tagSci-Fi & FantasySnaring A Spy

Snaring A Spy

byBlack Tulip©

Dyna and Agila, two Amazon warriors are caught by a bunch of soldiers. (See "Uncovering a spy" and "Probing a spy".) Because they are only with the two of them the leader of the soldiers wants to share the women with all his men. After all, it would not be very smart to keep the women solely for the use of himself and his son, and let the rest of the soldiers go without pussy. But that is not what the Amazons have in mind.

The big soldier rolled to his side and onto his back, still holding Dyna in his arms, his cock slowly losing its stiffness inside her. She felt him turning his head, probably searching for the whereabouts of his son, Runar.

Dyna moved in his arms, but he just tightened his hold on her. She clenched her fists and had to use every ounce of willpower not to scream. That... that... Wulf had made her niece squirm like a female from the cities, and then his son had made her take his cock in her mouth. Not letting her make the decision or setting the pace, no, forcing her to follow along. Dyna almost audibly ground her teeth.

That stupid son of his picked up the orange cloth Agila had been wearing and wrapped her in it. "The old folks need their rest. I'll retire to my own tent." With an impertinent grin he slung Agila over his shoulder and left.

Again Dyna tried to wriggle out of Wulf's arms. No matter how good his cock had felt inside her, she had to get a clear head and do some serious thinking. To her relief he let her go and in a few moments she heard his breathing slowing down. To be absolutely sure she waited for what must have been nearly an hour before she moved. Wulf was deep in dreamland and she was finally able to examine her chains in earnest.

She had to get out of here as fast as possible. Earlier she'd heard Wulf and Runar talking about sharing her and her niece with the other soldiers. They seemed to have invented some kind of scheme but she had no intention of going along. Agila had wanted to know more about these soldiers and had let herself get captured. But it never was their plan to get them both nailed. Well, these soldiers hadn't been the only ones making plans. The women had decided to let Agila stay while Dyna would get out. After all, she was their war lady and could command as many Amazons as she liked to get Agila out.

Dyna smiled, a bit regretful, thinking back to Agila's words. The younger woman had been nearly breathless when she told her aunt about the magnificent cock of that Runar. Apparently he had been so surprised by her advances, that he'd let Agila take the lead. Poor Agila, she never remembered the warnings every Amazon hears without end that he or any other man would try to take control without thinking twice about it. Dyna shook her head. She would definitely remember after tonight. Never again would she forget the reason Amazons lived their own lives, without males as permanent companions.

Her eyes wandered to the sleeping man next to her. He lay on his back with one arm flung wide, the other curving around her back. He was a big man, even taller than she was and nearly twice as broad. His hair had only a few wisps of blond left, most of it was white with age but it still fell in curls to his shoulders. Even in sleep he looked powerful with the muscled arms and legs tanned to a light bronze. The hair on his chest was white as well and continued in a small line down to the white curls at the base of his now flaccid cock.

A small shiver ran through her body when she gazed upon the innocent looking penis. Agila had been outraged when she found out that Wulf had bluntly put her aunt to her back, but she didn't know how that had made Dyna feel. Remembering the feeling sent a wave of heat through her body and she felt the color rise in her cheeks. She should have fought him a lot harder, she knew that well enough. But it had felt so damned good, his hands travelling over her body, him taking possession of her and making her cum like never before. She sighed at the thought of leaving such a lover behind.

She shook her head to clear those dreams away and had a good look at her ankle chain. It took her a while to find out that the last link in the chain split in half when pressed hard enough. A very clever device, but not keeping her in then. She smiled in satisfaction. A city woman would not have been able to open the chain, but these soldiers obviously had no idea of the strength of Amazons. Nevertheless it had taken her quite some time to free herself. Every time Wulf had moved or made a sound she had stopped for fear of betraying her actions.

As softly as possible Dyna crept to the entrance of the tent. Slowly lifting a corner she peeked out to find the night nearly halfway over. The moon was already dipping down and the encampment was quiet. The only sound came from the small fire in the center. There had to be soldiers about who were on guard duty but she never heard them. She let the tent flap fall back again and turned to the sleeping giant.

Dyna grinned evilly as she approached Wulf on tiptoe. Looking down on him she licked her lips. He truly looked gorgeous. She hesitated for no more than a few seconds. Then she got into action. She examined the pile of furs and silks and found herself a piece of rust colored cloth. That would do very nicely among the trees and bushes. She folded the material and placed it near the entrance. Next she crept up to Wulf and ever so careful she slipped the chain around his ankle, glad he had given her so much slack that now she had enough chain to tie him to the rear pole of the tent. She camouflaged the chain with a couple of furs over and under his ankle. Unable to resist she moved her face up to his cock. She just had to feel the soft flesh. Very carefully she rubbed her cheek on the hardening shaft, marveling at the change from soft to hard. She sighed and with a lot of reluctance she let go of the alluring cock, giving it a wet goodbye kiss on the tip.

Dyna crept silently to the entrance of the shelter and turned to look at the still form. Her ministrations had caused his cock to rise a bit and Wulf had a happy smile on his face. No doubt he was dreaming pleasantly. She clenched her thighs at the sudden flash of fire between her legs. If she took him now, he would wake up and that would ruin her chance to get away before the camp was awake. No matter how badly she wanted him, she was not that stupid. With a grim expression on her face she picked up the rust-colored silk and draped it around her hips, leaving the firm breasts with the dark brown nipples bare. Before leaving the tent she tied the straight black hair back with a piece of leather she took from Wulf's clothes.

As stealthy as a black panther Dyna slipped from the shelter and melted in the shadows. For a long time she just stood in the darkness, listening to the sounds, trying to determine the whereabouts of the guards. She contemplated searching for a knife or a sword but decided not to take the risk. Just as she was about to make her move though, a faint glimmer caught her eye. A few steps down the side of the tent she found her own sword, her leg bands with the dagger, and the sword belt and sword of Wulf. A really wicked grin spread across her face. In no more than seconds she had armed herself and with the belt and sword of Wulf across her shoulder, she vanished into the woods.

It took her about half an hour to get back to the little river where Wulf had first spotted her. She took a quick rinse in the cool water, and set off at a steady pace. Walking in the riverbed for quite some time she was sure that would make tracking her more difficult. She had been trudging the water for two hours when she came upon a stretch of rocky underground. That would be perfect to leave the river. Besides, she had to move more to the south if she wanted to catch some clan or other to come back with her.

Dyna had been walking on and off for nearly two days when she spotted a hunting party in the distance. Thank Gaia, she was dead tired by now and could use a meal of something else than roots and berries. Besides, the extra weight of Wulf's sword and belt were getting a bit much. Raising her voice to a high pitch she sounded the Amazon attention cry. After that she just folded her legs under her and settled down to wait.

It wasn't long before the hunting party came in from the plains, scrutinizing the brushes at the beginning of the forest. They all had definitely heard an attention cry. Before they had spread out to search farther into the forest however, they heard a low voice hissing behind them.

"Is that what I taught you? You're behaving like city girls instead of warriors." Whirling around the Amazons faced a very angry war lady. She looked odd though, without her leather skirt and tunic, but clad in a piece of cloth wrapped around her hips. And to top it off, she carried not one but two swords. "I could have picked each of you off, with ease."

The Amazons in the hunting party hung their heads in shame. Par'Dyna was right of course. They had entered the woods as a bunch of city dwellers. Never even looking behind them. The tallest of them stepped forward and bowed her head to Dyna.

"I apologize, war leader. We did not do your lessons credit."

Dyna looked her over. Seeing the genuine distress, she nodded. "Very well, I have need of your skills. Nova, if I recall correctly. How far is your clan?"

Nova looked up and a smile lit her face. "I am honored, war leader, that you remember my name. The clan is about one day out on the plains." Her dark eyes held a hint of curiosity when she looked the older woman over.

Dyna smiled. "Sent a runner to fetch the rest of the warriors from the clan. That would make us a total of, what? Thirty warriors?" After she got Nova's affirmative nod, she continued. "I badly need some rest. Let's make camp here and wait for the rest. I prefer to tell my story only once." She looked all Amazons in the eye before she went on. "Make very sure you are all alert. It's very likely soldiers followed me. I want to catch them, not get caught." With that she turned around, put both swords on the ground and settled next to them, lying on her stomach with one hand on the pommel of her own sword. Within seconds she was fast asleep.

It was nearly sundown when Dyna opened her eyes again. Nova had sent two runners to fetch the other clan members and they would be returning by midmorning of the next day. So the rest of the hunting party had been busy creating some kind of shelter to spend the night. They did no more than fix some broad leaves as a kind of roof and they had gathered a few loads of dry grasses from the nearby plains. Not very luxurious, but adequate enough as a resting place. Dyna sniffed the air. Smelling the scent of roasting meat she had a hard time stopping herself from drooling.

Dyna sighed in contentment. Gaia be praised that she was once more in the company of her own. She looked with fondness at the warriors surrounding her. As was fitting, none of them had asked where she had been or what she had been doing. The only one who could do that, was the Bitch. And her sister was not here, thank the goddess.

She frowned a little at the thought of her sister. She wondered how they both had been so stupid as to agree to Agila's plan. Well, to be honest, there had not been that much choice. Her niece, the Bitch-to-be, had decided to go looking for a soldier to find out for herself if all the old wives tales were true. And since Agila could not be talked out of it, it was decided that Dyna would accompany her as a kind of bodyguard. She shook her head at herself; she must be getting old to let herself get caught as well. Luckily she had been able to escape. But she had no illusions about the soldiers she had left behind. They would most certainly try to catch her again. At least one of them would try; very hard if she was not mistaken. She sighed at the thought of that Wulf.

With a toss of her head she came back to the present. She had a word with Nova about placing guards and then she wandered off. In a few moments she was lost in the shadows, quietly inspecting the perimeter of their primitive encampment. Walking in the darkness under the impressive trees her thoughts once again drifted back to that other camp or, more accurately, to one soldier in particular: Wulf. Dyna shivered a bit when she remembered the feel of his body and when she recalled the way his cock had filled her to the hilt, she felt a flash of heat in her pussy. She walked slowly back to the small fire still burning in the center of the camp. The thoughts about Wulf had made her terribly horny and she was not sure how to handle that.

With her back against one of the giant trees she settled on the soft dry grasses under the roof of big leaves as she watched the hunters. They were a good-humored bunch of young women, some of them clearly on their first trip. Must have had their rituals not that long ago. Her mind wandered back to her own ritual. Coming of age for Amazons meant you had to capture a male single-handedly and use him to get rid of your virginity. Dedicating the blood of virginity to Gaia, asking her to make you a productive hunter and good warrior. She smiled in fond remembrance.

She had been just eighteen when she succeeded in catching a strapping trapper. The male had ventured too far into Amazon territory when tracking some animal. He had been furious, she could still recall the blazing black eyes. But like all those after him, he had not been able to resist the beautiful warrior. She had tied him on his back and following the advice of her older sister she had then slowly taken off her clothes. Giving the trapper enough time to admire her firm breasts, the trim waist and the long, slim legs. Turning around to give him a view of the graceful lines of her back and bottom she had taken the chance to bend over. When she had looked back at him, she had been awed by the effect she had on his body. He had been a lean man, well muscled but not exceptionally broad or big. But after seeing her little show his cock had grown amazingly. Just like the man himself, it had been lean. Crawling up his tanned, hairy legs, rubbing her nipples on the way, she had cuddled that cock to her face. She smiled. After all those years she still liked the velvety feel of a cock against her cheek. The softness turning into something hard as rock never ceased to get to her.

Dyna sighed at those memories. She felt her pussy clenching, a taut line of desire going from her cunt to her nipples, urging her to touch them. That trapper had not been able to do that. As his wrists and ankles were tied, all he had been able to do was talk and kiss. He had been quick to realize she never had been with a man before and he had urged her to slide her body against his. Telling her to kiss him and finally talking her into letting him lick her. She never knew men did that as well. Amazons did that when there were no males around and she knew some Amazons preferred that to the touch of males. But she had been astonished at the heat travelling her body when she watched him touch her cunt with his tongue. And his eyes, all that time he had been looking her straight in the eyes, almost mesmerizing her. His lips and tongue had driven her wild and then he had stopped. Leaving her on the brink of release. She had been so young.

Dyna touched her breasts while remembering. Her hands kneading the soft flesh, palms sliding over the sensitive nipples. She had been so intent on getting release that she had agreed to untie the trapper. She pulled up her knees and spread her legs a little while reliving that first time. That was the first and the last time she ever fell for that. He had thrown her to her back. One hand holding her wrists, the other touching her breasts, he had managed to turn her on even more. She had tried to fight him, she knew very well she was not supposed to be beneath him. She should be riding him, as she was an Amazon. But the lure of that male body had been too great. While the hair on his chest stimulated her nipples, his hand had touched her pussy. His fingers had opened the way for his cock and it had taken him only a couple of thrusts before he was in. It had hurt, but not much and the feeling of him inside her had been magic.

With her thoughts still in the past Dyna was hardly aware of her surroundings. One hand was still fondling her breasts but the other had somehow slipped down and was now stroking the inside of her leg. The rust colored cloth only half covering her cunt. As she remembered what that first cock had felt like, her thumb touched the moist, hot folds between her legs. The contact jerked her back to the present.

The flames from the little fire send dancing shadows all around, leaving her a dim figure just beyond the edge of the circle of light. She had obviously inspired some of the hunters. She saw two of them had started fondling each other right beside the fire and a couple of others were watching her, waiting for her to call on them. She hesitated for a moment; she didn't want to let go of the thoughts in her head. As Dyna was a generous woman she flicked the cloth to one side however and spread her legs some more. Looking at the young women near the fire she nodded and that was all they needed.

Within seconds she felt hands and lips all over her body, kissing and licking, sucking her nipples, probing her pussy and making her hotter by the minute. Closing her eyes she let herself be carried on the flow of the wonderful feelings. Reaching out, her hands touched on soft breasts, rolling the taut nipples between her fingers. When she felt a moist mouth against hers she opened her lips and welcomed the inquisitive tongue inside. She moaned as at the same time she felt a tongue enter her cunt. Her hands caressed firm smooth flesh, one hand still teasing a hard nipple, the other stroking a soft butt, gliding under and around, bumping into hot moisture. Dyna opened her eyes again and smiled into the dark brown ones looking down on her. The young warrior was still kissing her and pinching her nipples. The other one had shifted a bit to make it easier for Dyna to touch her pussy while she proceeded to slide one, than two and finally three slender fingers inside her war lady.

Dyna groaned aloud and her hips bucked. It felt delicious, those wet lips on her clit, the fingers sliding in and out, the hot mouth on her own, the hand rolling her nipples. Her own hands stopped their ministrations for a moment as she tensed. The muscles in her belly started rippling, sending the contractions to her pussy and she made tiny sounds at the back of her throat when she came. Feeling all soft and liquid she turned her head and started kissing the young warrior down her neck and along her breast till she had a hard nipple in her mouth. Rolling it around on her tongue, biting it softly, she chuckled when she heard the huntress starting to moan. Shifting again the three of them rearranged themselves and now Dyna was looking at a fresh wet pussy, barely covered with black little curls. Still sucking on a breast her hands reached out and started tracing the quivering folds, parting the blood filled lips and finding the little pearl at the top. Gently she started to circle it, dipped her fingers in the moisture gathering at the pussy entrance and softly rubbed the growing clit.

Dyna had no idea how long they kept stroking, kissing and fingering each other. She only knew her body felt fully satiated and the two young hunters at her side looked the same. She sighed and turned on her side, closing her eyes she fleetingly saw the image of a big, nude male with white hair and a gorgeous cock. None of her warriors guessed the smile on her face was not for them but for a male.

As if Gaia herself took an interest in matters, the weather was perfect next morning, for an ambush that is. The sun was hidden behind clouds that chased each other across the sky. Beneath the trees it was gloomy, with wisps of mist curling around the vines and trunks. If the soldiers had held a reasonable pace they should be upon them somewhere in the afternoon. Dyna grinned at the thought. She would make sure they got a very warm welcome.

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