Snaring A Spy

byBlack Tulip©

Dyna grinned. "Glad you liked it. You won't object then?"

Wulf frowned and looked a bit confused at the faces of the other Amazons. He had not noticed before, but it seemed they had al gathered to see his performance. "Object to what? What are you talking about?"

Dyna had a mischievous expression on her face. She trailed one hand through the curls on his chest, following the thin trail down his belly to the patch at the base of his cock. Careful but determined she grabbed him and gave a soft tug. "Serving the Amazon war leader with this lovely piece of manhood." She laughed and turned away, not waiting for his answer.

"Clean him up and make sure he is not too uncomfortable." With a gesture of her hand she gave her warriors permission to go after their own pleasures and it did not take very long before the clearing was filled with panting, sighing and moaning as the Amazons took advantage of the helpless soldiers. But not one was heard to complain, well not after the first kisses landed on one cock after the other.

Dyna smiled as she made a tour of the campsite. The hunters and warriors of Nova's clan had been doing without males for a long time and they seemed determined to make the most of this catch. Looking around Dyna tried to find Agila. No doubt she would be executing some kind of payback. But Dyna suspected Runar would probably appreciate most of it.

With a sigh she settled herself in front of Wulf's tent. This was all fun and games, but they had to release these soldiers sometime. They could not hold them indefinitely. Turning her attention inside she tried to come up with a safe way to let them go after a while.

Dyna shifted on the soft grass. She felt uneasy, tight inside. As if she had swallowed a bowstring that was drawn too taut. Every few moments her eyes were drawn to the big soldier still tied to the smooth tree. Merely looking at his muscled frame made her almost drool. By Gaia, he felt so good inside her. And if she was honest with herself, he had been right. If he had been able to use his hands, it would have been an even bigger pleasure. She clenched her thighs at the thought of the way he had made her cum in his own tent, just before she escaped.

Mother of all, she had never felt like that before. Suddenly out of patience with herself, she jumped up and stalked off. Leaving the camp and its inhabitants behind her. Agila was old enough to take care of business for a while. Besides, Nova was there as well and that was one shrewd lady.

The fierce blue eyes followed every move the Amazon war leader made. Wulf had enjoyed her ride on his cock. There was no doubt about that. But he sensed some kind of restlessness, something. He didn't know what exactly, but he knew he was right when he saw her stride into the forest. She had taken her revenge, which he had not minded in the least, but something else seemed to bother her. He frowned as he tried to think this through. At least it was obvious why he had felt watched earlier. He smiled a bit shamefacedly. The events of the evening explained why that Agila had not escaped as well.

Glad he was no longer tied to that blasted tree, Wulf followed the bustle of the camp with interest. Somewhere during the night he had been taken to his own tent and tied with one wrist to a tent pole. Not that that was giving him any chance to get loose. On of those warriors had stood guard and she had looked very alert. He had been asleep when Dyna came back from her wanderings and he only woke up next morning to see her leaving the tent again. He had witnessed a lot of frolicking around during the day. The Amazons were having a great day with his soldiers, taking turns in using them in all kinds of positions but never loosing their vigilance all at the same time.

He sighed and turned his head to search for Runar. His son had been out of sight for most of the day but right now he was sitting at the edge of the firelight. Wulf narrowed his eyes as he looked at the slightly flushed face and the angry set of his mouth. He wished he could get closer to ask what was going on. Runar looked as if he would gladly take somebody apart, preferably piece by little piece. Now what had that future queen done to his son? There was no doubt in his mind that the anger had something to do with Agila. It had to be.

A soft rustle by his side caught his attention and his gaze left his son to rest upon the woman who was settling herself next to him. He was glad she was still wearing the silk wrap. It left her breasts bare and he found he liked to look at them quite a lot. Just the thought of taking the dark brown nipples in his mouth made him lick his lips.

"Stop looking like that." The husky voice jolted him out of his reverie. "You know that makes me going all soft inside, don't you?"

Wulf smiled as he looked at the mocking face. He let his eyes slide very deliberately over her mouth, down her neck to her breasts and over her stomach to her legs. "Does it? I don't mind." He looked up again and saw a light blush creep up. His smile broadened perceptibly. "Yes, I see it does. Interesting that. Can we experiment a bit?"

Dyna bit her lip. It was infuriating to feel how much impact just a single look from those blue eyes had on her. She had tried to laugh it off, but it was true. Well, she had taken a lot of time in thinking this over. There was no point in putting it off any longer. She swallowed and tried to stay calm and composed.

"As a matter of fact, that is what I came to discuss with you. An experiment." With satisfaction she saw him do a mental turnabout. She knew he had been more or less joking and he had not expected her to take his suggestion seriously. "Let's get inside. I prefer discussing this in private. Besides, it's close to bedtime." Not looking back she almost plunged into the tent; rightfully assuming Wulf would follow after her.

Dyna smiled when she saw the surprise on his face. She closed the flap of the tent, leaving just the two of them. He raised his eyebrows and she laughed. "I know, you are only tied with one hand. Don't get any ideas though. I have enough warriors watching to ensure the safety of the camp. The only thing you can do, is kill me." She took a small pause to look at him. "But you won't do that, will you?" Seeing him shake his head she nodded in satisfaction. "I thought so."

Moving further inside Dyna picked a spot on one of the furs and let herself down. Sitting cross-legged she looked up at Wulf and patted the furs in front of her invitingly. "Sit down, I really want to discuss some things with you." She waited for him to get comfortable and then she continued.

"You realize we have to let all of you go of course. From our point of view that is a pity but necessary. We cannot and will not ever be mere women to you and we cannot keep men prisoners forever. So, I think I have come up with a plan to make sure you all get your freedom back without us giving up ours."

Wulf said nothing. He just nodded once and had a look of concentration on his face. Listening to what she had to say.

"In a few days time, we will leave during the night. You will all be tied up so you can't follow us. Only one of us will remain behind to free you at the next nightfall. I will want your word on the safety of that one."

She looked at him expectantly.

Wulf sat there, staring at her for some time, before he found his voice. "What is your definition of safety? Can she be treated as a woman of our own? Do you expect us to let her go? Right away or after a specific time or what?" He pushed his fingers through the tangled curls on his head. Then he laughed softly. "I must admit. You keep surprising me. I definitely did not expect something like this."

Dyna smiled in return. "I know you didn't. As to the safety of the one to set you free, I expect you to treat her with the respect due to a warrior. Can you guarantee that?"

Wulf exhaled a deep breath. He felt he was missing a clue or something. This was way too easy. Or was it? "All you want is my word we will treat her with respect? That's all? Just my word? Woman, you have it. No question about that."

She smiled, turned around and took hold of a skin filled with wine. After she took a swig, she offered the skin to Wulf. "I'm glad we have this settled. That leaves us time for more, ... pleasant topics." Suddenly she had a look of mischief on her face as she wiggled her breasts. "I just have to check the guards, but I'll be right back." With that she slipped out of the tent before he had a chance to react.

Taking a deep breath Wulf shifted on the furs till he was comfortably on his side, his head propped on one elbow. He had no idea what she had in store for him, well, he had a definite idea about what he wanted it to be. By Thor, that woman had the power to make him hard without even touching him. Suddenly it hit him that he was still only tied by one wrist. When she came back he could very easily overpower her. Would she really call those others? He sighed. Yes, she would. He had no doubt. He would probably do the same. Her swift return surprised him before he had his mind made up completely.

"Pleasant topics." Her voice was no more than a whisper in the half-light. "Remember you said you could give me more pleasure if you could use your hands? I know you can. I haven't forgotten yet, you know. There is a problem though."

Wulf felt the blood pumping through his veins. Was she offering herself to him? He almost groaned out loud as his cock sprang to attention at the mere thought of her, her body for him to direct, to caress, to worship. He said nothing however, waiting for her to go on.

"Amazons take a man, like I took you last night. The only choice a man has, is that of standing up or lying on his back. What you did to me was an insult. I am sure you understand that a bit better now. As far as the warriors go, I took my revenge by riding you in public." She sighed before continuing. "You do not see that as an insult, do you?" She saw the soldier shake his head and moved her shoulders as if shrugging something aside. "I don't know. Maybe I'm about to make the biggest mistake of my life."

Wulf noticed he had been holding his breath, and softly expelled it. The dim light inside his tent made it hard to see her face very clearly. But her voice and the way she behaved, told him she was trying to tell him something she found very difficult. On impulse he leaned over, lightly touching her face. She leaned her face in his hand and turned her head to plant a soft kiss on his palm. He felt her lips moving to his wrist, trailing little kisses on the sensitive skin.

"What are you saying?" His voice sounded gruff and he cleared his throat. His fingers caressed her cheek, stroking her jawbone, pushing a lock of the straight black hair behind her ear. "Are you inviting me?" He leaned a little further over and captured her face between his hands. "Are you?"

He saw her swallow nervously. It touched him in a strange way to see such a strong woman being unsure. The feeling made him pause for a minute. Long enough for her to gather her courage.

"Yes, I am. I'm not supposed to do that, but..." She rose abruptly and moved to the back of the tent. "I hope I'm not doing something stupid." With that she unchained him and stood a bit uncertain with the shackle in her hands.

Wulf had a feeling as if the air was punched out of him. Whatever he had been expecting, not this. Surely not this. He reached out and could just grasp the end of the chain hanging from her hands. With a gentle tug he guided her back to him. Another tug landed her in his lap and he wrapped both arms around her, holding her tight against his chest.

"What the..." Dyna sputtered but never got to finish what she was going to say. Wulf silenced her with a kiss that made her head spin. After that she had no time to ponder on the wisdom of her actions. In seconds he had the loose end of the chain wrapped around her wrist and he grinned like a madman when he pushed her on her back.

"How about us starting halfway? Both of us having one hand free?" He laughed out loud when she shot an annoyed look to their hands linked by the piece of chain. Still laughing he reached out and removed her dagger, throwing it somewhere behind him. After that he suddenly sobered. The intense blue of his eyes seemed to turn to little flames as he studied the woman lying in front of him.

Dyna saw his eyes change and the intensity of his look made her shiver. She had no control over her body. Again all he had to do was look and she turned like wax in his hands, all warm and soft and pliable. Deep inside her she felt the start of a slight trembling, waiting to grow under his hands. Those big, warm hands. One of them came down just then to cup her breast.

She gasped and he chose that moment to kiss her again. His tongue daring hers, his hand molding her breasts and the thumb of his other hand stroking the tender skin of her wrist. Almost instantly she felt the heat rise in her body. Her insides turned almost liquid as his mouth traveled from her lips to her neck and down to her nipples. His tongue teased the dark tips till they were stiff as little pokers and she moaned in the back of her throat.

Wulf tangled his hand in the thick black hair, holding her head in place as he kissed her as if he were reaching for her soul. The little sounds she made were driving him on, urging him to make her even more expressive. He felt her body giving in to his hands, the warm soft flesh yielding to his every touch and it drove him on. It took only a small effort to remove the wrap from around her hips and he raised his head to look at her. His eyes roamed over the luscious body and came to rest on the soft belly with the black curls hiding her pussy.

"Frigga must be fond of me. To grant me a woman like you." His voice was close to a growl as he lowered his head again and licked his way from her chin to the top of her legs. He felt her lips on his ribs, her hand caressing his chest and teasing his nipples. He sighed a breath between her legs and she opened them, granting him entrance. Her smell was heady, calling him closer and he kissed his way over, tasting her juices as his tongue spread her lips. He smiled as he heard her moan.

Dyna was sure he was driving her slowly mad. The kissing and licking all over her body was something new to her. If you catch a man and make him fuck you, there is not much opportunity for such niceties. And nice it was. She could not stop herself from uttering sounds of pleasure and when his tongue touched her clit she cried out. "Please, touch me. Please, let me cum." The feelings inside her started building up, billowing out, enveloping her whole body, and drowning the last doubts she might have had in the immense pleasure he was giving her. His lips nibbled her clit as he slid his fingers inside her. Her breath exploded from her in a loud sigh and her hips bucked. No longer able to focus clearly on something outside her body her hand reached out to keep his head in place. His mouth and his fingers brought her a swift climax, but before she could pull herself together he shifted position.

Wulf had to exert all of his willpower to wait for the woman to climax first. The call of her body was making him almost dizzy. His fingers were coated with her wetness and the smell of her cunt was making him groan. As soon as he felt the contractions of her orgasm he pulled his fingers out and pushed her legs further apart. Spreading her as wide as possible he lowered himself between those softly rounded thighs and started to insert his cock. Very slowly, inch by inch he filled her hot, wet pussy still twitching in the aftermath of her climax. He had been aiming for it, but still it pleased him no end, when she started bucking again after only a few thrusts and cried out in a second orgasm.

The feeling of that incredibly wet, very hot cunt gripping his cock was even better than he had remembered. Gods, he had never known a woman who could do that before. He sank slowly into the tender flesh till his balls hit her ass. Resting on his elbows he slowly pulled back till only the head was still inside, he waited for just a second before slowly sinking back in. He lowered his head and sucked on a nipple as hard as a nail. Her whimpering told him enough. The sweat stood on his brow but he was determined to keep at it as long as possible. He wished it could last forever.

If Gaia were watching her, she would turn probably green with envy. Dyna was sure of it. No one ever had made her feel this way. Or made her cum so often. She felt all soft, wet and open as she welcomed his cock inside her. The slow moving in and out of her cunt almost hypnotizing her till she jumped at his mouth teasing her nipples again. Her hand grabbed his hair and pulled his face up to hers. Clasping her legs around his buttocks she started pulling him inside her, at the same time kissing him deeply. Her tongue darted in and out of his mouth, making him pick up speed with his cock as well. She was determined to feel him come inside her, wanting to give back to him as much as she could.

It was impossible to withstand her body. Wulf gave in to her kisses and the clenching and pulling of the muscles inside her. He felt the itching in his whole body, making him groan and he stabbed harder and harder, swifter and swifter. The pressure in his balls was starting to build and he stretched his arms. Throwing his head back he started giving Dyna powerful thrusts, only dimly hearing her voice urging him on. At last he could no longer keep it up and he felt his sperm squirt inside her, leaving his body in four, five spurts.

With a sigh he lowered himself to his elbows again. "Gods, woman. You're driving me crazy." He cupped her face in his hands and kissed her thoroughly. Careful not to squash her completely he let his body down on hers. "Am I hurting you?"

She smiled and shook her head. "No." Suddenly she giggled. "I'll probably hurt in the morning though." She kissed his shoulder. "But I don't mind." She raised her hand and her fingers traced his features. Her eyes looking like sparkling green gems.

After a few moments Wulf rolled over on his back and pulled Dyna with him. She ended up on his chest with one hand on his face, the other on his thigh, slowly stroking up and down his leg. Her lips planted small kisses in the white curls on his chest. His hands glided up and down her back, enjoying the feel of skin on muscles, every now and then cupping her bottom and giving a gentle squeeze.

Stretching and yawning Wulf opened his eyes to find Dyna gone. He figured that probably was what had awakened him in the first place. He stood up and was pleasantly surprised to find he was still unchained. Unsure what she expected of him he sat down again. He understood perfectly clear that what had transpired the other night was strictly between the two of them. Maybe it was best to stay inside till someone came to fetch him. As it turned out, he didn't have to wait that long. Perhaps half an hour later Dyna stepped inside, carrying a bowl of berries and a water skin.

Putting breakfast down she bent over and kissed him lightly on the mouth. "Good morning, slept all right?" She smiled and sat down opposite him. "Take some." She pushed the bowl towards him and took a sip of water. "Can I ask you something?" Suddenly she looked very serious.

Wulf was in the middle of taking some berries, but he froze in mid movement. The tone of her voice and the sudden bleak expression on her face made him shiver a bit. What the hell was going on? Had somebody found her out or something? He raised questioning eyes and nodded. "Sure. What's wrong? Anything I can help you with?" He tried to send some reassurance her way, but he was a little surprised by her answer.

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