tagHumor & SatireSnot Brite and the Seven Pervs Ch. 03

Snot Brite and the Seven Pervs Ch. 03


Author's note. Firstly, please read chapters 1 and 2. I have not put in any reminders of what happened last time; there just wasn't the room. Although this story is in the humour and satire category I have also tried to keep it sexy, and have attempted to at least touch on most genres over the full series. That means if you don't like gay, lesbian, anal, transgender or any of the other categories within Literotica then there may be bits you want to skip over. Please give it a go and let me know what you think, I enjoy getting comments, even those with creative criticism. There are six chapters and they should be put up at the rate of at least one every week. Do not expect reality, it is a fairy tale.

The story is set way before condoms, so if you want a safe sex message then I suggest that if you are going to have sex with a safe you thoroughly clean out any metal shavings and file sharp edges before you start.

Please enjoy -- BB1212


Snot Brite's tits led her on a twisting journey, a long way away from the castle that had been her home. She whistled happily as she walked. That screwing thing was good, she decided, and she needed to do it a lot more. At every a fork in the trail Snot Brite would look at her tits and follow her nipples' instructions as to which way to go. She wondered if she should put some clothes back on. She didn't have the woodsman to protect her now, but the forest seemed to be so safe, and it was so nice walking around here naked. She could feel little dribbles of cum running down her leg occasionally, and her pussy felt a little bit sore too, but nice at the same time. Snot Brite smiled as she walked. In the forest, from behind the trees, four eyes watched her hungrily. Snot Brite had been walking for some time and it was starting to get dark. She shivered a bit and decided to put her clothes back on now, she was getting cold. She stopped and looked around, and saw something shiny on a rock and walked up to it. It was a coin and Snot Brite bent forward to look at it, then something sharp touched her side and she heard a weird voice.

"Don't move." Snot Brite looked around nervously and saw there was a unicorn holding its horn against her. She was suddenly worried.

"You're not allowed to hurt me." She said defiantly. "I'm a Princess."

"We won't hurt you if you do as you're told." The unicorn said. "Keep your legs straight and bend right forward." Snot Brite nervously did. With a thump two hooves landed on the rock, next to her hands, and she whimpered. She could feel the body of another unicorn over hers.

"What do you want?" She asked fearfully.

"This." A voice behind her said, and then a large object pushed against her pussy.

"You want to screw me?" Snot Brite asked, as the object pushed harder and started to awkwardly push at her.

"Yes." The voice replied.

"Oh, is that all? You had me worried, let me help." Snot Brite said. She wriggled and adjusted until the angle was right and then the unicorn was in her. It went much deeper than the woodsman had, and Snot Brite gasped in surprise.

"Oh my goodness," she said, "your cock is so big."

"And you are very deep for a human." The voice said, then the cock suddenly increased its motions to a frantic pace. Snot Brite felt herself stretching and moving with the pounding she was getting, and it started to build up her feelings again. The unicorn was pushing so far up her that the outline of its cock head could be seen pushing out above her belly button on each thrust. Snot Brite loved the feeling, but just as her orgasm was building the unicorn bellowed, slammed deep into her and squirted her full of unicorn cum.

"Is that it?" Snot Brite asked. "I wasn't finished." The unicorn cock pulled away and came out of her body with a pop. The hooves left, but were immediately replaced by new ones. Snot Brite hadn't seen that the one with its horn at her side had moved away, and it was now preparing to use a totally different horn.

"My turn." It said, and another massive cock stretched Snot Brite wide. She moaned in pleasure. Once again the pace was instantly frantic, but this time Snot Brite reached her orgasm first and she shouted her release. The unicorn would only have cum thirty seconds later, and once again Snot Brite was filled with gushing unicorn cum.

"That was good, thankyou." Snot Brite said happily, and the unicorns looked at each other in confusion. Normally human women were broken and sobbing by this part of their game. Then a third unicorn appeared.

"Ralph." It snapped, and the second unicorn looked suddenly sheepish. That is very difficult for a unicorn, because they don't have any wool.

"Yes dear?" He said.

"How many times do I have to tell you not to play with humans, you never know where they have been."

"I'm sorry dear." The three unicorns left, leaving Snot Brite staring at them.

"They are dirty too, you're going to have to lick that thing clean yourself before you put it in me again..." The nagging voice faded and then Snot Brite couldn't hear it any more. She stood up and got dressed. If she had looked carefully she would have seen lots of ants on the ground running in circles and murmuring 'Boobies, must obey boobies' in ant language.

"Our first cock belongs to Rodney," Ivor said, and the audience cheered. One of the guards appeared in front of Elsie, his cock half hard. "Rodney is twenty three years old and stands at five foot eight." The guard shoved his cock into Elsie's mouth, and she wondered what to do with it. She decided to try and act like a pussy did when people fucked, and she tightened her lips around it and moved her head forward and backward as much as was possible in stocks. Her tongue touched the tip and she could feel the cock twitch in her mouth. He must like that she decided. "Rodney's cock is eight inches long and two and a half inches across." Ivor continued as Elsie was trying hard to concentrate on what he was saying, at the same time as the demanding cock grew in her mouth. "Well at least it will be soon the way she is going." The audience cheered. Ivor continued with information on Rodney's family, his likes and dislikes and so on, but Elsie just decided to remember the statistics she had heard earlier. Finally Ivor called time and Rodney's fully erect cock was taken from Elsie's mouth. She sighed in relief, but the next was only moments away.

"Next we have Nobby." Ivor said. "At twenty eight years old he is the oldest of our regular cocks." Again a cock entered Elsie's mouth and again she sucked it in. "He is five foot eleven and has been blessed with a cock that is ten inches long," huge cheers, "and two inches across." Elsie had noticed that it was a bit easier to get her mouth around this one, but he was pushing it in deep, and making her gag. Elsie didn't try too hard to make this feel good for Nobby; she just endured him fucking her face for the allocated five minutes, and then again breathed a sigh of relief when it was over. She didn't like the fluff time she decided.

"Time for the next cock, put your hands together for William." Ivor shouted, and once again a cock presented itself to Elsie's mouth. This one was very thick already. "William is six foot tall and twenty five years old." Ivor was keeping the interest up while Elsie had to keep the cocks up. "His cock is eight and a half inches long and a massive three inches across, just look at poor Elsie struggle to open wide enough.

"Teeth." William said, his voice strangely muffled.

"Mmph-ph." Elsie said, which would have been 'sorry' if her mouth had less cock in it. But she tried hard to keep her lips over her teeth and he wasn't pushing too deep into her, so they both got through it. In between Ivor's shouts Elsie could hear that William's breathing was heavy, like he had a blocked nose. Again she breathed deeply in the space between William and the next cock.

"Next we have Richard." Ivor shouted, and Elsie went cold as she saw her cousin standing in front of her with his cock out. She hadn't recognised him earlier with his helmet on. "Richard is the baby of the group at just nineteen, and he is five foot eleven." Richard looked at Elsie helplessly. She would have shrugged if she could, there was nothing either of them could do to stop this now, but in the position she was in all she could do was nod slightly and he slipped his cock into her mouth. "Richard's cock is eight inches long and two and a half across." Ivor was telling the audience. Elsie tried to keep minimal contact; she was sucking her own young cousin's cock after all. She did notice that his balls were slapping around her chin as he slowly pumped in and out. That could be useful to know Elsie decided. Those five minutes felt like five days, but finally it was time and Richard quickly pulled out and walked out of sight. Elsie just hoped he wouldn't be the one who got to cum inside her, and tried to work out a plan to ensure that wouldn't happen.

"And finally our audience member's member." Ivor shouted, to wild cheering. Elsie blinked in disbelief as the monster approached. "We have some new show records," Ivor continued as the monster eclipsed Elsie's view of most of the room, "this is Shafton, and he is our oldest contestant ever, at sixty three years old." More cheers and Elsie stretched her mouth open as wide as possible. "Like William, Shafton's cock is a big three inches across, but the length, my friends, is a full twelve inches, another new record." There were gasps of amazement. "Please don't tell the Queen," Ivor begged, "she would be very unhappy to know that she missed out on this one." There was a ripple of laughter. Elsie was gagging on every stroke as the monster cock drilled her face. It felt like it was going half way down her throat. As she gagged Elsie tasted a salty flavour, and she realised that Shafton wasn't too far from cumming. She might be able to make this easier on herself by smart thinking she decided. "That's time," Ivor called, and Shafton breathed the sigh of relief, he had almost cum in her mouth and missed his chance to fuck her tight white pussy.

"Now," Ivor shouted, "let the fucking begin." Elsie jumped as the band started playing and without any warning a cock was suddenly pushed into her pussy.

"I said bring me her tits." The Queen said angrily, and the woodsman cringed. It was near to ten o'clock by the time he had got back to the castle and presented himself to the Queen.

"I'm sorry Your Majesty, I just couldn't seem to be able to cut her tits off." He said. "But I decided that the pig who was Snot Brite should have her heart cut out and brought to you, so I did that instead." The woodsman held out a bloody heart. The Queen looked at him suspiciously.

"That is really Snot Brite's heart?" She asked.

"Definitely Your Majesty." The woodsman said. "She said she was Snot Brite to me and those were her last words." The Queen considered. He looked like he was telling the truth, so she smiled. Her rival was dead and she could celebrate.

"Then you deserve your reward." The Queen said. She walked to her bed and bent over the side, flicking her dress up to expose her ass as she did. "First you lick my ass until it's good and wet, then you can fuck it." The woodsman smiled in anticipation and walked over to her, he breathed in the scent of the Queen's pussy and then licked her little puckered asshole. She moaned, He licked again, this time harder and she shook with pleasure. The woodsman decided to build this up slowly, and he pulled her cheeks wide apart and licked from her pussy to her ass in one stroke, winning another moan from the Queen. "That feels so good." The Queen said, and he did it again. And then once more. The Queen squirmed with pleasure as the woodsman's rough tongue licked her firmly, and then, at the end of each stroke he started to push his tongue at her asshole, gently coaxing it open and soon he was slipping his tongue inside her each time. "Keep doing that." The Queen moaned, and he did, but when he moved his hands inwards she stopped him. "No." She commanded. "Just your tongue." So he kept licking and probing her deeply. The Queen smelled richly of scented oils, and the woodsman smiled, knowing that this was a once in a lifetime experience and it was very pleasurable. The Queen moaned in blissful delight. She had done just about anything possible sexually, but now she was about to experience something new. There had been plenty of men who had fucked her ass, that wasn't particularly special, but never had she orgasmed just from the touch of a tongue on her ass, and this was going to happen shortly. She was going to have to get the woodsman to teach her tongue maiden this. The woodsman saw the Queen shaking with approaching release, and he shoved his tongue deep up her ass as she came. Her asshole squeezed him, trying to push him out, but he kept the pressure up and let her cum around his tongue. When she had finished he withdrew.

"Now Your Majesty?" The woodsman said to the Queen's ass.

"Now." She said. "Fuck my ass now." The woodsman undressed, releasing his hard cock. He spat in his hand, and rubbed it around the head of his cock, making it good and slippery, and then he lined up his target and pushed gently. In what would have seemed like slow motion, if they had known what slow motion was, the woodsman watched the Queen's asshole stretch wider as his cock head pushed into her. The Queen moaned in a combination of pleasure and pain. It was always like this to start with, the man's cock would hurt as it went in, and then for a few minutes after, but at least this man was taking his time, and letting her body adjust to him. Then, with a sudden loose pop the woodsman's cock head entered through the Queen's rear ring and he was inside her ass. She was about to tell him to stop so she could adjust, but he already had. He waited for a few minutes, and then slowly pushed in a bit further, before pulling out a bit again. The woodsman started slowly and with short strokes, making sure he stayed lubricated. The last thing he wanted to do was hurt the Queen, she could have him killed at a whim, and he was the only person who knew she had commanded the death of Snot Brite, so that whim might not be too far away anyhow. The woodsman wondered what had killed the Princess; the forest was very dangerous at night, so something would have got her by now. He put the Princess' fate out of his mind, that was over and he was now ass fucking the Queen, he'd better make sure he remembered this clearly. The woodsman built up the speed and the length of his strokes, the Queen was moaning in delight as she managed to cum again.

"Faster." She urged the sweating woodsman. "Faster and deeper." He was pulling his cock totally out of her and then slamming it balls deep up her ass now, grunting with exertion, and he could feel his orgasm building. Considering he had already cum three times that day he was quite surprised when he shot a huge load up the Queen's ass, burying himself inside her as deep as possible. The Queen and woodsman both groaned in pleasure as his cock shrunk inside her and finally popped out.

"Go now." The Queen said, and the woodsman dressed quickly and left.

"Thankyou, Your Majesty." He said as went. She just moaned again. Ten minutes later the Queen crawled onto the bed and went to sleep. It had been a big day.

Elsie had done well so far. The first man to fuck her had been her cousin, and after the shock of his sudden entry she had felt his balls slapping her down low, and had known it was him. For ten minutes he had fucked her to the lively beat of the music, and when the time was up Ivor had told him to stop, and he had, keeping his cock inside her pussy.

"So, Elsie." Ivor had said, "it's time to Pick a Cock. Wait for all the choices, and then tell me whose cock is still in you. Is that Rod in your pussy, is that Nob in your pussy, is that Willy in your pussy, is that Dick in your pussy, or is that Shaft in your pussy?"

"Pick a Cock." The audience shouted, and Elsie tried to smile.

"Well Ivor, I think that it's Dick in my pussy."

"She's right." Ivor said, and Richard's cock slipped out of Elsie, to the relief of both of them. "We now have a five minute break." After the break the next to fuck her had been Rod. Elsie had worked out that the angle of penetration that Rod could achieve, if she lifted her pussy a bit, was quite different because he was a few inches shorter than the other guards. She could feel his balls hitting her too, so she knew it couldn't be the massive length of the only other short person, Shaft, so that made her guess easy too. The third had been Willy, and Elsie had almost got him wrong. She had expected his greater thickness to be very noticeable, but strangely it wasn't, and it wasn't until she listened to his breathing that she heard the blocked nose and named him correctly at the end of the ten minutes. With only two to go in the first round she knew she was safe, because Shaft was so much shorter, and when the next massive cock stretched her Elsie knew it was Shaft fucking her, once again she worked this out from the angle of penetration. Twice so far Shaft had been warned to stay with the beat and Elsie knew he was very close to cumming when Ivor called time.

"Once again Elsie, can you..."

"Pick a Cock." The audience shouted.

"Is your pussy full of Shaft or do you have Nob up there? Ivor asked. Elsie had already been fucked for forty minutes, and she was getting quite sore. But she knew that Shaft wouldn't last another ten minutes right now.

"I think its Nob." She said, and the audience cheered.

"No it's not." Ivor called out. "It's Shaft, and Shaft gets a bonus ten minutes." Elsie smiled as she heard a groan from behind her, and the cock in her pussy started stroking in and out again. She concentrated on clenching tight around the cock, giving it as much friction as possible, and sure enough it was only a minute or two later that Shaft pulled out of her and ran around the stock, clutching his twitching hard on. Before Elsie realised it he had squirted her in the face, and got her in the eye. It stung badly. The audience was cheering wildly as Shaft squirted her a couple more times.

"Thankyou Shaft." Ivor said happily. "You did really well but now it's time for you to go." Shaft smiled broadly.

"The pleasure was all mine." He said. "But I really needed a break just now to stay in it."

"What do you think Elsie?" Ivor said.

"That's got to be the biggest cock I've ever had in me," she replied, "and it felt good, but that cum in my eye really stings." There was a moment of silence, and then Elsie was pushed down and she felt a cock head against her asshole.

"I'm really going to enjoy this." A voice behind her said.

"Was that a complaint?" Ivor asked, and the audience cheered again, knowing the penalty.

"No it wasn't." Elsie said quickly. "It was an observation." The cock at her ass paused.

"How do you work that out?" Ivor asked.

"Can I give an example without being punished?" Elsie asked.


"If I had said 'why did you have to cum in my eye, that stings' it would have been a complaint." Elsie said. "Because I would have been blaming Shaft. But just saying that the cum in my stings is just answering your question which was what do I think." Ivor pondered.

"She's right you know." He said, and the audience groaned in disappointment. "But I think it's pretty close. Nob you get her pussy right now, and Bitch, you give her five minutes of your special treatment." The audience cheered again and Nob's cock slammed into Elsie brutally, making her gasp. Bitch walked around behind Elsie, and then the whip hit her back, making her jump. For five minutes Bitch whipped her, slapped her and even bit Elsie on the nipples as Nob fucked her hard. Elsie moaned in pain, but kept her mouth shut, not wanting the ass fucking that would come with a complaint. Bitch knew her job well, and at the end of the five minutes Elsie's back and ass were covered in angry welts. The last couple of strokes with the whip were up onto her tits, and they almost broke Elsie's resolve, but not quite. Finally Bitch went back to her position next to Ivor and Nob continued to fuck Elsie at a great pace. She felt him hesitate a couple of times toward the end but the timer won and his ten minutes was over before he came. Ivor announced the end of the first round and everyone rested for five minutes. Elsie was quivering in the stocks; she was not enjoying this at all.

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