tagBDSMSnow Bound 03

Snow Bound 03


Chapter 03

Starting Over

Interstate 80 looked typical for this time of year. The highway was covered with snow, but it wasn't so heavy that it was not drivable. Hundreds of cars, trucks, and eighteen wheelers were traveling on the snow covered interstate. Most were filled with Holiday travelers, heading home from visiting Family. Some were heading to the nearest big town, to do some after Christmas shopping. Others were either on their way home from work, or they were getting back into their regular routine of running errands.

Evelyn Landers, the owner of one of the smaller ranches in Wyoming had a different reason for being on the snow covered interstate. It had been over a month since Evelyn had visited her friend Lola. Evelyn felt like visiting Lola, just so she didn't feel so lonely.

Three weeks earlier Brandy had been forced to move back home to Georgia to take care of her Mother. The submissive young woman had lost her Father in a car accident. Her Mother had been so despondent that Brandy had tearfully told her Mistress that she needed to go home to take care of her Mom until the grieving widow could take care of herself.

Evelyn dreaded letting the girl go, but she understood that family came first in life.

A week later, Brandy called her Mistress to tell her that her Mother had suffered a nervous breakdown, and that she wouldn't be able to leave her alone.

Apparently, the woman's breakdown had been so severe that it could take her years to recover.

Their nearly year long relationship ended as quickly as it had started.

As the cattle rancher pulled off the interstate, she drove the fifty feet to the entrance to Lola's adult shop.

Four cars, a minivan, and a pickup that looked like it had seen better days were parked out front.

Lola always parked her car in back.

Evelyn suddenly felt a deep sense of dread entering the shop. It was here that she'd bought Brandy's 2 inch ball gag, and the rope she used to string Brandy up for their target practice sessions.

Evelyn could still see Brandy hanging from the center beam in the living room with her nude body dangling by her bound wrists. Her girlish figure and long legs made such tempting targets for the whip.

The beautiful young woman's eyes were filled with fear and sexual need as she waited for the first stroke of the bull whip.

A small smile appeared on Evelyn's lips as she thought about the way Brandy would twitch, and yelp into the ball gag as the whip popped her sensitive flesh.

Brandy's flesh would turn pink, then red as she received her whippings. Her orgasms would be so intense that the sexy submissive often fainted during their sessions.

Evelyn had never considered using her bull whip skills on another person before Brandy.

The young submissive just had a way of bringing out Evelyn's dominant side.

Evelyn had noticed the way Brandy looked at the whip as it hung on her bedroom wall from the very beginning.

It was obvious that the girl wanted to know what it felt like to be used as a target. Her fear and obvious excitement at the prospect of being whipped; mixed with her need to be bound, and gagged, stirred up deeply buried feelings that the rancher had never allowed to surface until the young submissive had entered her life.

Brandy, with her need to be controlled had forced the dominant nature in Evelyn to the surface. Thanks to Brandy, just having sex with a woman would never satisfy Evelyn again.

The raven haired rancher would never be happy with a woman who didn't crave being controlled as much as she craved having control.

Evelyn shoved the troubling thoughts aside. Brandy was gone, and there was nothing she could do about it. Climbing out of the cab of her Pickup, Evelyn forced herself to go inside.

Lola was standing behind the counter. She spotted the pretty rancher and beamed with happiness. "Evelyn sweetie, how are you today?"

"I'm doing alright Lola. How is business?"

"Business is booming, as usual. People always need their magazines, video, and toys."

Evelyn glanced around the store and noticed that a half a dozen or so customers were busy shopping. "You certainly have a lot of customers today."

Lola gave her friend a sly smile. "Fortunately for me, people will always need their sex toys."

Evelyn chuckled as she said, "your sex toy is five foot eight and weighs about one hundred sixty five pounds."

"He's hung like a horse too." Lola glanced at the front entrance. A frown appeared on her face. "Where is Brandy?"

Evelyn tried to put on a strong front, but failed miserably. "Her Father was killed in a traffic accident a few weeks ago. She had to move back home to take care of her Mother. The poor woman had a nervous breakdown, and couldn't take care of herself."

"That's too bad. Brandy was really good for you. But when one door closes, another one usually opens." The older woman gave her friend the once over. "You look like you could use someone to talk to."

"Yeah, ever since Brandy moved back home it has been a little lonely on that ranch."

Evelyn and Lola talked for over an hour.

A customer would approach the counter from time to time, and pay for his or her purchases.

Evelyn would stand back and let her friend take care of the customer, and then they would resume talking.

Lola told Evelyn that her submissive was at home, wearing a butt plug. He had broken a family heirloom and was being punished for being clumsy.

"What will he do if he needs to go to the bathroom?" Evelyn asked.

"Toy can go to the bathroom after I close up the store."

"You should bring him out to my ranch sometime and string him up in front of my bay window," Evelyn said with a sly grin. "A few pops of my bullwhip on his backside will straighten him out."

"Oh hell no," the older woman snorted. "You pop him on the ass with that whip of yours and he'll cum all over your floor."

They burst into laughter at the crude joke.

As they chatted, the final customer, a young woman who couldn't be more than twenty approached the counter. As she laid her purchases on the counter, the young brunette kept her eyes on the countertop. Her face was flushed, and her well developed body trembled with obvious shame.

Lola took the three porn magazines and rang them up. "Will that be all today Sweetie?"

"Yes Miss Lola," the humiliated girl replied.

Lola shook her head in dismay. "It's none of my business, but shouldn't your Daddy be in here buying his own damn magazines?"

The pretty brunette took a small breath before responding. "Daddy says that it is beneath him to enter a sex shop, Miss Lola."

"So he sends you instead."

The girl's cheeks turned a bright shade of red. "Yes Ma'am," she replied, her eyes still glued to the counter.

Lola rang the girl's purchases. "That will be eighteen dollars, and nine cents."

The girl quickly paid for the magazines, looked at Evelyn for a moment, and then bolted out the door.

Lola watched the nervous young woman leave. "That is so pathetic. Her bastard of a Father doesn't want anyone to know that he buys sex magazines, so he sends her down here every month to buy them for him. He acts like he's too good to be seen in my store."

Evelyn was shocked at what she'd just learned. "You mean that young woman is forced to come down here because her Father doesn't want to be seen buying porn?"

"Yep, he's been doing that to her for two years. She always waits until the store is empty before making her purchases, and then she runs out of here like she's on fire."

"Isn't she Ed Bradley's Daughter?" Evelyn asked.

"Yeah, that's Polly Bradley. She's been coming in here every month since her Mama died. Her Mama used to come in for him, but now Polly has to do it. She needs to move away from that old coot, and start a life of her own."

"Why doesn't she?"

"Ed keeps the girl cowed, so she doesn't leave. He tells her that she isn't smart enough to be on her own. He has that poor girl convinced that no self respecting man would have her." Lola watched the girl pull away in her beat up old pickup. "I got news for Ed. He doesn't have to worry about some man taking his Daughter away."

"Why doesn't he have to worry?" Evelyn asked. "She's a beautiful woman."

Lola gazed back at her long time friend. "Oh hell, didn't you know? Polly is gay."

"Are you sure?" Evelyn couldn't believe she hadn't heard about Polly's sexuality. "Who is she dating?"

"I don't think she's ever dated anyone, but she definitely likes women. She's also submissive as hell."

"How do you know this?"

Lola stepped around the counter. "Follow me."

Evelyn followed the store owner back to the magazine rack.

Lola picked up a lesbian bondage magazine and showed it to the rancher. "Every time the girl comes in here, she spends time looking through magazines like this one. Did you notice that she either calls me Miss Lola or Ma'am? She never looks me in the eye either. Polly knows I'm a Dominatrix. She naturally shows me respect. I don't think she even realizes she's doing it. She keeps her gaze directed towards the counter. That's also why she comes in here every month for her Daddy. The humiliation of being forced to buy the magazines turns the girl on. I'd bet good money that she parks somewhere on the way home, thumbs through the magazines, and masturbates. Hell, she knows you're a dominant lesbian. Did you see the way she looked at you before running out of the store? Polly is probably fantasizing about being tied to your bed and being humiliated as we speak."

Evelyn shook her head in amazement. "I'll be damned. I kind of suspected that the girl was submissive by nature, but I never would have guessed she is a sexually submissive lesbian."

A gleam suddenly appeared in Lola's eyes. "You know, a girl like that would take your mind off the loss of Brandy. It wouldn't take much to convince her to drive out to your ranch. She'd look mighty sexy tied to your bed, or strung up in your living room. Hell, she'd cum all over herself if you hung her in your living room window, and a car passed by."

Evelyn shook her head. "I'm not ready to take a on another bottom (submissive) yet. Besides, her Daddy is not going to let her out of his sight long enough for me to train her."

"Ed Bradley is not going to be around much longer." Lola glanced at the front entrance. "One of the 911 operators who is a regular customer of mine let it slip to me yesterday that Ed is under surveillance by the Wyoming state police."

"Why are the police watching Ed?"

"Apparently he's been running a methamphetamines lab out of his barn. The state cops have been waiting to catch him in the process of cooking the stuff. My customer told me that they are planning a sting on his place when he starts cooking up his next batch. Apparently he's got a big shipment going out this weekend. Hell, Polly may get home in the next half hour only to find her Daddy in handcuffs."

"Won't they arrest Polly as well?"

"My source tells me that Polly never seems to go near the barn. I suspect old Ed doesn't want his little girl to know what he's up to. Once Ed is caught, Polly will have nowhere to go. The state police will declare his ranch a crime scene, and Polly will have to move out while the investigation is underway."

"Polly can move back in once the case has been settled, can't she?"

"The bank will most likely foreclose once the mortgage becomes overdue. The poor girl will be out on the street."

Nine days later, Evelyn pulled into her snow covered driveway. She'd just spent the last three hours feeding and watering her five hundred head of cattle, and was looking forward to eating dinner and taking a nice hot soak in the tub. As she pulled around the back of her log home, Evelyn spotted Lola's parked car.

A pickup that Evelyn knew she'd recently seen was parked next to Lola.

Lola was sitting behind the wheel, and a young woman was sitting in the pickup. Lola's submissive was sitting the passenger seat next to his Mistress.

He wore a pitiful expression on his face.

Gazing into the cab of the pickup, Evelyn recognized the young woman. "Lola, I told you I'm not ready for another relationship," Evelyn grumbled as she turned the truck's engine off. She climbed out of her pickup, and approached her friend's car.

Lola got out and waved at her long time friend. "I'm sorry to pop in unannounced but I was hoping you could help me with a problem."

"You know you don't need an invitation to come by. What kind of problem are you having?"

Lola turned and snapped her fingers. "Toy, get your ass out of that car," she commanded.

The young man reluctantly climbed out of the car. He approached his Mistress and stood before her, his eyes were glued to her feet.

"I took Polly in after her Daddy was arrested last Friday. She has been working for me at the sex shop, and staying in my spare bedroom." Lola grabbed a handful of the young man's hair and yanked.

He squealed in terror.

"This morning I caught my dirty Toy spying through the bathroom keyhole at Polly while she was taking a shower. Polly needs a place to stay, but I can't have her staying with me and having this piece of shit," Lola yanked his hair hard, causing him to whine; "peeking at her while she bathes."

Evelyn glared at the naughty submissive.

He cringed under the Dominant Lesbian's glare.

She then looked at the young woman in the truck. "I take it you want me to take Polly in."

"I'm sorry to put you through this, but it looks like Ed Bradley is going to plead guilty in exchange for a lighter sentence. The police have declared the property a crime scene. With the ranch closed up during the investigation Polly has nowhere to live. Once the case closes, the bank will begin foreclosure procedures. Besides, now that Brandy is gone you need help keeping your ranch going."

Evelyn did miss having someone to keep the house clean. She also missed having company.

Ranch life had gotten lonely now that Brandy was gone.

Evelyn's gaze returned to the frightened girl. "Did she bring her things?"

"Her suitcases are in the bed of her truck." Lola let her sex toy's hair go, and shoved him towards the pickup. "Carry the girl's bags inside. And don't let me catch you in her suitcase, fondling her underwear."

"Yes Mistress," the frightened young man replied as he turned and unlocked the trunk.

"Hey," Evelyn offered. "Why don't you join me for dinner? I've got several steaks in the fridge that need to be eaten before they go bad."

"That sounds good to me." Lola turned to her lover. "Toy, take the suitcases inside, then get your feeding dish out of the back seat."

Polly was set up in the guest room. She offered to fix Dinner, but Evelyn decided to make her first night as comfortable as possible.

"Lola is preparing dinner tonight, while I shower. You can fix breakfast in the morning."

"Yes Miss Evelyn."

Evelyn noticed that the girl called her Miss Evelyn, and hardly ever looked her in the eye. 'Damn, I guess Lola is right about the girl.'

After taking a quick shower, she changed into a T shirt, a pair of cutoffs, and boots. Evelyn then headed to the kitchen to help her friend with dinner.

Toy was sitting on the dining room floor. His head was hung low in shame, as he waited for Mistress to feed him.

As she entered the kitchen she saw Polly standing behind Lola, who was turning the steaks over.

The young woman stared at Evelyn's powerful legs for a moment, but stopped when she realized that the rancher was watching her. She was obviously embarrassed at being caught.

Evelyn gave the girl a warm smile. "Do you like what you see?"

Polly immediately directed her eyes to the floor. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have been staring."

"It's alright. I think I have very nice legs."

"Nice legs hell. Your legs make me wish I was gay," Lola said as she turned the last of the cooking steaks.

"If you were, we'd still have a problem. Two dominants would never work out. We'd constantly be fighting for control."

"I'd go bottom for a chance to have your long, sexy legs wrapped around my waist."

Evelyn approached her friend, and hugged her. "Would you let me use you for bullwhip target practice?"

Lola laughed hard. "Damn, Brandy certainly brought out the disciplinarian in you."

Polly stared hard at the floor, terrified by this line of discussion.

The three women sat at the dining room table eating their meals.

Because he was in trouble, Toy had to eat his dinner out of his dog food dish on the floor.

Knowing that Evelyn would invite them to stay and eat, Lola ordered Toy to bring his dish with him.

Toy felt humiliated as he bent his head and took a bite of mashed potatoes. The knowledge that he was being forced to eat on the floor in front of others made his cock stir in his pants.

Polly sat next to the head of the table, to Evelyn's right. She kept her eyes glued to the plate as she ate.

Evelyn and Lola light heartedly talked as they ate.

"Have you heard from Brandy?" Lola asked as she scooped up a fork full of peas.

"She called me three days ago. She said she missed me, and she missed the bullwhip."

Lola chuckled. "That girl did love to have you use that bullwhip on her."

A warm smile crossed Evelyn's face. "Brandy would tell me that I needed to keep my whip skills honed, and she would volunteer to be my target. She loved it when I popped that whip against her bare flesh."

Polly momentarily looked up at the rancher. Her pretty face was shocked, and her eyes were filled with fear. The girl quickly looked back down at her plate.

Lola had not missed this gesture. She saw the fear in the woman's eyes. She also noticed something else.

Polly was becoming sexually excited by the conversation.

Lola couldn't resist finding out what the girl was thinking. "Polly, you look like you've just witnessed a murder."

"I'm sorry. I was just surprised when Miss Evelyn said she would strike her former girlfriend with a bullwhip." The girl directed her gaze at Evelyn. "When you were discussing it earlier, I thought you meant Brandy would let you cut things out of her hands or mouth like in the Wild West shows."

Lola reached across the table and touched Polly's hand. "Honey, Evelyn is an expert with a bull whip. She can snap a bottom's skin without causing her harm. There will be a few welts, and red marks that will go away in a few hours, sometimes days. But she doesn't permanently scar her lovers. That would be sadistic and cruel. Brandy did love pain though. She also enjoyed the thrill of being in danger. She would tell me that Evelyn could make her cum by snapping her on the clit."

"She loved it when I popped her nipples too."

Lola could see the fear mixed with lust in the young woman's pretty face. "I remember that first day when Evelyn brought Brandy to my store. Her wrists were badly bruised because she'd used the wrong kind of rope to tie her up." Turning to Evelyn, Lola continued. "You didn't know the first thing about being a top. But that little submissive taught you well."

Evelyn nodded her head in agreement. "I didn't know what the hell I was doing then. I'd always felt a need for control, but I never pursued that need until I found Brandy hitchhiking on the highway. She knew how to bring out the need to dominate in me. It didn't take me long to figure out that it's the bottom who controls the relationship."

A deep sadness came over Evelyn as she spoke. "When Brandy called me the other day, she cried as she told me that her Mother would probably take years to get over the death of her father. She said she couldn't bear to be without me, and pleaded with me to let her come back. I was tempted to let her bring her Mother here, but hell the nearest city with a psychiatric center is over two hundred miles away. I reminded Brandy that as much as I wanted her to come home; family came first, and her Mother needed her. She told me that she loved me, and would never forget me. So, I gave Brandy permission to find another Dominant, and begin her new life taking care of her Mom."

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