"Jenny, deep control. Deep control, Jenny."

"Good. That's right. Deeper with every breath, every word, every thought that enters your mind and then disappears again the moment you realize that you're having a thought and you remember that the only thought in your mind now is your total surrender to my deep control. Total surrender, Jenny. Deep control."

"Good girl. Now, I'm going to put some new ideas in your mind, Jenny. Ideas that you will forget until it's time to act on them, and even when it is time you will know deep down that you can just act on them without thinking, because my ideas are always more important than thinking. You want to hear these ideas now, don't you?"



Jenny looked around the conference hall, and tried to pick out the perverts.

On paper, it was a legitimate-- vanilla-- hypnosis conference, and some big names in the hypnotherapy world were giving talks. But there were always a few people scattered through the crowd whose interests were more... recreational. Like hers.

She could always tell. She'd tell them it was the sensitivity to subtle nonverbal clues that she'd developed in the course of learning hypnosis, or that she was tuning into their energy, or connecting with the vibrations of their hearts, or whatever line of patter they knew was guff but reacted to anyway when she said it *just* right, because subconsciously they were eager to go where she was leading, and she was happy to take them there. To slip the invisible leash of her hypnotic control around their sometimes-unwittingly willing necks.

Mostly, it was that they couldn't stop staring at her tits.


"Good girl. Now. I know that you've been worrying about how completely you're surrendering to my control... and even though it's *so* hard to think about my control without wanting more, and even thinking about going a *little too far* for me makes you so wet, you've been trying to find ways to pull back, to avoid thinking about it. Haven't you?"


"I know you have. Now, I'm going to show you a way that you can set those fears to rest. Would you like that?"



Jenny fingered the shiny crystal pendant she wore between her breasts.

It was such a hypnotist cliche that everybody laughed about it, and even the ones who didn't really do that sort of thing would make jokes about having to stare at her chest and fall under her spell.

But the ones who really did play those sorts of games-- or wanted to-- would stare just a bit longer.

Especially if she gave them a demo.

Jenny reached the front of the check-in line, and smiled at the young hotel employee who'd been detailed to give people ID badges and packets. She wondered if she'd be the first conference attendee to have a little fun with him. She was sure she wouldn't be the last.

She thought to herself the trigger word that made her nipples stand to attention under the thin spandex top she wore. He would be able to easily see she had no bra underneath it. Now he was already flustered, nervous, and desperate for a safe place to focus his eyes... so she offered hers.

She smiled even more brightly. Welcoming. Inviting.


"You were such a good hypnotist, Jenny, before you opened yourself completely to my control... and being the one doing the hypnotizing puts you in a position of power. If you were to hypnotize me, you could slow your descent into complete slavery. You would be the one calling the shots, if you were to hypnotize me."

"Hypnotize... you..."

"That's right, Jenny. You need to hypnotize me. When you think about how to slow down your hot wet slide into unconditional surrender to my complete hypnotic control, the best thing you can think of is to hypnotize me."

"Hypnotize you."

"Mm-hmm. But the funny thing is that when you *do* start to hypnotize me, you're going to find that for every trick you use to take me under, your subconscious mind is finding ways to use that trick on you. To bring you deeper under my control. To surrender to my deep control, Jenny."


The other people in line smiled and murmured appreciatively as Jenny walked away with her packet and ID badge in hand. Behind her, the hotel employee opened his eyes with a start, calling out "in bed!" as his arms dropped down from where they had floated up into the air. He looked around confused for a moment, until the next person in line caught his attention and he shook his head and got back to work.

"'In bed'? That's your favorite sexual position? Wow, you are *not* tonight's boy toy," Jenny murmured to herself.

But her act had done its job, because her eyes had been drawn to a couple smirking at her from just on the other side of the line.

She walked over to them, making eye contact and grinning. The man took a moment to meet her eyes, his gaze initially stuck a little bit lower. Oh, he was *so* hers.

So she turned her attention to the woman... who also seemed to be eyeing her appreciatively. Bingo. With couples, it was always important to draw the woman under her influence first; otherwise she would be jealous of another woman paying attention to her man.

"Did you like my act? I'm here all week. I also do weddings, birthdays... bachelorette parties..." She met the woman's eyes on the last one.

They both laughed. "I'm Linda, and this is my husband Bill. You know, we were about to go get a bite to eat before the next panel. Want to join us?"

*I thought you'd never ask* Jenny thought to herself.



"That's right. You won't even realize it, because you'll be so focused on hypnotizing me. You won't realize that you're going into a trance. You won't realize that you're making yourself my slave."


Over a food court egg muffin and some coffee, Jenny learned that Linda and Bill definitely played her sorts of games... and were clearly interested to see what she could do.

"We were sort of interested in this panel that's coming up, but we could skip it if you want to play around a bit now. Our room is right upstairs, and pretty quiet," Linda offered, smiling.

"I think that might be fun," Jenny said, smiling evilly inside.


"Ohhhh. Your slave..."

"My slave, Jenny. When you hypnotize me, you will secretly be hypnotizing yourself to become my slave. Every word will bring that idea deeper inside you, firm and full and deep, until you begin to realize that deepening me is just a way to rub yourself against that idea and slide it into you again and again. And when you're so ready, you're just on the edge, Jenny..."



Jenny's suggestions had started in the elevator, worked into the conversation with Linda and Bill. Jenny could see Linda already beginning to respond, and focused on her more and more, until as soon as they were inside the hotel room Jenny had Linda up against the wall, staring raptly at Jenny's finger, which was slowly moving towards Linda's forehead.

Linda turned out to be a natural somnambulist, and Jenny quickly had her deeply entranced, sleep-walking over to the bed and laying down on it and falling even deeper into hypnosis.

Bill sat on the far side of the bed, watching it all with undisguised fascination and lust. Mindful of her long-term plan, Jenny thought it was time to begin slipping a few suggestions in aimed at him, also. She looked at him and pointed to one of the armchairs. He got up and sat in it, a quizzical look on his face. She nodded approval.

Sitting on the bed next to Linda, Jenny began brushing her hands lightly down the length of the woman's body, while she continued to speak to her in a low voice, deepening her trance. Jenny was unsurprised to find, with questioning, that Linda had fantasies of being with another woman, though she had yet to act on them. Jenny hinted that the other woman could rely on her guidance there, and let herself open up even further to Jenny's control.

Time to seal the deal with Linda, and start to rope Bill in. Still deeply lost in trance, Jenny had Linda sit up, open her blank, completely unfocused eyes eyes, and begin to slowly take her clothes off. Jenny continued touching and stroking Linda's body, while telling her continuously how beautiful she was, how sexy it was for her to undress in front of the two of them, how neither Jenny nor Linda's husband could take their eyes off her, how irresistible and hypnotic her body was. How anyone looking at Linda's beautiful body would find themselves starting to slip into trance, more and more hypnotized as each piece of clothing came off.

Feeling her own eyes starting to droop, Jenny wondered if she were being a bit *too* general with her suggestions. But it was important to draw Bill in subtly, without him or his wife noticing. In the back of her head, there was something about Bill. She needed to get him under her power.

Linda was completely nude, and Jenny took a moment to drink in her gorgeous, shapely body. A long moment, as Linda stood zombielike, helplessly hypnotized, and Jenny and Bill stared at her in silent fascination. She noticed that all three of them were breathing in unison. A little loudly.

With an effort, Jenny blinked, and then began speaking again. All eyes were locked on her now, she explained. Deeply, irresistibly, hypnotically locked. And with each piece of *her* clothing that came off, the trance would become even deeper.

She stepped forward to gently, softly huff a breath of warm air over one of Linda's already-stiff nipples, and then just tenderly brush her bottom lip across it before gracefully slipping her loose black knit button-down sweater off and setting it on the floor. Bill and Linda gasped in unison.

"Deeper," she said, bending to gently take Linda's other nipple in her mouth, and wet it with her tongue, before slipping off her black satin fuck-me heels. She heard a soft "yes..." in the background.

"Deeper," she said, stepping in to put a hand slowly but firmly on the back of Linda's neck, and then another hand on Linda's clean-shaven pussy, just slipping one finger up inside to feel how incredibly wet the hypnotized woman was. And then step out of her tight black spandex mini-skirt, showing her shiny silver satin panties underneath. "The hypnotized woman is so wet," she said, or thought. She wasn't quite sure.

"Deeper," she said, slipping two fingers in deeper inside Linda's warm slick pussy, with her other hand on the front of Linda's collarbone to control her torso and *just* give the hint of a touch at her throat, as she leaned forward to *almost* kiss her. She could taste Linda's breath, which was coming faster now. She stepped back, eliciting a moan, and pulled off her shiny silver spandex top, leaving her small but shapely breasts completely exposed to the air, to their view. It was important to let Bill see her body. "Defenses slipping away, becoming more and more vulnerable. Linda's body is locked into helpless response to mine now. As Bill sees my body the arousal grows even stronger."

"Deeper," she said, pulling Linda down to kneel in front of her, face directly in front of Jenny's crotch. Jenny began to slowly tug her panties down. "As my pussy becomes exposed, all resistance melting away. Naked, exposed, and defenseless. Completely, and helplessly hypnotized. And your tongue will lubricate the suggestions to slip deeper inside, Linda, while every last bit of will pools at the pussy and comes out coming, coming all the will away..."


"You will realize that the only suggestions you want to give me, the only thing you can think about, is to take you harder. Deeper. More completely. To slip my control into the deepest core of your identity, to take all of you, to claim you as mine. You want me to make you a mess. To make you mindless. To make you mine."

"Yourssssssss! OHHHHHHHH"


Jenny throat was full of the taste of Bill's come. It made her feel warm deep inside, knowing he had done everything she had told him, immediately obedient to her every whim. She had taken Bill completely under her power, and there was something very important and safe about that. Linda and Jenny had made out until Linda's screaming orgasms had completely sealed her obedience, and then they had turned to Bill. Bill was so easy to control that he had instantly acquiesced to Jenny's command to satisfy his whims on the two of them, letting Jenny suck his glorious cock until his jism ran down her throat and made her drunk with obedience, then plunging his huge cock into Jenny's pussy while Linda licked them both and teasingly slipped a finger into Jenny's ass, readying it for Bill's cock on the third round while Jenny rubbed her own clit and licked Linda's; and Jenny had smugly shown off her hypnotic talents by accepting everything he said deep into the secret inner vault of her mind, where she couldn't consciously remember any of it but knew that it would control her always.

He reminded her a bit of that weird guy on the Internet who kept sending her messages. She couldn't quite remember his name right then, but suddenly she was looking forward to talking to him again, bragging to him about her weekend-- she'd told him she was going to a hypnosis convention. Showing him what real hypnotic domination was like.

That would serve him right.

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