tagIncest/TabooSnow Bunnies Ch. 07

Snow Bunnies Ch. 07


(In this final episode of Snow Bunnies I have departed somewhat from my softer, seductive approach. There will be some mild restraint in this chapter).


After we introduced Karen's mom into our lesbian sex club, Karen began bugging me about my mom. My mom at 5'6" is a tad shorter than I am, but has the same big boobs I have, maybe even bigger. I know Karen wanted to bury her face in those boobs, but what she really wanted was to see me get it on with my own mom like she did with hers.

"You have no idea how hot it is, Kris," Karen kept saying to me, "I mean making out with your own mom, fondling her all over and getting her all hot and horny. It's quite simply the most erotic, the most mind-blowing thing you can ever imagine. You've just got to try it."

"I know," I'd tell Karen, "watching you and your mom get it on really fries my brain. I think it's just so fucking hot . . . ."

"Then you've just got to try it Krissy baby. You're mom'll love it, I know she will. Mine sure does. You've seen how wild my mom gets in our parties. Now mommy and I want to see you and your mommy have the same kind of fun."

"I know Karen, but my mom is different. Your mom was already into watching porn and masturbating before you ever approached her about the girl-girl stuff. It didn't take much to seduce her. My mom is just the opposite. I love her, but she is such a complete prude and so uptight I'm afraid she's not only not seducible, but she'd make me stop seeing all of you if she knew what we were doing."

Karen put her hand on my shoulder. "Okay, Kris. I understand. But please try to come up with something. Let us know if there is anything we can do."

So I thought about it, and I tossed and turned for days and days. I knew a normal, slow, seductive approach would never work with mom, but then I finally came up with an idea. I'll let my mom tell you all the details from her point of view about what we did with her and how we got her to "cave in."



When my daughter Kris told me that her friend Karen, and Karen's mom Audrey, had invited us over for a Tupperware party I was not the least bit suspicious. Tupperware party my ass! I was in for the shock of my life.

For the occasion I wore a light blue summer dress that buttoned down the front and came down to about mid-thigh. It was late August in Arizona, so I figured my dress would be most appropriate for a Tupperware party. Maybe I should have been suspicious when I saw what my daughter was wearing. She had on one of those micro mini skirts that start way below the belly button and barely come to the top of the thigh and leave virtually nothing to the imagination. I know that's the style these days, and all the girls are dressing like that, but Kris's skirt was red latex which made her look really nasty, like she was some kind of a whore or something. Her pumps made her ass stick out, stretching that tight Latex skirt and making her butt look like a bubble ready to burst. To make things worse, on top all she had on was a skimpy t-shirt with no bra. As we walked towards the car her ample boobs bounced all over.

Her appearance sort of embarrassed me, I mean, what would Karen's mom and the other women at the party think of me for letting my daughter dress like that? But if Karen's mom lets Karen dress the same way, then how could I come down on Kris? Still, I was a bit uneasy about that.

I have to admit however, that it was sweet of my daughter to hold the door open for me on the passenger side. Before closing the door, she bent over to plant a sweet kiss on the side of my face. "Oh, mommy, I'm so glad we're going to this party together. We'll have lots of fun, I just know it."

If only I'd known just how much fun!

When Kris slid into the driver's seat, her ridiculous little skirt hiked up so high her white panties peeked out for the whole world to see. With no bra on, her nipples also stood out through her T-shirt for the whole world to see. It seemed that the closer we got to Karen's place, the more her nipples stood out. Obviously she was really excited about something and was getting ever more excited with each passing mile—but still I was not suspicious like I should have been.

When we arrived at the Styles' residence, Kris took my hand and led me to the front door. But, instead of ringing the bell, or knocking, she just barged right in.

"They're expecting us, mom," she said in explanation to the puzzled look on my face. Indeed there were several other cars parked in the driveway, so I figured the "Tupperware" party was already underway.

The front door led to a hallway with bedrooms on the left, and the living room on the right. Still holding my hand, Kris led me down the hallway. Then we turned into the living room.

And I froze in my tracks!

Right in front of my eyes, on the couch, there was Karen and her mom half naked—and they were making out like animals!

Karen and her mom were tonguing each other's faces and playing with each other's breasts like there was no tomorrow. Guttural animal sounds came from deep inside their bodies.

I should have turned and ran. But I couldn't move. I was so shocked I couldn't move a muscle in my body. I was vaguely aware that Kris still had a hold of my hand. My God! I thought. My daughter is also witnessing this. . . .this. . . . this depraved scene!

Before I even had a chance to finish that thought, several other women came out of the bedrooms behind us and grabbed a hold of me. Any thoughts I might have had about fleeing were now extinguished. There were over half a dozen women grabbing my arms and legs—and they were all big, tall, athletic women.

The biggest one, whom I vaguely recognized as coach Barnes, came up behind me and crushed my body to hers, imprisoning me, while the other girls latched on to my arms and legs.

They put manacles with short chains on my wrists and ankles. Then they fastened my wrists to a couple of metal loops attached to the ceiling, so my arms were stretched out and up in a "V." My ankles they fastened to the floor about a foot apart.

Through my shock-clouded mind, I vaguely recognized that the other women were Karen's team mates from her volley-ball team. And, all of them were dressed as nastily as my daughter was—or worse. Some were completely naked. Others just had on bras and panties.

Coach Barnes, her huge body pressed against my back, was dressed only in heels, hose, panties, and garter belt. Her huge tits, unfettered by bra or blouse rested on the top of my head. With my hands and feet fettered, she no longer had to pin me in place—yet she still kept her arms about me and hugged my body into hers.

My daughter, Kris, no longer holding my hand, leaned over to whisper in my ear. "I'm so sorry, mommy, for tricking you like this, but you'll thank me later. Please believe me." With one hand on my shoulder, and one hand on my stomach, she kissed me sweetly on the side of the face. "You're going to love this so much. I just know it. Just see how much fun Karen and her mommy are having. Isn't that beautiful?"

By this time Karen and her mom had taken each other's tops off and were rubbing their erect nipples together while their fully-extended tongues flicked at each other. They were both wearing skimpy latex minis like Kris was, and were flashing their panties at us as they made out and fondled each other.

Then to my horror, my own daughter began walking towards Karen and her mom, her pert ass bobbling and jiggling beneath the skimpy latex skirt with each step.

In the meantime, the other girls, all gathered around me, began stroking my arms and legs ever so lightly with their finger tips. It felt like dozens of feathers were dancing and floating over my skin.

Seeing my daughter approaching them, Karen and her mom stopped making out long enough to smile at Kris. They quickly glanced over at me, smiled, then turned their attention back to my daughter who was right in front of them now.

"Ohhh, such a sexy, sexy little skirt!" Audrey said as she and her daughter reached up to fondle my daughter's impudent butt.

"Oooooh, I'm glad you like it," Kris giggled and turned around while wriggling her butt back and forth under their fondling hands.

Facing me now, she smiled at me while wriggling her butt in front of Karen and her mom's face. As they fondled her legs and butt, she bent over making her skimpy skirt slide up her ass exposing her panties to them.

"Sexy, sexy, sexy," Karen purred as she bent forward to kiss my daughter's panties.

Karen's mom joined her kissing the other cheek.

"Ummmmmmmm, nice," my daughter moaned standing erect again. Karen and her mom kept their noses buried in Kris's panty-covered ass cheeks as they fondled her butt, hips, and legs.

Several of the women around me were fondling my legs and hips now too. Several others were lightly kissing my arms up and down.

As if this wasn't enough, I was really shocked when I saw a hand (I couldn't tell if it was Karen's or her mom's) slip between my daughter's thighs and slide up the front of her skirt until the hand was fondling her crotch.

Then there were two hands playing with my daughter's panty-covered cunt while both Karen and her mom gobbled away at the panties and latex covering Kris's butt.

"Nggggggggggg,god, yessssssss!" Kris moaned. She played with her erect nipples through her skimpy T-shirt while Karen and her mom worked on her.

"See how sexy your daughter is, Mabel?" Coach Barnes whispered into my ear, her sexy, low voice sending shivers all through my body. With my body pressed back against hers I felt every vibration of every syllable she uttered---and it just did something to me. I felt my own pussy quiver and twitch in sync with her voice. I was acutely aware of the heat of her crotch against my back—even through my dress and her panties. And, to my shock and horror, I realized that my body was trying to press back harder against her hot cunt—even though my mind was still trying to say, no,no,no. "Your daughter Krissy is really enjoying that. Isn't it beautiful?"

"G-g-g-g-g-g-gosh," Is all I could say as my body betrayed me and vibrated and quivered to the big woman's husky voice.

Coach Barnes moved her hands up from my tummy to fondle my boobs as I watched my daughter play with her own.

One of the girls squatting on the floor fondling my legs stuck a hand up my skirt.

"Ahhhh!" I grunted when her hand cupped my panty-covered cunt.

Karen and her mom both stood up to sandwich my daughter between them. They kissed and licked all over her face and neck while fondling her tits, butt, and crotch.

The girls caressing my arms and shoulders were now kissing and licking all up and down my bare arms making goose bumps on every square inch of my body. Other girls were kissing and licking my legs and behind my knees while fondling me. Their hands were all over my hips, butt, thighs and up under my skirt driving my pussy crazy. I was so embarrassed—because I knew I was wet, and now they knew it too.

Coach Barnes began to unbutton the front of my dress. Her place at my tits were taken by the mouths of a couple of the other girls. They kissed and licked my breasts right through my dress and bra.

The smell of hot pussy filled the room making me feel dizzy in the head—but instead of feeling repulsed by it, it just made me feel pleasantly drunk like a glass of good champagne.

I watched my daughter writhing and squirming between Karen and her mom, trying to fondle both of them as frantically as they were fondling her. Kris kissed and licked her way down Mrs. Style's neck and chest until her lips latched on to a very erect nipple. This position made Kris bend over slightly, causing her latex covered butt to stick out and point right at me. Her hemline didn't quite cover all her ass, so her panties showed quite clearly---and, oh my, down where her cunt was, how wet they were!

Kris sucked Mrs. Styles's nipples so hard I was afraid the nasty sucking sound could be heard next door. As my daughter sucked and fondled the woman's tits, she reached a hand down up under her friend's mom's skimpy skirt to rub her cunt.

"Ummmmmmmmmmm" Mrs. Styles moaned as my daughter played with her pussy and sucked her nipples. Her tongue kept darting out to lick her lips and her eyes began to roll back in her head.

Meanwhile Karen kissed and licked her way down my daughter's backside, from the back of her neck to her ankles, then back up to the backs of her knees. She kissed and licked the insides of my daughter's thighs. Then Karen plopped her ass down on the floor right underneath my daughter's crotch with her legs and feet facing me. She drew her feet up close to her butt and spread her knees apart. This hiked her skimpy skirt up to her hips and I got a bull's eye view of her white panties—and they were ever bit as wet as my daughter's. They were so sopping wet I could see the outline of her mound and her slit through the panties. She continued kissing and licking her way up between my daughter's thighs until she had her face clear up underneath Kris's skimpy skirt. She clamped her mouth right over my daughter's panty-covered cunt and sucked so loud it drowned out Kris's sucking of Karen's mom's tits.

"Uhhhhh!" Kris let out a gasp of air when Karen's sucking mouth clamped onto her pussy.

"Mmmmmmmmmm," Mrs. Styles's moaned in pleasure as my daughter's sudden blast of air teased her horny nipple.

At the same time Karen was kissing and licking her way up my daughter's thighs, one of the girls down there between my legs was doing the same to me. When Karen planted her face in Kris's crotch, that naughty girl down there did the same to me. And, oh my God! I can't describe the sensations that coursed through my body. I felt like someone had poured hot honey all over me. This sticky sweet sensation radiated out from my pussy until it overwhelmed my whole body. I was on fire, and nothing could put it out.

I watched helpless as I saw my daughter began to hump her hips back and forth as if she were trying to fuck her friend's sucking face. She continued to moan and groan as she sucked Karen's mom's tits and played with her pussy.

Suddenly, to my shame, I realized that my own hips were moving back and forth of their own accord as if I were trying to fuck the face of the girl down there between my legs that had buried her face in my crotch.

"That's a good girl, Mabel," coach Barnes cooed at me. "Go ahead and fuck little Jenny's face just like your sexy daughter is doing Karen. Isn't that beautiful the way your daughter loves being sucked by her sweet friend. Go ahead and fuck Jenny's face and show her how much you like it. That's a good girl." Again, the tremors of her voice and the vibrations of her body as she spoke sent more shivers all through me. My increasingly erect nipples ached against the confining bra. My shameless cunt gushed more goo onto my panties which that maddeningly naughty little girl between my legs greedily sucked. The more I gushed goo, the harder she squeezed my ass and pressed her face into my crotch.

One of the girls kissing and licking my arms walked over towards my daughter and Karen and her mom. This girl was a tall brunette they called Julie. Julie was completely naked and had the most unusual breasts I've ever seen. They were long and skinny and stuck straight out of her chest like a couple of hard cocks. And, with each step she took they bounced and jiggled just like a guy's hard-on would do. These gorgeous appendages were capped by the puffiest aurles imaginable.

Julie straddled Karen to stand directly behind my daughter. Pressing her crotch against Kris's back she reached around to help Karen's mom fondle my daughter's titties through her T-shirt. Julie had to bend over slightly to reach my daughter's tits and this caused her own tits to bob and bounce directly in front of Mrs. Styles's face.

Mrs. Styles wasted no time at all and immediately sucked one of those phallic objects right into her mouth.

"Ummmmmmmmmm, yesssss!" Julie moaned as Karen's mom sucked and played with her tits. Julie began humping her pussy against my daughter's back as my daughter continued sucking Mrs. Style's tits and Karen sucked my daughter's panty-covered cunt.

"Look at Karen's panties," Coach Barnes said to me. "See how wet she's getting. She really enjoys sucking on your sexy daughter's hot cunt." Coach Barnes began rubbing her own hot cunt against my back. I could feel the heat of her through her panties and through my dress. It was almost scalding—but in a very pleasant way I had to admit.

While Karen's mom sucked Julie's cock-like tits, Julie began working Kris's T-shirt up and over her head.

Karen then got up off the floor and joined her mom in sucking on my daughter's tits. Julie turned and began walking back to me.

And I couldn't take my eyes off of her most fascinating breasts. They bobbed and jiggled with each step, and with each jiggle and bob, my pussy throbbed in sync. To make things worse, or better, since I was starting to enjoy this, was that her nipples were all huge and swollen from Karen's mom sucking on them. They glistened in the afternoon light from the moisture left by Mrs. Styles' loving mouth.

In the meantime, while all of this was going on, coach Barnes had pulled the top of my dress apart exposing my bra-covered tits. Jenny, the naughty little girl that had been sucking on my panty-covered cunt, stood up in front of me—all five-feet of her. Her face came up to about tit-level on me. She began fondling me and sucking on my bra cones as it she were giving head to my tits. Still sucking on my bra cones, she reached around my back to undo my bra. She pulled my bra off, tossed it aside, and buried her face into my naked tits. Gail, a fiery redhead, joined her.

Both girls sucked my nipples so hard I thought they'd pull them out by the roots. But, oh God, how good it felt! Their sucking mouths made my nips grow an inch bigger than they've ever been before. Then they'd stop sucking and just flick my nips with their tongues driving me insane.

I yanked on my chains. I wanted to hug somebody so bad. I wanted to do somebody else like they were doing me—but I was helpless.

As Julie walked back towards me, her phallic titties bouncing so maddeningly, Karen and her mom helped my daughter out of her skimpy little skirt and panties—kissing and licking her all over as they did so.

By this time someone had also slipped coach Barnes's panties off. She pressed her cunt, all naked and steaming hot, against my back. Through my dress I felt her huge clit pressing against my back, rubbing up and down as she began to hump herself against me. She had her arms around my tummy to press my body in tight to hers. As she humped me, her huge tits jiggled on top of my head.

Julie, all 6'3" of her, stood right in front of me. Just as Jenny was tit-high to me, I was tit-high to Julie and she wriggled her cock-lick titties right in front of me. Then she began lightly slapping them against the side of my face and really teasing me with them.

Jenny and Gail were still licking and sucking my own tits, driving me crazy. Another girl had taken Jenny's place down between my legs. This was the girl they called Jill. She was tall, like Julie, and she was tonguing me all over the insides of my thighs and all over my panty-covered cunt. And, oh my God what a tongue! It was as long as any cock I've ever had and it just slithered all over me all hot and wet.

And the smell of hot pussy--mine and everyone else's was so thick now every breath made me dizzy and hornier and hotter—and, oh, how my cunt throbbed.

Julie pressed one of her cock-like boobs against my lips and to my utter shame, pleasure craziness overcame me and I just sucked it right in like a hungry animal.

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