tagFetishSmelly Cunt Ch. 3

Smelly Cunt Ch. 3


In my search for that smelly BBW black cunt I needed to be creative to find more women of my desire – now being the creative genius that I naturally am this wasn’t so hard.

I had badges and cards printed identifying me as a man affiliated to an institution called the Ethnic Diversity Organization. It was bullshit of course but you’ll be surprised as to what people are ready to believe as long as you have the proper all be it false ID.

I approached a very likely candidate and identified myself telling her that I was conducting research and if she could help me out.

“Sure” she said smiling. Her name was Candace and she was 47 years old – straight black hair cut short – thick lips and a heavy set face – wasn’t much to look at but I find women like this highly sexy. She was quite huge 250 – 260lbs easily her belly was protruding and her tits almost covered her torso while she sat. She wore a loose white T-shirt and a long denim skirt She of course fit perfectly into what I wanted. There was no ring on her finger and by the looks of it she looked quite sad and lonely. Today was going to be her lucky day but before that could happen I needed to know if what she had between her legs was as smelly as I wanted or not.

“I’m conducting research on Women of your Ethnicity – specially Big beautiful Women like you – would you mind answering a few questions” “Sure Ill answer your questions – shoot” she was happy to be talking to someone and I sensed that she enjoyed company.

“Ok first are you single?” “Yes” she said “Single and lonely – why are you interested?” she laughed teasingly I laughed with her as well and quickly added “What if I was” smiling at her She hit me mockingly on my arm “Oh – don’t tease an old lady – what would a good looking young man want with an old cow like me” “More than you can imagine” I was surprised how fast I had reached till here but I wasn’t going to go further until I knew what hid between those legs.

She leaned close to me “If this is some silly college prank then I urge you don’t play with an old woman’s feelings – I already have enough pain to deal with without this” she sounded angry but It seemed sad to me “This is not a prank” I took out a hundred dollar bill and held it in front of her – “I need to see something” She laughed “what?” “Your pussy” She was still laughing and slowly it dawned on her that I was telling the truth – she was motionless for a long time and then she said “Here in the park” I knew I had her “Yes no one is watching – you just slide out your panties – lift your skirt – spread your legs and give me a few seconds down there that’s all”

I could tell she was going to do it but was waiting for me to say something – I kept quiet just trying to gauge how much time it would take to break her – she laughed a bit then stopped – then she smiled and with determination she said “OK” She stood up and pulled down her panties then sat back down spread her legs and lifted her skirt for me to see. There it was right in front of me – It was beautiful – I came close to it and saw it right next to my face – It was the most beautiful cunt I had seen – trimmed down and spread open – all pink inside like a grapefruit and it smelled divine – I was actually mesmerized by its beauty and I planted a long kiss on it hoping to pass on some of that beauty to myself.

I brought myself out from between her legs handed her the money and started walking away – I had seen heaven but I didn’t deserve it. She called out to me and I stopped – she had her panties in her hand and came behind me. I looked at her and just said “You have something extra-ordinary between your legs” “I know dearie” she said “I know once I get someone down there they wont go – but no one ever wanted to go there in a long time – then you came along – why did you leave” “You showed me heaven – but right now I’m searching for hell – the day I’ve made my peace with it – Ill come back to you – if you will still have me”

She just nodded at me and handed me her panties – “I will wait for you – but I’m not getting younger – do whatever you want fast – and once your done find me – Ill be right here waiting”

I saw her go away and felt incomplete – all that I ever wanted was what that woman was – But I searched for something vile and dirty and I needed to fulfill a promise that I had made – the day I would do that I would return to Candace and be with her forever.

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