Snow Bound 03


"That had to be hard. But you did the right thing. The girl needs to be there for her Mom. Do you think Brandy will find a Dominant man, or a woman?"

"Brandy is bisexual so she could go either way. I just hope she finds someone who knows how to treat a submissive."

"I want to thank you for letting me stay with you, Miss Evelyn," Polly said. "I'll try to find a job and get a place to live as soon as I can."

Evelyn turned her gaze to the young woman. "If it's a job you need, you can work for me. I need a cook and a house keeper. With my girlfriend gone, I have to run the ranch and the household all by myself. As for finding a place to live, room and board, are included with the job."

"Thank you Ma'am. I promise to keep your home clean, and make all your meals."

"You'd better," Lola said with authority. "If you don't do your job right, Evelyn will hang you up in the living room, and give you a whipping with her bullwhip."

Polly's eyes grew wide with fear. "Miss Evelyn, I'll do a real good job; I promise."

Evelyn felt a tightening in her loins as she saw the fear, mixed with the obvious signs of sexual excitement radiating from the girl's face. Her thoughts drifted back to the numerous times she'd hung Brandy up and used her for target practice.

The beautiful submissive always dreaded, and at the same time, looked forward to the target practice sessions.

Every time the bullwhip struck her tender flesh; she would jerk against the rope that held her in the air, and squeal through the two inch ball gag.

Evelyn would whip her until her flesh was beet red from her beautiful breasts to her shapely thighs. Evelyn never struck the girl in the same spot twice during their practices.

Brandy's flesh would glow a delightful shade of red for hours after one of their target practice sessions. Her skin would be a nice shade of pink for days, following their practice sessions.

Not once did the lovely dominatrix cut or scar her lover with the whip.

Brandy was always obedient, and never needed to be whipped. But the girl felt it was her duty to provide her Mistress with a suitable target for whip practice.

Evelyn on the other hand knew her lovely submissive craved the feel of the whip more than anything.

Brandy hungered for the orgasms that came from being a human target. The girl would become so turned on that she would cum repeatedly while hanging from the center beam. Her sexy body would jerk, and twitch with each stroke of the eight foot whip. She would whimper, and squeal in passion as the leather whip repeatedly struck her soft flesh. Brandy especially loved it when her Mistress struck her sensitive nipples or her clit with the whip's leather tip. The girl would have mind numbing orgasms when the whip popped one of her buttons.

Afterward, Evelyn would take the girl down, and carry her to the bedroom. She would spend the rest of the evening kissing and licking her tender skin. The forty year old rancher would make sweet love to the exhausted girl until she fell asleep in her Dom's arms. You know, I think if I'd refused to use the whip on that girl, she would have started messing up just so I'd punish her."

As Lola watched Polly struggle with feelings she couldn't possibly understand, a devious thought ran through her mind. She tossed the car keys onto the floor next to her submissive. "Speaking of messing up; Toy, run out to the car and get your bit. I have decided what your punishment will be."

The handsome young man grabbed the keys, leaped to his feet, and bolted for the back door.

"Evelyn, I need a favor from you. Do you remember when we joked about me hanging Toy up in your living room, and letting you give him a whipping?"

Evelyn shook her head and chuckled. "I take it you've decided to give your submissive a proper lesson on keeping his eyes to himself."

"Toy needs to feel the sting of your bullwhip. However, I'm no good with a bullwhip. I'd end up scarring him for life. But with your skills, you could make him squirm for hours without scarring him. I want you to give him a proper thrashing. Don't hurt him too bad. But cause him pain."

"You said he would cum all over my floor if I whipped him."

"Toy won't cum on the floor, trust me." Lola's face had a sadistic gleam. "He knows not to cum without my permission. But his pecker will get hard. Like I've said before, that boy is hung like a horse."

"Lola, I'll whip him for you; but you're going to have to take care of his erection. I don't have sex with men."

"Don't worry. I'll take good care of his cock."

Polly's complexion once again turned pink as she listened to the conversation. She had never heard women talk like this before. Her Daddy would talk like that with his friends, but never two women. She glanced at the sexy rancher, and immediately lowered her gaze.

Lola spotted the girl's actions. Another thought entered her mind. "Polly, Toy isn't really a big boy, but he is heavy enough that it might take three of us to get him off the ground. Would you mind helping Evelyn and me hoist him up in the air?" She knew the powerful rancher could easily haul Toy up without assistance, but she wanted to gauge how far the girl could be taken.

The shy girl's pink cheeks became flushed. "No, no Miss Lola, I, I don't mind helping," she stammered.

"He will be stripped naked. Does that bother you?"

Polly shook her head, but refused to look up. "No, I've seen Daddy naked before, so it won't bother me none."

Evelyn decided to give the girl a way out. "After we've hoisted him up, you can go to your room if you feel uncomfortable watching Toy take his punishment."

Polly fought with her discomfort. She had no idea if Miss Lola was teasing about her new employer whipping her with a bullwhip if she didn't do her job right; but if the woman was serious, then it was in Polly's best interest to watch the punishment. "If it's alright with you Ma'am, I'll watch Toy take his punishment. You might need me to help get him down after you've whipped him."

Evelyn felt the tightening in her womanhood return. She knew in her heart that the girl was indeed submissive. She could tell that the girl was becoming even more aroused by their conversation.

Judging from the way the young woman kept glancing at her, when she didn't think Evelyn was looking, it was also obvious that the girl was attracted to her new boss.

Evelyn began to imagine what Polly would look like strung up, naked, and waiting to be whipped. She envisioned the two inch ball gag that Brandy had left behind stuffed between her teeth.

Polly also struggled with images. Her thoughts returned to the bondage magazines she would thumb through while waiting for the customers to clear out of Miss Lola's store. She had repeatedly displayed her submissiveness to the sexual dominant in the hopes that she would take her and teach her the pleasures of being submissive.

Then when Miss Lola offered to let her stay at her place, the pretty submissive thought her opportunity had finally arrived.

Unfortunately, Toy messed that up, forcing Lola to find her another place to live.

When Miss Lola said she would talk to Miss Evelyn about letting Brandy stay with her, the girl's heart leaped with joy. But the thought of being whipped with a bullwhip terrified the girl.

The magazine pictures of the tied up women being whipped with bondage whips had always excited her.

Those were bondage whips, however.

The whip Miss Evelyn used was for controlling cattle, and could inflict serious damage to a person's skin.

Still, the idea of being used as a target for Miss Evelyn's whip did stir up powerful feelings in the young sub.

Polly wasn't sure if she could take being whipped with a bullwhip. But the fantasy of being used as Miss Evelyn's target did make the young woman feel more turned on than ever before.

Toy stood in the center of the living room, his clothes piled on the floor next to his feet. His wrists were tightly bound together, and the rope was slung over the center beam of the living room. Tears of shame ran down the young man's cheeks.

He knew he deserved this punishment, but being forced to strip in front of the lesbian rancher and another submissive was more than he was ready to bear. Of course, his submissive nature always brought out a need to be humiliated. That was why he had peeked at Polly in the first place. He knew Mistress would catch him, and punish him for his show of disrespect.

Mistress had become a little lazy with discipline lately, and Toy desperately needed to remind her that it was her duty to see to it that he was controlled properly.

Mistress Lola had forced the riding bit between his teeth, and secured it behind his head. She had given him a disapproving glare as she tied his wrists together.

Toy then gave his Dom a look of gratitude.

At that moment, Lola realized that he'd wanted to get caught.

Toy had wanted to be punished for his indiscretion. The young bottom wanted to feel his Mistress' wrath.

Lola, Evelyn, and Polly stood next to the large eyehook that was screwed into the far wall. They took hold of the rope that had been threaded through the eye and began hoisting Toy into the air.

The young man whimpered as his arms stretched above his head.

The three women pulled onto the rope until his feet were dangling an inch above the floor.

Evelyn then tied the rope off.

Polly couldn't take her eyes off the dangling submissive. She feared that if she didn't do her job to Miss Evelyn's satisfaction that it would be her hanging there like a side of beef, and waiting to be whipped. A familiar tingling sensation once again began to course through her body. Polly had never been able to understand why such thoughts both frightened, and stimulated her.

Being strung up before Mistress' friends made Toy feel even more vulnerable than usual. To make matters worse, Toy was naked and hanging in front of the big bay window that faced the highway.

Anyone passing the house would see his nude body hanging in the window. The sub was truly happy.

Polly trembled with fear and a strange hunger as the image of her hanging there in Toy's place flashed through her mind.

Evelyn stepped back and grabbed her bullwhip off a nearby table. She strode to her familiar spot. The lovely rancher wanted to feel excitement from Toy's punishment, but she felt nothing. The only way she would experience any sexual release would be to hang Polly from the center beam. She didn't intend to do that, however. Evelyn gazed at her employee.

The girl looked so frightened, and vulnerable. It was obvious that the girl was thinking about the possibility of being strung up herself. The sexual need that came from the fear was also evident in the young woman's features.

Evelyn's pussy twitched with desire. The sexy rancher began to question her convictions of not becoming involved with someone so soon after losing Brandy. After all, she'd given her former submissive permission to move on. Perhaps it was time for her to move on as well.

The sweet, innocent young submissive that stood in her living room would most certainly fill the void that Brandy's moving had made. Polly would want to learn what it meant to be submissive. She would be very pliable and teachable.

Toy stared at the bullwhip that his Mistress' best friend was holding. His fear and humiliation began to increase. His cock began to stiffen and lengthen until it was at half mast.

Lola watched her lover as he began to get excited. She approached her lover, and spun him so he faced the window. She then stepped back and gave her submissive a stern glare. "You do know better than to peek at other women, don't you?"

The frightened young man whimpered, and quickly nodded his head.

"Yet the very first time you get an opportunity to peek at Polly while she is in the shower, you do it. You should have resisted the urge. But since you can't seem to control your urges, you will have to be taught to control them."

Toy gave his mistress a pleading expression.

"It's too late to beg for forgiveness now," the Dominatrix said sternly. "You must be punished. If I was good with a bullwhip, it would be me whipping you. Now, Miss Evelyn has to take time out of her busy life to teach you a lesson. You should be ashamed of yourself."

Toy hung his head in resignation. He had pushed his Mistress too far. Now he would be punished most severely.

Lola nodded to Evelyn.

The whip wielding rancher drew the weapon back, and snapped it forward.

Toy jerked against the ropes as the leather tip struck him on the back of his left thigh. His manhood involuntarily jerked and began to stiffen even more.

Lola watched lustfully as her submissive took his punishment. Her panties began to become saturated with her juices as the whip struck Toy's exposed flesh.

Polly stared at the spectacle before her. Her mind spun as she watched what might be her one day if she didn't do as Miss Evelyn instructed. Her nipples hardened, and her body trembled slightly. She knew in her heart that Miss Evelyn would be a wonderful teacher and Dominatrix.

Lola watched her lover's cock jerk with each snap of the whip. Her desire to suck that magnificent tool finally got the best of her. She impulsively bent over at the waist, and licked the tip of his head.

Evelyn stopped whipping the submissive.

"Fuck, you taste good," Lola growled. "Evelyn, I want you to give Toy the proper punishment he deserves."

The sexy rancher glanced at Polly out of the corner of her eye.

The girl was obviously becoming more and more excited by the spectacle.

As Evelyn drew the whip back, Lola bent Toy's cock so that it was lined up with her mouth and throat. She then engulfed the thickening erection in her mouth.

In one smooth motion, she took the entire length of him deep in her mouth, and down her throat. Lola loved the way Toy's cock stretched her throat.

Evelyn had been playing with the young man up until this point. Now it was time to get down to business. Evelyn drew back and struck the young man across his left buttock.

The whip's popper caused a loud thwack that could be heard throughout the house.

Toy twitched, and screamed into the riding bit as the pain shot through his body. His rock hard cock lurched in Lola's mouth and throat.

A dark red welt appeared on Toy's butt.

The older woman moaned as his erection swelled even thicker in her oral cavity. Her throat felt so stretched that she couldn't breathe.

Polly watched the spectacle in awe of what she was seeing. Never in her life had she seen something so obscene. Even her Daddy's porn magazines had been tame compared to this.

The lesbian bondage magazines that contained whipping pictures didn't even come close to this spectacle.

The sight of Miss Lola sucking her slave's cock deep down her throat sent Polly's confused mind reeling. She'd never seen a young man being punished before. Polly had always looked through the magazines that showed women punishing young girls. She would also look at the magazines that her Daddy bought when he was in the barn. But they were tame compared to what she was witnessing.

The pretty girl resisted the temptation to play with her clit.

As Lola slid her Toy's cock out of her throat, Polly directed her gaze at Miss Evelyn.

The woman drew back struck Toy between the shoulder blades.

A dark red welt appeared on the young man's skin.

He screamed loudly into the gag. His hanging body twitched and jerked. He involuntarily thrust his hips forward, shoving most of his hardened cock back down Mistress' throat.

Lola drew back and straightened up. She glared at her submissive. She reached out and grabbed hold of his balls. "Did I give you permission to shove your cock into my throat?" She angrily asked as she squeezed his testicles.

Toy shook his head no. His face was filled with fear and lust.

"I decide when and how deep your cock goes in my mouth, is that clear?"

Toy nodded yes. His eyes pleaded for permission to continue.

With her other hand, Lola grasped his cock once again, and took it in her mouth. She kept her grip on his balls as a reminder that she was the Dom and he was her slave.

As Evelyn struck the young man across the back of his thighs, Lola once again swallowed his entire cock.

Her windpipe stretched wide all the way to the base of her throat.

Polly's eyes grew as big as saucers as she watched the woman's throat visibly stretch. She wanted to run out of the room, but stayed where she was.

Lola continued to pleasure Toy's cock as Evelyn repeatedly struck the young man with the whip. Even though she didn't dare take her eyes off the young man, she could sense the uneasiness that Polly was feeling.

The girl was confused by her feelings. She knew in her heart that she was a lesbian and submissive, but being directly exposed to this type of behavior was stirring up feelings in the girl that confused her more than ever.

Lola saw the girl's state of excitement and confusion out of the corner of her left eye. Once again, a devious thought ran through her mind. She raised her left hand, instructing Evelyn to stop. She then withdrew Toy's cock from her mouth and straightened up.

Evelyn began to ask herself what the middle aged Dom was up to now.

Turning to Polly, Lola looked the girl over. "Polly I need you to do something for me."

Polly felt a lump rise in her throat.

Surely Miss Lola wasn't going to ask her to suck Toy's cock. The woman had to know she didn't like men. "What do you need me to do Miss Lola?" Polly asked pensively.

"Toy is being punished for peeking at you while you showered. I need to teach him to keep his eyes off other women. Would you remove your clothes please?"

Polly felt the lump in her throat grow to twice its normal size. "You want Toy to look at me while I'm nude?"

"No, I expect Toy to keep his damned eyes off you. Any time Evelyn catches Toy looking at you, she is to give him an extra hard smack across his ass cheeks with the bullwhip. Perhaps a few scars across his buttocks will teach him to control what he looks at."

Toy whimpered in terror. He was being tested by Mistress. Toy intended to do his very best to pass Mistress' test. The young man's love for his Mistress deepened even more at that moment.

Without understanding why she was doing it, Polly began to disrobe. She kept her gaze on the hand that Evelyn held the whip with as she removed her garments.

Evelyn watched the pretty girl undress. Her pussy began to throb as she watched the naturally submissive woman remove her clothes.

Polly could sense Miss Evelyn gazing at her as she disrobed. Her body began to respond to Miss Evelyn's piercing gaze. Her heart began to pound in her chest, and pussy juices began to flow freely as she slowly removed her clothes in front of this lovely Dominatrix. Polly's fantasies were being fulfilled for the first time in her young life. She was disrobing as a powerful, and sexy woman watched her. Polly felt both vulnerable, and empowered at the same time.

Toy forced his eyes to look only at his Mistress. He knew that if he glanced at the undressing woman even for an instant that Miss Evelyn would draw blood with her lethal whip. His raging erection twitched uncontrollably at this new dilemma he found himself in.

Lola stood before her submissive watching the confusion and lust in his eyes. Once again she had reminded her Toy just who the Master is. She couldn't wait to get him home. Lola would tie him to the bed and ride his cock for the rest of the evening.

Polly removed the last of her clothes. She gazed up at the beautiful rancher for a moment, her cheeks turned bright pink, as the beautiful Dominatrix took in her exposed body. She immediately lowered her gaze back to the whip.

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