tagGroup SexSmooth as Silk Ch. 02

Smooth as Silk Ch. 02


Sherry slid the jacket off her shoulders as you came up behind her, meeting my eyes with a totally stunned expression on your face. But there were her short leather skirt and skin-tight tank top, and the strappy little "fuck me" sandals, and I noticed you didn't have any trouble looking at her. You looked back at me, and my grin told you everything you wanted to know. You grinned back. "You amaze me," you said softly.

"Sherry said she'd help me with your birthday present," I said, trying not to giggle. "I wanted you to have something you've always wanted ..."

"My god," you breathed, looking from me to Sherry as she wriggled out of her tank top, revealing her softly rounded breasts, not very big, but ripe and creamy looking. I was looking at her too, and then at you. She was nervous, but not too nervous, and I was torn – anxiety that you'd find her prettier or sexier than me; spiking pure lust at her pale ivory skin and pebbled nipples; searing fever at the heat in your eyes and the stiff cock in your pants.

"What I've always wanted?" you echoed, your eyes traveling up and down her curves as her breasts, exposed above the cups of her red lace bra, rose and fell with her own excited breathing. Sherry wasn't very tall, maybe 5'5", and had the sort of figure men pant over ... rounded little ass, a small waist, and high, firm breasts.

"Whatever you want, baby. It's for you ... this is for you, and she said she'd do it, whatever you wanted, however you wanted it, and that's what I want, baby, I want you to have it exactly the way you want it. Baby ... it will make me feel so good ... so tell us what you want, tell us what would get you off like you've never gotten off before, and she'll do it, and I'll do it, we'll both do it. Just tell us what it is, baby, and it's yours."

"Are you sure?" you asked her, and she nodded, laughing a little nervously. "Just for fun, you know, and I want to do it, so ... just name it and you'll get it." As she spoke she ran her hands up and down her curves, lingering at her breasts, and I watched her as eagerly as you did, those soft fingers caressing her smooth bare skin. I caught your glance at me, watching me as my gaze lingered over the tops of her breasts, sliding just inside the cups, and I couldn't help the shivers that took me, I couldn't help the way my pussy clenched over the hot liquid seeping out, or the way my toes curled ... and then you grinned again. You put your hands on her shoulders. She turned her face to you, thinking you were going to kiss her ... but you stopped her, and moved her gently closer to me.

"I want you to watch this," you said to me, your voice deep and compelling. "Watch this, baby." You slipped your fingers under the straps of her bra and pulled them down over her shoulders. I could see your breath stirring the curls over her ears. I watched you peel the bra down, exposing her breasts, and felt a sharp pang as your palms covered them, squeezing them lightly. Her eyes closed as she leaned against you. But I saw your eyes glued to me ... you were looking at me, not her ... and I knew what you wanted.

"Look here, baby, did you ever see anything prettier than these?" you asked me. "Except for yours, I mean ... take a close look and see how good they look, and think about how good it would be to lick them ... like this," and you leaned around Sherry's right shoulder and dragged your tongue across the pointed tip. You raised your head swiftly and shot a fire-bright glance at me. The soft little moan escaped my lips before I could stop it and your eyes crinkled, a little smile hovering around your lips.

"Look at her," you whispered to Sherry. "I can have whatever I want, right? Well, what I want is for her to have YOU." Sherry gasped, eyes widening as they met mine, "Or for you to have her." You grinned. "You both said, whatever I want ... and that's it. You ... and her ... and I get to watch. OK?"

"No!!" I wailed, pulling at the scarves holding me. You came to my side and kissed me softly, your lips brushing my ear.

"Give it to me, baby," you whispered. "Let me have what I want. You'll love it and so will I, I promise. Come on, Sherry," you were grinning at her, and she hesitated, but then she grinned back and moved to the other side of the bed. I was stretched out between you, naked, bound, aroused. Sherry hesitated and you reached across me to take her hand and place it on my breast. "See how good that feels?" you murmured to her. "Rub the palm of your hand over this skin ... feel how soft and tender it is ... it's good, isn't it ..."

Sherry's eyes dropped, watching, fascinated by seeing her own fingers moving against my skin. I shivered at the unfamiliar touch, her small, soft fingers strange, her delicate touch shiveringly hot. She gave a short, breathless laugh as I shivered, tiny little goose bumps sprouting all over me. My nipples were stiff and she traced her middle fingertip over them, moving from one to the other, absorbed in my reaction. You took her hand and sucked her middle finger into your mouth, and then swiftly moved her wet finger back to my breast, and I gasped at the feel of the warm wet saliva on my bare skin. Sherry laughed again, and you did too. "You know how she feels, don't you," you asked her. "Think how good that feels ... think about everything else that feels good to you ... and do it to her. Everything you love having a man do to you ... do it to her, I promise it'll be good."

Sherry bent her head and slowly, deliberately, ran the tip of her tongue over my nipples. Back and forth. You cupped my breasts in your hands and pushed them up and together, squeezing lightly, shoving the nipples close so her tongue could reach them with one smooth swipe, and she licked again, more firmly, laving her tongue in a circle between the two. She sucked one nipple into her warm wet mouth, her lips suctioning me, and I could hear your moan over my own as she sucked me deep into her mouth. She moved to the other side, and I was squirming now, my pussy wet and starting to ache. Then you bent your head and took one breast into your mouth as Sherry sucked the other, and I wanted to shriek as hot stabbing pleasure seared through me. My eyes had closed, and I opened them again when you joined Sherry ... both your mouths, both your tongues, flicking madly at my stiff, tight, throbbing nipple. I saw your tongue touching hers, I felt your hot breath mingled with hers as your tongues joined and moved as if they were one warm slippery, super-sized slithery muscle ... and my pussy throbbed so deep inside me that I squeezed my thighs together, unable to reach down with my fingers to touch where I wanted to touch. You saw me squirm ... and you knew.

"You want your pussy licked, don't you baby," you whispered, almost breathless. "Let Sherry lick your pussy. I want to see her tongue there ..." and you slid two fingers into me, gently, but pressing them firmly in, sure of yourself, knowing just where to touch, on that sweet spot that makes me squirm. "Come on, Sherry," you said. "Right here ... see how sweet and wet she gets here? If you put your tongue right here you can taste it ... you're gonna love it ..." Sherry hesitated just a moment, then she shot a swift glance at me and slid down till she was poised between my spread thighs. You moved to get a closer look. I could feel your warm breath on my clit ... and Sherry's, right at my opening.

She hesitated again, and you put one hand on the back of her neck and pressed down. Not hard; just firm, gentle pressure, encouraging her, and she extended her tongue and licked so delicately at my opening that I barely felt the contact from her tongue. Light as it was, I whimpered out loud, looking down to see her brown curls between my thighs and your head bent close beside her, your breath rapid now, and your tongue licked my pussy where I had shaved it. I felt a coiling tension inside, and I was desperate to ease it, and I thrust my hips up, closer to her tentative tongue so it slid right inside. Sherry gasped, and drew back, and then I felt a shudder go through her ... and she dived back between my legs and thrust her tongue deep in, deep, I felt her straining to go further in, and she wiggled it like mad, hungry now. You were whispering to her: "Oh, yes, Sherry, that's it, tongue that sweet little cunt, slurp it all up, taste it, taste how sweet and hot she is ..." and she did, moaning, and then slid her tongue in and out, tongue fucking me, tongue fucking my dripping juicy little pussy like a pro. You moved back, but when my pussy muscles clenched in hot spiraling waves you put your fingertips over my clit and flipped them back and forth, fast, light, so good, and I came right into her open, greedy mouth.

She raised her head, startled, excited, her face slick with juices. You leaned forward and licked her, and then pulled her toward my face. "Come up here and kiss her," you urged me. "Kiss her, right on the mouth ... taste your pussy on another woman's mouth ... do it for me ..." your voice was still breathless, deep, urgent, and Sherry climbed up to my mouth and her lips were warm and slippery wet and the taste was tangy and sharply sweet. I sucked her tongue and then she climbed over me, straddling me, her pussy dripping wet against my bare pubic mound. She was grinding it against me, hot and eager, and you laughed and pulled at her till she climbed up higher and I realized what you intended when you made her straddle my face.

Her silky thighs brushing against my cheeks was intoxicating, and I turned my face to lick that sweet skin as she lowered her heated cunt down toward my avid mouth ... "Yes, baby, you know what I want, do her now, do her ..." and I couldn't wait, I reached up to tongue her, to taste her juices, to know what another woman's cunt tasted like, and your praise and excitement as I tongued her pussy were enough to make me squirm with pleasure. I licked her; I licked her hard, and she pressed her dripping pussy down hard onto my mouth and rocked back and forth. I couldn't see you; I could hear your voice, and feel your excitement building.

And then you moved between my legs ... you leaned forward and I felt your cock slide into my pussy. I felt your hands, warm, strong, sliding under the cheeks of my ass and raising it as you pushed deeper into me. I heard you groan as my hot wet pussy gripped you and clenched and massaged your shaft ... and when I felt you sink all the way in, the pleasure was so intense I gasped, with my mouth full of Sherry's cunt, and then she convulsed above me and came. I tasted the juices flowing from her, different now, as she circled her pussy over my mouth and I stabbed my tongue deep in and out of her, and her moans seemed to drive you to fuck me harder.

Moments later ... long, ecstatic moments later ... she climbed off me and turned to face you. You stopped moving, just holding your cock buried deep inside me, thick and full, holding it there and letting me feel it pulsing as you took deep breaths. As Sherry moved a little bit apart from us, you looked at me ... my face was soaking wet, and I was sure it was shiny, and I could barely breathe from how good it felt to have you inside me, and then you leaned forward to kiss me. Your tongue lapped sweetly against my face, licking her juices slowly, carefully off me, and then you turned to my mouth and with great deliberation let your tongue sink inside my mouth. You moved your tongue all around inside my mouth, between my lips, licking the inside of my mouth, there's no other way to describe it, licking me slowly, thoroughly, tasting every nuance from her pussy and from my hot mouth. I moaned, whimpering against your mouth, your lips moving, massaging, caressing mine, and I felt it all the way to my toes. I wrapped my legs around your waist and squeezed, opening my mouth wider, savoring the kiss as you continued it.

"Turn over for me," you whispered, raising your lips from mine, urgent. "I want your ass, baby ... I want your ass, turn over so I can fuck you there." You pulled away from me and I flipped over like a trained seal, I couldn't wait, I didn't care what I looked like, I needed to feel your dick in my ass, and I got onto my knees and leaned back to feel your hard hot muscles against me and the head of your throbbing dick pressing me and I shivered, spreading my knees further apart, my own fingers teasing my clit now, and you wrapped your arms around me and pulled me down onto that shaft pulsing so hot against my tender skin.

"Ah yes," I gasped, a small, high-pitched little whimpering moan as your slippery wet cock slid into that tight little opening, the muscle clenching against it. I took deep breaths, relaxing, concentrating on the pleasure and the sound of your voice telling me how good it was, how sweet and tight it felt, how much you wanted to fuck me deeper. I squirmed, wriggling down, taking more, and you moved one hand to cover my fingers with yours, driving them deeper into my dripping cunt, in and out, fingering me, finger fucking me in my pussy while your cock sunk deeper and deeper in.

"Oh yeah, fuck me baby," you groaned. "Fuck my cock now, baby, cum for me, cum all over my fingers while I fuck your tight little ass, do it now," and I did it, I had to do it, your voice and your fingers and your thick pulsing shaft leaving me no choice. I reached back with both hands, pulling your head down to feel your lips against my neck, rocking and circling my ass and feeling your cock swelling as I came, my pussy clutching at your fingers, the spasms filling my eyes with searing bright lights, pulsing with each new convulsion.

I heard you then, I heard you groan louder than ever, and I felt you grip my hips and pull them down tight so your cock filled me and I felt every vein, every pulsing twitching throb as you shot off inside me. Hot juicy cream filled me. I felt bathed in it, filled, flooded. I squirmed and I wriggled and I tried with all my might to take it all, everything you had, everything you wanted to give me. I pushed down hard as the last spasms shook you ... and then I moved, leaning forward, feeling you pressing against me still, your body still joined with mine. Your lips were in my hair, and I felt every beat of your heart, and every gasping breath, all the way through my body.

I had forgotten about Sherry. I think you had too. When I turned around, much later, she had gotten dressed and gone. I curled against you and your arms tightened around me, even in your sleep.

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