tagIncest/TabooSmoking Mommy's Cigarettes

Smoking Mommy's Cigarettes


When I was growing up my parents always smoked and I simply took it for granted. It was just the way it was. It hadn't occurred to me to even try smoking. My dad took off when I was 17 and they eventually got a divorce. I lived with my Mom. I was just finishing high school and I had just turned 18.

Mom was 49 and basically plain looking. Not ugly by any means but not a model either. Her face was showing signs of aging but it seemed to make her more attractive. She wasn't really dating but she would go out Friday & Saturday nights with her friend, Myra. Mom said they were just going to the local country western nightclub and dancing. I can guess what else but she wasn't saying. She never brought any guys home so I guess it was true, she was just having fun dancing and drinking beer...and smoking cigarettes.

I got a job as a meter reader for the city and when I got home after work one Friday I was laid out on the couch watching TV. Mom walked in and sat down in her rocker recliner and asked how I was doing. I said fine and I was just relaxing before I go take a shower before dinner. I saw Mom reach for her soft pack of Benson & Hedges Gold 100s. She tapped one out of the pack and put it between her lips. She flicked her lighter and the end glowed red. She took the cigarette from her lips and a ball of smoke hovered in her open mouth and "poof" if disappeared. Then she closed her eyes and blew a long stream of smoke up toward the ceiling. To this day I will never understand why, but I got an intense tingling in my loins and my cock started throbbing. I knew right then I wanted to try smoking. Mom looked like she really enjoyed it and I wanted to see what it was like. She finished her smoke and got up and went into the kitchen. Then I got up and went over to get one of her cigarettes. I touched the soft pack and I swear a drop of pre-cum dripped out of my penis. I took one out and put it my shirt pocket and went back to the couch. I was actually sweating a bit. And shaking like a leaf.

Flash forward a few months after I learned I loved smoking, I began to sneak a pack out of my Mom's carton. There were usually two cartons there. She kept them in her top dresser drawer. The one she has her panties & bras in.

One evening after dinner, Mom was smoking at the table and I wanted to join her. I wanted to tell her I smoked and I loved it as much as she did. But I went out back on the patio and watched her smoke through the kitchen window. I lit one up and smoked as she did. I held the cigarette between my right index and middle fingers and held the pack with the other two fingers and thumb. My left hand found my zipper and without even realizing it I was stroking my hard shaft and smoking while watching my Mom smoke. I was experiencing the pleasure of smoking at the same time as she was enjoying it. This really got my juices flowing. Then I shot my wad on the side of the house and almost slipped off the little brick wall I was standing on. I found I liked doing this and did it for a couple months when I got the bright idea of making a little opening in the drapes of Mom's bedroom window. Then late one night I was peaking in and Mom got out of the shower and I saw her naked. It was the first time I ever saw her body uncovered. Her boobs were small but still perked upward and her nipples were dark pink. I saw her mound of pubic hair above her pussy and my rod was stiff and throbbing. But that wasn't all, she reached into her dresser drawer, where I had been not long ago and opened a fresh pack of her Benson & Hedges 100s and lit one up and sat on the end of her bed smoking and watching herself in her dresser mirror. Then she got something out of her bottom drawer. It was a vibrating dildo. She started rubbing it between her legs and smoking and watching herself in the mirror. I was smoking and stroking as I watched her. I really popped off a load and quickly ducked down in case she heard me. I did this for a couple more months.

One Friday night Mom was all ready to go out with Myra. They sat in the living room smoking. Myra smoked her Marlboro Light Menthol 100s. I had to try one of hers. But Myra's cell phone rang and she had to go home and take care of her daughter. So Mom was bummed out that she couldn't go out dancing. I was glad she refused to go alone. Then she looked over at me with a wide grin and asked if I would like to go out dancing. I said hell yeah!! I'd love to!!

We went to her favorite club and the country band was rockin' and lots of people were dancing. We found a booth in the back and sat down. A sassy young lady with too much eye shadow and thick red lipstick and a cowboy hat came over and asked what we would like. Mom said 2 Michelobs. In a flash we had our beers in frosty glasses and big white foam heads dripping over the tops of them. I didn't know Mom was going to let me drink beer but I wasn't about to turn down the offer. Then it happened. She reached into her purse and pulled out her freshly opened soft pack of Benson & Hedges 100s, the gold pack sparkled in the candlelight. She tapped one out and lit it and there was that ball of smoke disappearing again. I started throbbing down there as I stared like an idiot with my jaw hanging open. Mom grinned at me and slid her pack toward me and asked, "Would you like a cigarette?"

I was like, "Uh, what? I mean uh...well, yeah, actually, I would." So I took one out and lit it up and my hard on was raging as my Mom watched me smoke for the first time.

She said, "You don't think I didn't notice packs going missing out of my cartons now did you? I've known for a quite awhile but I was waiting for you to confess." I was glad to be smoking with Mom, finally. We danced a couple of fast songs and had fun just acting crazy.

Then the band started a slow ballad and Mom asked if I would like to dance. By now we have both had 2 full beers and I was feeling a good buzz. I said sure I would. So we went out on the dance floor and held each other close. My face was in her neck and her hair in face. It smelled lightly of perfume but feminine. We swayed gently to and fro to the music. I was trying not to but not succeeding in keeping from getting aroused. My cock stiffened up and I knew Mom felt it. She pressed her hips tighter against me and started to ever so slightly grind back and forth. I didn't fight it and matched her action. I kissed her neck and then her earlobe. She pulled back and we kissed on the lips. We held the kiss for a long time but kept our lips closed. After the song ended we went back to the booth and sat down.

I was on her right and she slid over close to me. We smoked. We snuggled next to each other. My hard on was throbbing. She took my left arm and put it behind around her shoulders. Dummy me, I should have done that myself. She put her right hand on my left thigh and squeezed and rubbed gently, inching closer to my crotch. We kissed on the lips again but now we opened them to touch tongues. Me and Mom were French kissing. Pre-cum was flowing freely. We necked for a few minutes and then slid apart and caught our breath. It was steamy, for sure. We had a couple more beers and a couple of cigarettes and decided we better head home.

She handed me her car keys and said she wasn't sure she could drive. I got behind the wheel and started it up. I was feeling a good buzz and was kind of dizzy. I said I didn't think I could drive the 15 miles to home either. So she told me to head down the street a few blocks and we pulled into a Motel 6. She got us a room and we went in and locked the door and stood face to face and embraced. We kissed full on the mouth and wrestled tongues. She had her right hand behind my head and I reached down and squeezed her butt. We stood apart and I undid her top. It fell to the floor and I reached behind and undid her bra. I pulled it from her and let it drop. I saw my Mom's breasts upclose. I fondled them and them started licking the nipples. She moaned in ecstasy. Then she pulled my t shirt up over my head.

She kissed and licked my chest and moved lower. She undid my belt and pants and let them fall. My stiff rod popped out and Mom started kissing and licking it. Then she slid it into her mouth. It was like electricity. Warm and wet and more intense than anything I have felt before. Little did I know the best was yet to come. She massaged the whole length of my shaft with her tongue.

"OH Mom! I am going to cum! Oh don't stop mommy, keep it up, oh yeah!!" And just as I was about to shoot my hot load Mom slid her mouth back to the head of my cock and with her lips sealed around it sucked as I came and licked the little hole and tip and it felt incredible! "Oh, Mom! That was fantastic!!"

Mom stood up in front of me and her panties were staring me in the face. I slipped my fingers in the waistband and pulled them down. I saw that gorgeous pussy in front of my nose and I buried my face in it. I licked and sucked and massaged her clit with my tongue. She was moaning and oooh-ing and ahh-ing and making high-pitched squeals.

Suddenly she stepped back and dove into bed. I crawled next to her and we embraced and kissed passionately. My cock was hard as a rock and she grabbed in and squeezed it and said, "Oh Michael, I need this inside me right now! Please fuck me hard and fast! I love my son and I want his gorgeous cock inside of me this instant! Do you hear me lover?" I mounted her old fashioned missionary style and guided my hard on right up against my mommy's hot wet juicy cunt!

I was about to put it in and I asked her, "Mom, is it okay for me to do this?" The anticipation was unbearable. But this was the very first time and I was so eager.

She said of course my lover, my son. So I slowly slid it in and the moment was like lightening had struck! We moaned together as I started moving it in and out. Slowly at first and then faster and faster. She was meeting my thrusts perfectly in rhythm. I held her shoulders and she had her hands on my back and we were pumping like a machine! I tried to hold back but when I came, I came like never before. "Oh Mom, I'm cumming inside you Mommy! I love you Mom Ohhh! OOOOh! YES!!"

"Oh my baby, YES mommy loves it, cum in me lover son! You were the best I've ever had. I love you so much!!" This was without question the most intense, sensual intercourse I have ever experienced. We lay side by side catching our breath. Whew, that was awesome! Sweating and panting we rested together in silence for a few minutes. Then it was Mom saying, "Now lover boy, will you light your dear mother a cigarette?" At that moment my dick was a wimpy shriveled bit of flesh. But the second she said that there was a tinge of life down there. I reached over to the night stand and picked up the pack of B&H Gold 100s and my penis started throbbing back to stiffness. I lit Mom's cigarette and handed it to her and she took a long drag and inhaled it and before exhaling she took another drag. She was such a sensuous feminine smoker. I lit one for myself and was sitting there next to my Mom smoking together and we just stared and my completely erect cock. Ready for action again! We grinned at each other and finished our cigarettes and lay back down and started necking. French kissing, fondling each other and having a great time together. She sat on top of me and slid down onto my pole and started slipping up and down and she moaned and groaned and I was in ecstasy until I exploded into Mom's juicy love glove. Then we crashed. Slept through the night side by side.

In the morning we talked about what we had done. Mom asked me what I thought about our experience and I said, "I know there are laws against what we did. In my mind I feel that if two adults both consent and no one is being forced to do something they don't want to do, then I don't see any problem. If the 2 adults happen to be mother and son so what? I think it's a beautiful relationship and makes the sexual part more intense.

She said that's exactly what I feel, too. Then she said to me, "You don't think I didn't notice you peeking in the window of my bedroom, now did you? If Myra hadn't gotten that call and we didn't go out dancing last night, I was going to look at you while you were peeking in and signal you to come on in!." So we took a shower and made love standing up in the water raining down on us and loved every minute of it.

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