tagLesbian SexSnow Bunnies Ch. 03

Snow Bunnies Ch. 03


(Karen Styles’s story)

After volley ball practice I had to stay after and talk to coach Barnes, not that I minded. At 6’8” and stacked she is such a Goddess that just being near her makes my pussy run. She can chew me out, scold me or whatever, and all I want to do is fall down at her feet and worship her and beg her for a chance to kiss her—anywhere she wants it.

Maybe that’s why all of us girls play so hard for her. She has that special magic. Anyway, she didn’t chew me out today, just complemented me on my play and asked me about College next year.

By the time I got to the showers I was flying high and horny as hell from spending those precious moments so close to Goddess coach. I was the last one left in the gym, all the other girls had gone home (or so I thought), so as I soaped myself up I couldn’t resist playing with myself a little—and fantasizing about coach Barnes.

I dried myself off as I walked back to my locker, still dreaming about the Goddess. As I began slipping my panties on I, became aware of the voices of Jill Thomas and Nicole Smith, two of my teammates, coming from the other side of the row of lockers.

Jill was a spiker like me. She was tall, at 6’3” she was even taller than I was. She kept her blonde hair in a pony tail. Nicole was our best server. At 5’8” she was a little shorter than the rest of us, but a great athlete. She could scoop saves off the gym floor that the rest of us could never get to, and she always did a good job of setting up for us taller girls to spike. She was a brunette and also liked to keep her hair in a pony tail.

Based on their conversation, I’d have to say that they too thought that they were the last ones left in the gym.

“God, what I’d give to see a porn flick!” Jill said. “I get so fucking horny from being around coach Barnes all I can think about is sex.”

“Me too,” Nicole said with a giggle. “I’m just dying to be able to watch some porn.”

“That’d be so naughty,” Jill said, “it makes me hot just thinking about it. But my parents would never let me. They even monitor what I surf on the net.”

“Yeah, mine too.” Nicole said. “I can’t wait until I’m on my own—then I can do anything sexy I want to.”

Their conversation was getting too interesting for me to contain myself any longer so wearing just my panties, and holding my bra in my hand, I stepped around the row of lockers to talk to them. They had their backs to me. They were both in their panties and Nicole, standing right behind Jill, was helping the taller girl put her bra on. They both looked so sexy like that I just wanted to dive right in and start kissing and licking them. Instead I just stood and watched.

Nicole’s nipples were all red and swollen. I guess just talking about porn, or being around coach Barnes, had turned her on so. She had the biggest nipples I think I’ve ever seen. Seeing her like that made my own nipples swell.

Nicole touched her nipples to the taller girl’s back as she reached around Jill’s body with the bra to help Jill tuck her tits into the cups.

“Ummmmmmm, you have such nice tits,” Nicole said, giggling. “I just love the way they fill your cups up.”

Nicole gave Jill’s tit-filled bra cups a playful squeeze, then brought the bra strap around to the back to fasten it. “There,” she said patting her friend on the back. “Now, if you could help me with mine.”

They both turned around then and saw me looking at them. I pretended like nothing out of the ordinary had happened. “Hi guys! I couldn’t help overhearing you talking about porn flicks.”

“Yeah,” Nicole giggled. “Do you know where we can see some without our parents finding out?”

“Sure, that’s what I wanted to tell you. My parents keep some at their cabin in Payson, but they never go there anymore. So, if you want to we can go all go up there this weekend and watch all the porn we want, and no one will know.”

“Wow,” Jill said. “Count us in.”

“Great,” I said. “We’ll leave right after school. A couple of my other friends will be going to. It’ll be great fun. Porn party all weekend. Now, can one of you help me with my bra?”

I handed my bra to Nicole because I wanted to see if she would touch those gorgeous nipples of hers against my back like she did with Jill

Ummmmmm, yes, she did. Then her hands were around my body helping me fit my tits into the cup. The movement of her arms made her nipples dance on my bare back so sexily. The graceful, seemingly accidental touch of her fingers against my breasts as she helped me with my bra cups gave me goose bumps all over my body. I felt my horny pussy getting wet.

All too soon Nicole finished with her ministrations and fastened my bra clasps behind my back. In the meantime, Jill had moved up behind Nicole to help Nicole with her own bra.

“How’s that, now,” Nicole said, patting me on the back when she finished securing the clasp.

“That’s great. Thanks a million. Bra’s can be such a pain when you have to put them on yourself,” I said as I turned around, backing up a little—as if making to return to my own locker.

What I saw made my pussy even wetter.

Jill had her panty-covered crotch pressed up against Nicole’s butt and her bra pressed into Nicole’s back as she helped fit Nicole’s tits into her bra cups.

Such a waste, I thought, to have to hide such gorgeous nipples inside a bra.

Jill must have been thinking the same thing, because just as I turned around her index fingers briefly touched Nicole’s nipples while the rest of her fingers began working the bra cups in place.

The next thing I noticed was that Nicole’s panties were wet, real wet. My eyes went right to her crotch. I drooled, imagining how sweet it would be to stick my face down there, and suck her off and suck, suck, suck.

Of course, my own panties were wet too, and getting wetter. Jill and Nicole both were gawking at my crotch, with their mouths open.

I was really tempted to get something going with them right now, but I was afraid we’d get caught. That’s all we’d need is to have coach walk in on us while we’re munching on each other.

But then, my horniness got the best of me.

Jill and Nikki were still gawking at my crotch; neither of them had moved a muscle since I’d turned around. I made an obvious point of following their eyes with mine, bending my head down to look at my own crotch. Then I looked back up into their faces. “Yeah, I guess my pussy got a little wet didn’t it? From you guys talking about porn, or from Nicole’s nipples touching my back.”

Looking them right in the eye I used both of my index fingers to rub up and down my slit, pushing my sopping wet panties in my crack as far as they’d go—until my gash was obscenely obvious. I continued playing with myself like that until my fingers were sopping wet.

Jill and Nicole still hadn’t moved a muscle. They were still staring at my now most obvious gash. They were both frozen, like a couple of rabbits looking at a cobra. I moved in for the kill.

“Yeah, Nicole’s nipples are just too damn sexy to hide in a bra. Such a waste. I think she should go bra-less.” I grabbed Nikki’s bra out of Jill’s hands and tossed it into Nikki’s locker. Then I took my index fingers, still hot and dripping from my cunt goo, and gently touched them against Nicole’s nipples. I pushed her nipples side to side, and then up.

Nikki moaned.

“Don’t you agree, Jill?” I looked the taller girl in the eye while I played with Nicole’s nips.

Jill’s hands were flopping around not knowing what to do after I took Nikki’s bra away from her.

“Don’t you think Nikki’s nipples are too sexy to hide in a bra?” I grabbed Jill’s hands had placed them on Nicole’s tits. “See how sexy her nipples are, Jill? Go ahead and play with them. She likes it. I know, ‘cause her panties are just as wet as mine.”

As Jill started tentatively playing with Nicole’s nipples, I bent down and kissed Nikki on the side of the face, then swabbed her cheek with my tongue.

“Ummmmmmm,” Nikki sighed, as Jill became more aggressive with her nipple play.

“That’s a good girl, Jill. See how Nikki loves having her titties played with.” I said.

I reached around the shorter Nicole to grab Jill’s face between my hands. Pressing my body hard up against Nikki’s, even while Jill’s fingers teased her nipples, I mashed my face to Jill’s, kissing her strongly on the lips. When she kissed me back, I gave her some tongue. Her lips parted, eagerly sucking me in.

With our faces pressed up against the side of Nikki’s head, we tongued each other’s mouths out frantically.

While I frenched Jill, my wet panties rubbed on Nikki’s tummy, just below her belly button.

Nikki started playing with my butt, while Jill played with her nipples.

I broke off my kiss with Jill to turn my attentions back to Nikki. I held my still sticky index fingers up to her nose.

Nikki inhaled deeply, a dreamy smile on her face.

“Go ahead, Nikki, lick my fingers. See what my pussy tastes like. That’d be real sexy.”

Nikki’s tongue shot out and swarmed over my index fingers.

“Ummmmmmm,” I moaned. “Good girl, Nikki. That’s so sexy. Oh, God, I love that. You’re tongue is making me so fucking hot.

By this time Jill, no longer having my mouth to kiss, was kissing and licking the side of Nicole’s face. Her long tongue kept inching ever closer to Nicole’s lips and my fingers.

“Maybe Jill would like to taste my pussy too,” I said, offering her one of my fingers.

Jill’s huge tongue wrapped around my finger like an anteater’s.

I stuck my index fingers in their mouths. “Ohhhhh, suck my fingers. That’s it, just like you’re sucking cock. Ohhhhhh, that feels so fucking good. Taste my sex. Such naughty, naughty little girls we are.”

All this while Jill was tugging on and twisting Nicole’s nipples all over the place, and Nikki was playing with my ass.

“Ohhhh, you’re both so beautiful and sexy, sucking my cunt juices off my fingers. Now, I want to taste my own cunt on you.” I took my fingers out of their mouths and crammed my tongue down Nikki’s throat. I sucked on her lips while my tongue ate out the inside of her mouth.

Jill bent down to press her face up against the sides of ours, then her huge, long tongue darted out forcing its way into Nikki’s mouth alongside my tongue.

While we frenched each other in this hot, three way kiss, I slipped a hand down to Nicole’s panties. I broke off from the kiss to let Jill and Nicole French each other better while I played with Nicole’s pussy.

I rubbed her cunt up and down through her panties first. “Ohhhhhh, naughty, naughty Nicole! Such wet panties we have here. So, sexy, sexy, sexy.”

Nicole moaned into Jill’s mouth as I played with her.

I slipped my hand inside the waistband of her panties, then explored downward until I found her treasure.

“Ummmmm, hand inside her panties now,” I said as much for Jill’s benefit as anything. “Feels so sexy. Hand moving down. Fingers in bush, tickling. Ummmm, the touch of Nikki’s cunt hairs on my hand makes me tingle all over. Downward. Everything is so hot and wet. Puffy lips, so sweet and hungry, nibbling at my hand. Finger’s in pussy now, fucking Nikki’s cunt, in and out, in and out, fucking her cunt. So, very sexy. Hot, wet cunt, scalding my hand. Naughty, naughty, Nikki. So Fucking hot and wet you’re making me.”

I withdrew my hand from her panties and held it up to Jill’s face. “See how hot and wet Nikki is, Jill?”

Jill stopped frenching Nikki to suck my whole hand into her mouth.

“Ummmmmm,” she moaned as she sucked my hand like a giant cock. Her slippery tongue darting in and out between my fingers made my skin crawl with ecstasy, as if microscopic ants, with tongues instead of pincers, were dancing and licking every part of my body.

“I bet Nikki would like to taste herself too.” I turned to Nikki. Would you like to taste your own cunt, and see how sexy you are?”

Jill and I offered my hand to Nikki who gobbled it up as greedily as Jill had done.

“Ummmmm, sexy, sexy, Nikki,” I said. “Suck off my hand. Taste your cunt, your own hot, wet, sexy cunt. I want to taste your cunt to, you sexy girl you. I want to taste your cunt in Jill’s mouth.”

Jill needed no prompting. She took the offensive and crammed her huge, long tongue down my throat before I knew what was happening. Her kiss went right to my slobbering, horny cunt, driving me even crazier high than I already was.

Nikki continued sucking off my hand, tasting her own cunt, while Jill and I frenched and ate out each other’s faces.

Suddenly I was aware of being watched!

My heart leaped into my throat. My God! I thought. We’re caught! I had been so wrapped up in kissing Jill, that I hadn’t noticed anyone opening and entering the locker room door. I broke off my kiss with Jill and cast a furtive glance over her shoulder.

With a sigh of relief I saw that it was Kris and Jenny. They were standing at the end of the row of lockers, just watching us and playing with themselves. Their clothes lay in a frantic pile on the bench beside them.

I smiled and with a wave of my hand invited them to join.

By this time Nikki had stopped sucking off my hand, as she and Jill both turned to see who was there.

“It’s okay, guys. Kris and Jenny’re friends of mine.” Then I pulled both Jill and Nicole into another three-way kiss with me.

Kris came up behind Jill and threw her arms around her, rubbing her huge tits back and forth across Jill’s back.

Jenny came in from the side and began fondling and kissing what ever she could get her hands on.

“Jenny,” I said, “why don’t you tell me if Jill’s panties are as wet as Nicole’s?”

“Sure,” Jenny giggled. She wriggled one hand down between Nikki’s ass and Jill’s front until she found Jill’s pussy. Jill gasped into my mouth as Jenny played with her panty-covered cunt.

Jenny’s other hand wriggled in between my tummy and Nikki’s, finding Nikki’s pussy.

Nikki frantically licked my neck as Jenny played with her pussy.

“I think they’re both nice and wet,” Jenny said, still playing with them.

“Let me see your fingers, Jenny.”

Jenny held her hands up to my face so I could lick her fingers while looking Jill and Nikki in the eyes.

“Ummmmmmmm, good job, Jenny. Yes, they’re both equally hot and wet. I think now they ought to kiss each other just to show us how horny and sexy they really are. Turn around Nikki. Show us how hot you can kiss Jill.”

I helped Nikki turn around, then pushed her up against Jill.

Nikki put her arms around Jill to play with the tall girl’s ass.

Jill took Nikki’s face in her hands as she bent down to kiss her. This shoved her ass into Kris.

By this time Kris had taken Jill’s bra off and tossed it aside. Kris bent over Jill’s ass so she could keep her tits on the big girl’s back. Her arms around Jill, she played with her titties while Jill’s nasty long tongue devoured Nicole.

I stuck my leg between Nikki’s until my thigh rubbed on the bottom of her pussy. I pressed my own cunt against the top of one of her ass cheeks and with both arms around her, and played with those very sexy nipples of hers.

Nikki and Jill really went at it. They ate out each other’s faces like crazy.

I kissed and licked both of their faces while they made out.

Little Jenny crawled in between Jill’s and Nikki’s legs to play with Jill’s pussy. After using her hands, she buried her face in the tall girl’s wet panties, making loud sucking noises.

Jill moaned into Nikki’s mouth. Then she lowered her hands from Nikki’s face to her tits. I let Jill play with Nikki’s nipples while I moved my hands further down. With one hand I fucked her sopping wet panties into her slit, and with the other, I played with her clit.

It was Nikki’s turn to moan into Jill’s mouth as she started fucking her ass up and down on my thigh.

When I sensed that Jill and Nikki were near orgasm, I stopped the action. “Jenny, why don’t you stand up on the bench?”

Jenny giggled and promptly complied. Standing on the long bench that fronted the row of lockers made her about as tall as Jill.

“Jill,” I said. “Why don’t you kiss Jenny to show her how much you appreciated what she did for your pussy?”

“Ohhhh, oh sweet,” Jill said. “I’d love to. Come here little girl.”

Jill pressed up close to Jenny, and with both hands on the little girl’s ass she started frenching her.

“Ohhhh, beautiful, beautiful, Jill,” I said. “Taste yourself in Jenny’s mouth, that’s so sexy.”

I pressed myself against Jill, my pussy coming in just under her butt. I wrapped my arms around her to play with her tits while she kissed Jenny.

Nicole came up behind me and undid my bra and worked it loose. Then she pulled my panties down. While she was undressing me, Kris took Nicole’s panties off.

Nicole pressed herself into me. She straddled one of my legs with hers and started humping me. Her arms wrapped around me so she could play with my tits while rubbing her hard-on nipples all over my back.

Kris pulled Nicole off of me and started kissing her and fondling her. Then Nicole stood up on the bench next to Jenny. Kris, standing on the floor directly in front of her, rubbed her tits on Nicole’s thighs while fondling her ass. Kris kissed and licked Nikki’s tummy.

Jill kissed her way down Jenny’s neck, sucked her nipples, then went on down into a squatting position so she could slurp away at Jenny’s little slit.

While Jill ate her pussy, Jenny turned her torso so she could suck Nikki’s huge nipple.

I moved over to suck on Nikki’s other nipple while Kris was licking her tummy and playing with her ass.

“Okay, let’s have some real fun,” I said. “Jill why don’t you lay down on the bench, and I’ll lay down head to head with you. Nikki and Kris can sit on us, while Jenny can do what ever she wants to.

With both feet on the floor, Nikki straddled my head, then lowered herself on to me.

Kris did the same with Jill.

With my hands on Nikki’s ass, I helped guide her cunt to my hungry mouth. She was so hot and wet I could hardly believe it.

I inhaled her sex, letting the intoxicating aroma whisk me off to some forgotten, forbidden lotus land.

Her warm, tight, muscular thighs pressing against my cheeks was pure heaven. Her hot, wet crotch on my face made me feel so fucking sexy I wanted to suck off the whole world. I slipped my tongue into her slit.

Nikki moaned and pressed her crotch harder down on my face. I crammed my tongue up as far inside of her as I could, exploring her inner universe.

The heat and wetness of her enveloping my probing tongue was pure pleasure incarnate. My nose nestled into her clit while my tongue worked its way inside of her.

By the moans of pleasure coming from Kris sitting on Jill’s face, I knew they were feeling the same pleasures Nikki and I were.

Kris and Nikki were facing each other so they could French kiss and play with each other’s titties while fucking our faces.

Jenny lay down on top of Jill so she could hump her cunt on Jill’s torso while slurping her tongue up and down the big girl’s gash.

I could hear Jill’s sobs of pleasure muffled by Chris’s cunt.

Kris and Nikki moaned into each other’s mouths as they fucked Jill’s and my faces like maniacs.

I held on tight to Nikki’s ass helping her fuck my face with her sexy hot cunt.

Nikki trembled all over. “Ngggggggggg!” She spasmed and came all over my face.

Kris shook and moaned and came on Jill’s face.

Jill’s moans were muffled by Kris’s cunt, but the way her shivering vibrated the bench beneath us told me she was getting ready to come too.

Kris and Nikki climbed off our faces, then Nikki started frenching out Jill’s face so she could taste Kris’s cunt in her mouth, while Jenny was still eating the big girl.

Kris moved over to eat out my face, licking up all of Nikki’s hot girl goo from my mouth.

Jill started shaking so hard the entire bench jumped and bounced as if in an earthquake. Her scream of ecstasy was swallowed by Nikki’s loving, sucking mouth. She clamped her legs so tightly around Jenny’s face I thought she’d suffocate the poor little girl.

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