tagIncest/TabooSmart Girls Rule Ch. 03

Smart Girls Rule Ch. 03


"Hi Dad, what's up?"

"Rita, now it is my turn with a problem, that I need your help in making a decision."

"You know me Dad, I am always there for you, I'll seduce Mike into watching the kids, and come on over - and we'll take care of it, darling."

"No no, sweetheart, although that is an offer that is hard to refuse, the problem is Jean will be over tonight. She has left her 'companion' and wants to come home, and I am having big problems with that."

"Listen to me Dad, Mom was a bitch, and I don't believe she has changed. She is caught up in the corporate world where power and wealth mean everything. I feel it yanking my chain also, and will fight it until the kids are old enough for me to return to that grind - but with it under my control. So be careful and try not to commit."

"I guess we both have feelings for her after so many years together Rita, and to date my attempts at replacing her have been futile."

"Yes Dad. Now I feel I am a little to blame for holding you back, y'know, keeping my husband and you happy! Mom would sure have a fit if she ever found out, and it would be the definition of a instant by the time she would tell it to Mike!"

"Sweetheart, that sounds a little dangerous!"

"Oh well Dad, we will live though it, like my first time - when you almost knocked me up!'

"I will never forget the sex - plus intrigue! I will tell you all about it Rita, talk to you later."

"Ok Dad, sleep on it instead of in it, and you will be ok. Goodnight for now."

"Goodnight Rita, and thanks for the advice."

After doing a little straightening up a bit, I picked up a good book to read until the doorbell rang out.

"Well hello Jean, golly you look great. I see the soft life didn't eat you up!"

"Soft?" Crap, I worked my ass off, and now that I have made something of myself, I want to come home! I hear you still don't have a woman living with you, so are you open to an offer?"

"Let me catch my breath here! After all these years, you suddenly want to move back? What the hell is going on Jean? Should I put your jacket in the hall closet, or are you all revved up to just hit and run?"

"Marvin, I am now grownup, a lot more adult than when I left. Although I never left the States, I have been around the world! Now that I am older, my lovers have cast me out, even though I am very skilled. So I am applying for the job of being your Mistress, without any restrictions to be set upon you. My financial affairs are superior to yours, so I would not be a drain upon you. Do I have a taker?"

"Whoa, let me catch my breath, your aggression is impressive! Here, let me hang your jacket up Jean, your looking too awfully good to be a reject. I guess the competition is full of young willing women that learn the facts of life early! That must be part of the American Free Enterprise system that politicians praise."

"Look Marvin, I am horny as hell, and I am here with you, the famous satyr with fantastic staying power. Lets go to the bedroom and I will slip out of the attire I selected to seduce you with, and make it very easy for you to slip it into me! Then continue this social intercourse 100%, a bit more comfortably."

"What are you doing to me Jean? You're turning my cock into a pussy divining rod! Ok, I am heading for a quick shower, and be with you afterward."

"Ok lover, I think you will find I am now highly qualified for all the positions you require. Meat me in the sack!"

* * * * *

"Move over Jean, although you are quite picturesque, this old buzzard needs landing space."

"Its good to see a familiar face, and the expression on your cock hasn't changed a bit lover. Hold me, and let me warm you up. God, it has been a while."

"What, a whole month since your last screwing? Just think what I have been going through without you."

I place my hand against her mound to feel her hot slippery secretions oozing, and then press her tight against me with her titty erections sharp on my chest. Her lips open for our mutual stabbing of tongues, eliciting a moan of pleasure as I slip two fingers into her pussy, and scissor them seeking the size of my cock's new home. She reaches down and grabs my prick a bit forceful, only to relax a bit. and then fondle my testicles. She breaks our passionate kissing.

"Marvin, I can't wait to have your balls dangling from my cunt. I hope your magic staying power can handle this harlot, because I am going to make your dreams come true."

With that she separates, rotates and places her knees next to my shoulders while I place my hands on her hips to help position her cunt against my lips. She hungrily sucks my cock into her mouth, and gets busy with ministrations of delightful cock sucking. I start bucking with interest only to remember I have a very juicy pussy here to reciprocate by sliding my tongue into its drippings. Then taking my tongues tip and pressing it along her vulva lip up and over her hooded clit, and then down her other lip to again stab my tongue deep into her seething cunt.

"I just can't get over your control Marvin, you are spectacular! Suck my pussy!"

And she then starts deep throating me, making me want to flood her tonsils. I push my fingers back into her gash - seeking her g spot to making her shake with excitement. She removes herself, and lays upon her back with legs outstretched. I then lay on my side beneath her while taking one leg over my side as I guide my cock into her cunt. She gasps at penetration, and undulates as I drive it all the way home.

"Oh Marvin, it feels so good and safe with your bare cock in my cunt. You surprised me with this casual position, when you know I am so hot to trot. That's it baby, move it in me. Marvin you are shocking me, since when have you become a tit man. Oh god you're deep, and I do want you to cum in me while you are playing with my tits. I don't care who taught you this art cause it is delightful! Uh, You can thank her for me! Uhh!!

"Jean, this is great, but I hope you realize I am the one in control; however if you lose it and start spasming it will trigger me. Take your hand and feel our junction, careful of your clit, that's it, now hold onto my balls. Feel how full they are, Ohh you're pussy is squeezing my cock, slow down baby. Shit, it is impossible to talk. Let's get it on for your first orgasm, if you wish, I'll get on top!"

"You just keep on humping me and playing with my tits, and it will happen automatically. If you want really tight, it is ok to cream into my ass. How's that for something new from this ol girl." Uhh. Hold me, I am close, fuck me, fuck me!"

She starts thrashing about with a shuddering pussy that is clenching my cock - and my dam breaks down filling her cunt full of sperm. My cock pops out as I roll on my back only to feel Jean pressuring me into position to straddle me, with my cock still pointing to the ceiling.

"Marvin, Jean's here! Here to make both of us happy. Be a good boy and keep it up for me," as she guides the reenergized head of my penis to nuzzle her pussy.

"That's it hero, spear me with your cock. Ah, all the way home where it belongs," as she rotates her pussy around my rigid object buried deep within her.

"You didn't think I would let you squeak by with just a quickie, did you Marv?"

Now she's getting a bit more energetic. Her face a lot more rosy; beautiful eyes now looking deep into mine. She leans a bit forward and I brace myself to grasp a tit and suckle a nipple - making her moan with the two front assault. She is panting now as I pull her totally atop of me to see her eyes close in rapture and total surrender as my tongue enters into her mouth for writhing togetherness. The squishing of her pussy is music to my ears, punctuated by small moans of pleasure - on both our parts. She is now into autonomic barbaric fucking, squeezing and tantalizing my cock with her pussy. Her eyes wide and wild, a ferocious savage grinning female rutting in heat - until she realizes I have lost it, and am now gushing into her - surrendering to her frenzy! As I ejaculate heavily into her depth she finally writhes in orgasm while I am just hanging on.

Lying beside me while I learn to breath again, she fondles my cock.

"Marvin, I have really missed this when I thought I had it all, and now I am going to capitalize on your stamina! Do I qualify to be your Mistress?"

"Will you let me live long enough to enjoy you is the question? I happen to be suicidal enough to say 'lets make a deal'! I will put your key on the kitchen table in the morning, you are going to stay the night?"

"Yes, I got everything I need to freshen up in the morning!"

"God, Jean, I really am turned on by your aggressiveness and confidence. Come into my arms and snuggle your juicy pussy against my cock, and lets get some sleep!"

"Hell no, I have one more present for you lover."

With that she changes position and gathers my softening cock seductively licking it. When it responds to her coaxing she then slides her lips up and down the shaft while lightly sucking - modulating the forming hardon with her tongue. A true artist creating a statue of a rigid cock.

"There now, you respond quite well to artificial respiration." And to my growing concern, she got on her knees propping her picturesque rump into the air.

"Come on Marvin, stick it into me."

I get on my knees and crawl over, to be looking the most beautiful sight of our intermingling cum dripping from her crimson gash. She gathered a pillow and folds it double, then she lowered her tight little tummy onto it. Now that I am rock hard I move between her legs to sink my cock into her frothing pussy, to slide in effortlessly, all the way, balls deep!

"That's it Marv, now give it to me. Uh, don't spare your rod! Fuck me you bastard!" She feels my hands on her hips leading her into a pumping frenzy. "God, your huge balls are crashing into my lips. Aieee, and that's really sexy!"

After several minutes pass.

"Stop, don't you dare cum in my pussy." She yelled at me when I was getting close and started to pulsate. "Slowly stuff it up my ass! Don't even think of arguing with me! Just do what I say! That's it, good, its nice and slippery loaded with cum. Ohh, push it in there baby."

"Holy shit is this tight! I hope I'm not hurting you Jean, but I just can't stop! Uhh, It feels so good. Uh, I feel your cunt squirting against me, and I still can't stop. I am losing my mind, here I come baby." Now I unload deep in her ass. I feel every drop of sperm I had left depart my body in a mind blowing orgasm, much better than my devirgination with the woman that permitted me to ejaculate into her pussy that first time, and then I was totally surprised when she wantonly continued fucking me - until I was totally drained!

"Oh Jean, that was fantastic! Is there some kind of unwritten rule that married women cannot do something like this to their husband? You sure ain't my wife darling, and as my mistress, your magnificent!"

"Ok lover, I think we both had it. Lets clean up; I think I dripped a couple of puddles here. Its hard to keep it all in me when I have a hole at the bottom."

"Clean sheets are in the bottom drawer, where you always kept them Jean. Meet me in the shower to clean up for bed - sleeping that is! I really am not into ass fucking, and almost feel like I need to boil my cock."

"Don't fret, it isn't an essential, but is a thrill that adds dimension to a sexual union! I will be quite happy if you occasionally abuse me like that dear!"

* * * * *


"Yes Dad, how are you sweetheart?"

"Great! I believe I am on a roll baby, Mom is coming home!"

"Dad, you're an idiot! She will cause you grief. What the hell did she do, suck your brains out through your cock? I know my married life has kept me busy, and not as attentive to your needs, but there is a world out there, and you are the one depriving yourself of good sex by not mingling enough. Well Dad, how bad is it?"

'She will be moving in this weekend. She seems to be satisfied with the title of Mistress."

"Mistress, bullshit! Once she worms her way in, she will undergo a complete metamorphosis into a bitch! Dad, use your head instead of your cock!"

"Darling she seems pretty sincere, let me give her a chance."

"Ok Daddy, its your risk, and you know I will be here for you as your safety net. I'll be over Friday evening, Mike will sit the rug-rats and we can have some time together to discuss this logically."

"See you Friday Dear, I love you."

"I love you too Dad, bye for now."

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