tagBDSMSmack Ch. 01

Smack Ch. 01




** All characters portrayed are over 18 years of age.

** Story contains BDSM, FemDom, Anal and Spanking



How had I got myself into this situation? The pain was exquisite but it still hurt tremendously. She was supposed to be at her friend's house for a Scentsy Candle party and now she is causing me the most bittersweet pain I have experienced in my life.


We have been married for 20 years and our sex life has always been great. I know all of her buttons and just when to push them for the most part to bring her to scorching orgasm's. She is so beautiful when she cums. I love how her stomach tightens and she grips on to me trying to curl up into a ball. Totally silent, with very little breath exhalation then little pants to let me know when she is done; it is so very sexy.


She knows what I like in bed as well. I love to take her from behind; I just love the feel of her small tight butt pushing back against me. Her butt is like a heart shaped pillow from heaven. Her rosebud is so enticing to me; so small and tight and cleanly shaven, I could make a meal of it for hours.


Liz had left for the evening and I sat down at the computer to play a few video games to pass the time until she returned. I have always had a passion for first person shooter games as it relieves the stress from the day, especially those days I feel like punching my boss in the teeth and they're just fun. I like the competitiveness. I wasn't doing well so I decided I would flip the channels for a while, but really, what the hell is on television on Saturday nights; NOTHING!


With nothing else to do, I was feeling a little horny and decided I would masturbate as Liz and I hadn't had sex in a week or so due to her being on her period and I needed a little relief. When I masturbate I tend to think of things I would like to try with my wife or sometimes I just like to smell her dirty panties from the day before and inhale her beautiful pussy scent. She smells so good down there and tastes even better.


Not too long ago we had purchased some butt toys to experiment with and had tried them a few times with mixed results. Mostly the toys just sting and are not comfortable back there but, I really love to play with her ass and I love it when she plays with mine. Occasionally we engage in anal sex, I love the way her sexy ass feels when I am buried to my pubic bone in it. Mostly I like to eat her ass while I rub her sweet pussy from behind. There is just something about her ass that I can't get enough of, I want to lick it, I want to fuck it with my tongue, I want to feel its snugness around my finger as I penetrate it and I want to feel its warmth around my cock as I shoot my load deep inside it. I would even lick the cum out of her asshole if she wanted me too, her ass is just that damn sexy!

Sometimes she will stick her finger in my ass while giving me a blowjob or if we are making love and the position will allow her to reach, she will rub my perineum and finger my ass then too. Regardless, I love it when she touches me back there. It is so intimate and dirty at the same time. Having her finger or even bury a toy in my ass feels amazing, I think I like it more than she does, but it always leaves me wanting more; to feel her using bigger toys or her using all her fingers or even her whole hand. I don't want her to hurt me, but I want her to love loving my ass as much as I love loving her ass.


I went in the bathroom and grabbed the tube of lube and found the pair of panties that she had worn during her morning workout. I lifted the panties to my nose and they smelled delicious, instantly my cock began to grow, thinking of them rubbing the sweetest spots on my beautiful wife especially her hot sweaty ass. With that in my mind I went to our secret toy location and grabbed the largest butt plug we had purchased as I wanted to fantasize about Liz being the one sticking it in my butt while she massaged my hardening cock until I cum in her mouth.


I was lying on the bed with her panties over my face where I could smell her pussy from there gusset slowly stroking my hard cock and working the large butt plug in and out of my ass. With my eyes closed it was easy to think of her being there; us in a 69 where I could alternate between licking her sweet pussy and perfect rosebud as I wished and her working the butt plug in and out of my ass as she alternated between sucking my rock hard cock and licking my swollen balls. I was in fantasy heaven when she walked in.


Now I am lying on my stomach with my hands strapped to the bed frame with the sex restraints we had bought, but never tried, as she is smacking my ass yelling obscenities at me. She is really pissed off.


"What the fuck do you think you are doing?! What kind of pervert are you?!" Liz yelled.


"Were you sucking on my dirty panties, you fucking pervert?!" she screamed.


Liz leaned down next to my ear and said, "I'm tired of this ass fetish you have, always playing with your ass when I'm not here. Don't you fucking lie to me, I know you play with your ass when you jerk off you pervert."

I weakly replied "Yes."


My ass and legs were turning red and welting as she continued her assault. Relentlessly she continued raining down smack after smack on the back of my legs, inside my thighs and my ass. The real torture was occasionally her assault was a bit off mark and she would smack the end of my cock as it was peeking out between my legs. Every time she hit it, mistakenly (?) I would ooze a bit of pre-cum; was I enjoying this?

"I got just the thing for you pervert." She whispered in my ear.

"Don't go anywhere." She mocked me. Where the hell am I going to go? I'm tied to the bed.

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