tagGay MaleSniffing Mike Ch. 02

Sniffing Mike Ch. 02


(continued from Sniffing Mike's Briefs)

Mike and I are roommates, sharing this inexpensive two-bedroom house in this college town. He goes to school and I go to work. We cut the expenses down the middle and manage not to get in each other's way. We don't share much except the rent.

Mike doesn't have a clue that I secretly enjoy sniffing his dirty laundry, or that I think he is incredibly edible himself. He knows that I like guys, just like I know that he likes girls. We've each met some overnighters in the morning as they were leaving. But I've never indicated that I was interested in him and he seems comfortable with our living arrangement. Mike is very athletic and is on the track team, so sweat is a part of his life and I suppose the whole team of young men probably smells the same way, so he gets away with a little odor outside where no one else will notice. Along with not knowing about me getting off on the fetish smells from his socks and briefs, he also doesn't know that I'm aware that he wears his undies more than once between washings. More to my enjoyment of course.

Mike came dragging in after practice this Saturday, and immediately plopped down on the couch exhausted.

"How was it," I asked.

"Rough," he said, "We did hurdles today and my feet and legs are killing me."

Mike had never before let on to me how much discomfort he had from working out, so I figured I'd be more forthcoming as a friend. "You know my friends tell me I'm good with my hands," I said. "If you want, I can work on those feet."

Surprisingly, Mike wasn't put off by the thought of a guy massaging his feet. Probably all that camaraderie with the guys on his track team made it seem normal to him. "Sure," he said, "let me go wash my feet."

"Just relax," I said, going to my bedroom to get the oil, "if your feet stink too bad, I'll let you know."

He may have been self-conscious about having foot odor after his sweaty workout today, and wearing yesterdays socks. Mike was still lying on the couch, almost asleep when I got back. I lifted his legs and sat on the end of the couch with his feet in my lap. He hadn't taken off his shoes and was about to do so, when I told him to just lay back and relax.

I untied his large running shoes and slipped them off, immediately releasing the predictable strong foot odor. I hoped it didn't reach Mike's nose, for he surely would have insisted on washing his feet. I did tell him I would let him know if his feet smelled too bad, but of course I was getting off on this most personal hidden odor from my roommate's large, beautiful feet. I removed his damp sweat socks, which as usual had a musty, cheesy odor to them. But his feet had a sharper more acrid odor, almost like vinegar mixed with the cheesy odor.

As I took one foot in hand and rubbed the oil over it, the smell became even more pronounced, as if the oil brought it out. I enjoyed pressing the soft smooth sole of his eleven-inch-long foot with my fingers, as I worked the bones thru his soles. I pulled on each toe while rotating it between fingers and thumb, then slid my fingers between his toes, feeling the dampness of those hidden spaces. Mike was laid back with his eyes closed, clearly enjoying the work of my hands on his tired feet. I too enjoyed the feel of his foot sliding across my palm as I slid my hand along his sole, dipping into his high arch and rounding the smooth spherical heel. We were both getting off on the feel of skin sliding over skin, but I was particularly aware of the intimacy of this very private body part and enjoyed the personal smell that was wafting up from the feet in my lap.

I did long slow massages on both of his feet, and he seemed to be drifting in and out of sleep the whole time. I was sure he was awake enough to be enjoying the feel of it, but eventually, after much more time than a professional masseuse would have done, I had to end the foot massage. However, I suggested that I could continue up his legs if he wanted.

Mike was so relaxed, the endorphins so plentiful, that I doubt he was ready to end this physical touch that felt so good. He was more than pleased to get a leg massage, and I put a towel on the carpet for him to lie on. Mike laid face down on the towel, and I mentioned that his baggy gym shorts were hiding half of his upper leg, so he stripped down to his white briefs. I began with effleurage strokes up his leg, then worked the calf muscle with my thumbs.

Mike had beautifully developed legs from his biking and his track workouts. The calf muscles were large and tight and it actually took some effort to push into them with my fingers. It was a pleasure to be able to squeeze these beautiful leg muscles, and I did a lot of kneading on the upper back of the leg. With the massage to his legs was additional massage to his feet, which now faced me from another angle. On one stroke to his upper leg where his lower leg was resting on my shoulder, his foot was right at my face and I could run my nose along it.

Along with the feel of his muscular legs in my hands, was the visual treat of seeing his beautifully rounded butt filling the white cotton briefs. Although his briefs covered the cleavage of his butt crack, I could see it thru the thin white fabric, all the way down to the bulge between his legs. My fingers came so close to this bulge when I gave the long sliding strokes up his leg that occasionally a finger would brush against it. Mike didn't complain so I guess he wasn't upset by it. I enjoyed giving a very long massage to the backs of both his legs but eventually you have to admit it was enough. I told Mike I could do the upper thighs from the front.

I knew from my own bike riding that these were the most tense muscles he would have, and Mike agreed that they were tight and cramped often. Mike flipped over and I noticed that the bulge in front of his briefs, while not straining, was a little more full than usual. I started with flowing strokes up his thighs, and he mentioned that it hurt. I told him it was a good hurt and continued. After some deep kneading, the tightness in his thighs lessened and he became more relaxed.

The kneading and long strokes dipped deep into the inner part of his thigh, and I quite absently brushed against the bulge in his briefs. It was then that I noticed why. Seems the bulge had gotten larger, and I could see the outline of his clearly erect cock straining against the white cloth of the briefs. I looked at Mike's face to see if there was any reaction and he was quietly lying there, eyes closed, apparently unconcerned that he was obviously turned on by my touch. I continued the massage on the inner parts of his thighs, not avoiding the occasional brush against this intrusive bulge between his legs, which now had a wet spot forming on the cloth at the end of his cock.

At this point, I ventured to ask Mike if he would like a full body massage, that his pectorals are probably tight from his upper body workout. And, at this point, Mike was completely accommodating. He sat up and removed his T-shirt and laid back down. I moved to his head and spread oil on his ample, rounded pecs, leaning over him to spread it down his six-pack abs all the way to the elastic in his briefs. As I leaned forward, I could smell the cumin-chicken soup flavored odor wafting up from his armpits. It was enticing and my own hard cock was straining at my shorts.

I began by kneading each pectoral separately, using both hands for a continuous motion of grabbing and squeezing the large tight muscles. My fingers went under the side of the pectoral, and I was actually touching his moist underarm hair with my fingertips. When changing over, I brought my fingers to my nose to smell the wonderful fragrance of Mike's pits that had transferred to me. After the petrissage, I concluded with effleurage, long strokes over his chest and down his abdomen. I could feel the stiffened bumps of his nipples slide across my palm as I slid them over his chest. I slid my hands on each long stroke to the edge of the elastic band of his briefs, which by now were really stretched with Mike's obvious full erection. Mike seemed unconcerned with showing me his arousal, so on one long stroke that went slowly across his erect nipples I slid my fingers under the elastic, as far as his pubic hair.

Mike did not object, so the next downward stroke went thru his pubic hair to the base of his hard penis. Mike knew where this was going and didn't object, so I moved to his side and pulled the elastic edge of the briefs down, releasing his fully engorged cock. It pointed straight up, the dripping head almost free of the foreskin. I brought my face down to his cock as I slid the skin back to clear the head and stuck my nose behind the crest of the glans. There was a strong scent of smegma accumulated under his skin. I inhaled several times behind his glans, savoring this most intimate smell of a man, while spreading his pre-cum over the head.

I pulled Mike's briefs off, and spread his legs, running my mouth along his wooden shaft. The yeasty smell of his balls was wafting up from his crotch and I couldn't resist putting my mouth on his sweaty sack, sucking one ball then the other into my mouth. The smell of smegma and crotch odors permeated my nose as I sniffed the underside of his shaft before slipping his dripping head into my mouth. The pre-cum was slick on my tongue and it wasn't the actual taste so much as the viscosity that gave me sensation.

Mike was really getting off on this, and apparently forgot that it was a man doing it to him. I wondered if his girlfriends were this much into his cock. Probably too faint hearted to smell smegma on his cock and still put it in their mouth. I could feel Mike's excitement grow as my tongue worked the underside of his head and he soon grabbed my head and started humping. I could feel his head rubbing in the back of my throat as his excitement and thrusts grew and I heard a moan as he stopped, tense, shooting in the back of my throat.

Mike laid there, quietly, exhausted. After a long silence I asked, "You OK, Mike?"

"Yeah, I'm fine." he said "That was really good, but I don't know ..."

We talked a bit before Mike went to the shower. I told him he can chalk it up to experimentation and it's perfectly normal, and the feelings are physical pleasure that you can get from any source. He wasn't too upset about his first time getting excited and sucked off by a guy. In fact we joked about how I might give his girlfriends lessons.

Mike went to the shower and I knew he would feel a little better after "washing away" some of the recent events, just as I would feel better reliving them later with the help of Mike's dirty smelly briefs, socks and T-shirt.

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