tagGroup SexSnippet: Paul's New Neighbor

Snippet: Paul's New Neighbor


Paul couldn't believe this was actually happening. Here he was, naked in front of three women, having just lost at strip poker. He had lost every hand, every hand.

'Unreal' he thought, trying his best to think about anything other than how embarrassed he was at this moment.

"Sarah loses... her shirt" Karen giggled "And Paul gets to take it off"

As per Jessie's rules, Paul stood up and turned towards Sarah. She got out of her chair, raised her arms and backed towards him.

Slowly, she moved against him, feeling his erection slide along her skirt. It popped out, on her left side, like a boomerang. The other girl's all laughed but their eyes stayed riveted on Paul's cock. It was throbbing, pre-cum starting to ooze from the tip. Sarah continued grinding her ass against his right leg while Paul's fingers fumbled at her buttons. Each button seemed to challenge his shaking fingers but he finally managed to remove her shirt. The bra she was wearing was made out of black satin and did nothing to hide the fact that her nipples were as rigid as Paul's cock. To Paul it seemed that they were begging to be caressed and that is exactly what he started to do. The feel of them through the slippery fabric caused his cock to swell.

"Oh look, it's oozing again," Karen said as she pointed at Paul's excited cock.

Sarah took Karen's comment as added incentive, starting to move her leg back and forth against Paul's engorged member.

"Okay Sarah" Jessie commanded. "Time to shine!"

Sarah looked down at the object of everyone's attention and started to spread the pre-cum around and around the head of Paul's cock. It twitched uncontrollably as Sarah kept coaxing it, pre-cum flowing at every spasm.

"Ok Sarah" Jessie breathed, "It's all shined up! Let's get back to the game."

Paul almost screamed in frustration, Sarah's finger trying to keep track of the head of his cock had him next to orgasm. Jessie telling her to stop just made it throb again and again. More pre-cum oozed from the tip as Paul sat back down.

"Look at that!" Karen said as she stared at Paul's oozing cock.

"Time for my next rule" Jessie said, "We have all seen how much his cock twitches when he gets excited. I suggest that we punish him if it twitches again."

"Punish him?" Sarah asked.

"That's right" Jessie replied "If he twitches, we tie him up and tease him for the rest of the weekend."

"Sounds like fun" Karen smiled.

Paul was aware that the girls were talking but he didn't really hear them. He was horny, horny as hell; his need to ejaculate was now the only thing on his mind.

Jessie stared at him and asked him what would happen if his cock twitched again.

He didn't know what she meant. He half remembered them whispering among themselves and giggling, but he hadn't been paying attention to what they were saying, his mind was pre-occupied with the memory of Sarah's finger slowly rubbing the pre-cum back and forth over the head of his throbbing cock.

"What." Paul said absently mindedly, Jessie's voice bringing him back to reality.

"Do you understand the rules?" Jessie replied.

"Yeah, sure..." Paul stammered.

Karen had finished dealing the cards. Spit in the Ocean was the game. No draw. The first four cards were dealt for all to see that Jessie was in definite risk of losing the hand. The final card, wild to everyone, proclaimed Sarah the winner and Jessie the loser.

"Jessie loses this time," Karen said, as she stared at Paul. He was sitting in the chair directly across from her. The low table allowed her to see him, trying desperately to hide his erection by leaning forward with his arms across his knees. He might have been hiding it from Jessie and Sarah but Karen could see the head of his cock between his legs, it was throbbing.

"Guess what Paul?" Karen said, looking him right in the eye. "Time to take off Jessie's nylons."

Sarah and Karen slid in on each side of Paul, pushing his shoulders against the back of the couch. Paul's cock sprang skyward as the girl's efforts exposed him. Jessie smiled and started sliding her foot up Paul's right leg, lightly caressing it. Paul's cock went out of control as Karen started sucking his right nipple while Sarah gently rubbed her fingers across his other one.

"Look at it go." Sarah exclaimed as she stared at Paul's pulsating member. "She hasn't even touched it yet."

"Paul, you do understand that if you twitch, you will be punished." Jessie stated.

"Yeah, sure." Paul barely managed to say. He couldn't help it. He was so horny, his cock had a mind of it's own. Trying to stop it from jerking around took all of his concentration. Jessie's toes were starting to caress the crown of his cock. The sensation drove Paul wild but he managed to stop his aching cock from throbbing. Jessie's other foot suddenly appeared, applying a soft pressure against the other side of his cock. Slowly, she moved her feet up and down, his shaft caught between her insteps. Her nylon covered feet, lightly caressing his excited cock, caused it to swell to an unaccustomed size. Pre-cum flowed from it, gravity drawing it down until it dripped onto his stomach. As suddenly as she had started, Jessie stopped and pulled her feet apart. Paul was caught off guard, his cock twitching uncontrollably.

"Got him!" Jessie squealed triumphantly.

"Shine the head, shine the head." Karen and Sarah chanted.

"He still has to take off my nylons." Jessie said. "OK Paul, take them off, but you have to use your teeth."

Paul slid off the couch and crawled towards Jessie on his hands and knees. At this angle he could see up her skirt. What he saw made his dick swell once again. Her panties barely covered her. They were wet, and the smell of her excitement intoxicated him. She moaned as the side of his face probed along her thigh, seeking the top of her pantyhose. Feeling her skin, he stopped and slipped his tongue between her thigh and the silky barrier. Grasping the material between his teeth he started back down. The feeling of her leg against the side of his face sent Paul into another dimension. Not only was his cock demanding relief, his whole body ached. He didn't remember taking off the other stocking. He was lost in a world of ecstasy.

"Shine it, shine it."

Paul's whole body jerked as he felt a silky soft palm start moving slowly back and forth over the head of his cock. Jessie was rubbing the tip of it with the palm of her hand; only her hand was encompassed with her previously discarded pantyhose. Paul's back arched as her ministrations brought him towards orgasm. Suddenly she stopped. Paul's cock was hammering; nothing else mattered to him at this moment.

"That didn't take long." Jessie laughed as she and the other girls watched his cock dance. "Get the ropes."

Paul was beyond comprehension. 'The ropes?' What did she mean, the ropes? Karen and Sarah got up and left the room. Jessie, however, started to squeeze his cock. His legs started to quiver as her nylon covered fingers tightened and relaxed, again and again, over and over, up and down in a slow seductive, premeditated sequence. Smiling, she started to tickle his nipples, one at a time with her other hand.

"Here's the rope." Karen said as she and Sarah re-entered the room. Jessie stopped her torment not realizing how close she was to ruining the girl's evening. Paul was so close to coming that he couldn't control it. His cock throbbed; the feeling of Jessie's caresses lingering on his mind.

"Oh look" Sarah pointed. "What's up with that?"

Karen and Jessie followed Sarah's finger and saw that Paul's cock was oozing something that wasn't clear anymore. Suddenly it twitched, only Jessie's quick reaction prevented it from a total release. Paul groaned as her fingers locked tightly onto the tip of his cock, preventing him from ejaculating.

"Okay, let's do it" Jessie ordered.

Paul was aware that they were tying his legs and arms to the furniture around him. Before he knew it, he was tied, spread eagled on the floor. All the while, Jessie kept her tight grip on his shaft.

"He almost came!"

"For sure!" Jessie said with a giggle in her voice.

"OK, he's tied up now" Sarah said. "Let's continue the game."

"New rules" Jessie said.

"Like what?" Both of the other girls said, almost in harmony.

"Let's see if his cock can keep from twitching." Jessie said as she held up a small makeup brush.

Paul groaned as he watched it advance towards his aching member.

Jessie lightly ran the brush, just once, up and down Paul's shaft. His cock thumped up and down against his stomach.

"You got him" Karen and Sarah noted.

Pre-cum was pouring out of Paul's cock. He couldn't keep it from throbbing, it was as if had a mind of it's own. Jessie started spreading the slippery ooze slowly over the head of his cock while she continued brushing his shaft. Paul lost control, his sperm patterning the air, driven by the brush in Jessie's hand.

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