tagTransgender & CrossdressersSmithfield Academy Ch. 01

Smithfield Academy Ch. 01


Principal Edwards laid his glasses on his desk as he sighed heavily, an all too familiar issue had occurred again. He peered across his desk at the young man before him as he shook his head, his disappointment was overly apparent. Smithfield Academy had little tolerance for bullying and zero tolerance for any bullying related to race or sex. The middle-aged principal had already suspended two students this month alone, and now he was looking at the third. "I don't know what to say to you son." The authoritarian said as he wrung his hands together.

"I just called him a homo; do we really need to call my parents? He actually is a homo after all."

"Yes, yes we do Mr. Jones; we have reviewed this with the student body ad nauseam. We will have zero tolerance for this type of behavior. It is case closed; you will serve a three-day suspension for this. Whether or not Steven is a homosexual or not, he does not need you to broadcast in the middle of the halls. Especially when you added the phrase; suck my balls you fucking homo."

Lawrence Jones sunk in his seat, he knew the principal had him, he had hoped his status on the basketball team would have gotten him a slap on the wrist, but Mr. Edwards was not playing around. The young teen fidgeted nervously in his chair as sweat formed around his hairline, tiny beads started to flow down his milk-chocolate brown skin. "I will do anything to correct this I can't get kicked off the team."

"I am not kicking you off the team, Mr. Jones. The decision for that comes from the coach, not I. If when you return from suspension, you are still academically eligible I will have no qualms with you rejoining the Wolverines." Mr. Edwards spoke calmly as he leaned back in his chair.

The remainder day played out reasonably quiet after that incident, the student body was mostly in shock after the news of the High School's all-star basketball player getting suspend spread throughout the school like wildfire. The disciplinarian ways of Smithfield Academy were tough but fair, and that is why most parents sent their kids there, but never were the rules as strictly as enforced as they were under Principal Edwards.

"Attention student body, this is a reminder we will have an assembly this Friday. This is one-hundred percent mandatory for all students and faculty." The deep booming voice of the thirty-six-year-old Principal echoed through the school's speaker system. "The subject of the assembly will be LBGT sensitivity training. I want one-hundred percent compliance with this, and I want no one to take this lightly. If we all do not comply, punishments will be swift and harsh. Thank-you and have a good day."

Ms. Sanders leaned back in her leather office chair and looked out over her class. She had been a teacher for almost ten years but was relatively new to the school. The near six foot tall, blonde hair, blued eyed teacher was quite popular with her students despite being forceful and strict. She worked hard to keep her senior history class fun, which is what the students enjoyed most about her. Well, that is what most of her students appreciated about her, the leggy blonde-haired woman was also a popular image for several students to use as their daily jerkoff material.

"What? We got to go listen to some whiny stuff about gays?"

"Choose your words carefully Mr. Anderson." The teacher said as she walked down the aisle between the desks. She leaned over the eighteen-year-old student as she spoke. Her glasses low on her nose so she could look over them as she addressed the student personally. The Amazonian like teacher towered over most students with her nature height, but when paired with her favorite heels she was a remarkable sight no one could come close to her height.

Scott Anderson, the school's quarterback, slinked down in his chair as his history teacher towered over him. "I'm sorry Ms. Sanders, I shouldn't have said that I am just don't want to go to an assembly concerning lesbian, gay and blah, blah, blah."

The thirty-year-old teacher stood up and smiled at her student, she understood how this was something that the student body likely did not want to hear about. She also recognized why the principal wanted it though. "Okay, class let's talk about something more modern. We can put away our worksheets on the civil war. We are living in historical times, so let us talk about current history unfolding."

The students did as instructed the sounds of papers shuffling filled the classroom. Beth Sanders walked down the aisles towards her desk. Her short black skirt hugged her voluptuous figure as her heels clicked against the tile. The teacher leaned against her desk, as she looked out at all the impressionable faces in the room. "Okay class, as Scott so eloquently put it, who can tell me what the blah, blah, blah stands for."

Misty Case, the class, know it all promptly raised her hand and spoke the answer. "Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, and Trans."

"Correct, as usual, Ms. Case, but speak out of turn again and I will send you to the principal. You all know my rules." Ms. Sanders said as she paced before her class. "The rights of these people are almost a daily issue, and why is it now important to understand these people?"

Scott raised his hand much to the surprise of the class. "Really Scott, you want to participate?" Ms. Sanders said inquisitively.

"Yes, ma'am. It's important to understand these people because they are delicate snowflakes that we can't offend."

"Oh, you're funny..." Ms. Sanders, sentence interrupted by the bell to dismiss her class. "Oh, Scott stay after please we need to talk."

A simultaneous "OOOO" echoed from the students who had not yet shuffled out the door. As with most typical school students, they found humor in the idea that a classmate was going to get in trouble with the teacher.

Scott dragged his feet as he walked to the front of the class and placed his backpack on the floor he stood there next to the teacher's podium. Ms. Sanders took her time to finish filing some papers, as she practically ignored the student she had just asked to stay after. The young man was nervous, as he was unsure if the joke had crossed the proverbial line. The longer the teacher ignored him, the more the anxiety built. "Ms. Sanders, can we talk now please?"

"In a minute, I know you're ready to go home young man, but we need to talk." Ms. Sanders relished this part of her job, she had control over Scott, and she knew he would have to stand there just because she said so.

Scott tapped his foot impatiently, as being made to wait genuinely upset the school's quarterback. "If I just say I am sorry, can I go?"

Ms. Sander remained quiet as she filed the last paper and stood from her desk to meet the impatient student at her podium. "Scott, you're a bright student, and from what I have seen one hell of a football player. I don't want to see you get thrown off the team like Lawrence did today; he likely won't rejoin the basketball team after his suspension."

"It was just a joke ma'am." Scott said apprehensively as he stared at the floor. The serious tone of his teacher, sending the fear throughout his system.

Ms. Sanders could see that Scott was worried; she knew she had him at least a little frightened. "I just wanted to warn you that you are walking on thin ice, I am not sending you to the principal. So, you can rest a little easier on that Mr. Anderson."

A sigh of relief rushed through the eighteen-year-olds body like a tidal wave. "Thank-you ma'am and I again am sorry about the making a joke today."

"Scott it was not the joke that was the problem, I actually somewhat agree. The special interest groups shouldn't need special rights. They all need to be treated equally and given respect. I don't see what they do as especially brave myself. But, in today's society, we could go a long way if we just learned to treat people fair and with respect." Ms. Sander spoke passionately as she moved closer to her student.

Scott agreed with his teacher as he nodded affirmatively as she spoke. He could feel her hot breath on his neck as she talked emotionally about the subject. The teenager tried to absorb all the words she spoke, but his mind drifted to the ample cleavage that his teacher's shirt barely restrained. He could feel himself getting hard, and he knew that today was now a bad choice to wear his tight jeans, the bulge was going to be visible very soon.

"So, we can come to an agreement, yes? You do not disrespect this class or me, and you learn about what I teach, whether it be about transsexuals in the news, or about the Gettysburg Address and no more jokes, okay?"

Scott nodded again but did not speak. He honestly had little clue what the teacher was requesting he agree to.

Ms. Sanders was not blind she did see the boy's bulge, it made her smile a bit knowing she was having such an effect on the teen. "No Scott, a nod will not work here. Say yes, Ms. Sanders."

"Yes, Ms. Sanders." Scott said as his chest was noticeably rising and falling heavily.

"Oh, and I want a paper on the historical importance of the LBGT community by Friday, in time for the assembly."

Scot grimaced at the idea of doing a paper on the subject, but he knew if he did not what would happen as he begrudgingly agreed. "Yes, Ms. Sanders."

"Good boy, oh and Scott take care of that. I imagine it will be difficult to perform on the field with it slowing you down."

Scott rushed from the room as if he had been shot out of a cannon. The thoughts of his teacher still fresh in his mind as he bypassed the door to the student parking lot and went straight to the bathroom. The frazzled teen slammed the bathroom stall shut as he jerked his hard cock out. He never hesitated as he gripped the shaft and started to beat himself off over the toilet. The pre-cum that was gushing from the head of his cock lubed him up nicely. The images of his teacher's breasts coupled with her referencing his bulging cock still fresh in his mind as he shot a sizeable load into the bowl.

That night Scott masturbated three more times, as he thought about his moment with his teacher. Ms. Sanders was one of the teen's favorite spank bank images. The assembly was only two days away, and he was starting from scratch on a subject he knew virtually nothing about, other than the jargon his father spouted off about regularly as he watched the news. The frustrated teen looked at his near blank computer screen, as all it displayed was his name and the letters LBGT. "Fuck it I am going outside." He announced aloud to his empty bedroom.

"Oh hey, Lawrence." Scott said as he saw his neighbor outside in the driveway shooting baskets.

"Sup Scotty?" Lawrence replied

"I heard about today, that sucks."

"It is what it is bro, my parents are freaking furious. I just hope coach lets me back on the team after this is all over."

"I am sure he will, hell bro, you are the team."

"Thanks." Lawrence chuckled as he thought about his last stat line.

"Ms. Sander's busted me today, for joking around during one of her impassioned speeches."

"Dude for real, are you out too?" Lawrence asked almost excitedly as the thought of the school's quarterback being kicked out inevitably would draw attention away from him.

"Wipe the smile off your face. No, I just got a paper to write about gay rights or some shit." Scott replied as he and his friend switched out taking shots at the hoop over the Jones's garage.

"I think I got some crap like that to do also. Mr. Edwards sent home a pile of junk I got to get done over the next three days." Lawrence shook his head in disbelief as he pictured the pile of work awaiting him in the house.

"Good luck, I got nothing so far."

"I'm going to research local stuff, they like that garbage when you can tie your work into the local community or to the history of the Academy."

Scott's eyes lit up as he absorbed what Lawrence was saying. "I think I am going to also, that's a great idea. I got to go..." Scott said as he bounced the ball across the pavement and bolted up to his room. Scott immediately closed out all his porn searches and went to work on the history of the town and the LBGT community. The town had a long history with being on the forefront of liberal issues and different political ideas. The search was easy as Scott was soon watching archived footage of rights parades from the past several years. The teen at first just watched to see what the slogans and signs said to glean any information he could, but as he watched the footage year over year, a certain leggy-blonde woman kept appearing in each video. "Ms. Sanders?" The teen questioned as he moved through the frames slowly as if he was analyzing crime scene footage. The footage did not lie that was his high school history teacher right in the middle of it all. "Oh my God." The boy said with genuine shock as he watched her. Scott did not know if she was one of them or if she just was there for support, but as he watched he saw her parading around scantily clad dancing to the music. The images were enough to make his heavily abused cock come to life once again as he started to stork himself.

"Damn it Scott. Will you please close your damn door son?" A deep voice echoed from the doorway as Scott's father Jim stood as he disapprovingly shook his head.

"Oh man, I am sorry dad." He said as he quickly pulled his shorts up to cover himself.

"You ain't going queer are you son?" Jim asked as he the lines on his forehead started to form while he stared at the gay rights parade that played on his son's computer.

"No dad, I just was looking at her." Scott said as he froze the image on his screen, it was locked in on Ms. Sanders, the history teacher was clad only in a bikini top that obscured virtually nothing and a pair of cut off daisy duke shorts.

"Well she is a lot of woman, but she is likely either a carpet muncher or a she-male. That parade is pretty strict about who they let walk in it." Scott's father said as he walked away closing his son's door behind him.

Scott was now more confused than ever as he knew the basics of the Trans community but little else. He started googling things, and one thing led to another, and before long, the curious teen had spent almost the entire night on the internet. The next morning came much earlier than Scott was prepared for as the time got away from him and he stayed up excessively late.

Scott walked into his final period of the day exhausted, he did not know how he was going to stay awake, but as the class started, he found the curiosity about his teacher fueled him with just enough adrenaline to keep him going. The day's lesson plan was the typical history class items, as they did not veer off topic much and Ms. Sanders monologue mostly which kept the opportunity for trouble minimal.

As the bell for dismissal abruptly ended the day, the students started to shuffle out. "Mr. Anderson please stay after." Ms. Sanders announced as she peered over her students to see Scott still at his desk.

The simultaneous "OOOOO" echoed from the class again as the last one filed out the door.

Scott gathered his things and went to the podium as he did the day before, but today was slightly different today his teacher was waiting for him. "So, Scott what have we researched so far, and please I don't want a paper on anything to do with Caitlyn Jenner." Ms. Sanders asked with a smile.

"I am so tired Ms. Sanders, I was up all night."

"Oh, then you must have found some interesting stuff."

Scott's heart thumped in his chest, the beating was so hard it hurt as he pulled out a folder from his backpack. He had rehearsed this moment of what to do or say to his teacher should she ask about his work, but now staring at her his nerves started to quiver.

"Oh a folder of stuff, awesome." Ms. Sanders said as she looked down at the boy. Her six-foot-tall frame giving her a slight height advantage over the student.

Scott opened the folder to reveal not a well-written thesis on his subject matter but rather a collection of screen captures from the parade videos. "I found you at all the parades."

The tone of Ms. Sanders changed immediately as she took the pictures and started thumbing through them. She turned to slam and lock her classroom door as she turned back to her student. "What the fuck is all this?" She questioned in a fiery tone.

"I just had questions."

"Why bring this shit to school?"

"I don't know it seemed like a good idea at the time." Scott's head spun as the teacher reached down and forced his head to tilt to look her in the eyes. His breathing erratic as he started to shake, Ms. Sanders was way stronger than he realized it felt as if she was going to rip his head off as she forced him to look at her.

"I thought they were never going to post this shit!" She screamed as she thumbed through the pages. "All the parade organizers agreed to not post the footage. Where did you find it?"

"I googled Smithfield Gay Parade."

"That's it? That damn simple!"

"Is it really that big of a deal? I am sure people seen you there, I am sorry Ms. Sanders I only brought the pictures to try to find out what you were doing there. And to see if you would help with the assignment you gave me."

"The official answer I give when questioned is I am a supporter of their needed respect, much like what we discussed yesterday. But, Scott since I genuinely believe you when you say you aren't trying to cause trouble I will be honest with you."

Scott swallowed hard as his teacher spoke; he had no clue where the conversation was heading. He was happy that she believed he was not trying to cause trouble, and deep down he was not even sure why he previously thought the pictures were a good idea.

"Okay, Ms. Sanders."

"I am a transsexual Scott. I assume you at least have a working knowledge of Trans person, so I won't bore you with all the details."

Scott's mind raced as he thought back to all the times he jerked himself off thinking of his teacher, and all the locker room talk amongst the football team of how they would like to pass her around. "Oh my god, I thought maybe a lesbian, but you're a she-male."

Ms. Sanders adjusted her skirt and top as she took a second to compose herself. "No I am a transsexual; I will not accept the use of that term in my class. You might as well call me a chick with a dick it is that offensive. I will even go as far as allowing Tranny, but even that is somewhat offensive to me."

Scott's mouth and mind no longer functioned in unison as he spoke aloud without thinking. "I was jerking it to a tranny." Scott's face now beet red as he thought about it.

Ms. Sanders quivered as she heard the student's words. She knew that some leered and ogled her, and admittedly, she liked it. The looks were all part of the reason she dressed as provocatively as she did, often pushing the school's boundaries for dress codes. "Scott, please don't be embarrassed, we all masturbate. I find it quite a compliment that you have done it thinking of me."

"It's not okay at all, my dad will kill me if he knows I you are a guy, he caught me jerking off, and he assumed you're a lesbian."

"Scott I am not telling you this again, remember it's all about respect. Please don't disrespect who or what I am."

"I don't know who or what you are anymore Ms. Sanders. I am so confused." The young teen's thoughts and emotions spiraled out of control as he spoke. He wanted to not believe it; he tried to think his teacher was still a lesbian or better yet bi-sexual. However, the thought of this object of many lustful masturbation sessions being a transsexual rocked the young man.

"You're confused, and it is natural."

"Yeah, I am very fuc....freaking confused." Scott started to drop the F-word, but back peddled, as he did not want to disrespect the teacher. The confusion was not just over his teacher's sexuality, but now over his own as well. He now knew the truth about her, but it had virtually changed nothing at all. His cock was still hard as he again stared at her breasts. He was not repulsed or even turned off slightly if anything the uniqueness of the situation had the boy's interest piqued even more.

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