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Smallville Lust Series Ch. 02


Note: This fanfic is a modification of an old fanfic titled "Changed History" which I wrote 7 years ago.

This story takes place during the 2nd season when Clark and Chloe were under the influence of the red kryptonite.


Clark and Chloe were both under the influence of the red kryptonite. They were in the Talon, making out and hands all over each other's body, totally oblivious to the fact that it is the middle of the day and there were other customers in the store.

One of the waitresses walks up to them and exclaimed, "Please, I must ask you to leave!"

At first, Chloe wanted to tell the waitress to take a hike for interrupting her make-out session with Clark. But then, a naughty thought came into her mind that turned her on even more.

"Ok, we'll leave in a minute", Chloe replied in her normal innocent tone.

"What was that??" Clark implored.

Chloe replied with a lustful grin, "Let's take this upstairs."

"Wait, but that's Lana's room?" Clark whispered.

"Don't worry about it," Chloe whispered back, "Lana will be gone for a couple of hours and think about just how hot it would be!"

Clark thought about it and immediately got a hardon. "Alright, let's go!" Clark answered.

After making sure no waitresses were looking, the two lustful teens sneaked up into Lana's room and before the door was fully closed, resumed where they left off earlier. "Clark," Chloe says in between kisses, "I want you to tell me that you love me and not Lana."

"Chloe, you're the girl whom I truly love," Clark says, "What I felt about Lana was nothing but a momentary crush."

"Let me show you how much I love you," Clark says and then pulls Chloe to him and kisses her. By that time, Chloe has given up and returned the kiss. The two moved to Lana's bed and started to remove each other's clothes. Chloe smiled wickedly and knelt down in front of Clark and spread his legs gently, licking her lips and eyeing his great cock. Chloe ran her hands down Clark's hips, then around his pubic hair, slightly touching his balls. Clark shuddered in pleasure - Chloe drove him crazy with her sexy eyes and her perfect breasts undulating side to sides lightly as she fingered the base of his cock. Chloe then bent over, standing with her knees on the bench now, and stuck her long, lusty tongue out, running it along the tip of Clark's cock. She then opened her pretty lips and deliciously swallowed it whole. This was the best goddamn cock-sucking Clark has ever had. Chloe ran her tongue around his mushroom cap as her lips moved up and down his cock, her tender mouth sometimes swallowing it all the way. Her spit trickled down Clark's cock and balls, moistening it, her whole body working on his long dick.

She occasionally took his cock out of her mouth and jacked it off with her hands, screaming "Oh yeah....oh, god, I want your cum so bad!" and then returning to the procedure. Chloe went on for what seemed like an eternity, getting Clark so hard he was about to blow.

Then suddenly, Chloe threw her head back in surprise and closed her eyes, smiling crookedly and exclaiming "Oh.....ooh....yes!" Clark grabbed Chloe by the hair and thrust her head down, sticking his instrument into her mouth.

"Suck harder Chloe!" Chloe looked up at Clark briefly, then smiled, squishing his muscle slightly in her teeth. She went on sucking for a couple of minutes, moaning delightfully. Clark kept thinking how much he wanted to fuck Chloe when suddenly he had to cum. Clark took his cock out of Chloe's mouth - it was all moist and covered in saliva now - and started jacking off in her face. Chloe stuck out her tongue and tasted my mushroom cap, smiling, watching Clark jack off his huge shaft.

"C'mon baby, squirt your hot cum all over my face...I want it so bad! Oh....ooh....."."Oh shit, I'm gonna cuuuuuu...." Cutting off, Clark blasted Chloe in the face with his white juice. She stuck our her tongue, begging for every single drop of Clark's delicious cum. Moaning with pleasure Chloe rang her tongue around her lips and his mushroom cap, swallowing the gooey stuff with delight.

Chloe then turned sideways, lying on the bed, her legs raised and now on Clark's shoulders. "Wait!" Clark says, "I don't have a condom."

"Don't worry," Chloe exclaims, "If it's you I don't mind. Give me your seed!" Clark then puts one knee on the bed, moving his cock between her pussy lips, getting ready to thrust it in for her first time. She threw her hands back, begging for Clark to fuck her. And so Clark did. Chloe let out a most delightful moan as Clark slid his cock into her. He could feel her pleasure, her legs wrapping around his back, her hips pushing on him, her whole body begging for more.

Clark slid in and out of Chloe as she screamed "Yes, yes, fuck me harder, harder!! Cum in my pussy and make me pregnant!" Chloe's legs were pushing Clark against her body, her tits shaking back and forth. Clark fucked Chloe for what seemed like an eternity as she screamed in pleasure, grabbing his neck and almost raising up her whole body off the bed to get his cock deeper inside. Finally, as Clark felt her cum wet his cock and balls, Chloe collapsed back gasping and moaning. Clark fucked her for another minute and then he spurted his cum into Chloe's virgin cunt. The two naked bodies were still on top of each other when suddenly the door opened and Lana walks in...

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