tagGay MaleSniffing Mike's Briefs

Sniffing Mike's Briefs


It was Friday. I actually got home from work early and started stripping as soon as I hit the front door. Mike wasn't in, probably doing more laps at the field. Mike and I are roommates, sharing this inexpensive two-bedroom house in this college town. He goes to school and I go to work. We cut the expenses down the middle and manage not to get in each other's way. We don't share much except the rent.

My shoes off, I threw them into my room and threw the socks, shirt and pants into my dirty clothes hamper in the hall closet, leaving me standing in my briefs. Mike and I do our own laundry, each with a basket in the large hall closet. I noticed that each week my basked filled up more than Mike's. Seems the young man gets away with wearing some things more than once.

Not that I'm so observant of such small personal details as my roommate's laundry habits, but I've actually checked out the number of briefs and socks that he goes thru in a week and noticed that he sometimes wears socks and briefs for three days or more.

Of course I'm not rooting thru his laundry basket to see how often he changes his undies. I root thru looking for items of clothing that have retained the smells of those intimate parts of his body. Mike is very athletic and is on the track team, so sweat is a part of his life and I suppose he gets away with a little odor outside with his teammates, where no one else will notice. The whole team of young men probably smells the same way.

Tonight, there is a pair of white sweat socks draped over the side of Mike's basket. They were probably wet when he took them off so he laid them out to keep them from mildewing. I picked them up and brought them to my nose. Mike's sweat socks usually smelled mildly of cheese, and that was the odor of these, except they also smelled a little like a wet dog.

I went into my bedroom and laid back on the bed, holding both of mike's socks to my nose. I moved my nose along the length of the sock from the heel to the toe. Surprisingly, the most odor was not from the toes but was actually strongest at the heel. I breathed into the socks, then inhaled which seems to make the smell stronger.

My cock was straining at my briefs as I lay there propped up in bed exploring what smelled like three days worth of foot odor in Mike's socks, while imagining his large white feet, with the high arch and perfectly aligned long toes. Like me, Mike doesn't wear shoes when he doesn't have to, so I've seen his feet on many occasions, often while he's laying on the couch with them sticking out in the air.

There was a time when I wondered why I would get off on the stinky smell of someone's dirty socks. Then I figured out that there is nothing more intimate or personal than a person's smelly parts, those that they hide from others like feet, butt cracks, armpits and crotches. It is probably the forbidden nature of these exclusively personal areas of the body that makes these surreptitious sniffings so exciting.

I had my hand inside my briefs, gently rubbing my now drippy cock when I heard a key enter the door. I quickly got up, threw on some cut-offs and got Mike's socks draped back on his laundry basket before he reached the hall.

Mike doesn't have a clue that I enjoy his dirty laundry, or that I think he is incredibly edible himself. He knows that I like guys, just like I know that he likes girls. We've each met some overnighters in the morning as they were leaving. But I've never indicated that I was interested in him and he seems comfortable with our living arrangement.

"Hi Mike. How was practice?" I said.

Mike smiled and said it was rough, he was worn out and almost didn't make the five-mile bike ride home. He took off his T-shirt, exposing his hairless chest with six-pack abs and full curved pecs. I often wondered if he wasn't aware of how the sight of his gorgeous bare chest excited me, or if he liked to tease. Both of us were pretty casual around the house. Briefs were OK unless there was a guest present. Mike removed his shoes and stripped off his gym shorts. I've only once seen Mike totally naked, when he wasn't aware that I was home and came out of the shower with nothing on, so I didn't have to imagine the beautiful uncut cock that was pressing against the fabric of his briefs.

Mike said he was going to take a long hot soak in the tub and threw his socks, T-shirt and gym shorts in the laundry basket and kept his briefs on as he went into the bathroom. As soon as the water was running and I heard Mike slip into the tub, I went to the laundry closet.

First I grabbed the damp T-shirt. Mike doesn't use deodorant and usually can't be smelled even near his body, but the T-shirt had absorbed his natural pit odors and I rubbed them under my nose as I inhaled what smelled like chicken soup. It smelled so delicious that I found myself licking the salty wet fabric. His gym shorts were wet in the middle, along the seam where his bike seat has pushed up his ass. This was more pungent than the T-shirt and smelled like the spice cumin. I knew it would have to be even stronger smelling on his tighty-whitey briefs that he wore into the bathroom. His wet socks had very little odor, probably the first day he wore them, but I was steadily getting off on the edible smells of his T-shirt and shorts. My own briefs were holding down my quite anxious cock and absorbing the steady drips of pre cum. I was lost in sniffing Mike's delicious smelling clothes, slowly rubbing my crotch thru my shorts while exploring the intimate smells exuded by my roommate when I heard Mike getting out of the tub. I threw his clothes back into the laundry and went to my room.

When my boner went down, I went into the living room where Mike was sitting in his briefs watching TV. Were they a fresh pair or the same ones he wore today? By the smell of his gym shorts, it should have been time for a change. After Mike went to bed, I slipped by the hall closet and checked out the laundry basket. There, sprawled on top of the clothes was the white pair of briefs that he had worn today. I grabbed them and the T-shirt and took them to my room.

I got undressed, laid back in bed and started sniffing the armpit area of the T-shirt. With my eyes closed, I imagined running my nose up Mike's side and sliding it across the fragrant hairs of his pit. I even saw myself licking his moist hairs as I sucked on the salty cotton fabric of his shirt. Then I switched to his briefs.

His beautiful white cotton briefs, with the convex front, permanently curved by the bulge they supported all day, were still damp from the sweat of his crotch. As I brought the briefs to my face I saw two curly brown pubic hairs caught on the cloth inside. They were almost artistically curved, resembling the glyph for the astrological sign Leo. There were also a couple of pale yellow stains, drips of urine from the tip of his cock. I brought the garment to my nose and smelled the odor of the old piss. It was actually sweet smelling with a slightly volatile ammonia odor that went deep into my nostrils. Along the edges of the briefs, the stitching was a light grey color from rubbing in the confines between his legs and balls. There was the almost bleachy smell of ball sweat with a sweet smell of yeast.

There was the faintest tan streak in the back, where his bike seat had rubbed this fabric along his ass. I could smell a slight sour odor but the rubbings from his ani glands overrode it. As soon as I inhaled this strong odor of cumin from the center of his crotch, my cock got even harder. I closed my eyes, stroked my cock and imagined licking Mike's balls and asshole while I sucked on the cotton fabric that had touched him so intimately.

Saturday morning and I awoke with Mike's briefs on my face and dried cum on my abs and hand. In a panic I realized that Mike may have looked in the laundry closet and noticed his briefs and shirt missing. I went out into the hall and saw Mike's door open and that he was gone. Probably left for running practice this morning. I took his undies back to the closet and noticed that his socks from yesterday were missing. He probably wore them again today. I also noticed another pair of white briefs on top of the basket. It wasn't like Mike to change underwear so often.

As I picked them up they felt wet in front. I looked inside and saw streaks of cum that had not soaked into the fabric. Mike apparently had a wet dream last nite. I took the wet briefs back to my room, my cock already getting hard as I rubbed my fingers over the residue of cum on the inside of his briefs. I laid naked on the bed and grew even more excited as I pressed the wet fabric to my nose and inhaled the bleachy aroma of cum, imagining Mike squirting it on my face with his large uncut cock. I stroked my cock and licked at the moist cloth, tasting this most personal fluid of my beautiful roommate. With his smell still in my nose and his taste still in my mouth, I took his briefs and pulled them up my legs. I could feel the coolness as the wet surface of his briefs touched my hot engorged cock, but it warmed as I rubbed thru the cloth a few more times until I erupted, spilling my hot fluids where his had been.

I lay there for a while, breathless, wearing Mike's soaked briefs, enjoying the surreptitious intimacy I had with him thru the proxy of this garment. My cock had wilted and the cooling cum was getting uncomfortable, so I got up, took Mike's briefs off and put them back in his laundry basket. Putting Mike's briefs on and cuming in them was so impulsive that I realized I did it without thinking, almost as if it were a magic ritual. Who knows, maybe mixing our cum on this fetish object will make it a talisman to bring us closer together.

(continued with Sniffing Mike)

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