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Small Girls Get Big Things

by*Midnight* ~*Magic*~©

Imagine two or three cops came to your door one day while you're home alone.. You only have on your tank top and undies and they say they think there is drugs in the house so they have to search a bit so they come in, do a search and then they say they have to strip search you.. And they face you against the wall, your arms up and you spread your legs and they start to feel around and pull your panties off... then you have to stand with your legs spread more..

Your tank top is ripped off you... there are hands sliding all over your body, across your tits, on your ass... then the cops order you on your knees and they unzip their pants and pull out their huge cocks, and order you to suck them one at a time you lick and suck up and down their shafts.. They turn you over and one slurp your pussy with his mouth and tongue while you wrap your lips around the cop's balls you're pushed on all fours, and they take turns fucking your pussy long and deep, and then they jerk off and shoot hot wads of cum all over your face and titties they call for backup, and 5 minutes later 4 more big men show up you are forced to put as much as the first big guy's cock into your mouth as you can and another one pokes the tip of his dick into your pussy then one guy gets under you, shoves his dick into your pussy..

Another guy gets behind you, and pushes his dick into your ass, and another eon gets in front of you and pushes his dick into your mouth while the other guys sit around jerking off. One reaches out and starts fondling you’re small round little tits and another starts slapping your sweet little ass. The 7 men carry you to the kitchen and tie you spread-eagled to the kitchen table. You are gagged so no one can hear you scream or your sounds of pleasure.

Your family calls but no one picks up the phone so they leave a message that they all won’t be home from a vacation for another 3 days. One of the men slides between your legs and buries his face between you’re small, wet, pink pussy. He laps at you’re tiny clit while another guy its straddling your small little girl body and sucking your small but hard, red nipples. Another officer un-gags you and sticks his huge, pulsating, 13-inch prick into your small mouth and makes you suck hard. The other cops start licking your whole body everywhere.

One on each side of your beautiful, tiny, inner thighs, another at you’re feet, another at your stomach. You are at the brink of Cumming violently when the police are called on a mission. They all quickly get their clothes on and leave you tied to the table. They say they will be back later to finish up, you’re small little chest is now heaving from all the excitement and you have Goosebumps all over your little body. They leave the front door open and forget to close it as they are running to their cars.

2 hours have passed and you’re so unbelievably horny you’d kill to have something long, hard, and fat inside you’re tight wet cunt. You struggle at the bounds but they tied you up too well. You try to kick and pull and all you end up accomplishing is making loud noises. You’re hot 21 year old neighbor is walking past your house and hears the noises, concerned he knocks at the open door and slowly comes into the house calling “Is anybody here?”

He finally comes across you tied up in the kitchen, you look at him with you’re big green eyes, and long brown hair shuffled, and just stare. He has a girlfriend but looking at you, lying there tied up, helpless, naked, beautiful gets him so rock hard it’s not even funny. He walks back to the front of the house, closes and locks all the doors, closes all the blinds and windows and then finally comes back to the kitchen. He edges closer to the table and stands to your right side. He looks upon this small little girls body he’s about to fuck violently and the beauty, it’s so beautiful and innocent.

With a big impulse he bends down and starts to suck on your beautiful left tit. Twirling his tongue around your small nipple gets you so horny u start to buck you’re hips as far as you can. He reaches down will still sucking violently and starts playing with your small little pussy lips and feeling your clit. You are so ready to be fucked you scream. “PLEASE…….OH GOD….MORE….UGH….FUCK ME…PLEASE!!” the house echoes with your screaming beg and plead.

Finally after that tantalizing torture he strips off he jeans and slides between you’re legs he inserts his colossal cock into you’re small tight puss and starts pushing as far in as he can go. Your scream mixed of ecstasy, pain, and pleasure echoes throughout the big house. After stroking it in and out he pulls out his prick and starts getting it off. He cums on your tiny titties and starts rubbing them. You cream and orgasm. You’re tiny body shakes with pleasure and release.

To Be Continued...

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