tagGay MaleSmooth on the Beach Ch. 02

Smooth on the Beach Ch. 02


As Billy watched Ally's ass as she headed for the bathroom, he felt really lucky at that moment to have a wife as hot and sexy as her who was so full of surprises. He was also a bit surprised at himself as he lay there, shaved bare, with his ass well-fucked by a dildo and the taste of his own cum on his lips.

Then the reality of what Ally had said about the nude beach started to sink in on him. Billy had noticed information about it in the hotel's home page on line and jokingly told Ally they should go. ("She has the body for it," he thought to himself) Now, however, he was a little concerned. How strange would a totally hairless male body be on a nude beach? He figured it wouldn't a problem since he thought Ally would probably chicken out about the nude beach once they got close to going, anyway. He rolled out of bed and joined her in the shower.

Ally and Billy gently soaped each other in the shower, and Billy really liked the feeling of her slick sudsy hands running over his now-smooth skin. It seemed Ally did too. She kept washing him over and over again.

When they finally rinsed and stepped out of the shower to dry off, Billy was a little slower than Ally at getting out of the bathroom and found she'd already laid out clothes for them to wear to the restaurant. She'd chosen a sundress for herself – one of Billy's favorites – silk, with a halter-style top that enhanced the way her pointy tits jiggled and a wrap-around skirt that tended to let a lot of leg show. What she'd chosen for him had Billy a bit nervous, though. "I thought you should wear these shorts, Billy. I want everyone to see your sexy legs. ... and this tank top will let everyone see how smooth the rest of you is..."

He wasn't sure, but could see by her hard nipples that Ally was excited by the thought of showing off her husband downstairs. "Besides," he rationalized. "we're on vacation and nobody knows us here."

After they had dressed, they went downstairs. The restaurant was dark and cool, and Billy was so busy paying attention to Ally (and her erect nipples, which were obvious beneath her sundress) that he soon got over being self-conscious about his hairlessness. Ally playfully ran a bare foot up and down his leg under the table as they talked. "I like it," Billy whispered. "Smooth against smooth."

"So, about this nude beach. Is it close?"

He told her what he knew. "It's supposedly pretty close to the hotel but I can't really tell from the map. The blurb I saw about it said it was secluded, backed up against the cliffs on the southwestern side of the island, and open year-round." Then he hesitated. "Are you sure about wanting to go?" he asked.

"It's our vacation, Billy," she said with a surprisingly determined tone to her voice. "Let's live a little."

"I'm game if you are," he shrugged, secretly still hoping that she'd get nervous about appearing nude in public and he'd be off the hook.

"Good. Because I feel like breaking loose, and I want you to break loose too."

Their dinners came about then and, after the waiter left hearing range, Billy said to Ally, "I think we already broke loose, didn't we?"

She shook her head. "We've barely started, baby. I have big plans for this vacation."

Nothing more was said during dinner. Part of Billy was afraid to ask what plans Ally had, and she wasn't volunteering any information yet, so they ate mostly in silence. After dessert and a little coffee they strolled along the beach for a while before heading back to their room. As they strolled along, hand in hand, Ally spoke up. "That was really hot earlier, Billy," she said softly.

"Yeah," he said. "Hot and totally unexpected."

"I'm glad we can play out our fantasies, though. Shaving you was so sexy," she sighed. "And then after... wow"

"Yeah, wow," was all he could add. He was surprised, even a little ashamed of himself for how out of control he had been when Ally was working his ass over with the vibrator and talking about the real thing. He was also a bit confused because he found himself actually pondering what it would be like to let a man put his dick in him. Then, when she had him lick up the cum he'd sprayed on her chest, he had wished, deep in the back of his mind, that he could feel a real dick spurting this kind of tasty cream into his mouth directly.

Ally sensed his tension. "Are you OK, Billy?" she asked. "You're not weirded out by all this are you?"

"Well, maybe a little," he said truthfully. "I've never thought about doing anything with another man, but hearing you talk and feeling that vibe in my ass... well... Were you serious?"

"Totally, baby," Ally said, stopping and turning toward him. "I want to see you with another man, Billy. I want you to feel how wonderful it is to have a real cock inside you, how it tastes to suck on one, how it feels to have him shoot his cum in your mouth or deep inside your body." She reached down and grasped his surprisingly hard cock. "Something tells me you like the idea, yourself."

"It's a great fantasy, baby," he murmured. "But reality can be different."

"Maybe..." was all she said and we continued our walk in silence.

Back in the room, they stripped and made love again, more conventionally, and then settled into each others arms and drifted off to sleep.

Late the next morning Billy awoke to the sounds of Ally bustling around the room putting together a bag of things to take to the beach. "Good! You're finally awake!" she chirped as he sat up. Throw on some shorts and we'll get us a bit of brunch and then we're off to the beach. I've already gotten a cab lined up to get us there.

"Cab?" he said stupidly. "The beach is just over the dunes. We can walk."

"Not this beach, silly," Ally laughed. "Or have you forgotten already?"

"Oh," he mumbled. "I guess I'm just not awake yet."

"Damn," he thought to himself. "She's serious about this nude beach."

"Then let's go get us some coffee before we go," she said. "Get a move on."

He crawled out of bed and dragged on some shorts and a t-shirt, and was just stepping into his sandals when Ally grabbed him with one arm, the beach bag with the other, and pushed him out the door. The cab ride was pretty short. Had they known exactly where this beach was, they could have walked from the resort. Billy paid the driver and he smiled knowingly and said, "Enjoy yourselves" then drove away.

Ally practically dragged Billy down the steps from the top of the cliffs to the beach below. Once they got there Billy was surprised to discover it was relatively crowded. They looked around. There were all ages and body types represented and Billy chuckled to himself that some people look better in clothes. Soon he had spotted a couple of young men who were as smooth as he was and began to relax. Ally had already stripped off her shorts and halter and laid on her blanket by the time Billy had decided that he may as well stay and get some sun. Reluctantly he pulled off his shirt and then dropped his shorts before laying next to Ally.

After they sunned a while, Ally suggested they go play in the surf for a bit, so they got up and started toward the water. They splashed around for a bit and then Ally went back to the beach bag after something. When she came back, Billy recognized their digital camera.

"Come out of the water and let me get your picture," she yelled.

Billy wasn't sure it was a good idea but decided not to argue. He knelt on the beach and Ally snapped several frames of him. They sunned some more, played in the water some more and generally spent a relaxing morning there on the beach. After getting over some of their initial shyness, they even got into some conversations with people. Ally was having a particularly fun time flirting and talking with a young man named Hugh who had come over after the Frisbee he and a friend were tossing. Billy could tell she found it exciting to sit on the beach and talk to a nude stranger. He was nicely built, not shaven but not really hairy either. His cock was circumcised and looked to be pretty good sized, as were his balls. Billy could see that Ally was trying to measure it with her eyes, and he was starting to wonder what it looked like erect himself.

Thinking about Hugh's cock was starting to raise Billy's to erection and he wasn't sure about the etiquette of getting a hard-on on the beach, so he excused himself and went to splash around in the water for a bit. Ally continued chatting with Hugh, apparently having a great time. They kept their distance, so there wasn't anything for Billy to be jealous about.

When he returned from his swim, Ally was packing up their stuff. "Maybe we'll see you around, then," she said to Hugh. "It's been really nice to meet you." Billy shook Hugh's hand and made his own goodbyes, then pulled on his shorts and shirt and followed Ally back up the stairs to the road. They walked back to the resort, where Ally suggested they shower and get cleaned up before dinner, and then maybe go dancing at one of the clubs she'd seen listed, so they cleaned up, grabbed a bite in the restaurant and then hailed a cab for the ride over to the club.

Ally seemed a bit preoccupied on the ride over but she wouldn't tell her husband what was on her mind. Billy was ready to hit the dance floor with his lovely wife, who was wearing a very short, very tight skirt and a top that seemed designed to show off her braless tits. He couldn't wait to watch her breasts bouncing as they danced.

The club was great! There was a huge dance floor that stayed pretty crowded, people were friendly and we had a good time. After a couple of hours, during a break in dancing, Ally looked up through the crowd and said, "Hey look. There's Hugh!" and before Billy could say anything she was pushing through the crowd with Hugh in tow. The couple bought him a drink and talked for a while, but it was pretty loud in the club so mostly they just danced, taking turns with Ally. Hugh and Billy usually would get asked to dance by some girl when they weren't dancing with Ally, so nobody was left out.

Before long, it was closing time. As they stood out on the curb waiting for a taxi to come, Ally said, "Billy, I'm not ready to stop partying. You mind if Hugh comes back to the room with us for a while?"

Billy said it was OK, so the three of them piled into a cab and rode back to the hotel. Ally was getting frisky on the ride over, flirting with both Hugh and Billy, and about halfway to the hotel Billy felt her hand at my crotch. The thought struck him that Ally's invitation to Hugh could be more than just politeness – maybe she was setting up a threesome – and his cock was immediately erect in her hand. They had talked about threesomes before, and the thought of her fucking Hugh – tall, tanned and handsome Hugh – had Billy ready for whatever the night would bring.

When they got to the room, Ally broke out a bottle of Jack Daniels and sent Billy after some ice at the. By the time he got back from the end of the hall with the ice, Ally and Hugh were laughing and chatting like old friends. Hugh was in the easy chair by the bed while Ally lounged, in great vamp style, on the bed, propped on one elbow facing him. Ally was obviously flirting with him and he was flirting right back.

Once Billy got his own drink poured, he settled in on the bed near Ally and joined in. Hugh was very easy-going, quite witty and, frankly, one of those guys Billy could have sat and talked to all night. Ally, however, kept doing things that reminded both the men that she had more on her mind than talking. For one thing, she kept playing with Billy's ass while they chatted, and also kept pulling him down for kisses. After a while, one of their kisses got very hot and before Billy knew it Ally had unbuttoned his shirt and started working on his zipper.

He glanced nervously over at Hugh, who was sitting calmly in his chair, sipping his drink. "Do you want me to leave?" he asked politely.

"Uh," Billy stammered.

"Of course not," Ally chimed in. "Why don't you join us?"

Hugh didn't hesitate. He put his drink down, kicked off his shoes and pulled his polo shirt over his head, then strolled over to the other side of the bed and lay behind Ally.

"Relax, baby," Ally whispered to her husband. "It's our vacation. Let's have some fun." Then she began to kiss Billy passionately, pressing herself tight against him. At one point he reached to fondle her ass, but recoiled when he felt my hand land on Hugh's hip. He had pressed himself against Ally's back. Hugh didn't say anything, but Billy discreetly pulled back his hand and laid it on Ally's hip instead.

When they finally broke their kiss, Ally reached down and finished opening Billy's pants, then pulled them off along with his my underwear and freed his erection. She rolled me onto my back and leaned over me to suck on my cock. Hugh was behind her, gently undoing the ties that held her dress together. Billy sat up and helped him strip Ally, noticing that Hugh had already pulled off everything but his boxers.

Ally turned from Billy and started to kiss Hugh, grinding her ass against Billy's cock. After a long kiss that left them both panting, she rolled on her back and pulled both of the men's heads to her breasts and they sucked both her nipples at once. "Omigod," Ally moaned. "I've always wondered.... Mmmmmm."

Soon she urged Billy lower, so he let Hugh have her nipples and licked his way down Ally's body. She lifted her hips and started pushing her panties down with a free hand and Billy helped her pull them off. As he looked up at her I could see she and Hugh were sharing another very deep kiss and he was pulling on her nipples, teasing them and keeping them rock hard.

Ally's pussy was soaked and looked very tasty, and Billy stretched out on his stomach between her widespread legs and started feasting on her. Ally seemed to be really getting off on tongue, and Billy decided to see if the previous night's anal play was just a one-time thing. Cautiously, he slipped his index finger into her pussy to get it wet, then pulled out and started carefully working it into Ally's tight back door. She came almost immediately, bucking hard, fucking her ass against his fingers. He kept working it in and out and Ally came a couple more times.

Billy knew Ally well enough to know that after she's cum like this, she would push his mouth away and tell him she wants to fuck. He was planning to roll off to the side and let Hugh have the honors, but Ally was holding Billy's head firmly, urging him to keep licking her and fingering her ass. That was when Billy felt strong calloused hands spreading his ass cheeks as Hugh began to tongue his asshole. He froze.

"Relax, baby." Ally whispered as she stroked his hair. "Just cut loose and enjoy."

Hugh's tongue was very active in Billy's crack, and the incredible sensations had his cock twitching, making him ooze out pre-cum which made a puddle on the sheet beneath him. Ally slipped off the bed and the men only knew she'd gotten the camera because they could see the flash light up the room as she snapped a few shots of Hugh rimming Billy.

Hugh urged Billy up onto his knees and continued to slurp at his ass. Billy felt even more wonderful and was lost in the feelings for a while – that is, until he felt the coolness of a big blob of KY being smeared against his anus. He tensed for a second, but Ally was beside him, stroking his head and his back and telling him to relax and enjoy. Hugh started to push a finger into Billy's ass and he tried to relax enough to let him. Soon he was into at least the second knuckle. When Hugh wiggled his finger he pushed against Billy's prostate and his cock gave a big jerk. Billy looked down at his erection and saw a huge drop of clear fluid dangling beneath him, slowly sliding toward the sheets. Hugh started to ease another finger into him, stretching Billy open even more, getting him ready for a cock. Billy knew I was ready. He wanted Hugh to fuck him. He pushed back against Hugh's hand, and the probing fingers slipped all the way in.

"I think he's ready," Hugh said to Ally.

"Yes," Billy grunted. "I'm ready."

Hugh pulled his fingers out and positioned himself behind Billy. Then the head of his dick, already slick with lube, was being pushed against Billy's ass. Ally was beside them on the bed, stroking Billy's back and urging him to relax. Billy did his best to open himself up and allow Hugh's cock to enter. The first thing he noticed, aside from the initial discomfort (which was minor since Hugh was being gentle) was how warm this cock was. They toy the night before had been cold as it entered, but Hugh's cock felt warm. Very warm. Billy enjoyed feeling it twitching inside him.

Hugh slowly worked his cock all the way inside Billy's asshole and then stopped completely for a moment, to let Billy get used to the feel of him. It didn't take long. Billy loved the feeling of being filled with this warm rod. He soon was starting to push back against Hugh's groin, urging him to get on with it and fuck him.

"God, this is so hot," Ally whispered. "I have to get some pictures of this."

Ally walked all around the bed snapping pictures as Hugh began to thrust into Billy, pulling out slowly, easing back in even more slowly. It was torture. Sweet, hot, delightful torture. Soon the flashes of the camera were forgotten. Ally was barely even on their minds at that point. The only thing that existed for Billy was the exquisite warm cock that was sliding in and out of his ass. Hugh slowly picked up the pace until, after what seemed to Billy like hours of fucking, he was pounding him really hard. Billy was having to brace himself to keep from being flattened on the bed under Hugh's relentless onslaught, but he loved it. He pushed back hard against Hugh, moaning every time the hot throbbing cock traveled up his bowels.

What Billy would afterward call the most amazing climax of his life finally built up and crashed over him. Without even so much as being touched, Billy's cock erupted in jets of cum as he screamed in ecstasy. The spurts of hot seed shot as far as where Billy's shoulders were pressed against the mattress, soaking the sheets. His ass squeezed hard around Hugh's cock, which was the limit for him because he muttered, "Oh damn!" and a second later he pulled out of Billy's ass, leaving him feeling empty. He had really wanted him to keep his cock inside him. He wanted Hugh to fill him, make him complete, but Hugh had pulled out and was shooting his own load all over Billy's ass. Warm stickiness oozed down from Billy's anus to his balls, dripping off him to mingle with the cum that still oozed from his own deflating cock. The men were vaguely aware of the flash of the camera as Ally took another picture.

"That was amazing," Billy whispered to Ally as she bent down to kiss him. "Thank you, baby."

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