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Smoky Distraction


Vanessa moved closer to Patrick on the couch as they watched a movie they had rented. It was a action film that he had pick out over Vanessa's protests. Unconsciously, he put his arm around her shoulders, not taking his eyes from the action on the screen.

Having grown bored some minutes earlier, Vanessa had decided to take control of the situation and get Patrick's mind away from the movie and on to her body, where it belonged. She shrugged off his arm and walked to the bedroom. Vanessa took off her pants and T-shirt and put on the rubber dress that she had been saving for a special occasion. She left her underwear off, if everything went well she wouldn't need them anyway. After a few more additions to her look, Vanessa left the bedroom.

Back on the couch Vanessa sat back down. Patrick look at her briefly, then turned his attention to the screen. He wasn't paying full attention to the movie like before. Vanessa smiled. She went to her purse and pulled out a pack of Marlboro Light 100's and a lighter. A smile of satisfaction crossed her face and she saw him tense a bit in anticipation. Already she knew how easy it would be to seduce him. She seat back down a little away from him on the chair, watching as he strained to keep his eyes on the television.

The click of her lighter pierced the sound track like a firecracker, and she almost laughed. From that moment on, she knew, Patrick would be taking peeks at her every few seconds to try and catch her as she made a slow, full exhale from deep in her chest. Right on schedule, as she pulled hard from the cigarette and inhaled deeply and slow, his face turned toward her.

She wanted him to work for his pleasures, and instead she turned away so all he could see was the dissipating cloud around her head. Patrick groaned almost audibly and let his attention return to the movie. Vanessa was tormenting tonight, worse than usual, and he had a feeling that it would get worse before it got better.

Already his pants were becoming too tight, as the aroma of the smoke filled the air and sifted to his nose. When he turned back to face her, he saw that she had put on fresh lipstick, a dark red that looked perfect with her black and red hair. She'd already been wearing a purple eye shadow that made her look dark and glamorous. This time when she took a drag, she held it for a moment and then treated him to a perfect profile view of the exhale. Patrick forgot about the movie at that moment as her hand came to rest lightly, then stroke his thigh through his jeans.

Vanessa closed her eyes and took another drag from the long white cigarette, her red nails scraping gently across the bulge in his jeans. He gasped in time with her exhale and leaned in towards her. Knowing that he wanted her to kiss him with her hot, smoky breath, she
teased him, leaning in and barely touching her lips to his, then pulling back before his open mouth could suck her in. Deliberately, she leaned close to him and sucked on the cigarette just inches from his face.

As she opened her mouth to inhale, he watched the smoke disappear into her lung. She hold it for a few seconds; blow it out in a full stream just past his ear. Then she wrapped both of her arms around his neck to pull him in. Patrick lunged forward, thrusting his wine tongue
inside Vanessa's sweet mouth, feeling the ridges of her teeth and playing with her full lips and warm tongue. The taste of the smoke in her mouth excited him beyond belief and he felt her hand undoing his pants and his cock which she then began to stroke.

Her other hand, holding the cigarette, came once again to her mouth, and she pulled deeply. Without exhaling first, she crushed her mouth to his and started kissing him, slowly releasing the smoke into his mouth. The combination of the smoky-wine kisses and her hand squeezing
his hard cock was becoming to much to him, and he felt his chest start to constrict in the familiar tightness that precedes him wanting to make love to her.

He surprised her then. Patrick slip his hand between her legs and played with her lips until she opened for him. After he had wetted his fingers with her. He pulled his fingers away and made sure she watched as he licked his fingers clean. Vanessa took another long drag and blew the smoke on his fingers. Patrick smiled. Then he pushed her skirt up, so it would be easier to spread her legs open. He slid off the couch and kneeled in front of her. Patrick began to kiss her inner thighs.

Vanessa still took long drags off her cigarette. Patrick watched her inhale and exhale the smoke. Patrick expertly kissed and licked her. Vanessa let a small moan escape with the smoke. She finished the cigarette and with a trembling hand she put it out. Patrick slid his hands under her buttocks. With his thumbs he held her open while his tongue brought more moans out of her.

Patrick wanted to see her smoke again. He stopped. Vanessa understood and lit another. Patrick returned to his seat on the couch and watched her inhale. Vanessa slid her other hand down to his hard cock again. He help her take his cock out of his pants. She began to stroke it again. With the next drag, she blew the smoke over his cock. Patrick groaned. She slid her hand down toward his balls and gave them a playful squeeze. Then slowly she lightly drew her fingernails up his shaft.

Vanessa sensed his nearness and took one more drag on the Marlboro, blowing the smoke out and kissing him hungrily on the lips as she jerked him off. Within seconds his cock was spraying come all over her hand and wrist. She stroked him until he stopped shuddering, then licked it from her hand and swallowed it down. Knowing that seeing her swallow his come would get him turned on all over again, and ready to make love, again.

The video was nothing but a blank screen. Vanessa smiled. Of course, she had some other ways to get him hard as well, she thought with dark amusement as she light
another cigarette..

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