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Sluts Next Door


Author’s note: Some asked for it. They got it. Hard and nasty, no holes barred. As always, comments are welcome, but don’t say you weren’t warned. This ain’t your granny’s love story! And if it is, I’d like to meet her!

* * * * *

I heard a knock on my kitchen door and looked out to see the lil slut from next door. She’s eighteen, blonde, skinny as a rail and apparently just loves to fuck. Ever since her and her mother had moved in, there had been nothin’ but problems.

Late nights, loud noises and teenage boys sniffin’ around like mongrels over a carcass. And that was just for the mother.

It’s not that I minded whores and sluts livin’ in the neighborhood. It wasn’t that great of a neighborhood anyway. Her mom and I had just gotten off on a bad foot.

She’d been drunk the first time I met her. I’d parked my car in the driveway, just like I’d done for fifteen years, and this drunken loudmouth bitch staggered off her porch and began to cuss me out for parkin’ my own car in my own driveway. It took me about twenty seconds to develop a real dislike for her and about twenty minutes to convince the foul-mouth bitch that her driveway was on the other side of her house, not on my side.

The fact that her car was parked in it at the time should have given her a clue.

From then on we’d butted heads a time or two, the last being when I called the law on them last night for disturbin’ the peace.

If it had been the mother at the door, I don’t think I would have answered. The daughter was harmless though, I figured. She was just another neighborhood slut, and she was legal to boot.

I open the door and like a stray cat she slipped right by mumblin’ some excuse or another. She sat down at my kitchen table, none too ladylike, and started drinkin’ from my own coffee cup like she owned the place.

“Mama wants to talk with you, Mr. Perkins,” she drawled when she was ready.

“Is that right, girl?” I said with a sneer. “Then why doesn’t she walk her fat ass over here and talk?”

“She’s not that fat,” the girl replied, seemingly without having taken offence. “She knew you wouldn’t let her in if she came over. So she sent me.”

“And why should I listen to her just because she sent you?” I wondered aloud.

“She told me to be persuasive,” the daughter said, cockin’ her leg up on the chair and showin’ me her naked pussy. Just like I figured. A genuine, unrepentant whore.

“That’s nothin’ I hadn’t seen before, girl,” I informed her, “and nothin’ that practically every man in the neighborhood won’t be gettin’ for free sooner or later.”

She shrugged, not put off by my insult, got up and hopped on the table right in front of me.

“Still, it won’t cost you nothin’ to listen and I can be very persuasive when I wanna be,” she said matter-of-factly.

“I’m sure you can, though you’re hardly old enough to know how to use what you got, girly. But what’s in this for you? You never come sniffin’ around here before. Not yet anyway.”

I figured that the young one would be gettin’ around to me sooner or later, if nothin’ else but just to piss her mother off. I know how young girls and their mothers act.

“She told me this morning I can’t go out until I fetch you over and I’m gettin’ awfully horny, mister. I ain’t been fucked in almost fifteen hours, now. It’s inhuman. Won’t you let me do some persuadin’?”

The girl hiked up her dress and began to frig herself just a couple of feet in front of my face. Now I’m a normal man like any other. And she did seem to have a healthy piece of equipment there.

She had a surprisingly small vagina, just a thin slit down under and some puffy folds of flesh on top. As she rubbed her clit, her cunt gaped open wet and inviting. No doubt that even with that small slit she’d been stuffed full many times. Then again, she had a thing for young boys they said. The younger the better from what I had heard. Maybe that was ‘cause she was so small.

“Look mister, I don’t usually go for men your age, but as you can see I really need it. Just give me a little somethin’, even if you don’t come talk to Mama,” she said panting.

She moaned, liftin’ up her slutty hips off my table.

“Fuck her, mister,” she said, railin’ at her Mama. “ I just need some meat.”

The poor lil slut was almost out of her head with need. I wasn’t doing anything just then anyway. I might as well try to be a good neighbor to one of them, since she was bein’ hospitable.

Standin’ up, I tossed off my shirt and unzipped my pants. The minute this girly saw John Thomas she gasped. He was waving, strong and proud, like the American flag. The lil slut’s eyes were big and almost fearful. It was a nice look for her, horny and vulnerable all at the same time.

“My god, you’re huge,” she whispered in awe.

“It’ll feel bigger than it looks, once it’s inside,” I assured her. “What’s your name girly? I like to know the names of them’s I fuck.”

“My name’s Moriah, like the wind,” she said as though she had to explain such a simple thing, “but friends just call me, ‘Mor.’”

Before she filled me in, I beat her to the punch.

“That’s on account of you always wanting ‘Mor’ cock, right?” I asked her.

“Yeah,” she grinned. “How’d you know?”

I stepped up and began to rub the head of my cock along her short, but soakin’ wet groove.

“I was married to a slut for twelve years, Moriah,” I explained. “You didn’t think you invented the game, now did you?”

With grit and effort I began to squeeze into Moriah’s tight hole. I was as careful as she needed me to be, easin’ back and forth on occasion to spread her thick cream around. I even rubbed her clit with my thumb as I was settlin’ in.

Before I even got it half way in she was squealin’ like the bitch in heat she was and cummin’ all over my table. It’s not the first bit of girl juice to soak into that ol’ table, though. Hopefully it won’t be the last, either.

As she came, I fed her quick, shallow jabs hot and fast as she tightened up. Then, as she began to slump and relax, I slid in slower and deeper than ever before. Before she knew it, I was balls deep and she was stuffed.

I’d gotten into more than one tight hole in my day. I knew how it was done.

“Goddamn, you got it all inside,” she said amazed. “I feel just like a Christmas goose.”

“You never seen a goose in your life, you silly bitch,” I laughed, then slowly started to thump her good.

“I still feel stuffed,” she moaned, tossin’ her stringy hair from side to side. Then she added in amazement, “I feel like I can taste you in the back of my throat.”

“Not yet, my lil slut. But soon you will,” I promised her. “And it’ll feel even bigger in your ass.”

“Oh god! No way,” she cried, but Moriah’s slutty hips began pumpin’ up and down, tellin’ a different tale. She wailed and put her arms up onto my shoulders to brace herself.

“Slip your legs around my waist, girly,” I ordered her. “Real men like it when you fuck ‘em back. Let’s see how well you work that patch between your legs.”

I’ll give her credit, Moriah was just a slip of a girl, but she was all heart. She pumped herself on my thick dong like she was an oilman drillin’ for a gusher. She was a talker too, I found out after she caught her breath and began to get the hang of fuckin’ a big tool.

“Oh damn, that feels so good inside,” she cried. “Fuck me, ol’ man. Fuck me hard with that big stick.”

I did my best, though she was so tight I couldn’t fuck her hard. So I fucked her good, which is a world of difference that this lil girly was still too young to understand.

As she was moanin’ and whinin’ on my shaft, I told her, “Take off that top, lil darlin’. Let me see those titties bounce.”

As she whipped her blouse off, I gave her two or three hard humps so her nipples were bouncin’ around when they came into view. She had hard cherries on top of sweet handfuls of tit flesh. I pushed her flat and as I steady-thumped her hips, I began to roll those cherries with my big, rough hands until they turned into pits.

“Squeeze ‘em! Squeeze my tits, ol’ man,” she groaned. “Bite ‘em and I’ll cum! Oh fuck, I love to feel ‘em burn!”

Since she was beggin’ for it, I clamped down on her nipples and pumped her fast and good. Sure enough, she hollered like a banshee and her girly creams spurt out and soaked my balls. I kept rammin’ her all the way through one cum and then another. Every time she’d come down a bit, I’d give those cherry nips a twist or two and off she’d fly again to lala land.

After the third and fourth big burst, Moriah went limp as a ten-year ol’ dishrag. Her eyes just glazed over and no matter how I pumped or pulled she just grunted softly, deep-like in her throat.

I’d seen it before. Poor girl was on fuck-overload.

Much as I was pissed at her mom, I had nothin’ against the girl. I wasn’t just gonna fuck her when she didn’t care.

Still, I’d gone so far I had to get my nut.

I pulled out of her tight hole and swung her till her face and mouth were hangin’ right off the edge of the table. My prick was coated white with creamy girl-juice, so I smeared it all about her cheeks and lips as I pumped my meat up with my fist.

When I popped the cockknob in her mouth she sucked it weakly, not nearly enough to get me off. Still, I like the look of my stiff John peekin’ into the mouth of a new babe with his one eye. I jacked it, thinkin’ in my mind how much she’d whine and beg for it now she’s had a piece.

Then I thought of her mom. Now that my fire was up, I’d like to bend that bitch across my table and dick slap her good across her face. I’d fuck the shit out of her big whore puss and then shove it down her throat to drink my jizz.

Just the thought of fuckin’ Moriah’s mom and cummin’ all over her made me get my nut. I pulled back and hosed down her lil slut daughter, soakin’ her face and shootin’ the last blast and dribbles all over those cherry nips. Moriah just whimpered and muttered and tried to lick the cum off of her lips and chin.

As the last few drops of juice oozed out my piss hole, I rubbed the sticky stuff gently onto Moriah’s nearest nipple. We were both nice and relaxed as I polished her tits with my cockhead, slow and tender. Despite myself, I was feelin’ affectionate toward this lil slut all jizzed up on my table. She reminded me of my wife when we both were younger, fourteen years ago.

Georgia was a real slut, too. She fell in love with me cause of my big cock and that bitch taught me everything there was to know about fuckin’. Her and all of her slutty friends. But I was in love with her, and with Georgia, one man was never enough. Sharin’ her was OK for a while, but not all the time, night and day. And not on only her terms.

I learned my lesson from Georgia before I finally kicked her ass out. Now I had to remind myself about it since this girl made me think of my ex-wife so much.

Never fall in love with a slut and a whore. She’ll only break your heart.

Kickin’ off the rest of my clothes, I pushed them with my foot under the table where they’d be out of the way. Then I got a couple of cold ones from the fridge and the dishrag I had used after lunch to dry the dishes.

Sittin’ down beside Moriah, I popped her flank with a slap designed to just be hard enough to rouse her. It didn’t leave much of a red mark, but it probably stung some.

“Get up, girly,” I told her, not too unkindly. “Time for you to clean up before we call your mom.”

“Let’s not call her,” Moriah said dreamily, just lyin’ there and not movin’. “Let’s just stay here and fuck all day.”

Silly lil bitch. Fucked good once and already in love!

“I ain’t even decided if I’m gonna fuck you again, much less waste all day with a silly twit like you, darlin’,” I told her, snorting as I did so at her foolishness. Moriah’s head popped up, her eyes full of alarm.

“Not gonna fuck me again?” she repeated, suddenly anxious. “What’s the matter, mister? Didn’t I do it right? Didn’t you get enough?”

“Wipe your face off you, lil slut,” I told her gently. “You were OK at first, but in the end you just lay there like a bucket of dirt. Sure, I could have kept fuckin’ you, but you were practically lifeless. And now here I am sittin’ with my balls still soaked in your juice and you’re up there pinin’ away for my cock instead of cleanin’ me up.”

“Oh, mister! I’m sorry. I’ll clean you up right now. Just let me stay. Please! I’ll do anything you ask,” she mumbled as she wiped her face and then turned to wipe the table.

“Fuck the table, girl. I said come clean my nuts. There’s a breeze in here when the air kicks on and it’s givin’ me a chill. And don’t use the towel, you ignorant slut. That’s what your tongue is for. Don’t you know anything about takin’ care of a man?”

“No mister, but I’ll do anything you want. Just tell me and I’ll take good care of you,” she said nervously, bendin’ to her knees between my legs.

“You can start by listenin’ and learnin’,” I instructed her as she began to swab me with her tongue. “That’s the only way for a girl like you. A real whore now, she’d know how to please a man and do it naturally so that he wouldn’t even have to ask. But you’re just a lil split tail girl whose mama never taught her any better.”

Still in all, as much as I was raggin’ on her, she had a nice way with her mouth. I’d forgotten how nice an eager woman felt on a man’s toolsack. Quick as a flash she had licked me clean and now she was just playin’ around, suckin’ my nuts in her mouth and moanin’ pretty and all.

As I slumped down further and drank another sip of beer, I had to remind myself that I didn’t want to get attached, no matter how good a mouth she had. Damn whores are all alike in the end. Suck you up and then suck you dry.

Under her talented tongue my South soon rose again. As she began to shift her attention to my big stick, I put my hand in her dirty blonde hair and reluctantly pulled her mouth off.

“If you want to finish up there, run get the cordless phone in the hall,” I told her.

I watched her scamper away, thinking about what my cock would look like stickin’ out of that skinny ass. I’m sure I’ll find out one of these days. I could tell that Moriah was really fallin’ in love because the worse I treated her, the better she seemed to like it. Some broads just liked that. Especially the young ones.

When Moriah quickly returned, she hesitantly handed me the phone. Then she wiggled nervously as though not knowing what to do. I sighed, lookin’ up at the poor silly child.

“Moriah, when in doubt, you can always suck!” I told her fondly. As she scrambled down on her knees, I asked her, “What’s your Mama’s phone number, girl?”

“Please don’t call her, mister!” she pleaded, almost comin’ to tears. When she saw that wasn’t workin’, she shifted gears, nimble like. “I’ll be good to you, mister. I swear I will. I’ll do your dishes and I can cook real good. You can fuck me anytime you want. Anywhere, too.”

“I might be able to use a girl around the house,” I told her as though I were considerin’ it hard. Then, a bit stronger, I said, “But I’ll find me one that knows how to listen first! Now what’s the number girl?”

As she told me, I dialed it in, then pulled her head down into my lap so that she was swallowin’ cock before the first ring was heard.

“Don’t try so deep, Mor,” I told the girl. “You’ll only choke yourself and you’re doin’ me no good when you do.”

Moriah was a fast learner though, I’ll give her that. I was almost lettin’ out a sigh when her mother finally answered the phone.

“What?” I heard that low, sexy voice answer brusquely.

“I’ve got Moriah over here, but she doesn’t seem to want to leave,” I told her, realizin’ suddenly that I didn’t even know her name. I had always just called her The Red Headed Bitch in my mind. “If you want her back or you want to talk, the back door’s open.”

As I hung up the phone, I asked Moriah what her mom’s name was and she pulled off my stick just long enough to answer sourly, “Meg.” Then, she went right back to suckin’ nice and slow without havin’ to be told. She was a fast learner, and a natural cocksucker, too.

Meg must have been hot about being hung up on, or else she was ready and waitin’ for the call. I heard her back door bang and knew she’d be over quick.

I took a sip of beer to wet my whistle, then told Moriah, “No matter what happens girl, if you want more dick from me today, don’t stop suckin’ that meat deep in your mouth till I tell you to.”

Her mama hit the door all hot and bothered, but she was taken aback when she saw us both naked and her baby girl suckin’ at my feet. Moriah gave her skinny ass a dramatic up and down and then moaned loudly real low and sweet, too. The lil showoff! I liked that touch, so I gave her a playful scratch behind her ear. She musta been a pussy cause she purred real good when I did that.

“Have a seat, Meg,” I said all neighborly-like, pushin’ over an extra can of beer in front of the vacant chair. The older women moved woodenly to the chair, takin’ the room in. She even reached for the beer, then saw it was sittin’ in a pool of her daughter’s cum. She was brazen though; she sneered, popped the top, and then belted down a chug anyway.

“I figured I’d find you lapping away here, not her,” Meg smiled, all-kittenish, as though we were buddies.

“I’m not averse to it, when I’m in the mood,” I played along, very buddy-buddy. “But I’d have to give her a flea dip and a good long soak in the tub first. Don’t you ever make her wash her ass?”

“She’s a big girl now,” Meg said with a forced smile, tryin’ hard to remain friendly. “She can wash or not as it pleases her.”

“Guess that means she can stay if she wants,” I said casually. “She’s taken an interest in my cock for some reason.”

“You musta gave it to her good,” Meg conceded, rubbin’ her fingers into her daughter’s juice, spreadin’ it on the surface of the table. “She has a tendency to fall in love with the last cock she had. For a while, anyway.”

“I know the type,” I said agreeably. “Tomorrow she’ll be out fuckin’ the neighbor’s dog if ya let her.”

Meg grinned and nodded agreeably herself, until I spoke up and added, “Just like her Mama.”

I saw the redhead in my neighbor rise up quick and she was about to spit blood in my eye, but somehow she bit her tongue; though it musta hurt bad from the look of it. Somehow she choked back her temper, but I’m sure she felt more like chokin’ me.

Speakin’ of chokin’, Moriah was doin’ a number on my dong, too. Her mouth was feelin’ so wet and warm, her tongue swirlin’ so nicely about, that sometimes it was hard to just sit there and have a normal conversation. Still, I couldn’t show either of the two of them that now.

Suddenly, Meg broke into a friendly smile and said, “Look, I know we got off on the wrong foot. That was my fault. No, don’t stop me, I know it was.”

Of course I wasn’t gonna stop her. Silly bitch!

“I sent Moriah over to say we were sorry and to try to set things right between us. No sense having a feud between close neighbors,” she explained agreeably.

What Meg was sayin’ got me thinkin’ that the cops last night must have put the fear in her. Maybe she had some outstandin’ issues with them. Don’t know and don’t care, I just knew that Meg must be over a barrel. While she was there, I might as well fuck her. Nothin’ like a good barrel fuck, my ex-wife had taught me.

“She’s pretty good at this, ya know?” I asked her mother, indicatin’ towards her daughter's suckin’ head. I massaged Moriah’s jaw gently on both sides. She was being a trouper and keepin’ me in her mouth nice and deep.

“You teach her that?” I asked the mother, lookin’ up into her fiery eyes.

Meg really was a pretty bitch when she tried to be. She’d come over all gussied up, like she was huntin’ bear and my first two names were Smokey and The. She was even better lookin’ when her temper flared, which it was again. She must really be in trouble to need my goodwill so much. I decided I needed to get to the bottom of this.

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