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Slutty Babysitter


It was late when I opened the door to my home. I’d phoned Jessie the sitter to tell her I’d be late. My wife was at her sisters all week so I had seen a lot of her lately. It was lucky she was finished with her college for the year. She had turned 18 and graduated last year. She had been great, said she’d stay the night if I needed.

I heard the TV in the family room, pulled my jacket off and made my way towards the sound.

She lay on the couch, asleep, her body splayed, her skirt pushed up, exposing her young teenage thighs.

She was such a lovely young thing, smooth white skin, blond hair, small firm breasts. She wore a little half t and short pleated skirt, I moved closer, seeing her little pink panties peeking out. God, I need her, fuck I was going to have her one way or another. My cock was rock hard, I stoked it though my jeans as I looked down at her vulnerable body.

I went into the closet to on the side of the room and pulled the videotape from the machine. I kept a surveillance camera of the room, my wife wanted to spy on the sitters, it didn’t seem like a bad idea now, I pushed it into the machine and the screen on the TV came to life with the events of the evening. It showed Jesse and my son Max, he was 10, she was cleaning up, and she was moving around the room picking up toys as Max sat on the couch. I could see his eyes following her, watching her closely as she bent over, her breasts bouncing as she moved.

She was teasing him, he must have had a raging hard-on by the time he went to bed. The little cock teaser, I looked over at her now, even as she slept she seemed to be teasing my cock but I was going to have her, she would do more than just tease my cock

I went over to her, sat on the edge of the couch and slid my hand down over her body, over her breasts, palming them , feeling the nipples harden, her body stirring as I moved over her bare mid-drift.

Jesse’s eyes opened, she looked up at me, “hey, what are you doing hey” she tried to get up, to push herself up and I held her there, holding her down, my hand over moving quickly over her mouth.

I’m a big guy, over 6 feet, 200 lbs., strong, I held her little body easily. She struggled but I held her, “You little cock teaser, I saw the tape. You like to tease my boy and even me but I’m going to give you what you deserve. Show you that a little cock teaser like you sometimes gets turned into a little fuck slut, a fuck toy for a big strong man who knows how to handle a little thing like you”

I could see the fear in her eyes, she struggle, trying to bring her hands up to push me off, but I just grabbed her wrists. I took my hand away from her mouth, she screamed out, and I rolled her over. Holding her head down into the couch, “Shut up bitch, or I’m going to really have to hurt you,”

“No please no, don’t, please stop,” she was pleading, my hands pulling her wrists together I pulled my belt from around my waist and quickly wrapped it around her wrists, pulling it tight and securing it.

She was hog-tied, her body completely at my disposal, I was so hard, I wanted to just slam my cock into her right there. Use her hard, make her feel my big cock splitting her open but I held back. First I wanted her to understand who was in charge, what I could do to her.

He skirt had ridden up and I slowly moved my hand over her little ass, massaging it through her little cotton panties. My hand moved down, between her legs, and she tried to close them. I pulled her panties down and hit her, slapping her ass hard. First one cheek then the other I continued to spank her, hitting her till the cheeks seemed to be on fire, burning red. She sobbed, begged me to stop, squirmed and moved trying to avoid the assault but I didn’t care. Finally I stopped, “Are you ready to obey, to do as you are told, to me my little fuck slave”

She just sobbed and I hit her lightly again and only then did I hear her say yes through the sobbing.

“Open your legs” I demanded. She slid her legs open and my fingers had complete access to her young sweet pussy. She was so wet, my fingers slipped into her little slit, sliding along her wetness, against her clit, and I heard her moan. Opening her legs further, pushing her hips up, she was enjoying this, I looked at her face. She was going to be a good little slut, a natural.

I finger fucked the little slut, getting her even wetter, she was pushing her hips back onto my hand, wanting more. I was going to have some fun with her. I rolled her over, pushing her shirt up, playing with her little breasts, god, her nipples were so hard. Her eyes closed, she lay there enjoying my toying with her. I twisted her nipple hard, I knew it would hurt, she twisted, her eyes opening. “Look at me you little slut, look at your new master”

The sound of my voice scared her, I could see it, see the concern in her face. I liked it, like to scare her.

Lifting her, carrying her to my room, were I could have some more fun with her. My cock was so hard, I wanted her, needed to fuck that sweet tender young body, needed to use her.

“What are you doing, what will you do with me, don’t hurt me, please, ill do what you want just don’t hurt me”

Now she really was afraid, I threw her down on the bed, “ Lay on your stomach, stretch out. I went to the drawer, pulled out some scarves I kept for just such a reason. Quickly I tied her down to the bed, her legs and arms outstretched, “lift your hips” and as she did I shoved a couple of pillows under her stomach.

Her ass up in the air, spread wide for me, still wearing her little skirt, shoved up, her little asshole open, her cunt dripping. I pulled my cock out, stood next to her, moving my hand up and down as she stared at it. “Do you want it slut, do you want to feel my cock inside you”

She still had tears in her eyes, she nodded, admitting to me as well as herself she was mine, she wanted my cock.”

I knelt behind her, holding my cock, sliding it along her tight little pussy lips, so wet, so swollen. I drove into her, filling her, splitting her little pussy open. She screamed, I loved it, she was going to be fucked so hard. I love to hear her scream, every thrust, harder, deeper, splitting her open, I found a rhythm and pumped her little body. I think she came, she tensed, screamed out, panting and shaking and I just kept fucking her. My fingers playing with her sweet little asshole, that’s what I really wanted, that’s were I was going to use her next.

Then I pulled out, I smeared her wetness onto her little asshole, my huge cock shimmering as it pushed against the impossibly small hole. I could hear her begging, pleading with me to not do it, she pulled against her bonds but I just kept pushing harder. Finally forcing her little hole open, feeling my swollen cock head enter, her. She screamed out, I’m sure it felt like she was being torn open but it was so tight, felt so good for me. I needed it, I kept going, opening her wider, using her tight little asshole for my own pleasure. She was crying and sobbing, her face buried in the sheets, I looked down, amazed I was inside her little body, it seemed impossible to see my cock disappear inside her little ass.

Back and forth I worked it till she was use to it, till her asshole was stretched out. The pain must have subsided for her, she was now panting, moaning. God, she was enjoying it now, she was a great little fuck toy, such a dirty little slut. Harder and faster I worked her, my cock so close now, I wanted to cum wanted to fill her little asshole.

When I exploded I rammed deep inside her, holding it there, feeling my cock pump my cum into her. It felt so good, so tight, her little body was such a sweet treat for me.

I was going to keep her, make her my special young fuck slave.

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