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Slutty Wife Gets Used


She agreed readily to his proposal. He has taken her to new heights both sexually and emotionally. She assumed this would be no different although she would look back on it later and realize that she was both correct and wrong. This liaison would again break her sexual barriers and deluge her in ecstasy, but it would be harder emotionally. The fact that she enjoyed it makes her a little worried. The things he did to her, no, the things they did to her, were wrong on many levels.

Arriving at the hotel she did as instructed. She entered the room, showered, and put on the blindfold. She lay on the bed for a few minutes then answered the phone when it rang. He just asked if she was ready, she didn't answer verbally she just held the phone down by her pussy and let him listen as she pumped three fingers in and out of her sopping hole. She put the receiver back to her ear but the line was already dead.

She heard the door open. He was in the room, her blood started to boil. There was no talking but she could hear him moving, undressing, other things rattling and being placed on the dresser or table. She lie there slowly stoking her clit, waiting.

Finally he grabbed her ankles and not so gently pulled her to the end of the bed. He then took her wrists and jerked her to her feet. She gasped at the forcefulness but submitted. He led her toward the opposite side of the room, toward the window she knew. She felt the chair at her knees and he simply said, "Kneel in it."

It was a simple chair, cushioned seat, and wooden arms. She got on her knees and he pushed her forward until her shoulders were resting on the back. He placed her hands on the arms of the chair and said, "Hold on to these."

Then before she knew it, he had handcuffed each hand. She could push her torso up and slide her hands back and forth along the length of the chair arm but that was it. She was a little scared but the sudden tongue attack on her pussy and asshole made her forget about it.

She moaned and sighed as the tongue expertly caressed her hungry fuck holes. His hands pried her ass apart and his thumbs had spread her cunt lips while his tongue slowly licked from her clit, up across her asshole, and back down.

She was in a daze when it stopped and she felt the head of his cock easing into her wet slit. He slid all the way in without stopping, slowly. He felt good, thick and extremely hard. She was thinking that she loved this angle because he could get so much deeper.

His thrusts became more and more forceful, pounding and pounding away at her. His balls slapping her clit, she wanted to reach under her and fondle them but couldn't. She was moaning and urging him on when suddenly he spoke to her and her breath caught, her mind reeled and her heart, which had already been racing, started pounding.

He spoke to her, not from behind where she was being fucked but right in front of her face. "You are such a whore." That was what he said. "Oh, my god," was her reply. The cock, the man, the stranger just kept pounding into her.

"You're fucking a stranger, and didn't even know it. What kind of whore wouldn't know whose cock was reaming her out? My wife, that's who, my wife with her cavernous, cock hungry cunt."

She started to protest but he cut her off by kissing her, their lips smashing together with the thrusts of the man behind her. She moaned as the cock bottomed out and he ground his pelvis into her ass.

Her husband broke their kiss and as she opened her mouth to say something he shoved his cock in it. "Suck it whore," was all he said. And she did. She knew this was what he wanted, he didn't really care that she was fucking a stranger. After all he had set this up. So she let him fuck her mouth while the guy behind continued to stretch out her cunt, which liked the new cock.

After a few minutes her husband pulled out and said, "Switch."

Suddenly she had the strangers cock in her mouth, covered with her pungent cunt juice. He fucked her mouth just as her husband had, who was now plowing in and out of her loose hole.

She loved it; she loved the feeling of helplessness. Of one cock going in as the other came out, of one being forced in because the other had bottomed out, of almost being empty when they both retracted at the same time.

She could tell her husband was close. He started kneading her ass and holding her snatch open with his thumbs. He came with a force she hadn't felt in a long time. The man in her mouth pulled out and pressed his balls to her lips. She happily licked and sucked them while her husband dumped his cum into her hungry snatch.

When her husband was done, he pulled out unceremoniously and said, "She's all yours."

The man went back and slid into her cum filled cunt and slid in and out about ten times. Then he pulled out and she felt the tip of his cock at her ass. He slowly pushed in while she grunted and pushed back. She liked getting ass fucked; she liked getting ass fucked by a stranger even more she decided.

He didn't last long, her tight asshole sucking his balls dry in a few minutes as he shook and grunted. After he pulled out she heard her husband say, "ok, your turn."

Her heart started pounding again. Did he mean that they were going to get her off with their hands, or was there someone else who hadn't had a turn yet?

Her answer came quickly when she felt two fingers slide easily into her used pussy. The fingers twirled and danced around her slippery hole, a third being added shortly thereafter, then a fourth. She was panting and pushing back against the stranger's hand, it was smaller than her husbands. The thumb was now inside her and the pressure of the knuckles was forcing her apart.

It felt amazing, the dirtiness, the sluttiness, was almost too much. Here she was handcuffed to a chair in a motel room, two men, one a complete stranger, had just fucked her in every hole and now he was trying to shove his hand in her cunt! Suddenly while she was thinking this her box opened and the hand slid in. She took a deep breath and held it, the hand slowly moving in small circles, her lips clasping the wrist.

"She was tighter than I thought." Those were the words that sent her over the edge. Not all of the fucking before. Not having a stranger eat her ass and her pussy, not having one cock in her mouth while another reamed her hole. Not the same stranger spewing his cum insider her, just those words. The hand in her cunt probably added to the strength of the orgasm but the female voice was the catalyst.

As she kept cumming and cumming she realized that the woman was now well and truly fisting her. She could feel the hand closed inside of her, punching in and out, turning as it did. Stretching her out as it pulled back only to plunge in and punch her cervix again and again.

She could feel the guys close to her face. They were going to cum on her, they were going to cum on her face like the whore that she was.

They did. And after they did the woman slowed her fisting and eventually removed her hand accompanied by a loud loose sucking sound from her twat. She was spent. Lying limply on the chair, chin on the backrest face pointed up slightly, cum running down her face. She was almost sitting back on her ankles and she could feel all the liquid running over them from her cunt and ass.

She realized her handcuffs were being taken off and she was helped to her feet. She started to reach up and take off the blindfold but her husband said to leave it. She had no energy to argue. He led her to the bathroom and helped her into the tub.

She thought he was going to bath her and it sounded so good, but that wasn't it. He told her to kneel and lean out over the edge of the tub, put her hands on the floor and stay there.

She started to protest but he turned her sharply and kneed the back of her leg making her knees buckle. She was going to do this whether she wanted to or not. She was in this position when either her husband or the stranger got behind her and put his semi erect cock in her pussy. Even after all of the abuse she had taken she moaned with pleasure as he entered her and pumped a few times. But then he stopped moving.

He just sat there his cock inside of her, she wiggled her ass a little and she heard them all giggle. Her husband said, "what's the matter slut not enough action for that hungry cunt of yours?" She just hung her head and wiggled her ass slowly. Then she felt it. His cock lurched inside of her and she felt a rush of heat.

"Oh my god, are you pissing in me?" He grabbed her ass and held onto her, not that she tried to get away she was really too tired. "Do you like it," was his only reply. She couldn't answer. She was mortified. As her cunt started to overflow and his piss started to run down her legs she half thought that it actually felt kind of good after the abuse that girl's fist had put her through. She sighed and hung her head again, letting her husband empty his bladder into her pussy while two strangers watched.

When he was done he stood up, causing his cock to leaver her and release a torrent of piss into the tub. "Next."

The stranger did the same except at first he was rock hard again and fucked her for a minute or two before stopping and emptying himself into her like a human urinal. That's what I am she thought, a human urinal. When the stranger pulled out there was another torrent of piss, she realized that her pussy must just be gaping open with no chance of closing any time soon.

One of them helped her get to a seated position in the tub. She could smell the pungent scent of urine and was leaning against the wall when the stream hit her in the chest. She jumped a little and they all laughed. "You didn't think you were done did you whore?" It was her husband. She put her hands up but the stream just moved. Hitting her everywhere, even in the face.

The stream finally subsided and the female voice said, "There you have it gentlemen, one sufficiently piss soaked, ass-stretched, cum-covered slut!"

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