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Snow Angel


I would love to walk with you around the side of the lake as the snowflakes fall soundlessly around us and one by one they settle on the fur around your face. I bought you a warm winter coat for the winter and it has a hood with soft fur surrounding your beautiful face. Wait, there is one big glistening flake on the tip of your nose and I reach in and kiss it away.

We free fall into the soft snow at the side of the path and roll over on our backs to make snow angels in winter's thick fluffy blanket. As you jump up - and I follow you - we have fun throwing snowballs at each other until I leap at you until we collapse together and roll around in the snow, kissing and trying in vain to reach inside each other's coats to feel the warmth of the body within.

We hurry home as the snow begins to fall more heavily and, once there, we throw off our boots and coats. You go into the kitchen to make us some warm cocoa while I stoke the fire until it is crackling and heating up the living room. Before you reenter the room, I throw a bunch of soft pillows before the hearth and settle in to wait for you, my love.

As you walk into the room, my breath catches in my throat as I gaze upon the woman I love so very much. You are clad in only your panties and the oversized white cable knit sweater with the turtle neck that we purchased together.

"I didn't want to wear my wet ski pants so I hung them up in the laundry room. And by the way, aren't you overdressed?" You smile so sweetly as you pass me my warm cup.

As I proceed to shed my own wet pants - and you assist me in the process - I reach down for you and pull you into our first searing kiss of the night. I love you so very much and always will!

We lay panting from that first kiss, entangled in a web of intricately interwoven arms and legs. Our lips continue to search for one another as the heat contained in those kisses ignite the passion that only we two share. My hands have found the bottom of your sweater and, with a little help from you as your smoldering eyes bore into mine, I slowly lift it off over your head. As it escapes the pull of your breasts they sway almost hypnotically before my hungering lips. I quickly throw the heavy sweater aside and we kneel facing each other in front of the fire with the flickering of the flames playfully illuminating those delectable objects of my desire.

Without taking your eyes from mine, you reach down to grasp the bottom of my own cable knit sweater – we bought a matching set – and pull it quickly over my head. As you toss it aside, I reach out to take you by your slim waist and pull you against the straining cock held prisoner in my bikini briefs. Your soft hands steal down my back (now warmed by the crackling fire) and slip inside the waistband of my jockeys and squeeze my firm buttocks whilst pulling me into you. I can feel the radiant heat through your own brief panties and I groan with anticipatory pleasure.

Now, each of us bare from the waist up, we kneel close together and the aroused hardness of your nipples are pressing into my chest. I can feel the heat emanating from them and my cock twitches in excitement. With my hands at the sides of your beautiful face, I draw you in for more tender kisses; first on those pouty lips and then over your closed eyelids and moving along each ear to the side of your neck where it reaches your shoulder.

We groan together to signal just how aroused we both are. Moving back to your lips, I again kiss you with all the love that I have for you and my tongue flicks out against your closed lips. You part your lips just enough to suck my tongue deep inside and to lave my tongue with yours.

We are by now both exploring the tightness of each other's bums and thereby pulling our groins together as we grind my hardness against your hot pussy. I am of course leaking copious amounts of precum and this is lubing you to the point that we both feel the urge to come. To postpone this, I again lay you down across the warm pillows and, kneeling between your legs, bend down to run my tongue along the saturated sheer panties that cover your partially shaven cunt.

There is so much of your hot juice coming through the material that I can suck it lovingly into my mouth. You arch your back and spread your legs wide to force more and more of those visible folds into my mouth. All this time, I hear the sound of your muffled voice as you cry out "Oh yes! Please don't stop! That feels so good!"

I continue to drink my fill of your cum until your thighs tighten on my head and you thrust your crouch hard against my mouth as you roll through the first orgasm of the night. I continue feasting until you push me away – the sensations have become too much to bear.

As you fall back on the cushions in exhaustion, I slip my fingers into the waistband of the saturated panties and slide them off your hips. The crouch sticks slightly against your lips as I ease them down but then I can slip them off over your feet. I lift them to my face and, as I my eyes gaze into yours, I inhale the sensuous scent captured within them.

You urge my legs forward until I get the signal and I turn around until I am lying on my side next to you with my legs at your head. You reach over and pull my briefs off and throw them to the side. This allows my throbbing cock free to bounce close to your face. Pulling one of my legs under you and resting your head on my thigh, you grasp my cock lightly in your hand and blow gently over the head.

I place your leg under me and rest the other over my shoulder so that we are now in a classic 69 position. I gaze lovingly into the moistness of your pussy. I inhale deeply and salivate at the prospect of what is to come. The pearly white drops of your cum shine in the flickering fire light and, as I gently part the outer folds of your pussy, the dark pink inside is exposed.

I feel the warm breath of your mouth as you lower those warm lips around the tip of my cock. Your tongue pokes at my pee hole and I feel the flow of pre cum as it coats your tongue. I can wait no longer; I return the favour by running my tongue through the open slit of your pussy and plunge my pointed tongue deep inside you. With my tongue curled upwards, I can 'scoop' some of the tasty cum into my mouth and swallow it.

In the blink of the proverbial eye, you are taking most of my 7" cock into your throat and then out again. As you slide upwards, your soft hand encircles my shaft and strokes it repeatedly. My tongue in now laving the hard little clit at the entrance of your pussy and each pass over it sends your hips forward. Pulling away for a moment, I replace my tongue with two, then three, fingers and curl them forward. I move my tongue back to your clit and flick it in concert with the thrusts of my fingers.

As I am doing this, my curled fingers find that magical spot inside you and your orgasm is such that I must slide my hand around to your tight ass to hold you against my mouth. I am rewarded with a spray of cum as it floods my mouth and I savor every delightful drop.

This ignites your efforts and you draw my cock deep into your mouth and with swallowing motions, use your powerful throat muscles to milk every drop from me as I climax in your mouth. We are both in the throes of several spasms of ongoing orgasms until we fall back fully spent.

I turn around so we are lying together and, turning slightly, reach to the sofa to pull a warm afghan over us. We burrow together into the assorted pillows and snuggle together in the warmth of the still glowing fire. As we exchange kisses of love and whisper those eternal words to each other, we slide into a deep sleep in each other's arms.

Ah, my snow angel. I know I will dream of you this night.

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