tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSmall College Streak Ch. 02

Small College Streak Ch. 02


The first installment in this series was based on a true story. Once again, I've fallen in love with one of my characters and can't leave well enough alone. This installment draws on some actual events which I've witnessed or participated in. However, this is completely a work of fiction. As always, any similarities to any real persons, places, or institutions are coincidental and unintended.


My relationship with Terry Huebner had developed very quickly after I did my walking "streak" of the dairy bar. I feared that the relationship would not survive the summer break. Terry went home to suburban Chicago and I went home to Ohio. However, we talked by phone almost every day. Skype and the like did not exist back then.

Being home for the summer was not a great experience. My dad and I had never been particularly close. Mom and my younger brother were killed in a car crash the summer after I graduated from high school. While I had the start of college and football to motivate me, Dad completely withdrew for a time. When he came out of it, he started fucking Darla, the woman who worked for him at his insurance agency. By the summer after my sophomore year at Grimson, Darla was pregnant and had moved into our house. I suppose that I should have been glad that Dad had gotten on with his life, but the whole thing just seemed wrong to me.

I suppose that my attitude contributed to it, but Dad's attention was focused on his new family. I was definitely a relic from his old life.

Mercifully, I had to be back in Blue Fork to start football practice at the beginning of August. While Dad largely ignored me, he was fairly generous with money and handed me a check for $ 10,000 to rent an off campus apartment. I didn't tell him that the best apartments in Blue Fork were only $500/month utilities included. I also didn't tell him that I would be sharing the apartment with Terry. I doubt that he would have been interested.

Terry told me over the phone that she had told her parents that "a friend" was renting an apartment at school and had invited her to share it rent-free. Her folks were going to fund an apartment for her. Since that was taken care of, they bought her a car instead. It was a used Chevy, but it was clean and ran ok.

I had to take a cab from home to the bus station. Dad and Darla were out somewhere. The plan was for me to take the bus to Rockford, IL where Terry would meet me with her car. We would do the ten hour drive from there to Blue Fork together.

Terry was waiting for me at the Greyhound station. She looked even more beautiful than the image I'd carried in my head for the last two months. It was a warm day in late July. It didn't look like Terry had much on beneath her tee shirt and shorts. We hugged long enough to draw a few looks from people in the bus station. We finally broke our embrace and got into her car.

We had been driving for a little while when Terry pulled into a rest area in southern Wisconsin. She drove past the couple of cars already parked there and parked at the far end. I wasn't sure why we had stopped, but I got out of the car when Terry did. We met on the sidewalk in front of the car.

Smiling broadly, Terry said, "I want you out of those clothes now. All of them!"

I glanced around. There were a couple of people 60 or so yards away, but they didn't seem to be paying attention to us. I kicked off my shoes and pulled my tee shirt over my head.

"I'll take those," Terry said with a hand extended.

I gave Terry my shirt and shoes. I wasn't sure how far she wanted to go in a public place so I just stood there until Terry said, "Pants too, please."

Terry had said the magic word. I unbuckled my belt, unsnapped my jeans, and pulled the zipper down. I let the jeans drop to my feet, stepped out of them, and handed them to Terry.

"Um, underpants too," Terry said.

What the hell. I pushed my boxers over my hips and let them fall to the ground. I bent down, picked them up, and handed them to Terry. Terry left me standing there naked as she took my clothes to the back of her car, opened the hatch, and put them in. I saw Terry pull her shirt over her head and toss it into the car. She bent over, doing something else that I could not see for the car. Then she closed the hatch.

When Terry came back to the front of the car, she was as naked as I was. She gave me a quick kiss. "We'll be more comfortable this way," she said.

We rode the rest of the way to Blue Fork naked. We stopped for gas twice. The first time, Terry took a credit card out of her purse and got out of the car as if it was the most normal thing in the world to pump gas naked in the middle of nowhere. The second stop was my turn and I, of course, pumped the gas nude too. Neither of us had the balls to walk into the gas station nude to buy something to drink.

We were staying with Coach Scalfi while we looked for an apartment, so we didn't bother to get dressed when we got to Blue Fork that night. We parked in her driveway and went to her front door nude. I was a bit relieved that Coach Scalfi answered the door nude.

"I was pretty sure it was you two," Coach Scalfi said, "so I didn't bother covering up. I'd have had some pleasant embarrassment if it had been someone else. Have you two eaten anything?"

We had dinner and talked for a while before both getting into Coach Scalfi's guest bed. We didn't actually put clothes on again until we were ready to go apartment hunting the next morning. My budget allowed us to get one of the nicest furnished units in the town's one purpose-built apartment building. I wrote a check for ten months' rent upfront and still had a few thousand left over.

Terry and I moved into our apartment that evening. We spent a little time doing errands and a lot of time fucking over the next couple of days. Starting August 1, my life became consumed with football. It worked better than you might think because the girls played a shortened fall tennis season. Between our sports and school (in that order), we were pretty busy.

Terry and I did get to know each other's friends better. Terry's closest friend, other than me I hoped, was her doubles partner Carol Wellman. Carol was a brunette and a bit bigger than Terry. Not at all fat, she just had broader shoulders and hips and was taller. Carol was very bright and was ordinarily somewhat quiet. However, when she chose, she could be very funny. She was dating a pitcher on the baseball team, Rob Verkamp.

Terry and I stayed nude virtually all the time that we were home together. We would cover up if someone came over. Once football was over and winter had come, we resumed Friday night nude tennis with Coach Scalfi. Mainly, that was Coach Scalfi watching Terry play me and giving Terry pointers. I'm sure that violated some rule against out-of-season coaching, but I sure wasn't going to report them. Then, again, what competitive advantage could Terry derive from playing me?

Apart from our drive to Blue Fork the prior summer and our Friday night tennis, Terry had not gone nude in public or with anyone around other than me and Coach Scalfi. As the weather improved in the spring, people on campus began asking me whether I was going to streak again this year.

I routinely gave an ambiguous answer to that question until one day when Terry and I were lunching with a large group of friends and acquaintances in the dining hall. Someone asked if I was streaking again his year. Before I could give me usual non-answer, Terry answered for me.

"Of course he is," Terry said loudly, "and I'm going with him."

That comment drew some very surprised looks. No one expressly voiced doubt that Terry would really do it though. Maybe they thought that I had corrupted her.

Once we were alone, I asked her, "What is this about you streaking with me?"

Terry smiled. "Well, you seemed to be having a lot of fun with it last year so I thought about it a lot. The idea of everyone seeing me naked, not trying to conceal myself at all, is pretty exciting."

More to tease her than anything else, I said, "Don't I get any say in this?"

Terry laughed. "Shit. You've been waiting all year for me to go nude in public. You'll probably have a hard on the whole time."

"Would that bother you?" I asked.

"Hell no," Terry snorted. "I'll be thrilled for the other girls to see what I get in me every night. A little envy isn't a bad thing." I simply pointed out that we usually made love in the morning too.

Terry lined up Carol to be our "get away" driver and picked a date that seemed likely to have decent weather. Once again, it would be 4:30 on a Friday afternoon. Terry also made a point of telling everyone she could. I almost expected her to post flyers around campus.

"I want as many people as possible there to see us naked together," Terry explained to me. That did sound like fun. "I also want to tell enough people so that I can't chicken out."

"Would you chicken out?" I asked.

"I don't think so," Terry replied, "but, I've never really been naked in public. The idea that people who know me or at least have seen me around for three years are going to see my bare breasts, my bare ass, and my bare pussy is exciting but also scary. I wouldn't have thought of doing something like this before I watched you last year."

I was gratified that I was having a positive influence on Terry.

Terry, of course, talked about the streak with Coach Scalfi, who was very supportive. "I'm not going to be there," Marissa Scalfi said. "Since you're my player, I probably ought to stay completely away from it. But, I admire you for doing it. I'd like to see it. Hell, I'd like to go with you."

Carol Wellman had agreed, reluctantly, to be our driver. She did, however, express doubt about whether the streak was a good idea for Terry. "Are you sure that you ought to do this?" Carol asked. "Aren't you worried that, by showing off your bare body, some guy will decide that you're 'asking for it' and attack you in a dark corner some night?"

"I don't really think that we have that kind of people here," Terry replied. "It's a lot harder to do that sort of thing in a small community where everyone basically knows everyone. I don't doubt that there will be some guys who run home and jack off at the memory of seeing me nude, but is that really so terrible?"

We were both excited the night before our streak. Around 7:00 p.m., Terry said, "I think it would be better, and we'd look better, if we shave our pubes." I couldn't argue with that and I'd never seen Terry completely bare so I agreed.

Shaving Terry was relatively easy. She sat on the vanity in our bathroom with her legs spread while I clipped her hair as close as I dared with a pair of her small scissors. Terry went into the shower and ran some warm water on herself after which she sat back down with her legs spread. I applied some of my shaving gel to her triangle, inserted a fresh blade in my razor, and very carefully shaved Terry bare. The finished product was, well, glorious. I rubbed in some lotion Terry had given me and couldn't resist fingering her a time or two.

Shaving me turned into a project. Shaving off the hair around my dick and balls was actually very nice because it required Terry to handle my dick and balls a lot. There are better things than having my balls in Terry's hand, but not many. Terry kissed the head of my dick when she finished that part of the task.

The problem was that, while I'm not one of those guys with thick mats of hair all over my body, I do have some hair on my chest, back, legs, forearms, and ass. Terry thought that it looked silly for me to have my pubes shaved but leave the rest of my body hair. So, I showered and Terry set about shaving my entire body. It probably wouldn't have taken as long as it did if there hadn't been a fair amount of kissing and fondling involved. While she was shaving the hair in my ass, Terry gave me a quick prostate massage that was exquisite.

The sheets felt different that night against my hairless nude body. However, with Terry's bare body spooned against me, it was very nice.

Carol, Terry, and I had "Methods of Economic Analysis" together at 10:00 a.m. that Friday morning. I can't speak for Terry, but I don't recall a thing said in that class. Carol and Terry had tennis practice at 2:00 p.m. I was to meet them at the tennis facility at 4:00. I spent the afternoon in the football weight room trying to get a "pumped" look for the streak.

When I arrived at the tennis facility, Carol, Terry, and Coach Scalfi were waiting for me. Despite her professed lack of involvement, Coach Scalfi said, "Why don't you use my office to strip off? I'll take your street clothes to my place and Carol can drive you there after you streak." We followed Coach Scalfi into her office.

I had brought a tee shirt and gym shorts to wear to the streak. I stripped off with Terry, Carol, and Coach Scalfi watching and put on my "streak clothes." Terry stripped down and pulled on an oversized "Grimson Athletics" tee shirt that just barely covered her ass. We both had running shoes on even though we didn't intend to run.

With a smile, Coach Scalfi gathered up our street clothes and Terry's purse. "I'll have these at home," she said. "I like that you two shaved. It gives you both a more exposed look," she added.

Carol had taken Terry's keys and we followed her out to Terry's car. Carol got into the driver's seat while Terry and I climbed in back. Terry's car was a two-door and she was nicely exposed when her tee shirt rode up as she pushed the front passenger seat forward and climbed into the back. I couldn't resist running a finger along her cunt lips.

When I got into the back seat with Terry, she smiled at me and said, "You're bad!"

It was about a fifteen minute drive to the dairy bar. Terry's tee shirt was still up at her waist as she sat. She reached over and pushed a leg of my shorts aside to expose my dick. We held hands as Carol drove.

Like the year before, that Friday afternoon was unseasonably warm and sunny. I noticed a lot of cars parked along the street as we neared the dairy bar. Someone had marked off a parking space directly across from the dairy bar with those orange cones. That was the only open space for several blocks. My buddy Tim was there and moved the cones as he saw Terry's car approaching.

I thought that we had a large crowd when I streaked with Tim the year before. The mass of people in the parking lot this year dwarfed that crowd. The dairy bar itself was also packed.

"Jesus!" Terry said as she looked at the crowd.

"They're all here to see you," I teased.

"I hope that I don't disappoint them," Terry said.

"You won't," I replied.

The crowd parted to let us through as Terry and I walked towards the back of the dairy bar. Several people started clapping. A few people started chanting "strip, strip." By tacit agreement, no one came behind the dairy bar, leaving us alone to strip off.

Terry and I stood alone on a concrete walk facing each other. For a moment, we just looked into each others' eyes. Finally, Terry smiled and asked "Ready?" I nodded. Terry pulled her tee shirt over her head and stood nude in the late afternoon sun. I thought that she looked more beautiful than she ever had before. I pulled my tee shirt off and worked my shorts over my shoes. The sun felt good on my bare body. Terry and I kissed. Holding hands, with our clothes in our free hands, we walked around the corner of the building and into the crowd.

I suppose the natural reaction to being nude and confronting a large crowd of clothed people would be embarrassment. That isn't what I felt. I felt empowered and very proud to be there nude with the love of my life. Looking at Terry, I could tell that she had similar feelings. She was smiling broadly, there was a gleam in her eye, and her nipples were very erect.

All of my football teammates were there in the parking lot, standing as a group. Most of them probably did not share my opinion that Terry Huebner was the most beautiful woman alive, but there was consensus that she was one of the most attractive girls in Blue Fork. My teammates were certainly not going to miss the opportunity to see her with no clothes on.

I walked Terry over to my teammates and introduced her to some guys she didn't know. The guys formed a semi-circle around her, staring at her tits, her ass, and her cleanly shaved triangle. Terry was drinking up the attention.

After a few minutes with my teammates, Terry said, "Let's go see my friends" and led me away. After we had gone a few steps, Terry dropped her bundled tee shirt on the ground and slowly bent over to pick it up. With her legs slightly apart, she fully exposed herself to my teammates. When she straightened, she just looked at me with a smile.

Terry led me over to where her teammates were standing. I knew all of the tennis girls reasonably well by then. We shook hands and a couple gave me hugs. Those were nice. There were some other girls whom I'd seen around but didn't know. Terry introduced me to a mix of golfers, swimmers, a runner, and some volleyball players. All of the girls were staring at my body and I knew what Terry had felt a moment ago with my teammates. It felt good.

A tall red-headed volley ball player named Lauren said, "Harry, that is a nicely shaped dick."

With a laugh, Terry said, "It also feels great in my pussy."

Reaching her hand towards me, Lauren asked "May I?"

"Just a quick one," Terry replied.

Lauren grasped the head of my dick in her hand. With her index finger, she stroked the underside of my head twice before she let go.

A freshman swimmer named Paige asked Terry, "How can you be naked in front of all of these people? Aren't you mortified?"

Terry laughed again. "This is the most fun I've ever had," she said. "You really need to do this sometime." The look on her face suggested that Paige was not persuaded.

From behind us, a voice called out, "Come on in." We turned to see Tim's girlfriend Liz holding open the door to the dairy bar. Terry and I looked at each other. I shrugged. Terry started walking towards the door so I followed.

The dairy bar was so crowded that it was impossible to move without rubbing against other people. A blonde whom I didn't know reached out and cupped my balls. I felt several swats on my bare ass and could see hands grabbing Terry's ass and tits.

We hadn't made it too far into the dairy bar when Terry turned to me and said, "Let's go back outside." I took her hand, turned, and used my shoulders to open a path to the door. Outside again, Terry said, "That was fun, but it was about to get out of control."

We saw a professor whom we had both had and went over to talk with her. Even Professor Levet openly stared at my dick. She was a rather attractive woman, so I didn't mind. A breeze had come up. It felt great blowing across my bare ass and bare dick.

Finally, we heard a car horn from across the street. That was Carol's signal to us that it was time to go. We had arbitrarily agreed beforehand that we would stay nude at the dairy bar for no more than a half hour. Carol was responsible for keeping the time.

As Terry and I walked across the street in front of the dairy bar, she stopped and pulled me to her. In the middle of the street, we embraced with both hands on each other's bare asses. We kissed, passionately, and held that for several beats. When we broke, Terry turned back and gave the crowd a wave.

As we climbed into the back of her car, Terry said, "That was so fucking hot. God! I'm wet and horny!" Once I was in the seat beside her, I put a hand between Terry's legs. She was wet. Terry reached out and began stroking my dick. We played with each other all the way to Coach Scalfi's house.

By the time we walked naked into Coach Scalfi's, Terry had given me an almost painful hard-on. Looking at my boner, Coach Scalfi joked, "I see that you had fun."

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