past girlfriends, trying to figure out how long it had taken them to come. Twenty minutes did seem a tad longer than what I was used to. I looked at her download list. It would still be a while before anything else came down.

"Anything else on the net I can show you while we wait?"

"Yes, actually, there is. Stories. Erotic stories that is. Know any good site for that? And chatrooms. Anita told me all about cybering. I think that might be funny. Have you ever tried that?"

I had. With a girl I had met at a camping place once, where we had fooled around a little. As she lived at the other side of the country, we stayed in touch via msn. Soon our conversations turned into hot, steamy romps, incredibly exciting and frustratingly unfulfilling. The upshot was that I found someone else at a party and broke that off.

"Yes, once. It can be ok with the right person I suppose. Stories... well, the number one site is literotica of course... let me show you..."

She didn't let go of the mouse fast enough. Our hands touched. So far I had felt astonishingly relaxed about watching porn with her, talking about sex, sitting with a slight hard-on next to her and everything. This, however, was almost like a shock. Before, there was a connection between our minds, something that could easily have passed as sibling bonding. This touch sparked something else that crept up, in the back of my mind, a possibility too unspeakable to let it surface.

"Here, you see? There you have all the different categories... here are all the new stories... they have a forum, chat and lots of other things too."

"So you are reading stories there sometimes? I would have taken you more for a visual type."

"No, I really like reading... it fires up your own imagination. I even considered writing something myself once, but never got very far..."

"Oh, that is what I had planned too. Great, then I can show you my stories before posting them there, and you can tell me what you think."

She clicked through a few pages of new stories. Something caught her eye and she clicked on it.

"What's that?"

"It's called Heatwave. By past_perfect. Have you read that one?"

"No, but there are zillions of stories on there."

I glanced on the download progress. It would still take a while until some other clip was down. Then she put the page on full screen. She had learned a lot pretty quickly today. I was proud of her. And of course on my own teaching skills. She had started reading, so I hastened to catch up.

After a few paragraphs, I got a very queasy feeling. And there it was, my suspicion was right, right on the left top corner, the category was incest/taboo. My heart skipped a few beats. I looked at her in disbelief, but she stared at the screen, with an inscrutable poker face. The story started innocent enough, but was building up to a loaded atmosphere not quite unlike what was happening here in this room.

"Done? Can I scroll on?"


Jeez, it was getting worse by the minute. Not the story, I liked that one, but me feeling horny as fuck and being confronted with a very real life woman probably equally turned on, who just happened to be my sister. Turned on by a story about brother/sister incest for crying out loud. So far, I hadn't even considered her as a woman or anything. That changed dramatically in those minutes.

I wondered what was going through her mind. She only looked at me when she wanted confirmation before scrolling on, then for turning the page. So far it had just been build-up. I was thankful for that. The story was getting slightly steamier though. I could swear the temperature in her room was rising also. Now the protagonists masturbated together. Darn, I wished I had the guts to get my cock out and relief myself thusly, it was getting ridiculous here. I could easily identify with the chap in the story; the questions going through his mind could have been my own. And then... oops, the story ended, without a proper sex scene. Sandra giggled.

"Now that is an unexpected ending. "


"Well, I liked it though."

"Yeah, ok story."

She turned her head to me, almost in slow motion and looked me straight in the eye.

"Ever thought about it?"

I shook my head.

"No, not really."

Which was true. Until this very moment.

Her voice got a husky tone.

"Thinking about it now?"

Thinking didn't have much to do with it. Still a yes though.

"I'd be lying if I said no."

"Me too. I am horny as hell."

Well, the tent forming in those wide trousers she had given me exempted me from admitting to that. We stared at each other, as if trying to probe each other's mind, both waiting for the signal that would either make or mar our story. The tension was unbearable. I lit a cigarette. I wished I had something to smoke, like the guy in the story; that would have probably eased me into it. She took it right out of my hand, took a puff too and then stubbed it out. Wordless she got up and pulled me up too, ushering me to her bed.

She took off her buttonless shirt with one swift movement; then peeled off her trousers. She wasn't wearing any underwear. I followed her example as quickly as I could. My God, she did look spectacular; the baggy clothes she was wearing had completely hidden her exquisite physique. She was very thin, though upholstered sufficiently in all the right places. Her nipples were standing as upright as my cock. I was unable to move, completely engrossed in taking in the beauty of her body. It was her who finally broke the spell and started touching me, coming closer and closer. It was as if taking off our clothes had changed the quality of what we were feeling; what had before felt urgent and feverish now became light and tender.

We explored each other, almost tentatively trailing the outlines of each other's bodies, then locking our lips in a light tender kiss. We still drew each other closer and closer, until there was no space between our bodies anymore. As if we had waited for that signal, the passion returned, overwhelming us. We kissed fiercely, incessantly, pressed our hips together, rolled over several times until I came to lie on top of her right at the edge of the mattress. I could feel the heat emanating from her lap, the sticky liquid trail my aching dick had left on her groin from pressing hard against her.

Remembering our conversation earlier, I wanted to give her pleasure first and shifted my weight onto my arms to kiss my way from her neck on downwards. She stopped my motion immediately, tugging me back onto her, her legs opening and clenching around mine, positioning herself to receive me. She let out a small moan, when I entered her and whispered:


I followed her bidding and pushed my dick just half way in, retracted to slide in deeper and deeper with each new thrust. I was afraid of losing it quickly, when she started picking up my movements and introducing another force and speed herself. It took a while until we found each other's rhythm and attuned, flowing with each other. I had been over-excited right from the beginning, and it didn't exactly come as surprise when if felt an earth-shattering climax approaching within minutes. I pulled out at very last second and came all over her belly and small landing strip of pubic hair.

We grinned like two kids that had just played an incredible prank on someone, and couldn't quite believe that it had worked. I used my boxers to wipe off my juice and headed down between her legs.

"Oh... yes..."

She heaved her hips several times in anticipation and sighed when my tongue finally met her tasty little cunt. I lapped a few times, parting her labia with the tip of my tongue, until I could feel her clit. I sucked on it very cautiously, which made her squirm and moan, then started to lick her lightly and slowly, trying to gauche what she wanted from her facial expressions and auditory reactions. She had closed her eyes and clenched her hands into some cushions on either side of her, breathing heavily. I continued with a faster up- and downward motion, which she seemed to enjoy immensely, judging from her whimpering, which became more and more pronounced. I changed my position several times, as it became uncomfortable in between, without ever losing contact to her pussy, occasionally dipping my tongue into her little honey-pot and transporting her juices upwards. She thrashed her head around and got louder, her left hand grabbing my head, her fingers entangled in my hair. She appeared close to coming several times, but it took indeed quite a while until she finally responded to my steady staccato, tensing up her whole body and bursting into what sounded more like a relieved sigh than a scream.

My last girlfriend had been very sensitive after an orgasm and had stopped me when I tried to proceed, but Sandra didn't seem to have any such problems. Although my tongue started to feel slightly numb and a little worn out already, I continued, hoping she would come for a second time soon after. It took a while longer than expected, and surprisingly when I sucked on her clit while shifting positions. I lingered for a while, before sliding up her body into a well deserved rest and embrace.

Sandra rolled her eyes, when I eventually broke that embrace in order to get a cigarette, but couldn't stop smiling. Nor wait until I finished my fag, as she lowered her hungry lips onto my cock before I had even a chance to protest. All there was left for me to do was stub out the ciggie and recline to enjoy her expert sucking, which she soon expanded to my balls. Now it was my turn to squirm and whimper, as she alternated rapid fire tongue-lashing with steady sucking and even deep-throating me. I had had great blow-jobs before, but this was different. I was really taken aback when she licked her way down the shaft of my dick, circled my balls and then went straight for my arsehole. That was something no- one had done for me before and as strange as it initially felt, I really liked it. She returned to my dick and assisted her sucking with one hand, which really almost got me off. Sensing that she stopped suddenly and just dashed her tongue around the head of my dick for a while, allowing me to pipe down a bit. Then she nibbled on the shaft, which was close to being painful, but not quite. I usually don't make a lot of noise during sex, but there I couldn't help it. It was amazing.

She had no intention of sucking me off though. Instead, she moved upwards and before I knew what was happening she had guided my dick into her slick little cunt, taking me for a ride I would never forget. As calm and intense our first fuck had been - this was hard, rough and wild. I had never been afraid of being injured by a partner before, but the way she was riding me was scary. I was relieved when she indicated that she wanted to change positions. But I continued as fierce as she had begun, really relinquishing every thought of control or holding back, just fucking, fucking, fucking, biting her neck, scratching her back and buttocks, reveling in the feverish and painful expressions in her face, the little screams, the sounds of pure ecstasy, before I violently came onto her chest again.

This time I was allowed a full cigarette, and we fell asleep soon after.

When I woke up again in the morning, she had already been up for a while, sitting quietly in a corner, meditating. We didn't talk about what happened, nor did we attempt to rekindle the mood of the previous night. She made me a great breakfast and I finished setting up her computer by installing the webcam that we had forgotten about before.

There was no emotional hangover or awkwardness either, perhaps because there was no "normal" relationship to fall back to.

I just received a video call from her a few minutes ago, asking me for my plans next weekend. The fact that she was naked, showing off her pretty little cunt was certainly a factor in my decision making process. I am going to spend it at her place. And I hope her slush doesn't settle for a long time...

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