tagErotic CouplingsSnooty Arrogance? Ch. 01

Snooty Arrogance? Ch. 01


The flight was a long one all the way from Europe. It was late and it was dark as I took a cab and went to my pre booked serviced apartment for the first week or two. I was returning home after having worked in Europe as a Marketing Consultant for the last 3 years. Life was good and my career had progressed well.

I had known a few women over the last 6 years since I graduated but none were casual flings. A few of them were great in bed but they had other career aspirations and we went our separate ways. I was single for the last 6 months and I decided to come back home.

In my last consulting assignment, I had met the client's associates from the US and we had talked about them looking for a Marketing Consultant for a 6 month project in the US. I used that opportunity to sign up the deal and get a head start while I looked for something more long term. It was Thursday night and the company had left all information, office security electronic key etc. in the apartment for me & I knew that I could go into the office over the weekend to get set up and start work at full speed on Monday. That is the reality of consulting – you are expected to start at full speed on a new assignment.

The night and most of Friday was a wash out as I recovered from jetlag. Strangely I was feeling horny and wished Kim by former Korean girlfriend was with me. We were awesome in bed together. She was small and petite but very passionate.

I remembered the last weekend that we spent together before she went back to Korea. We had stayed at home the whole weekend fucking like rabbits. She was very passionate but very gentle and feminine. We kissed for long periods enjoying the very subtle changes in her lip movements and the way she searched for my tongue with hers.

She loved the fact that I could kiss here very gently and respond to her sensitivity and also kiss more assertively and challenge her passions and leave her breathless.

Her body was an amazing texture of mixed cream, butter and firm fresh melon. Her neck was slim and her ears were very sensitive to kissing. Her small perky breasts were very sensitive and I just loved kissing them and spending a long time gently kissing and licking her nipples.

I realised very early in the relationship that she was ultra-sensitive and so I never used my teeth on her nipples. I could feel my cock come to full erection just at the thought of kissing and licking Kim's nipples and making her whimper and mew softly.

Her tits were small and upright but firm. Her belly was very flat and the belly button was so sexy that I always fucked it with my cock. What I mean is that I pushed my cock head against her sweet belly button and smeared all my pre-cum on it while she shyly watched me and smiled.

Her lips were pink and firm and full and she loved to kiss and lick my cock for a long time. She was too small to take my thick hard cock fully into her mouth but she would take just the head and a couple of inches and bob on it slowly for a while but she just spent a long time kissing and licking my cock.

I just loved looking at the way she pleased my cock with her lips and occasionally she would keep at it until I spurt my cum all over her small tits.

The last time she did this to me, I warned her but she kept licking and kissing my sensitive cock head until I splattered a big load into her mouth. She was surprised by the number of squirts and the quantity of thick cum and she started blushing and giggling.

We laughed and cuddled at the hot and messy sight and I suddenly realised that I was rock hard again just looking at her cum stained lips, cheeks and chin.

In no time I was on top of her and thrusting my cock into her amazing tight pussy. The small and petite Kim just loved the way I fucked her. I always took my time and eased my cock into her tight and petite pussy and enjoyed the way her pussy muscles clung to my cock and slowly relaxed and opened up to let more of me in. It was an incredible feeling to fuck such a tight pussy of an adult 24 year old woman.

I could barely get my cock fully into her before she started shuddering and bucking and squealing with a wild orgasm.

Wow! What a sight it was to see this tiny gorgeous Korean woman clinging on to my shoulders and digging her fingers in while she bucked her hips on to my hard cock which was buried into her very tight wet and pulsing pussy.

She whimpered and moaned and opened her eyes and smiled as she slowly came down from the heights of her orgasm. Her face was flushed and her lips parted & glazed with cum still on the sides and her eyes had that smouldering far away look.

I just loved the look of lust and gratitude mixed in her gaze. She thanked me for the amazing orgasm and smiled. I thanked her for the awesome blowjob and the great pleasure that her wonderfully tight pussy was giving me as it still throbbed and convulsed around my hard cock.

Kim moaned and sighed as she thrust her groin up at me and encouraged me to enjoy myself. She said she really liked watching my face as I fucked her and that it was a great thrill to her that I really enjoyed fucking her so much.

I in turn loved watching her face as it changed expressions as I withdrew my cock until just the head was in the folds of her pussy and then I thrust forward slowly, enjoying the feeling of her tight pussy clutch my cock eagerly.

I kept this slow and steady pace and felt my balls bumping against her small bum and her small tits jiggling to the rhythm. She started to pant a bit and soon she was lubricating copiously as she was enjoying the fuck again after the initial orgasm.

She started to respond with more energetic thrusts to meet mine and this encouraged me to increase the tempo. Her soft buttery and firm arms and thighs were clinging on to me and they were covered by a thin coat of sweat which smelled of her feminine smell.

All this added to the lustful experience and heightened it. As I pulled my cock almost out and thrust it in I could now feel the strengthening clasp of Kim's pussy muscles again and she was thrusting back with considerable energy.

For such a gentle, petite and feminine woman, Kim was surprisingly strong and energetic. Fucking her was an incredible mixture of enjoying her dainty gentle feminine personality, the creamy sexy complexion, the tight, wet, hot and horny pussy muscles and the inner most passions and lusts of this amazing woman.

We continued to fuck for another 10 minutes and I knew that I was now approaching my orgasm. Kim also realised the urgency of my thrusts and I noticed a change in her facial expression, her thighs clamping around my side and her heels on my ass as she moaned and squealed and spoke in a disoriented voice encouraging me to fuck her.

I suddenly noticed that she was starting to climb to an orgasm and that sent me over the edge as I started erupting and pump my load deep into her pussy. Kim was bucking and squealing and clasping on to me as she shuddered to an amazing climax.

I gently leaned on my elbows with my cock still buried into her tight pussy which was pulsing and squeezing around my cock and trying to milk the last drop of cum into her already wet and sloshing pussy. I leaned forward and kisser her face which was still splattered with my first ejaculation after the blow job.

I used my right hand to hold her bum and lift her up off the bed as I lowered my left shoulder on the bed and quickly rolled over on my back, with Kim still impaled on my cock. Now I had her adjusting her body weight on me and pressing her tits on my chest and cuddling her face to my face as she kissed me in her gentle manner.


Now .... It was 2 weeks since I had started this assignment and it was the first party with my client and their clients. There were over 60 people in the hotel hall with a terrace on one side and a flight of stairs down to pool on the other. It was good to be back and hear the familiar accents after 3 years of listening to so many different languages from around the world.

I had met all the key people at the party – basically 4 men and 4 women from my client's company and their VIP clients. We had had a few drinks and the formality of making speeches and business announcements were about to start. I was seated on the stage with the 8 key people when this absolutely stunning super model blond young woman walked up the stage with some brochures and gave one to each of us. She then offered us all a round of refills of our drinks and left the stage.

I could not help but drool at her tall athletic body, firm and well presented cleavage that showed through her long flowing purple dress with one bare shoulder and the amazing ass that seemed to have a life of its own as she walked down the steps with the split in her dress showing her super model legs.

She was about 5 foot 8 inches tall and had heels which made her taller. When she had come to me with drinks I could not help appreciate her beautiful face with amazing green eyes which contrasted stunningly with her natural blond hair falling down her slim neck that was adorned by a choker of pearls and her purple dress.

Her skin was a smooth creamy texture with fine fuzz of minute golden hair and her fingers were very elegant and feminine and yet looked strong and stream lined. Her lips were full and luscious with just the right amount of lipstick and gloss to make them very desirable and classy.

She caught my eye and I saw a startled and slightly alarmed expression as she served me my drink. Was I imagining that she was flushing at my gaze? I could feel my cock stir in my pants at the sight of this amazing beauty and at the expression in her eyes. I also recognized her as the snooty arrogant bitch who had been so abrupt with me the first weekend when I had gone to set up my office.


After landing at the airport, I had slept in on Friday and recovered from jet lag. On Saturday I had driven in the rented car to the office to set up my office. The keys and all the security clearance and instructions had been left at my apartment. Being the weekend, I wore shorts and a T-shirt with sunglasses and sandals while I carried a couple of boxes into the office. I had a 3 days stubble as I had not shaved. As I walked into the lobby of the office I realised that someone else was also in the office as only a few lights were on. 

As I walked down the corridor towards the Northern wing (as per the instruction), this amazing blond woman came out of an office and surprised me. I could not help notice that she was a knock out stunning woman. I could not help but gape at this stunning blond who was dressed in a light yellow sleeveless top that showed her midriff and tight fitting denim skirt that finished just above her knees.

I probably drooled and ogled at her as I was caught by surprise. She was equally surprised and flustered. She caught my eye and started turning a bit red. Then very abruptly she said "Do you have security clearance? There is no one here. You can leave those at the front desk." I had the electronic key card in my fingers while I was carrying the boxes and she notice them and said "Oh...." With a sort of frown and went back into her office.

I thought that was a bit rude – why the snooty arrogance? Could she not have smiled and asked me what I wanted? I was also really impressed by how gorgeous she was and thought she would be a great fuck indeed. "She needs to have that snooty arrogance really fucked out of her. She needs a cock shoved into her mouth for a good while and then pushed over the desk and fucked from the back until she screamed. That would make her smile." I thought.

I spent the next 2 hours setting up my office, my computer and the network connections etc. As I was in shorts and T-shirt and I had not shaved for 3 days I probably looked scruffy and could have passed off for a delivery man I suppose. As I got into the lift to leave I saw another lift just leave. When I reached the basement car park

I saw this same blond girl walk out of the lift a few steps ahead of me and walk to a white Honda. I was really impressed by the sexy curvy figure and amazing ass as she walked in front. Her long legs looked well toned and athletic – she really did work out or played a lot of sport.

As she reached her car she caught my eye briefly but there was no smile and she looked flustered and seemed to dismiss me. "You really need a cock in your face, baby" I thought. I was still jet lagged but I could feel my cock stir in my shorts. She had such hot and full lips that would look great on my cock head ...... and those amazing green eyes ....


The speeches started and then I was introduced to the group. It was the first time that I was being introduced to all the Marketing team of my client. Though I had been there for 2 weeks I had got straight into the core of my assignment with the senior managers and their clients.

As I got up to address the group and say the usual pleasantries I noticed the stunning blond in the purple dress look at me with amazement and turn red. She looked so hot and sexy in that dress and with her natural figure but the flushed face made her ever more desirable. "You need a really good fuck, baby", I thought. My cock was stirring in my pants as I gazed at the incredibly firm and shapely tits.

We moved to the informal part of the party. It was Friday evening and we were all booked in for the night and many of the people got into the wines and cocktails. As I was still new to the group I was taking it easy with the alcohol.

I got to meet the others and then I met the stunning blond at the bar as I went to refill my tomato juice with tobacco sauce, sometimes called a "Virgin Mary". I heard her ask for the same drink. So I walked up right behind her and in my deep bass voice I said "Please make that two". She turned around with a startled look and almost bumped into me. She was all flushed and flustered as she looked me in the eye with those absolutely fabulous green eyes.

She then blushed with a smile and introduced herself "Hi, I am Susan Mackilroy and I am the Marketing Assistant on the Freezogg account". I replied "Hi I am Matt Branders and I am the local delivery boy". She again blushed and laughed nervously and said "I am sorry about that meeting in the office, I had no idea....." and she faded off as she searched for an excuse. I replied with a genuine smile as I gazed into those liquid dazzling green eyes "I am not going to let you get away that easily. You are going to have to make amends for being so rude to a new office colleague who is new to the city."

I stretched out my hand to shake hands and as she clasped me with a firm but feminine hand shake we locked eyes and time seemed to freeze and some sort of electric energy seemed to bind our hands and eyes. I had a wide variety of mixed images running through my mind – of kissing Susan's luscious lips, of my cock head placed between those parted glazed lips, those eyes searching deep into my sexual depths, her skin touching mine and starting a glowing warm fire that seemed to quickly engulf me from toe to hair and ...... I realised that I had a full erection straining my pants.

We quietly stepped aside and her face was flushed and her eyes shone with a strange energy as she looked me in the eye and we talked. I do not remember what we talked but it was a strange and exciting moment. There was incredible energy – a bit of hesitation but a lot of chemistry.

These images still kept swirling around my head. The sensationally seductive wide hips with slim waist and the super model legs as they swayed in rhythm as she walked ... the creamy smooth skin with the firm and upright cleavage accentuated by one bare shoulder .... The blond hair the small curls around her ears and nape of her neck as she held her gorgeous face up erect, the luxurious blond hair flowing over her shoulders ..... her green eyes seeming to search deep into my innermost being and finding my lustful, lecherous feelings as I drooled at her.......


The party went on till late at night. We circulated among the clients and VIPs. Every half an hour or so, I would catch up with Susan and we talked. I would still gaze into her green eyes while drooling over her sexy cleavage, shoulder, hips and ass. She had been with this company for a year. It was her second marketing job since she graduated from Boston College. She was very smart and had a wide variety of interest ranging from classical dance, Mayan history, French cuisine and New Zealand wines to trout fishing, African tribal art and authentic ancient Indian yoga!

I could relate to half of those interests very easily and our conversations were amazingly stimulating. I learned that she was single for the last 6 months like me and that her parents had both died over the last few years and she was an only child. I found out that she was in a room down the corridor from me. We went back to looking after the clients and got ready to leave.

I managed to get a moment with her in private and leaned forward and kissed her cheeks and was struck by her perfume and her feminine smells. I distinctly heard her pull her breath in sharply as she kissed me on the cheek. As we said good night I could not help letch at her deep green and the sexy cleavage as she smiled with a bit of a blush and waved.

As her tongue nervously licked her pink firm lips, I could not help having this image of my cock between them and that her tongue was licking my cock head very slowly. My last thought was that she had a flushed look to her face and eyes as she smiled and half blushed.

We had the next two days of informal activities and a workshop with the banquet and party in the evening. So we were both busy and had little free time. We still managed to have breakfast together and catch up for a quick chat. I found it easy to talk to her about my career and my single status over the last 6 months.

I noticed a distinct change in expression in her eyes and my cock stirred in my pants. Saturday night's party was a bit more relaxed and many of the VIPs had left early. So we relaxed a bit and had a couple of glasses of New Zealand Chardonnay and exchanged our views on the fine wine.

When bidding good night I held her around her slim hip and gently kissed her lower lip. She seemed to jump in my arms and then kissed me back gently but firmly with a subtle movement of her lips that communicated intense but restrained passion as I could also feel her firm C cup breasts crush against my chest through her dress. We held that amazing first kiss for a second and broke off as there were people still around. I was a bit breathless and noticed her face had turned red while her eyes were sparkling and shining with passion while she blushed and gasped.

Sunday was the wind down day before we all left after a late breakfast. Some of the VIPs were going for a game of golf while others were going to the airport and I excused myself from all these engagements. I managed to isolate Susan and ask her what she was doing for the rest of the day. She said that she had planned to go to China Town for Dim Sim and if I was keen. I jumped at the invitation as I was really enjoying her company and I also loved Dim Sim.

We had a very enjoyable afternoon as we talked over the lunch. We joked about the subtle flavours of the various dumplings and sauces and I wondered if those flavours affected our own body smells and tastes. She blushed and said that they definitely did. So I joked that if one had Sushi for dinner, one might end up with Sushi for desert as well! I could not help think about licking this amazingly gorgeous woman's pussy with wisps of

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