Snow Bunnies Ch. 04


As soon as Emily's shirt was out of the way, she resumed fondling Kris's titties.

I put both my arms around her again to play with her nipples while she played with Kris's

"Go ahead and suck them," I whispered to her. "It's lots of fun, like sucking a little boy's cock."

I kissed and licked the side of Emily's face as Kris fed her a nipple.

At first Emily just gave the nipple a little kiss. Then her long tongue shot out and flicked it hard, making the nipple bounce. Kris's entire boob jiggled from the motion.

For the first time, I noticed how long Emily's tongue was—and a sudden gush of extra wetness soaked my panties. I wondered if she could eat pussy like Jill does.

Nicole stuck her head between Kris's and Emily's bodies so she could lick and suck Emily's left nipple, moving my hand away.

While my right hand still played with Emily's right nipple, my left hand found its way between her legs.

As I played with Emily's panty-covered pussy, she became more aggressive in her mouthing of Kris's tits, first one then the other. Licking, sucking, licking, sucking.

Jenny had tossed Kris's skirt aside and was kissing and licking her ass cheeks again. She stuck a hand underneath Kris's ass to play with her pussy. Kris was so wet it made that sexy "squish! Squish! Squish!" sound when Jenny fingered her cunt.

While Nicole sucked on Emily's nipple, Jill had undressed herself and was pulling Nicole's skirt off while kissing her and licking her all over.

Kris then pushed Nicole's head out of the way so she could lay herself on top of Emily.

Jenny came over to sit on the arm of the couch next to me so she could pull my T-shirt mini off.

Emily scooted her butt to the edge of the couch, and laid back in an almost prone position. She opened up her thighs to let Kris press her hot wet cunt against hers. Emily wrapped her own thighs around Kris's body, her feet rubbing the backs of Kris's knees.

Kris rubbed her tits back and forth across Emily's hard-on nipples while smiling into her face.

Jill, having finished taking Nicole's skirt off, started fucking Nicole's ass with her hot, wet cunt. Her arms were wrapped around the smaller girl playing with her tits while Nicole kissed and licked the side of Emily's neck. Jill, being taller was able to lick out with her long tongue and slurp away at the side of Emily's face.

Kris, pressing her tits into Emily's, lowered her face to the new girl's. She touched her lips gently to Emily's.

"Kiss her Emily, french her," I whispered to her, lickingly. "Go ahead and taste Jenny's sweet pussy in her mouth.

Kris's tongue teased Emily's lips.

Emily's lips parted and sucked her in. Then the two of them went at it like maniacs, their tongues fighting, wrestling.

Jill, Nicole, and I kissed and Licked all over Emily's face and neck.

Jenny crawled between my legs and buried her face in my panties.

Kris fucked her clit into Emily's cunt while they made out.

Emily had her hands around Kris and was fondling her ass, helping her fuck their cunts together while her tongue took the offensive to lick out the inside of Kris's mouth.

"Sexy, sexy Emily," I hissed into the side of her face. "Eat out Kris's face, get high on Jenny's cunt juices. And naughty little Jenny is fucking her own cunt on my leg while sucking my cunt. Her sweet little mouth sucking me off through my panties is driving me crazy."

Kris stopped fucking her cunt against Emily's and began kissing her way down Emily's body.

Jenny began pulling my panties down my legs, kissing and licking me all the way down.

As soon as Kris had vacated Emily's face, Nicole was there.

"Ohhhhh," Nicole said. "Let me taste Jenny's cunt in your mouth now." She plastered her face against Emily's and started tonguing her out.

Jill stuck her face up against the two girls and forced her long tongue into Emily's mouth along side of Nicole's

While the two girls ate out Emily's face, Jenny lay down on her back in front of Emily to receive Kris's pussy as Kris squatted down between Emily's thighs.

First Kris pulled Emily's panties and skirt off, then she sat on Jenny's face and as Jenny sucked her cunt she started blowing on Emily's pussy. She cupped her hands up under Emily's ass to fondle her as her mouth made love to her cunt.

I scooted down to suck on Emily's right tit. Then I extended my feet out towards Jenny who was laying on her back. One foot played with the little girl's nipples while the other rubbed on her clit. I gave Jenny good foot sex while she ate out Kris's pussy squatting on her face.

Kris kissed and licked all over Emily's crotch while Jenny ate her out.

Nicole straddled her legs around Emily's hips so she could rub her huge nipples directly against Emily's. As the two girls rubbed their hard-on nipples together, Jill and I licked both of their nips from the side.

Kris plastered her face into Emily's cunt and sucked her like an animal while fucking her own cunt on Jenny's licking face.

Jenny fucked her cunt against my rubbing foot as hard as she could while my other foot played with her nip buds.

While Nicole rubbed her hard-on nips against Emily's, and Jill and I licked 'em both, Jill and I fondled Nicole's ass and pussy.

"Nggggggggggggod," Emily moaned. "So fucking gooooood! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!"

Kris, sensing that Emily was near coming, wrapped her lips around her clit and intensified her sucking.

Emily shivered all over while Jill and I caressed her and licked her everywhere we could lick.

Emily bucked and thrashed.

"F-f-f-f-fuck! Fuck-ck-ck-ck!" She moaned. Then her body went slack.

The four of us continued caressing her and kissing her lightly as she floated back to earth.

Kris came on Jenny's face while fondling Emily's ass, and kissing the insides of her thighs.

* * * * *

Jill and I let Emily rest and turned our attentions to Nicole who was now resting on Emily's lap since Kris had withdrawn her head from between Emily's legs. Jill and I sucked and licked Nicole's huge nipples while Emily watched.

Jenny crawled out from under the crotch of the now spent Kris and kissed her way up one of my legs until she was sucking on my cunt like she'd just sucked off Kris. She rubbed her nipple buds on my thigh as she ate me. I curled my other foot up to fuck her cunt with it while I sucked Nicole's nipple.

Jill and I stopped sucking Nicole's tits to French each other out in front of Emily's face. Then we started kissing and licking Emily's face and neck and worked our way towards her mouth. She was more than ready. She met us in another torrid three-way kiss.

Jill and I broke off the kiss and let Nicole scoot up a little higher on Emily's tummy. Nicole fed one of her huge nipples to Emily.

"Ummmmmm," I hissed into her ear. "Sexy, sexy, Emily. You look so fucking hot sucking that huge nipple into your mouth like that."

Emily fondled Nicole's ass while licking and sucking her titties. Emily darted from one huge nipple to the other like a kid in a candy store not knowing which goodie to concentrate the most on.

I reached down to touch her pussy while she sucked on Nicole. I felt new waves of heat and wetness flowing from her and knew she was ready to go again. I began rubbing her cunt and slipping my fingers inside her slit to make that sexy "squish, squish, squish," sound I love so much.

Jill had gotten down on the floor to lift up one of Emily's feet in her hand. She began licking her huge tongue up and down Emily's instep while fondling her foot.

Jenny left my slobbering cunt begging for more and nudged Nicole aside, then giggling, she climbed onto Emily's lap in her place.

"Oh, yesss, Emily" Nicole said, rubbing her nipples against Emily's arm. "Kiss Jenny—see if you can taste both Kris and Karen. Jenny's been such a naughty little girl eating out Kris and Karen both one right after the other. She's got their cunt juices all over her. Go ahead Emily, taste Kris and Karen's cunts."

Jenny, her sweet face locked into that endearing smile of hers and smeared with Kris's and my cunt juices, lowered her musky, pussy-smelling face towards Emily's.

Emily's long tongue shot out to lick at the cunt juice off Jenny's cheeks and lips—while I continued fingered Emily's pussy. "Squish, squish, squish."

Emily grabbed Jenny's face and mashed their mouths together. Jenny humped her cunt on Emily's tummy while Emily licked out the inside of her mouth.

Meanwhile, down below, Kris had lifted up Emily's other foot and had joined Jill in licking and fondling her feet while the rest of us worked on Emily's upper body.

Emily reached one hand around to play with Jenny's butt while her other hand reached down to play with Jenny's cunt.

"Isn't that hot," Nicole whispered into Emily's ear, "being able to taste Kris and Karen in Jenny's mouth"

"Y-y-y-yes, it's making me so fucking hot again," Emily said as she broke off the kiss with Jenny. She tugged on Jenny to get her to stand up.

With her feet straddling either side of Emily, Jenny stood up on the couch and offered her hairless snatch to Emily's horny mouth.

With Jenny's cunt still several inches away from Emily's face, I watched in awe as Emily's tongue darted out to lick away at the little girl's slit. I swear, her tongue had to be as long as Jill's—but not quite as thick. Very, very sexy.

Emily clasped both her hands firmly on Jenny's butt and slowly guided her hairless crotch into her face—her tongue never missing a beat. Lick, lick, lick.

Nicole and I shifted positions so we could fondle and suck Emily's titties while she ate out Jenny.

Meanwhile, Jill had begun kissing and licking her way up between Emily's thighs. Kris was still making love with her mouth to Emily's foot.

I positioned my own feet so Both Kris and Jill could fuck their cunts on my feet while working on Emily.

Jill's loving mouth reached the junction of Emily's thighs. There was only one right of way and that was to bury her face into Emily's slobbering tunnel. Jill pressed her nose against Emily's clit and crammed her huge tongue all the way inside. I knew only too well what magic Jill's nasty tongue could work inside a cunt. And, Emily responded my thrashing and moaning her pleasure into Jenny's sweet little pussy.

"Yiiiiiiiiiii!" Jenny yelped---and I knew that Emily was trying to do the same thing to Jenny that Jill was doing to her.

Nicole and I both looked at each other with love in our eyes as we sucking Emily's nipples, drawing them out as far as they would go, then letting them "sprong" back into place. Then we'd both flick them with our tongues.

Jill and Kris both fucked my feet like crazy while working on Emily, Kris mouthing her foot, and Jill slurping away at her sloppy, wet cunt.

Emily's thrashing and moaning reached fever pitch.

Jenny, right with her, fucked her cunt furiously into Emily's face.

"Nggggggggggggodfuck!" Emily screamed into Jenny's cunt.

"Yiiiiiiiiiiiiiicks." Jenny came on Emily's face as Emily came on Jill's

Jenny collapsed onto to Emily, and the rest of us kissed and caressed them safely back down.

Before the night was over, Emily had tasted the unique charms of each one of us—and we had another committed member of our group.

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