tagIncest/TabooSnow Bunnies Ch. 06

Snow Bunnies Ch. 06


(All characters in this story are 18 or older, as noted in the previous chapters of this saga—regardless of role played)


I had been deep depression for several weeks—ever since that louse of a husband of mine ran off with the young hussy he had been fucking behind my back. With the divorce final, and he settlement papers in my hands, I returned home to slump down on my bed. My life flashed by before my eyes. The thrill of first love, the good times I'd had with my husband. The joys of raising our daughter Karen—and then the depression hit me again and I buried my face in my hands, weeping.

I felt the bed move under me as the weight of another body pressed down on it next to me. It was my daughter, Karen, just home from her summer time job at Wal-Mart. Karen had sprouted up so fast her legs had outstripped the rest of her body when she entered her teen years. I'd always thought of her as my little fawn—since she was all skinny legs. Then she was my colt. But now, as she sat there beside me in her micro mini, she was all woman. Her legs had filled out with a nice athletic curve to them—and the rest of her body had caught up to her legs. I envied her for her youthfulness and beauty.

"Mom?" Karen put her arm around my shoulders.

"Karen, what am I going to do? What options does a woman pushing 40 have? If my own husband thinks I'm too old for him, who else is going to look at me?"

"Mom!" Karen shook my shoulder. "You're not too old! You're still a very beautiful, and sexy-looking woman. You won't have any problems finding someone new."

"I hurt so bad I don't even want to window shop."

"Oh, mommy!" Karen kissed me on the cheek.

"And, then, the son-of-a-bitch, your father, even had the nerve to take all of our porn movies with him, so I don't even have anything to masturbate to!" I was shocked at myself for blurting that out right in front of my own daughter.

"You mean he took all the movies from the cabin too?"

"Yeah." I brushed the tears off my cheeks. Then I looked sideways at my daughter. "Say, how did you know about those?"

"Mom, you know I've been out there almost every weekend with my friends while you and dad stayed in town. You think I haven't explored every nook and cranny of that cabin?"

"But. . . ." I felt my face grow red with embarrassment, thinking my God! My daughter knows I've watched that stuff."

"Oh, mom." Karen planted another kiss on my cheek, this one a little wetter and a little longer than the previous one. "Don't be a prude about it. It's okay. I think it's really cool if you like watching porn. My friend Kris and I started watching some of your movies and we got so turned on we started doing it with each other."

"Karen!" I was so shocked at my daughter's admission I couldn't think straight. I mean it's one thing to watch that stuff, but it's another thing entirely to actually have sex with another woman. The shock of it made my cheeks burn. But then, the thought of my daughter and her best friend Kris pleasuring each other made my pussy quiver, and made me feel even more ashamed.

"Yeah," Karen went on, "Kris and I started having sex every weekend it was so much fun. Then we started inviting other girls to join us so we wouldn't get to addicted and hung-up on each other—if you know what I mean."

"Oh dear God!" My cheeks and temples throbbed. The thought of my own daughter having sex orgies with other girls—doing all those naughty things they did in the porn flicks—was too much for me to bear. But my shameless pussy started to dampen my panties. My nipples tingled inside my bra. Somehow I had to guide my thoughts away from the gutter they were falling into. "Karen, how could you? With other girls?"

My daughter's strong arm around my shoulders tightened, pulling us closer together. Her bare athletic thigh pressed against mine. She nuzzled her face into my blazing hot cheek to give me another sweet kiss. The wetness of her mouth almost sizzled on my scalding cheek. Into my ear she whispered hotly, "mom, it's really lots of fun. It's a hundred times more erotic than with a man. You really ought to try it with a woman yourself. If men are such rats, who needs them?"

"Well, I never really. . . ."

"Look mom, you're really a very beautiful and sexy woman. You need to learn how to enjoy life again."

"I wouldn't even know how to begin." I said with trembling voice. I was torn between pent-up desire and on-rushing fear. Fear that no one, man or woman, would find me attractive, and fear that I just might enjoy what my daughter was suggesting. Then what would I be, a queer or something?

Still holding me close, my daughter kissed me on the ear, her lips teasing my earlobes. She whispered, her sexy, hot breath sending goose bumps all over me, "after Kris and I started getting in on with each other, she told me she thought you were really beautiful and sexy and she's absolutely obsessed about having a romp with you."

A sudden gush of wetness soaked my panties. The seductiveness of my daughter's brazen words seared into my soul. The thought of a beautiful young girl, like my daughter's best friend, having the hots for me was too much. My god, why am I letting myself think like this? "G-g-g-g-gosh!" Was all I could say.

"Mom, since Dad took all the porn flicks from you, how would you like to watch a real, live sex show?"

"What on earth are you talking about, Karen? A live sex show? Where?" I didn't know whether to be angry with my brazen daughter—or sad. All I knew was that my pussy was getting hornier and hotter by the moment.

"Mom, a couple of my girl friends that Kris and I have been having sex with have worked out their own erotic skit. They want to show it to the rest of us this weekend out at the cabin. Why don't you come along?"

I caught myself looking at my daughter's legs, so sleek and beautiful—and oh so close. A fleeting image of Kris's beautiful face kissing and licking those smooth, athletic thighs flashed through my clouded mind. Karen's skirt was so short—and so hiked up from the way she was sitting—I could see the lower crotch of her panties, her beautiful white panties standing out so starkly against her tanned thighs. Renewed tingles swept through my body—followed by waves of shame for what I was feeling.

"Mom? You okay?"

Oh my God! I thought. How long have I been looking up between my daughter's legs. I hoped she hadn't noticed. I'd be horrified if she had any idea what I'd been thinking—even though she'd started the conversation. "W-w-w-well, I really don't know if I should."

"Come on mom. We can take separate cars so you can leave anytime you want to—if you don't like what's going on. I'll probably stick around after the show to party with my friends and you are most welcome to stay and party with us, or go home if you like. Nobody's going to put any pressure on you to do anything—neither Kris, nor anyone.

My pussy was telling me yes, yes, yes. But my mind still did not want my daughter to think I was anything less than respectable, so I tried to vacillate. "Let me think about it. You can ask me again in a couple of days."

"It's a deal then, mom!" Karen put both arms around me and kissed me full on the lips. I was all too aware of her bare thigh pressing hard against mine. Still holding her lips against mine, she whispered into my soul. "I'm sure you'll love it, mommy. Just give yourself a chance."

Then she got up to go. My lips still tingled from the touch of hers. Her sexy voice and hot breath seem to linger long after she'd gone, caressing my body from top to bottom. I breathed deeply, relishing the smell of your youth and vibrancy.

Needless to say, that evening I couldn't help but play with myself before going to sleep. I didn't need any porn. The thoughts of my daughter and her friend Kris swirled through my mind, then thoughts of Kris having her romp with me. All of the sexy things my daughter had said to me rocketed me to orgasm. I fell asleep wondering what kind of a sex show their friends had dreamed up.

The next day when I came home from work I found a sheet of paper on top of my bed. A carefully placed rose weighted the paper down. I picked them up as I sat on the bed. I sniffed the rose and set it aside to read, with trembling hands, what Karen had written for me:

My Mommy, my self.

Mommy, you are what I shall be. Goddess, of love and beauty, From your beautiful blonde head, To your sexy, sensuous toes, Beautiful, beautiful Mommy, Lucky, lucky Karen.

Mommy, my Goddess, Your voluptuousness and feminine powers, I've always idolized, worshipped, Your breasts, so lush and full, Sexy, sexy Mommy, Lucky, lucky Karen.

Mommy, the object of my desire, Your legs, so long and supple, Your hips and your ass, So round and fondle-able Sexy, sexy Mommy, Lucky, lucky Karen.

Mommy, the object of my lust, Your breasts, as a baby I suckled, My physical hunger you gladly satiated, Now I crave your breasts—for a hunger unmentionable. Sexy, sexy Mommy, Naughty, naughty Karen.

Mommy, Goddess of everything that is me, As a child, from the hallway, Watching you get dressed, panties, nylons, So sexy, fire in my belly, hand in my pussy. Sexy, sexy Mommy, Naughty, naughty Karen.

Mommy, my Goddess of sex and lustiness, How my heart and body throbs for you, How my lips ache to suckle you, As I did when a child I was. How my hands long to hold you, And love you in all your sensuous places, Nipples, lips, ass-cheeks, hands, hips, thighs, And that secret place from whence I came. Mommy, mommy, mommy, With me, will you please be naughty? Naughty, naughty Mommy, Naughty, naughty Karen.

Of course, I spent the rest of the week in a tizzy. The words of Karen's poem constantly whirred through my mind. I should have confronted her with it and told her how wrong it was, but I couldn't. Against my will I found myself intrigued by the seductive beauty of it. At night I tossed and turned, thinking of Karen and her friend Kris making love—then I would masturbate to the words of the poem reverberating inside my skull.

By the time the week-end arrived I was in no condition to rebuff Karen's invitation to the party.

After we arrived at the cabin on Friday evening, Karen put on some music and everyone started dancing in the kitchen. There were about a dozen of Karen's friends at the party, all of them beautiful, sexy, and young—and all of them dressed in the shortest skimpiest skirts imaginable. And there I was in what I thought was a mini skirt since it only came to mid-thigh, but it was like a long, formal evening gown compared to what these girls were wearing. Most of them had on halter tops or T shirts with no bras, their pert young nipples poking out so brazenly.

I felt out of place and headed for the living room sofa. Karen would have none of that. She pulled me back into the kitchen and started dancing with me. It was such tight quarters with all those girls packed in such a small place that everyone was kind of jostling against everyone else. In a moment I had forgotten all of my self-consciousness.

Bodies bumped up against bodies, and everyone was laughing and having such a great time.

Out of the corner of my eyes I noticed that some of the girls were starting to cop feels of each other as they danced. Somehow it seemed natural—the way the music was blaring and the way everyone was giggling and obviously enjoying themselves.

I found myself sandwiched in between Kris and my daughter. Karen looked into my eyes as we danced. She smiled mischievously at me as she began to run her hands up and down along my waist and hips. Kris pressed in on me from the rear jiggling her huge tits against my back.

When I smiled back at my daughter, she danced herself down to a squatting position running her hands all up and down the sides of my legs as she lowered herself.

Kris had her hands on my hips as she rubbed her tits on my back. Wearing only a thin T-shirt with no bra, her erect nipples danced so maddeningly across my back. I couldn't help but remember how my daughter had told me that Kris wanted to romp with me. Somehow I didn't think I'd be leaving this party early tonight—but I still wasn't ready to admit it to anyone.

I giggled, and smiled down at my daughter as she ran her hands up and down my legs. The way she was squatting down caused her micro mini to hike up to her hips giving me a clear view of her panties. Seeing her tell-tale wet spot sent a perverse thrill throughout my body, and I felt my own panties getting wet in sympathy. The way Karen continuously moved her body back and forth and side to side in time to the music really looked sexy.

Karen began to swing and sway herself back up to her full height, her hands fondling my thinhs, my hips, my ass, and my waist as she ascended. In the meantime, as Karen was ascending, Kris was descending, rubbing her obscenely hard nipples back and forth first on my back, then on my ass, then against the backs of my legs. Her hands were all over me.

Karen's face was only inches from mine, her hot breath poured down the front of my blouse tingling my nipples—even though I was wearing a bra.

By this time all the other girls had pressed around us and I found myself to be the center of attention. A dozen pairs of hands were running up and down my body in time to the music. I was lovingly caressed from my head to my toes and back again.

My daughter giggled as she jiggled her titties against mine. Her braless nipples jutted out through her T-shirt most lewdly as they stabbed into my own tits and danced side-to-side and driving me crazy.

I giggled too, feeling totally intoxicated by the crazy, uninhibited fun of it all.

A pair of approaching headlights stabbed through the living room window.

Karen broke away from me and turned off the music. "Okay everyone! Our actresses have arrived. Everyone to the living room."

The other girls let out a cheer as we all headed into the main room.

There were two couches facing each other about five or six feet apart. Karen guided me to one of them and sat down next to me. Kris sat on my other side. Jill, one of the really tall girls, piled in next to Kris forcing us all to squeeze in close together.

Everyone's skirts hiked up as we sat down, including mine. The press of Karen's and Kris's firm, hot thighs against the bare flesh of my own was quite pleasant—and given the situation rather erotic.

All of the other others plopped themselves down on the thick carpet near our couch, leaving the opposite couch empty for our "actresses."

I couldn't believe it. There I was, sitting amongst my daughter and all her friends—eagerly awaiting a live sex show!

As the level of anticipation grew so high I could almost taste it, one of the "actresses" made her entrance. And what an entrance!

It was coach Barnes! All six-eight, or whatever she was, of her.

I remembered the first time I'd ever seen her. It was at a PTA meeting and she came in to give a talk. She was wearing a business suit that night with a hemline just above her knees—but she exuded such sexual power and magnetism even in formal clothing, that every single pussy in the room—including my own—got instantly wet, and every single cock (I'm) sure got instantly hard. No visible or olfactory cues were necessary. I had just immediately sensed everyone else's reaction mimicking my own. Ms. Barnes was perfectly professional as she gave her speech to the PTA, but the sexual power she exuded was so overwhelming that had she asked all the respectable teachers and all the respectable parents in the room to take off their clothes and have an orgy, I'm sure that everyone would have gladly done so immediately.

And, here she was now—right in front of me. And now, the effect of her presence was even more mind-blowing. She was wearing a pair of purple pumps accentuating her already gigantic height and for-ever long legs. She had on a semi-diaphanous purple summer dress with several buttons undone down the front. The delicate material molded perfectly to her huge, firm breasts and her already pronounced nipples. Her white panties and white garter belt stood out clearly underneath her light, purple dress. The dress came down to just below her hips—allowing the tops of her nylons and a hint of her garter straps to show.

Watching her walk across the room was awe-inspiring. The long sleek muscles of her thighs flexed and vibrated with each step. Her breasts jiggled slightly, making her nipples bob up and down and rub on the material of her dress. My pussy, already turned-on from the sexy dancing, went into over-drive now gushing hot goo on to my panties. The musky smell suddenly rising in the room told me that all the other girls were similarly affected.

Coach Barnes sat on the couch directly opposite me. She smiled at me as she slowly crossed her legs giving me a nice shot of her panty-covered crotch.

A little girl I'd never seen before entered next. She was about half the size of coach Barnes and had her brown hair done in the same style pony-tail as Coach Barnes. She wore sneakers and a T-shirt mini that barely covered her crotch and butt. Her chest looked as flat as a nine-year old's. She carried some sort of picture book in her hand.

"Mommy?" She addressed coach Barnes.

I hadn't thought that coach Barnes had a child, but the size difference and similar hair-dos and facial features sure made it convincing. Remembering the erotic poem my daughter had written for me the other day seemed to magnify the implications of what I was about to see. A mother-daughter sex show! Whether true, or just play-acting, the mere idea of it sent weird tingles rushing all through my body. My nipples pressed painfully against my bra making me wish I'd left it home like all the younger girls had done.

"Yes, Jenny? What is it?" The giantess answered the little girl.

"Mommy, could you read me a story?"

"Sure, sit on Mommy's lap so we can read it together." The giantess uncrossed her legs giving us another shot of her panties.

Jenny climbed up on to the big woman's lap, spreading her thighs just enough to allow her lower legs to dangle over the outer edge of her "mommy's" thighs—and to give us a glimpse of her own panties. She rested the book on her lap as she leaned back against the larger woman's torso, her head snuggling in between the huge breasts.

"Okay, let's see what we have here," coach Barnes said, looking at the front of the book. "Oh, yes, 'Alice in the Wonderland of magic toadstolls.'"

"Could you please read it to me Mommy?"

"Certainly. 'Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Alice. One day, little Alice sat at her computer, looking at porn and masturbating.'"

"Mommy?" Jenny asked, "what is masturbating?"

"That's how a girl makes herself feel real good honey, like this." Coach Barnes stuck her hand up between the little girl's thighs to play with her panty-covered pussy.

When I saw coach Barnes stick her hand up her "daughter's" skirt like that all the fires of hell flooded throughout my body, scalding every molecule in me. My thighs burned and boiled against my daughter's and Kris's thighs.

"Mommy," Jenny said with a funny smile on her face, "that feels real good."

"Of course it does, sweetie, that's why little Alice is doing it—see in the picture?" Coach Barnes withdrew her hand from Jenny's cunt to point at the picture. "Alice is making herself feel real good while she's looking at the naughty pictures on the internet. Why don't you try it sweetie—just like Alice. That's it, take your hand and touch yourself down there. You can play with yourself if you want to, while I read you the story.

'Little Alice was so busy looking at porn and masturbating that she didn't see, or hear, the giant rabbit enter her room and approach her from the rear—not until Mr. Rabbit tapped her on the shoulder with his huge cock.'"

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