SMOTP: Daily Orgasm, Day 29

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Bound and helpless...just they way you want...
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Penultimate day, I wonder what's in store for you...

Some of these prompts will be quite short, many will be more involved, if you are dropping into this series part way through, then you really should start at Day 1 and work your way through them in sequence. I will make it worth your while…

Here are some honest feedback responses from listeners you won’t find in the comments:

Day 6: ‘I was squirming the entire day when I saw the new upload. Punishing myself to wait and dear God it was worth it. [ you continued], a second orgasm rolled through without me even doing anything. That was totally unexpected and I was whimpering and gasping as everything went black. No man ever made me as wet and cum as hard…’

Day 7: ‘Just finished Day 7, and I loved that little denial/tease you threw in when you said, "Should I count". As per command I did cum, VERY hard and multiple times I must add; toe curling, back arching, sheet grabbing orgasms.
I go crazy when you encourage, praise and command...all rational thought goes flying out the door.’

Day 10: ‘Do you know how hard it is to type while shaking in post orgasmic bliss while still feeling your internal muscles spasm and quiver.? …Do you know what it feels like to be soooo frustrated all day and when you get home you strip, already soaked with the idea of what's to come?
You made me squirt, only the second time in my life and ohhh god it feels amazing. God, I felt that audio was made just for me; the teasing, the praise and the counting had me nearly screaming at only 3 minutes in. Your voice is the only thing that seems to be able to control the wild desire inside me.’

Day 14: ‘Oohhh Fuck! ...then the counting started. That is when all reality, all worries and problems were non- existing. I just had to cum, there was only the feeling of intense blinding pleasure. Almost like cumming but not quite yet, then that last number and all I saw was stars, I had to turn my head into a pillow not to scream as I kept the pace and squirted, shaking and writhing in pure unbounded pleasure. But ohh no, you were not done with me yet....God, I couldn’t take more counting, yet somehow your words restrained my from just fucking myself into oblivion. At that point I didn't care who saw me, heard me or found me. All I wanted was to cum. To please You. To obey you. Then I exploded into a thousand pieces squirting, arching, shaking and never missing a single stroke or rub, no matter how badly my arms were [aching] in protest. Even after the audio ended I was still panting, coming down from whatever heaven you have sent me to.
Still I lie here, heart beating like a running horse and quivering with little spasms and aftershocks knowing that YOU were the one that just did that to me. You upped the ante.... I fucking loved it.’

Day 19: '...when the audio started...I was so wet the arousal started to pool on my sheets...when the first orgasm hit I could no longer hold back...moaning, back arching, squirting...'

These Daily Orgasm prompts do not suit everyone, but why not try for yourself…what do you have to lose?

These audio prompts a little different from my usual audio experiences. While there is some encouragement to relax into your sensuality, these are not full on Directed Erotic Visualisation© productions that take you to an HFO experience. You can try some of my DEV© experiences here on Literotica.

The #30DayOrgasmFun campaign was the inspiration to create these 'I'm there with you' style audios for women. Something to encourage, support and arouse a listener to have at least one orgasm a day and benefit from the positive effects of regular sex that are now well known.

I released these first elsewhere every day for a month, but now I am posting them here, mostly every day to give you a chance to join in the fun and frolics. (You get to have some days off to practice freestyle!) This doesn't mean you don't have a climax every day, oh no, you don't get away with that. I'm watching and I expect you to keep to the programme, at least one climax a day for 30 days… If you don't play your part I'll know and I will be very disappointed, you don't want to let me down you? There will be 30 days for you to come.

In all the experiences I am there with you, watching you while you masturbate. Sometimes I get very close to you... Sometimes I touch you...

These audios are about sensual intimacy, erotic pleasure and affectionate companionship. But most of all they are about you having at least one orgasm a day.

Please leave comments and feedback, I really want to know if you are on this journey with me.

Essemoh Teepee

* * * * *

Click Here to listen: .mp3 format or .ogg format. (07:44 min)

* * * * *

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smotpsmotpalmost 4 years agoAuthor
I have re loaded the missing audio file...

...Thanks for the feedback letting me know that the audio for Day 29 had apparently 'disappeared'. I have reloaded the file to the server and notified them via the Bug Report. If you could report it as well it might help.



smotpsmotpalmost 6 years agoAuthor
File is missing AGAIN! Try this...

...I don't understand why files are here one minute and then gone the next. Here is a link to all the 30 Day audio files Enjoy.

smotpsmotpalmost 6 years agoAuthor
Over 1,000 women just like you...

....have joined in with this series and had an orgasm a day for 30 straight days. That changes...things; mood, sensitivity, libido...and much more. What do you have to lose but your frustration? Let me know when you reach the grand finale.

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