tagBDSMSnow Bound 02

Snow Bound 02


To fully understand what is happening it is best to read chapter one of Snow Bound first. This story takes up where part one left off.


Evelyn slid down Brandy's sexy young body until her face was directly between the tied up young woman's spread thighs. She gripped Brandy's upper thighs with her work calloused hands, and spread them wider,

Brandy felt the ropes that bound her dig deeper into her flesh.

Evelyn then took in the pretty folds of the young woman's pussy with her gaze. The middle aged lesbian licked her lips as the aroma coming from her excited submissive filled her nostrils. Lowering her face until her nose was less than an inch from Brandy's love hole, Evelyn inhaled deeply.

It was obvious that the young woman was turned on. It was also obvious that she was holding back the need to pee.

Evelyn could smell the urine.

Brandy trembled with desire.

Evelyn lifted her gaze to the young woman's eyes. She gave Brandy a sexy smile. "You smell wonderful sweetie. I'll bet you taste just as good."

Brandy raised her head and watched in anticipation as her brand new dominatrix prepared to taste the nectar of her womanhood. The young submissive couldn't believe that a woman was driving her wild with passion. Brandy had never had the desire to be dominated by a woman before.

But after Evelyn had tied her up the night before so that she could sleep, Brandy had begun to experience new feelings towards the forty something rancher.

"I only want to please you Mistress," Brandy gasped in a tiny voice. She sounded almost childlike.

Evelyn winked at her submissive before lowering her mouth to the girl's trembling mound. She pressed her lips against Brandy's labia.

Brandy whimpered as the raven haired rancher slid her tongue through the lips of her overheated pussy. The girl cried out and thrust her hips off the bed as Evelyn's tongue caressed her clit. The movement caused the rough ropes that held her to the bed's head and footboard to tighten even more. The ropes once again burned into her wrists and ankles. Brandy clenched her vaginal muscles against the need to relieve her bladder.

Evelyn began licking away at her captive lover's sweet, tasty pussy. With each lap of her tongue, she drew out more of the girl's juices.

Brandy couldn't help but thrust her hips even higher.

Between the pain from the ropes, her full bladder, and the pleasure caused by Evelyn's mouth, the redhead was entering a more powerful sexual awakening than she'd ever experienced in the past.

Brandy's previous Master, Ted had never taken the pretty submissive to such heights in her life. The sex had been good, but not like this.

Evelyn pushed her tongue deep into Brandy's hole. She sucked on her toy's pussy, drawing out the juices that flowed within her body. She tasted a few tiny droplets of urine that leaked out of Brandy's pee hole. She loved the taste. It was like mixing just a small amount of bitters with a sweet drink.

Brandy continued to moan, writhe, and jerk against the ropes that held her to the bed. "Oh fuck, Mistress, you're driving me crazy."

Evelyn increased her grip on Brandy's creamy thighs as she continued to suck and lick on her young love hole.

Brandy whimpered, and began jerking her head from side to side. Her mind and body were going into overload. She began chewing on her lower lip. Her lip was still tender from Evelyn chewing on it earlier, but the stretched out submissive didn't care. She began to emit high pitched whines as her orgasm began to build. She felt her bladder begging for release, but Evelyn's threat of punishment if she peed on the bed rang in her ears.

Evelyn continued to suck the juices from Brandy's body. Her pussy throbbed with excitement as she drank in the delicious liquid. The lovely rancher released Brandy's right thigh, and rammed two of her calloused fingers deep into the young woman's depths, sending Brandy over the edge.

The woman's fingers caused Brandy to release a few more drops of pee.

Evelyn sucked in the delightful liquid, allowing it to mix with Brandy's other juices.

Between the ropes digging into her flesh, Brandy chewing on her own lower lip, the need to pee, and Evelyn's mouth and fingers tormenting her pussy, Brandy was beginning to lose all reason. As the young woman's body succumbed to an intense orgasm she began to jerk her hips up and down against Evelyn's mouth.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck," Brandy screamed as her entire body exploded with sexual release. Her tormented bladder demanded release. Brandy had to use all her willpower to keep that from happening. This only served to intensify her orgasm.

Evelyn sucked up as much of her lover's juices as she could.

Much of the girl's nectar was spread all over her mouth, cheeks, and chin.

The sheet was saturated with Brandy's cum.

Evelyn bit down hard Brandy's clit.

Brandy's eyes rolled into the back of her head, and she screamed at the top of her lungs.

The feeling of power grew stronger in Evelyn. Her body felt like a powerful vibrator was pressed against her clit and turned on high speed. She let out a guttural moan, and for the second time that morning the raven haired rancher began to cum.

Brandy began panting for air. She lifted her gaze at the woman who controlled her. Tears were running down her cheeks, and she began pleading with her Mistress. "Please, Mistress, I can't hold it back much longer. Please untie me. I have to pee now."

Two hours later, Evelyn and Brandy left the clothing store with several bags of clothes for the young submissive.

Evelyn had bought Brandy clothes for work, several negligees, and a couple of outfits for when they went out on the town.

One outfit that Evelyn picked out was a white strapless push up bra that exposed Brandy's breasts from her nipples up, and a white thong that barely covered her crotch.

Evelyn also bought Brandy a pair of white thigh high stockings to go with the bra and thong.

Brandy suspected the outfit was to be worn as she hung from the center beam in the living room, but she didn't ask her Mistress if that was her plan.

They loaded the bags into the bed of the truck, and then climbed into the cab of the pickup.

"Where are we going now, Mistress?" Brandy asked.

Evelyn gave her young lover a sly grin. "There is an adult shop about ten miles down the interstate. A friend of mine owns it. She knows how to keep her mouth shut, so we don't have to worry about gossips. I think it's time we picked up a few toys." Evelyn gave her passenger a grave look. "Lola is a very close friend of mine as well as a dominatrix. So make sure you treat her with the respect she deserves."

Brandy's heart skipped a beat, as she quickly said, "Yes Mistress." Her thoughts flashed to the bullwhip hanging on the peg in the bedroom.

Evelyn started the truck and headed for the interstate.

Brandy wanted to ask Evelyn if she was serious when she said she wanted to practice her bullwhip skills on Brandy's body, but as a true submissive, she knew better than to question her Master.

Evelyn had made the statement. She had said she was good with a whip.

Brandy would have to trust her Mistress. Besides, even though the idea of being a target for a bullwhip terrified Brandy, it also excited her. She envisioned herself hanging from the center beam of the cabin, nude, and completely helpless. A ball gag was crammed in her mouth. Brandy couldn't ask Evelyn to stop if she wanted to.

Evelyn stood about eight to ten feet away, also nude, and holding the whip in her calloused hand. The lovely rancher drew the whip back, and let the tip fly towards Brandy's exposed flesh.

"Brandy, are you alright?" Evelyn asked, breaking Brandy's thoughts.

"Yes Mistress. I'm just happy to be with you."

Evelyn noticed the look on the young woman's face. She knew that Brandy had something on her mind. "Brandy, a good submissive does not lie to her Mistress. Now tell me what you are thinking about."

Brandy took a deep breath before answering. "I was a little curious about what you said earlier this morning."

"Are you talking about the bullwhip?"

Brandy nodded. "I trust you mistress, and I believe you when you say you are an expert with a whip. I guess I'm a little afraid is all. No one has ever done something like that to me before."

As Evelyn pulled onto the interstate, she reached out and caressed Brandy's cheek. Evelyn was new to BDSM, but she understood enough to know that just because Brandy was afraid, it didn't necessarily mean she didn't want to try doing something new and dangerous. The middle aged rancher was glad that her friend Lola had been more than happy to share stories of her sexual conquests over the years. "Sweetie, you are my submissive not my slave. That means you have the right to say no if you don't want to do something. I can give you as much pain as you desire, and I can put red marks all over your sexy body if that is what you want. But I will not cut or scar you with the whip. I've used a bullwhip since I was a girl. I can pick a fly off a horse's ear at a full gallop. However, I will not force you to do something that you flat out don't want to do. If you do not wish to be whipped with the bullwhip, all you have to do is say so."

Brandy smiled, and then reached up to caress her lover's calloused hand. A powerful and unbreakable need to please her lesbian lover was birthed at that moment. "I love you mistress."

"I love you too sweetie."

Brandy was torn between her desires. She craved the fear and excitement that the bull whip brought to their sex games. Brandy also craved the pain that the whip would give her. But she knew that if Evelyn made a mistake, her flesh would be ripped from her body. That thought terrified her most.

A whip crack aimed too high, or delivered with too much force could scar the pretty woman's face, or body for life.

But to deny Mistress her right to use her body as she wished was too painful for Brandy to even consider. Brandy would be terrified. She would whimper and plead for mercy with her Mistress. But she had no idea how she could possibly refuse her.

Evelyn and Brandy entered the adult book store.

An older woman was behind the counter. She appeared to be in her late fifties. She looked up and smiled at Evelyn. "It's been awhile since you've been in here."

"Hello Lola," Evelyn said in a friendly tone. "How is business?"

"Business has been good. The economy may be affecting other industries, but people always need their sex toys." Lola looked Brandy over. "Who is young lady with you?"

"Lola, this is Brandy. She is my friend."

The older woman gave Evelyn a toothy grin. "Is she just a friend, or is she a friend with benefits?"

"If you're asking me if we are lovers, the answer is yes. Brandy is a submissive, and she needs a new ball gag."

Brandy blushed furiously, but she remained quiet.

"Evelyn, I knew that one day the right girl would bring out the dominatrix in you," Lola said as she gave her friend a sly grin.

The lovely rancher smiled at her friend. "Brandy sort of brought me into her world, didn't you sweetie?"

The red cheeked submissive lowered her gaze. "Yes Mistress."

Lola nodded. "It's been years since I've run across a submissive lesbian. I kept one for a few months when I was in my thirties. But I found I like pretty young men much more."

Brandy kept her eyes lowered, and remained quiet.

"Speaking of pretty men," Evelyn asked. "Where is your current playmate? I haven't seen him since the two of you were out at my place last August."

"He's tied up in the back. I go back and spank him from time to time between customers. He was naughty this morning, and I am reminding him who the boss is."

Evelyn glanced at her submissive. "Yes, they need to be reminded from time to time, don't they?"

Brandy's cheeks reddened, but she remained quiet.

Lola turned her attention to Brandy. She came out from behind the counter. She approached Brandy. "Look at me, and open your mouth as wide as you can," the dominatrix commanded.

Brandy lifted her gaze, and opened her mouth wide as instructed.

Lola carefully inspected Brandy's mouth. "A one and a half inch gag should be plenty big enough."

"My last gag was an inch and a quarter," Brandy quickly replied. She instantly regretted speaking. "Please, excuse me. I didn't mean to sound like I was arguing with you."

Lola acted as if she hadn't heard the girl. "How long did you have the gag?"

"Brandy has slept in it every night for the past four years," Evelyn said. "Her previous Dominant kept it when he threw her out."

"I thought so," Lola replied as she examined Brandy's lips. "I can see where gag rubs the skin along the sides of her mouth. It's from wearing a gag for hours at a time. That's why I recommend a larger gag. The larger gag will force her jaws farther apart, and relieve some of the rubbing on the sides of her lips. I do suggest that you not get her anything bigger for sleeping however."

"Why can't she use a bigger gag?" Evelyn asked.

"If she's sleeping in it, a larger gag will increase her saliva build up. She could choke to death on her own saliva as she sleeps. She could probably take a two inch gag for sex play, but I'd use an inch and a half for sleeping. A few years ago, a girl fell asleep tied to the bed with a two and a half inch gag in her mouth, and she woke up choking on her own saliva. Fortunately her Husband woke up and removed the gag before she died."

"In that case, we need two gags," Evelyn replied. "We will take an inch and a half for sleep, and a two inch for play."

"Don't forget about the rope, Mistress," Brandy quickly added.

Lola noticed the rope burns on Brandy's wrists. Taking hold of the girl's hands she examined the burns. "She's been using lasso rope on you, hasn't she?"

Brandy nodded. "Yes Ma'am."

"I thought so. I have the proper rope in stock sweetie." Turning to Evelyn, she asked, "How much rope do you need?"

Evelyn glanced at her submissive. "I'm not sure."

Brandy looked up at her Mistress. She had the look of someone who had made a decision. "We need four pieces that are three feet long each, and one very long rope."

"How long does it need to be?"

"Thirty feet should be long enough," Evelyn said as she gazed back at her young lover.

Brandy could almost feel the whip caressing her tender flesh. She trembled at the thought of being struck repeatedly by the cruel weapon.

"You will find packages of rope hanging on the back wall. I suggest you look at collars while you're back there."

Evelyn realized just how much she had to learn about being a dominatrix. "I hadn't even thought about a collar. Hell, I've seen your submissive wearing his collar dozens of times. I should have thought about that right away."

Lola winked at her long time friend. "That's why you should always come to me for supplies. Just remember, you treat your submissive like you would a pet. You praise her when she merits it, and punish her when she's been bad. But always show her how much you love her and she will be happy and contented."

As they pulled off the interstate; and onto the highway to the ranch, a police car shot onto the on ramp, heading west. The car was running its lights and siren.

"It looks like someone may have gotten into a wreck on the interstate," Evelyn said as she headed towards her ranch. "We might just be getting some traffic on our highway after all."

"Why will we be getting traffic, Mistress?" Brandy asked. She sat in the passenger seat with her brand new collar around her neck.

The collar was thin and made of black leather.

"It depends on how bad the wreck is. If the wreck blocks both east bound lanes, the Highway Patrol will redirect traffic to Interstate 80 until they can get the highway cleared. And the only road that goes that way for the next hundred miles is our road."

An hour later, Brandy and Evelyn were back at the cabin, and had finished going through Brandy's old clothes.

Evelyn let Brandy keep anything she'd bought on her own. But she made the girl throw everything that Ted had bought her onto the floor.

Brandy hung up her new clothes in the closet. She turned to get the under clothes and sleep wear off the bed, when she spotted the push up bra, thong and thigh high stockings carefully laid out on the bed.

Evelyn obviously wanted her to change into the outfit.

Brandy put the rest of her things in the dresser drawer, and proceeded to remove her clothes. As she pulled her shirt up, the young submissive noticed the empty peg.

The whip was missing.

Brandy felt her stomach begin to tighten as she stared at the empty peg. Forcing herself to continue, Brandy stripped off the clothes and laid them aside. She then dressed in the revealing under garments.

She looked at her reflection in the full length mirror mounted to the outside of the bathroom door. The bra stopped a half inch below her nipples. The thong barely covered her crotch, and her boyish buttocks were completely exposed. Although the stockings looked good on her long legs, they were extremely thin.

The girl knew in her heart that the flimsy garments would not provide her any protection against the whip.

If Evelyn made a mistake, Brandy would pay the price.

The sound of a power tool erupted throughout the house.

Brandy had no idea what her Dom might be up to, but she had no doubt that it was directly linked to what was about to happen.

The pretty girl ran her fingers along the leather wrapped around her neck. She loved the feel of the collar against her skin. Her thoughts raced back to another kind of leather. It was a dangerous kind of leather that would be applied to her exposed flesh.

As Brandy waited for Evelyn to come get her, she stared at her reflection, trying to decide what to do. She loved Evelyn and wanted to please her. Also, the idea of being whipped with the eight foot long rawhide bullwhip was exciting to her.

But the fact that something could go wrong kept eating at the pretty submissive. She was placing herself in terrible danger. It both thrilled and terrified Brandy. However, Brandy had made the decision to completely submit to her Mistress. If Mistress wanted to whip her with the bullwhip, she would take the whipping.

"You look lovely."

Brandy spun to see Evelyn standing in the doorway.

She had stripped off most of her clothes, and was dressed only in her Stetson, a black, lacy bra, a pair of black panties, and her boots. Her heavy, full breasts and shapely hips were accentuated by her black underwear.

Brandy was amazed that she hadn't heard her Mistress enter the room. "Thank you Mistress. So do you."

Evelyn sauntered over to her submissive, and took her in her arms. The rancher drew the young woman close and kissed her on the mouth. She ran her hands along the girl's exposed flesh, as she gazed into Brandy's eyes. "You know you don't have to do this if you don't want to."

Brandy glanced at the offending clothes that Ted had bought her lying on the floor. A tear ran down Brandy's cheek. "Mistress, I brought clothes into your home that offended you. I must be punished."

Evelyn smiled at her lover. She leaned in and bit the girl's lower lip, causing Brandy to gasp. Drawing back, she said, "Yes, you must be punished. Bringing in clothes that another dominant bought you is a punishable offence. Not only will you be punished for the clothes, you will be whipped for peeing in my mouth. I tasted a few drops of urine coming from your pussy this morning."

Brandy gasped and her eyes grew wide with fear. "I'm sorry Mistress. I tried to hold it back."

"You still must be punished. As your punishment you will be whipped until you cum."

Brandy began to tremble. "Yes Mistress." Her voice was barely above a whisper.

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