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Small College Streak


The following is, as they say in the movie ads, based on a true story. The details and the ending have been invented. However, the author's role in the actual event was essentially the same as the narrator's role in the story. Of course, any similarities to any real persons, places, or institutions are coincidental and unintended.


Most of the silly things we did when we were young are inconsequential and are swiftly forgotten. Occasionally, however, you do something in your youth that has major consequences and of which you are reminded repeatedly through your life. I had good reason to be thinking about that recently. My wife and I were in the small upper Midwestern town where we had gone to college for a 35th year reunion. It was an unusually warm fall afternoon. We and a few other people were standing behind the building that once housed the dairy bar which had been the primary hang out for students 35 years before. Quite a few more people were standing in the parking lot in front of the old building waiting.

While I was in high school I had thought myself a very talented football player. The major college football coaches did not share that opinion. My desire to keep playing after college brought me to miniscule Grimson College in Blue Fork, several hours' drive from any reasonably sized city. Grimson had about 1,200 students and roughly 300 faculty and staff. A few hundred other folks lived in Blue Fork. The county was dry, which did keep us students out of the bars. Mostly, students hung out at the dairy bar that was a couple of blocks from campus. On a Friday or Saturday afternoon or evening, there would typically be a hundred or more students in or around the dairy bar. I know that it sounds boring. It was.

During spring of my sophomore year we had an unusual couple of weeks of tee shirt and shorts weather. Spring football practice was over and exams were still a few weeks away. We had time on our hands. We wanted to do something.

My teammate Tim and I were sitting in the small off campus apartment of another teammate discussing what we could do to alleviate our boredom. We wanted some thrills and, being cocky athletes, we also wanted to draw some attention to ourselves.

We had discarded several ideas before Tim said, "We could streak." I don't think that he meant that as a serious suggestion.

Gary, our teammate who leased the apartment, said derisively, "The streaking fad ended years ago."

"Gary, this is Blue Fork," Tim replied, "everything happens here about 30 years later."

You'd be too chicken to take your clothes off and run around," Gary snorted.

"The hell," Tim replied, "I'd do it."

"Where? Out in a field with no one around?" Gary jeered.

"How about the dairy bar?" Tim said.

"When? Three a.m.?" Gary challenged.

"How about 4:30 next Friday afternoon?" Tim replied. Everyone went to the dairy bar late on Friday afternoon.

"No way you'd do that," Gary said dismissively.

"Bet me?" Tim said.

"Sure, I'll take your money," Gary replied. "Twenty bucks says that you will not run naked around the dairy bar next Friday afternoon."

"You're on," Tim said heatedly.

"You doing this by yourself or is some other fool going to join you?" Gary asked.

Tim looked at me and said, "Harry will join me."

Gary laughed. "Harry's too much of a wimp. Besides, he'll never get a date again if the girls in this town see that microscopic dick."

Without even thinking, I replied, "Bullshit. Women love my body."

Gary laughed again. "Yeah. Right."

"What the fuck do you know dickhead?" I replied.

"I'll tell you what," Gary said, "I'll bet you $ 100 that, if you run naked around the dairy bar with Tim, you'll never get another date with any girl in this town before you graduate. But, you've got to pay me $100 if you chicken out and don't run."

Gary knew what buttons to push. "You're on," I said unthinkingly.

As Tim and I walked back to the dorm, Tim said, "Jesus, our big mouths. Now, we've got to streak the dairy bar at 4:30 next Friday afternoon or we owe Gary $ 120."

"No one will be expecting it," I said. "If we really sprint, we'll be through and gone without anyone knowing who it was." That was my second mistake.

"That's how it will have to go," Tim said. "We'll need a getaway car and driver."

"Jeff has a car," I said. "I'll ask him."

I talked to Jeff later that evening. He doubted that we'd go through with the streak, but he agreed to drive us to the dairy bar and be our getaway driver. I told Tim that the next morning.

"Good," Tim said. "I talked to Lisa (Tim's girlfriend). She's working Friday afternoon. She says that there's a storage room in the back of the dairy bar that has a door outside. If we're there at 4:30, she'll let us in. If Jeff parks across the street, we can strip off in the store room, run through the parking lot, hop in Jeff's car, and be gone in seconds."

"It's a plan, I guess," I said. "What does Lisa think about this?"

"She thinks that we'll chicken out too," Tim answered.

"Great," I said sarcastically. "We've got a bet with Gary and pride on the line with your girlfriend. We're boxed into this." At age 20, those things seemed important.

We had made our bet with Gary on Saturday afternoon. On Monday morning, my hopes that we could win the bet surreptitiously were shattered when Terry Huebner sat next to me in "History of Modern Europe." Terry was a sophomore on the women's tennis team. She and I had a couple of classes together every semester and had become reasonably good friends. I knew from having watched her play tennis that Terry had great legs, a really eye-catching tight ass, and seemingly perfectly proportioned tits. Her face, framed by her short blonde hair, got prettier the longer you looked at her. She had deep blue eyes and marvelous dimples when she smiled.

Immediately after Terry say down in class, she turned to me and asked, "Are you and Tim really going to run naked at the dairy bar Friday?"

"Who told you we were going to do that?" I asked.

Terry laughed. "Your buddy Gary Stern is telling everyone that the two of you said that you would and that you'll owe Gary a lot of money if you back out."

"Shit," I said.

"So, it's true." Terry chuckled. "The whole school knows. You guys better go through with it or everyone's going to think that you're both gutless."

I grunted.

Terry giggled. "Tennis practice ends at 4:00 so I can be there to watch. I'm sure that the rest of the team will come too." Terry flashed me one of her 10,000 megawatt smiles.

The word was definitely out. Over the next few days, people I didn't even know stopped me and asked whether I was really going to run naked at the dairy bar. Thursday, as I walked past the girls' dorm, two freshman girls whom I didn't know stopped on their way into the dorm. One girl pointed at me and they both started giggling.

Tim and I talked Thursday night and agreed that we'd painted ourselves into a corner. We had to go through with the streak. I was hoping for really crappy weather the next day. That would force anyone who came to see us inside the dairy bar. We could sprint past outside without anyone seeing much.

That Friday was, of course, a glorious day, warm and sunny. Tim and I rode in Jeff's car. We were wearing tee shirts and shorts we'd "borrowed" from the athletic equipment room and our running shoes. We'd leave the tee shirts and shorts at the dairy bar. They weren't ours so we really didn't care whether we got them back or not. Our real clothes were in Jeff's car.

I almost shit myself as Jeff pulled up across the street from the dairy bar. I had never seen that many people in the parking lot in the two years I'd been in Blue Fork. Worse, I recognized a lot of the people. Terry Huebner was there with the other girls from the tennis team and their coach, Marissa Scalfi. I had seen Coach Scalfi, but didn't know her. She was only a few years older than we were, and was a striking woman with long black hair and olive skin. The rumor was that she'd done some modeling before she decided to coach tennis.

As Jeff stopped his car, Tim said what I was thinking: "Shit. We've got to go through with this."

The people in the parking lot started clapping as Tim and I walked towards the rear of the dairy bar. I heard people calling things like "Take it off" and "Do you think that their dicks will even be big enough to see?"

Tim knocked on a steel door in the back of the dairy bar. Lisa opened the door. Grinning, she said, "Hello boys. Are you going to get naked for me?"

Tim and I went inside. We both just stood there. To say that I had butterflies in my stomach would have been the understatement of the decade.

After a few moments, Lisa said, "Hurry up! Strip off! I've got to get back up front." Lisa moved to the steel door.

With my back to Lisa, I took a deep breath and pulled my tee shirt over my head. I pushed my shorts down and pulled them off over my shoes. Tim did the same.

Lisa said, "Quick, give me your clothes."

We both turned to face Lisa. Undoubtedly, she had seen Tim nude before, but she gave us both a long look. "Not bad, boys," she said with a grin. She pushed open the door and said "get going!"

Tim played wide receiver and had some genuine speed. He shot out of the door and along the back of the building. Although I was sprinting too, Tim was ten feet ahead of me and was pulling away when we turned into the parking lot.

As I saw all of the people standing around the parking lot, something clicked in my head. "These folks came here to see me naked," I thought. "Hell, let's give them a good look."

I slowed to a walk. A couple of my teammates were standing about fifteen feet away. I walked over to them.

"Hey Tom, Jack," I said. "Nice day, isn't it?"

"Shouldn't you be running?" Jack asked.

I could feel the sun, warm on my bare ass. I felt a slight breeze blow over my bare dick and balls. The sensations felt good. "Why run?" I replied.

Jack and Tom just shook their heads. I glanced towards the street. Tim was almost to Jeff's car. I also saw Terry Huebner standing in the middle of her tennis teammates. She was looking at me and smiling. I walked over to Terry.

As I got to Terry I extended my hand to shake and said, "Thank you for being here this afternoon."

Still smiling, Terry shook my hand. "I wouldn't have missed it," she said. "You seem pretty relaxed for someone who's standing with no clothes on in the middle of a huge group of people. How does it feel?"

I hadn't really thought about how I felt until Terry asked. "Actually, it feels great," I answered. Terry's smile broadened. She did not conceal the fact that she was looking at my bare body. I could see that her teammates were looking too. I suppose that I should have been embarrassed, but I wasn't. I actually felt proud of the fact that I was standing there naked. I found the girls looking at my dick and balls to be very gratifying.

After a few moments of studying my bare body, Terry said, "You don't know Coach Scalfi, do you? Let me introduce you." Terry took my hand and led me a few steps to her coach. "Coach," Terry said, "This is my friend Harry Stone."

Coach Scalfi was smiling too. She gave me a long head-to-toe look. "Pleased to meet you Harry," Coach Scalfi said. "I love your outfit."

I was, of course, acutely aware that I was standing in front of two extremely attractive women naked except for my shoes. Oddly, it felt really good. I couldn't think of anything I would rather have been doing at that moment.

I would probably have stood there naked talking to Terry and Coach Scalfi until dark, but I heard Jeff shout, "Stone, get your ass in this car NOW or we're leaving you."

I turned to jog to the car. I had only gone a short ways when I heard Terry call out, "Now I know why they call you a tight end." That made me feel good.

I got into Jeff's car and he pealed out. "Jesus Christ Stone! I thought you were going to stand there all day! You like being naked in front of good-looking women?"

I thought about that for a moment. To my surprise, I had enjoyed being naked in front of that crowd of clothed people and had really enjoyed being naked while I talked to Terry and Coach Scalfi. "Yeah, I do like it," I said.

"You're sick Stone," Jeff replied.

I spent that evening in my dorm room reading. I was convinced that the police would be coming for me or, at least, that I'd get a call from my coach telling me that I was really in trouble. Nothing happened that night. I was still waiting nervously for the stuff to hit the fan when I got up the next morning, showered, and went to the dining hall.

Grimson had one men's dorm and one women's dorm. In theory, you were barred from the other gender's dorm. However, there was a common dining hall mid-way between the two dorms. Consequently, it wasn't surprising for me to see Terry Huebner at breakfast. I was surprised when she called out, "Harry, please sit over here."

A few people gave me noticeable looks, and some laughed, as I walked to Terry's table. She said something to the two girls who were sitting with her and they took their trays and left just before I reached the table. I sat down across the table from Terry.

"I guess I'll need to get used to drawing a reaction from people now," I said.

"Screw them if they don't approve," Terry said. "How are you doing?"

"Ok," I said. "Just waiting to hear from the cops or the school about how much trouble I'm in."

Terry smiled. "You know this school and the town were founded by Scandinavian immigrants don't you? They weren't as hung up about nudity as the English were. I think some of that survives to this day. I'll be surprised if anyone official hassles you about yesterday."

We ate quietly for a couple of minutes. Terry said, "You know, Harry, you really seemed to be enjoying yourself yesterday. I thought about that last night and I think that I understand why." Terry paused before saying, more softly, "I'm a little hurt that you didn't ask me to join you."

That brought me up short. I sort of stammered, "But, uh, you'd never take all of your clothes off and walk around in front of people."

Terry looked straight into my eyes. She smiled. "We'll never know," she said. "You didn't ask."

That she had even thought about doing it was exciting to me. Recovering a little, I said, "Well, can I make up for that oversight by taking you to dinner?"

"When?" Terry asked.

"Tonight, if you're free and I'm not in jail," I said.

Terry smiled again. "I'd love to," she replied. The day after my streak was starting out pretty good.

What passed for fine dining in Blue Fork was a family-owned and operated pizzeria, so that's where I took Terry. They did make good pizza. Terry and I had a very long dinner, getting to know each other better. We learned that we shared a number of interests and likes and dislikes. We made each other laugh, which I thought was a good sign.

The weather was still unusually warm, so we took a long route to walk back to the girl's dorm. On the sidewalk, just beyond the spill of the dorm's lights, Terry and I stood looking at each other. Terry reached out and took both of my hands in hers. She leaned forward and kissed me on the lips. She let go of my hands and started walking towards the front door of her dorm. She turned around after she'd walked a few feet. "You really do look good naked," she said. She turned and went inside the dorm.

Terry and I became a couple. We spent pretty much every free moment together. The frustrating part was that, while Terry had seen me nude, I was not getting to see her nude. That was not because she was unwilling, but because we had no privacy. We both had roommates who were being very uncooperative. I tried to get Gary to let me borrow his apartment. He unhelpfully insisted that he would be there to watch if I fucked Terry Huebner in his apartment. I think that Gary was pissed that Terry and me hooking up had cost him $ 100. I made sure that I spent every dime of that on Terry.

Terry and I thought about going out in a field (there were no woods around Blue Fork), but the weather had turned cold again so that did not seem very pleasant. I was at a loss on how, and more importantly where, to initiate my sexual relationship with Terry Huebner. We were both frustrated.

It had gone from being unseasonably warm to unseasonably cold as exams approached. One Friday afternoon, Terry said, "Harry, I've never asked: Do you play tennis?"

"A little. I'm certainly nowhere near your level," I said, "Why?"

She smiled. "Want to play tonight?"

"On a Friday night?" I asked.

"Yeah," Terry said. "Coach Scalfi's boyfriend is in town and she wants to play mixed doubles."

"Really?" I said. Playing tennis didn't really strike me as a fun Friday night.

"Yeah. I think that you'll enjoy it," Terry said with what I later realized was a sly grin. "Please?" When Terry said "Please," I always agreed.

Grimson was a very small school, but it made a big deal about sports and had pretty good athletic facilities. Being a far north as it was, tennis would have been impossible without indoor courts. Terry and I were standing outside the dark door of the tennis facility, shivering in heavy coats, at 9:00 that night when Marissa Scalfi and a guy whom I vaguely recognized showed up. Coach Scalfi unlocked the door and turned on the lobby lights.

"We've got the place to ourselves," Coach Scalfi said. "Since I knew we'd be here tonight, I left the heat up this afternoon." It was very comfortable inside.

We walked into the court area, slightly illuminated by nightlights. As Coach Scalfi turned on the main lights, Terry and I took off our coats. Terry was wearing my favorite of her tennis dresses. It was tight, showing off her wonderful figure, and the short skirt showed all of her great legs.

When Coach Scalfi took off her coat, I could only think "wow." Her tennis dress was cut like a swimsuit, with her entire back bare from just above her ass. Indeed, there was only a fairly narrow strip of material coming up from the skirt in front that widened at her breasts. Even then, it stopped just above her nipples. She looked sexy as hell.

Coach Scalfi's boyfriend said, almost reverentially, "She is beautiful."

Coach Scalfi came over to us. "Let me introduce my friend, Luke Keckle," she said.

Now I knew why I thought that I recognized him. Luke Keckle was a rising star on the PGA tour. I'd seen the guy play golf on TV.

We hit balls around for a while to warm up. Then we started to play for real. As you'd expect, Terry and Coach Scalfi were both very good. Luke and I were the weak links on each team. Fortunately, we were about equally bad.

We played a set, which Luke and Coach Scalfi won 6-4. We took a break during which Coach Scalfi disclosed that Luke had brought a bottle of wine. That was opened and all four of us had a glass. As we finished, Coach Scalfi said, "Let's make this more interesting."

In a voice that made me think that they had planned this out, Terry replied, "What do you have in mind Coach?"

"Strip tennis," Coach Scalfi said. "After each game, both members of the losing team take something off."

"Coach, I'm only wearing my dress and my panties," Terry said.

"Same with me," Coach Scalfi said, "that will make it quick. Guys, unless you've gone commando, take off your shirts." Luke and I did so that everyone was only wearing two items.

Fortunately, Terry and I got served first. Terry started the game serving an ace. The game got to 40-30 when, with more luck than skill, a weak shot from me rolled over the tape on the top of the net, fell on the other side, and bounced twice before Luke or Coach Scalfi could reach it. Terry and I stood together as we watched Luke take off his shorts and Coach Scalfi peal down her dress. Luke wore a jockstrap underneath and I think Terry enjoyed his bare ass when he turned around. Coach Scalfi wore only a very small pair of panties. Her body was outstanding.

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