Snobby Surma Ch. 04


As she knew he would, Rakesh began to stir again.

Rakesh kissed Deotima's lips and sucked on her tongue.

He kissed her nonstop, rubbing his lips against hers, sucking her tongue out from inside her mouth, caressing it with his tongue and then letting her suck on his tongue.

All the while he moved his chest back and forth on her breasts and nipples.

He lifted her arms high so his fingers could stroke her underarms, back and forth, till she moaned in pleasure.

Her underarms were sensitive as hell and during sex he could make Deo come just by kissing and stroking her underarms.

When they were not having sex he could bring her to her knees, giggling, just by ticking her under her arms.

He knew this girl so well.

Deo was getting agitated and her naked body was squirming and rubbing against his.

Her thighs were squeezing against each other as she felt sensations zooming from her breasts towards her thighs like lightning bolts of pleasure.

Her hands shamelessly returned to touch and squeeze his huge cock.

Rakesh moved down to her ripe breasts and started to lick around her nipples.

Deo was whispering "No, No" as he teased her.

She remembered his teasing so well and she urged him to stop teasing her nipples. "Please Rakesh. Don't. Pleaaaaase"

Rakesh noticed that until now she had not raised her voice.

The real Deo was coming out.

Her voice was getting louder and louder like it always did, during sex.

In real life she was so soft spoken that you would never know she had such a loud voice.

Rakesh was gradually undoing all the bad effects Hugo had on her.

His Deotima was coming back!

Her voice was getting louder and louder as he continued teasing around her nipples.

He suddenly grabbed her nipples with his lips and started to suck and lick them back and forth, round and round. In and out of his mouth.

Deo gasped and screamed.

" Oh Goddddd!!! Please Rakesh! Noooooooo!!! Oh God! Oh God! Please don't stop! Don't!!!"

Rakesh could feel her hips involuntarily thrust back and forth.

He slid his hands between her soft, strong thighs and spread them apart.

His middle finger traced the gap in between her pussy lips touching her swollen clit.

She reacted strongly with her first minor orgasm.

Deotima was dripping wet.

Rakesh licked his fingers tasting her pussy juice after such a long time.

Then he cupped and squeezed her breasts.

Oh God! What breasts she had! These were the best breasts in Kolkatta! In the world!

How he had missed them.

He caressed and cupped her bare breasts in his rough hands, brushing her nipples with his thumbs.

When he had seen Deotima at the bash at the hotel, looking so beautiful in that red outfit, the most beautiful girl in the room, he had never guessed she would be naked in his arms like this.

That same elegant, classy lady, mingling with all those high society guests, was now in his arms being fucked like a whore.

Deo moaned in reply.

This was a man.

This was a real man

Rakesh now moved his head down to her tummy.

Her tummy was not as taut and flat as he remembered.

Hugo was responsible for that.

He was not keeping his Deotima exercised.

Rakesh would now rectify all that and bring her back into shape.

Deo was squirming and moaning, feeling the movement of his lips and tongue down her body.

"Rakesh! Nooooo Noooo!!!! Not that!! Pleeeeaaase! Noooo!"

Rakesh was caressing her hips.

He was running his fingers along the curve of her hips.

Ohh! That soft skin. He wanted to touch every inch of her and enjoy it.

The curve of her hips was so pronounced that it was like a semi circle.

What a woman!

How he had missed this.

Rakesh could feel Deotima squeeze her thighs together in embarrassment.

Rakesh licked below her belly button.

He could feel her skin jump as he licked.

"Oh Rakesh! Oh!! Ohhhh Goddddddd!"

She was thrusting her hips towards his mouth.

Every inch of her body was begging to be licked.

Rakesh's hands were behind her thighs feeling the goosebumps all over the soft skin at the back of her thighs.

Deotima was trying to hold her thighs together.

After all she was a classy, well brought up, high society girl.

She could not behave like a whore.

But as soon as Rakesh placed his hands on her thighs she willingly spread them wide apart for him.

Her excitement was palpable.

"Rakesh I cant take this! I promise you! I cant Rakesh!!! Pleeeaaaase donttttt!!!"

Deotima's hips were moving back and forth so fast and her tummy was quivering and shaking rapidly.

Rakesh slipped her knees over his shoulders as his head went between her gorgeous thighs.

Rakesh gazed at Deotima's pussy.

His head between her thighs.

How he had dreamed of this high class pussy.

Her pussy looked so beautiful.

Like a flower bud, yet to blossom.

Rakesh could see her clit throbbing in anticipation, waiting for him to lick it.

Deotima squirmed in embarrassment, seeing him stare at her pussy.

She put her hand in front of her pussy to stop him.

Rakesh simply pushed her hand aside and licked the side of her pussy lips.

Deo was now screaming loudly.

Thank God nobody was home.

"Rakesh! Rakesh pleaaaaase! Oh God! Don't stop! Please Rakesh! Don't do this! Don't tease me like this! Don't! Please Rakesh! Pleaaaase!Don't! You cant do this!! Don't, don't, donnn stopppppp!!"

Who would believe this was the same girl?

She was so calm, composed, elegant and classy at the hotel. Politely making small talk to all those high profile guests.

And look at her now.

Rakesh held her thighs apart firmly and let his tongue run along the side of her completely shaved pussy.

She had done a brazilian wax.

Just yesterday or today, because the skin was absolutely smooth. No stubble.

How he loved the skin there.

So soft and sensitive.

He licked and she jumped.

He leaned back and watched her hips thrust and beg for his lips.

He could see the white cum seeping out of her dark pussy lips already.

How he loved this.

Suddenly Deotima did not look so unattainable as she looked at the Hotel with all her high society friends in their expensive outfits.

Deotima's hips were gyrating so rapidly he had to hold her down.

"Rakesh! Rakesh! Rakesh! Rakesh! Oh God! Oh God! Godddddddddddd!!! Ohhhhhhhhhh!"

Deotima's pussy was dripping with wetness.

Her pussy juice was now trickling down the side of her thighs.

He quickly licked it as it rolled down her thighs.

He didn't want to waste a single drop.

Now he decided to give her what Hugo could not.

He was going to satisfy that libido at last.

Her clit was engorged and throbbing.

Inviting him to lick it.

He finally relented and licked her clit.

Deo was beside herself.

She thrust her hips against his mouth so violently as she came that he had to hold her down with all the force at his command.

He held her tummy down as she came against his mouth.

" Rakesh. Oh God! Ohh! Ohhh God. Ohhhhhhh ...."

Rakesh continued licking her clit, up and down, back and forth, as she continued to come against his mouth.

Deo gasped and held her breath for a few seconds, like she had died.

Then she bucked and thrust her hips against his face as she exploded into his mouth.

"Ohhhhhhhh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Mmmphhhhh!"

Rakesh leaned back to watch the contractions of her pussy lips.

He could actually see her clit move back and forth as she came and the droplets of pussy juice dribble out of her pussy.

He licked some more.

Back and forth. Up and down.

He licked so fast and so hard over and over on her clit that she came again.

Then he sucked her clit into his mouth.

In and out, in and out.

This time she came so hard, he was afraid she would go unconscious with the pleasure.

Her tummy was jerking up and down and her hips were thrusting back and forth and her thighs were shuddering involuntarily as she came and came, orgasm after orgasm.

Holding her soft thighs apart as he licked her pussy, Rakesh felt happier than he had been in a long long time.

He loved being able to give a woman this much pleasure.

Now Rakesh was so hard that his cock was hurting.

He needed to fuck this elegant, classy girl.

He slid up her naked body between her wide open thighs and slipped his hands under her arms behind her back. He held Deo and kissed her lips.

"I love you Deotima," he whispered into her ears.

"I love you Rakesh," Deo replied, her voice coming out in fits and starts.

She was still shaking with her orgasms.

Rakesh held her close till she calmed down.

Finally Deo regained consciousness and felt his rock hard cock on her pussy.

Rakesh kept kissing her lips as she calmed down. She had now stopped shaking.

He knew exactly what she needed as she recovered from an orgasm of this magnitude.

She needed to feel his arms around her.

He knew she had calmed down when her hands went behind his back and started to pull him down towards her.

She wanted to be fucked now.

Rakesh slowly slid his cock into her pussy.

She put her hand between her thighs, pointed his hard cock in the right direction and thrust her hips upwards.

She was so wet he slid right into her.

Rakesh began to fuck Deotima.

His big hard cock was moving in and out of her.

He went slowly at first as she savored the return of her favorite cock.

Hugo's tiny, well behaved cock was now just a bad memory.

Deo was getting agitated as she felt Rakesh so deep inside her.

She was twisting and squirming as she felt the full length of him inside her.

Rakesh was penetrating her being and fulfilling her deepest desires.

Deotima, the high class, beautiful goddess, thrust back at Rakesh, her hips moving back and forth against his perfect body.

Deotima felt her frustrations slowly vanish.

Deotima felt like she had just been released from the tyranny of society and the norms she was being forced to follow.

Fuck all of them.

Fuck money.

Fuck prestige.

There is nothing better than good sex.

Deotima let herself go and thrust back at Rakesh as he fucked her into submission.

Rakesh rotated his hips so his cock went in a circular motion inside her. Hitting points inside her pussy that woke up and pleasured her.

"Ohhh Rakesh! Ohhhhh Godddd! This is soooo good! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Oh God! How I needed thissssss!"

Rakesh cursed her for leaving him.

"You bitch! Will you ever leave me again?"

"No! No! Rakesh. Never! Pleasssse don't stop!! Pleaaase!" Deotima moaned as he fucked her.

"You fucking rich bitch! You and your fucking society and your fucking lifestyle. Is it worth not getting fucked?"

"No! No! No! Rakesh I Swear! I just want you Rakesh! I need you! Please don't stop fuckinggg meeee!"

He cursed her for being a slave to her high society lifestyle. He abused her for making his life an endless humiliation of masturbation with no fulfillment.

"You fucking whore! You bitch!"

Rakesh thrust harder and harder into Deotima with an anger he had kept pent up for so many months.

He slapped her repeatedly across the face.

He wanted to humiliate her for being a slave to her libido.

She maybe a high class bitch but she did not deserve his cock.

He slapped her into submission till she admitted his superiority.

" Yes Rakesh! I am your whore! Your slut! Your bitch! Please fuck meeeeee! Don't stoppppp! Oh Godddd! Please don't stop!!! I beg youuuuu!"

Deotima accepted all of his anger, admitted his superiority and thrust back to reciprocate his frustration.

She then clambered on top of him, slid his cock inside her and fucked him slowly and deliberately.

Deotima rubbed her breasts against his chest and moved her hips round and round and back and forth on Rakesh's cock.

This was her man and she wanted to please him.

She moved back and forth on top of him, feeling his huge cock deep inside her. She kissed him hungrily in gratitude as felt him deep inside her body.

Then she sat up erect and bounced on top of him. Up and down. Up and down.

She could feel his cock so deep inside her, almost hitting against her stomach.

She almost fainted with the pleasure.

Rakesh had to hold her upright as she bounced on his cock, faster and faster.

She was collapsing repeatedly with the pleasure.

Suddenly she felt bolts of pleasure gathering together, rushing and shooting through her body.

She began bouncing up and down on his cock so desperately, faster and faster, getting more and more excited till she felt him spurt inside her.

He spurted so forcefully inside her that his semen seemed to hit the back of her uterus.

"Rakesh!!! Oooooooooh Goddddddd!!!!Oooooooooooh my Godddddd!! Ohhhmmmmphhhh"

She kept bouncing as Rakesh spurted repeatedly into her body.

Emptying all the cum he had, inside her.

She collapsed with a deep sigh on his chest with him still inside her.

Slowly she stretched out on top of him letting him feel the weight of her body on top of him and without a word drifted into a satisfied sleep.

Rakesh felt her mild snores as she slept peacefully on his chest.

He knew this was the best sleep she had had in three months.

Rakesh fucked Deotima regularly after that.

Deotima would call him at night from the bathroom of her house.

Rakesh would know that she had pretended to make love to Hugo again.

She would call him just to let him know that Hugo meant nothing to her.

Rakesh had a simple test for this.

"Do you miss me?"


"Me or my cock?"

"Both," she would giggle.

He never asked her if she had just fucked Hugo.

Both of them knew the truth.

"How are you ever going to stay with this guy?

Will you dream of me every time you fuck him?"

She would remain silent.

Everything was going fine until today.

When his phone rang.

He picked up to hear a familiar voice.

"You bastard! You will ruin that girl's life!"

"What are you talking about?"

"You think I am a fool? Meet me at Flurry's in one hour!"

Surma hung up.

As Rakesh dressed up to leave, he felt the familiar thumping of his heart in his chest.

Was this the end of the resurgence of his life?

Or the beginning of an even better adventure?

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