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Smokey Old Bar


It was a cool, windy night in this dusty town where nothing ever happens. He had been at work all day and he'd had a royal ass chewing from his boss. For what, he still couldn't figure out. Feeling lonely, he heads to the only bar in town hoping a cold beer will help him relax and drive away his memory of the confrontation with his boss.

On his way, he absent mindedly tries to remember the last time he had sex. Getting laid would help him release some stress. But then he remembers he has not seen any women that interest him in this sorry little town. "Oh well, a cold beer will be good," he tells himself.

He sits at the bar and watches the ballgame on TV. He visits with some of the guys in the bar and one beer is leading to another. Time is passing by unchecked. People have been coming and going all night and he is no longer looking to see why the door is opening. Midnight is fast approaching and he realizes he is the only one in the sleepy little bar except for the old woman tending the bar. He decides he will have one more beer before he goes home. He orders one and heads to the bathrooms out back. When he comes back in he notices someone new has come in and is sitting a couple stools down from him.

He slows down as he walks back through the bar so he can check her out as he has not seen her around here before. The woman is in conversation with the old woman behind the bar. He looks her up and down and likes what he sees. He feels a stir growing in his loins and he grins because it has been a long time since he felt it. As he heads for his stool the woman notices him for the first time, sees the bulge growing in his pants and she smiles at him.

As he sits down at his stool the bartender says; "Bart, this is Kellie. She is new in town and is looking for a place to stay. Do you know of any place?" He turns to her and offers her his hand, "Pleased to meet you, Kellie." She takes his hand he feels the warmth of her and his cock presses tighter against his zipper. She shakes his hand and says, "Nice to meet you." She likes the feel of his rough but firm hand in hers.

He asks her where she is staying now and she tells him that she is stuck. She had booked a room at the little 'Mom and Pops' hotel, but they had sold her room before she could get there. She said she had been parked on Main Street until a policeman told her to move on and that is what brought her here to the bar. She was hoping to stay in the hotel until she could find a place to rent. Bart thinks for a moment and says; "Well, there are plenty of places to rent, but that wont do much for you at midnight. If you need a warm place to stay for the night, I have a spare room that is livable. The door has a lock so you can tuck yourself in safe and sound, but you will have to take your turn at the bathroom."

Kellie thinks for a few minutes, looks him over then replies, "Well, what's her name," as she points at the bar tender, "said you were a good and kind man. I guess I will just have to take my chances with you," as she smiles at him.

"If you are ready to go then, follow me."

As they leave the bar Bart can not help but think that there has not been a woman under his roof in a long time and certainly not as fine a specimen of womanhood as this raven haired beauty. While driving to his house he had day dreams about what it would be like to bed her, but he decides to be a gentleman about it. He respects others opinions about him and does not want to betray their trust. He is thankful now that he keeps a clean house.

He shows her around the house, where she will be staying, as the pressure in his cock screams harder against his jeans. She seems to be fine with his accommodations and he thinks he caught her looking at the growth in his pants. He gets her settled into her room and tells her that he is heading for the shower but will give her a few minutes if she needs to use the bathroom.

As he leaves her room, she looks him over and she realizes that she is dripping wet. She slides her hand down the front of her jeans and feels her wetness. She takes her hand out and licks her fingers. She likes her taste and wonders about that monster in his jeans. She lies down on her bed and gently strokes her clit. She hopes that when he goes to shower that he dose not lock the door. She has a surprise for him. She wants his cock in her hot wet pussy. She stands and peels out of her clothes and then lies back down on the bed, sliding her finger in out of her pussy, making herself hotter and wetter.

She hears him go down the hall to the bathroom and turn the shower on. She gets up and stands by her door as her juices run down her legs. She realizes she has never been this excited and wet before, as she has never done anything like this before. She must have that cock in her, she tells herself, as she cracks open her door. She hears him step in to the shower and as she looks down the hall she sees that he has left the bathroom door open.

Bart is standing in the shower letting the water rush over him. His mind is full of Kellie and his cock is throbbing. He reaches down and gently begins to stroke his cock. He rolls his head back and thinks how beautiful she is, her large round breasts and her shapely ass. He imagines sucking her nipples as he strokes his cock. Lost in is dream-like trance he does not notice Kellie sliding the shower curtain back. As she does so she smiles, and thinks 'my god his cock is huge as she stoops down and takes him in her mouth. Startled, Bart looks down and can not believe what is happening. Pleasure courses through him as he grabs the shower rod and places a hand against the wall for support. He looks down and can see her tits, the size of cantaloupes, swaying back and forth as she takes him in and out of her mouth.

As the pressure rises in his manhood Kellie can sense it and begins to kiss up his front and nibbles on his neck. Bart reaches around her and grasps her ass in both hands. As he lifts her up she can feel his cock brush past her clit and she digs her nails in his back as the wave of her first climax rolls through her. He backs her against the back wall of the shower and raises her up high enough that he can slide his cock into hot, wanting pussy. She works her hand down between them and grasps the base of his cock to help guide him in. She gets him lined up and he thrusts all the way in, all of him in one stroke. Her body rocks and she screams with pleasure as she cums again.

He thrusts in and out of her feeling her wetness bathe his lonely cock. He feels her rock hard nipples rising to meet his chest with every thrust, her fingers digging into his back as she hangs on. "Harder!" she yells at him, "Fuck me harder! God your cock feels so good in my pussy!" He rams his cock into her as hard as he can. He starts to feel light headed, he can feel a boiling sensation in his balls. Too late, he can not stop! He thrusts harder as he feels his jizz enter into his shaft. He thrust in as hard as he can as his cum splatters in against the deepest reaches of her pussy. She screams again, and climaxes again when she feels the force of his orgasm. She comes so hard that she swears a river is running out of her. Bart feels her release shower down his cock and across his balls as his knees begin to shake with the release.

He realizes he can no longer hold her so he backs out of her and gently lowers her to where she can stand. He stumbles backward, weak from the release of his orgasm. He reaches out to the shower wall for stability again. He closes his eyes for a moment reveling in the after shock of pleasure. He opens his eyes again and sees Kellie stooping to kneel and suck his cock again. She sucks and licks his cock and nuts clean of their juices. She rises and kisses him on the cheek and says with a huge smile as she steps out the shower, "Thank You!"

Standing there completely dumbfounded, he hears her go back into her room and turn the lock. He can not believe what had just transpired. Completely satisfied and mystified he finished his shower and headed to bed.

As he passed Kellie's door again she lay there completely spent thinking, "Mr. Bart, I hope you are ready for a new roommate!"

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