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Snowballing Fest


It was two months since I moved in to this new neighborhood. I had to admit, it was quiet and comfortable, and best of all, my neighbors happened to be three female roomies, and all three were my age, 21. All of them were hot and friendly, and after a month I'd already slept with three of them, and once had a foursome. Just my luck. I didn't know they were into snowballing as a fetish until that one afternoon when creativity got the better of us all...


I heard a knocking at the door. It surprised me to have a visitor this late in the afternoon after I had just showered. Slowly, I approached the door and heard giggles outside that could only be the three of them.

Candice, Gina and Amanda. I opened the door to see them all dressed in shorts and tank tops that were tight enough to reveal a lack of bras on either of the six breasts in front of me.

"Hey Ryan!"

It was Gina, the talkative of the three. "We were bored, and a bit horny, you know how we can get right? Can we come over?"

As if I would say no, and as if they weren't already over. "Sure girls, I just showered so you three might get me in the mood today pretty soon. Come on in," I said.

Gina rushed past all of them and plopped herself down on the couch. She was a brunette like the other two, and was petite and to my liking, with her exceptionally large breasts for her size. Not that Candice and Amanda were lacking in the chest region, they all had lovely breasts and firm asses. Three days a week of aerobics did them really good.

Candice sat next to me on the two seater, leaning over sexily and watching the television Gina had just put on. "I see you're reading my mind, hmm Ryan?".

She was of course referring to my erection, largely visible thanks to my choice of thin shorts with no briefs after I shower. At least I had a t-shirt on, but my dick was swollen ever since seeing all three of them turn up at the door.

Amanda, sitting next to Gina, was the quiet but wild one. Her pointy face was a turn on, and she was the same size as Gina and just as well endowed. "I think he might be reading mine, considering he was staring at me to get that thing hard."

She was right, and Candice playfully grabbed my cock and teased Amanda "Well come get it then!"

Amanda just sat there, content that she'd probably get the most of my cock, considering she was my favorite in the bedroom. A smile wryly came over her face, and Candice let go of my cock and got up to get something to eat.

"You guys want anything?" she asked out loud.

"Water!" Gina said.

"Beer!" Amanda added.

"Blowjob!" I said, and everyone laughed. Not that I wasn't going to get, sooner or later.

On the television there was a movie about snow. Gina started talking about how it would be great to play in snow. Just as Candice returned and served everyone their drinks and started sipping her soda, Amanda said something that sparked my interest.

"I like snowballs, especially snowballing. Ever heard of that, Ryan?"

I looked at her and then made glances to Gina and Candice who both seemed to wink at the thought. "Of course I have, Amanda. It's one of those cum fetishes. You know how much I love facials, I've always been a snowballing fan."

It was true, I couldn't think of anything more hot that two or more chicks playing with my cum, even while I fucked them. The topic never came up in the month or so that I've known the girls. Probably would have eventually, since we seemed to invent a new combination of foursome every time we fucked each other silly.

"How's about it?"

It was Gina again, licking her lips. "I'd love to give you a blowjob and probably just get fucked in the mouth and then play some naughty cum games with the girls. What do you say, girls?"

Candice was the first to answer. "I bet you'd love to fuck my mouth eh?"

She once again grabbed my cock, and I could see a look of jealously slightly grasp Amanda's face. "I'll be the one he mouth fucks," she said to Candice.

"In fact," she motioned in my direction, "you'll can tie me up, Ryan. And do whatever you want to me."

That hidden side of the otherwise quiet Amanda was starting to come out again, to my liking. "Sure thing," I said, blowing her a kiss.

"Well blowjobs before mouth fucks, I always say," said Candice, and she took off her tank top and kneeled in front of me, letting her luscious breasts jiggle a bit as she got into position. Immediately Amanda and Gina got up. Gina, who had been quiet for a while, was actually rubbing herself and enjoyed the little fiasco between Amanda and Candice. Competition was always healthy, she thought.

Candice pulled my pants down and my cock popped up from its restrained position. Gina and Amanda were on either side of me, and as Candice was pulling off the pants from my legs completely, Amanda had already grabbed my thick cock at the middle where it had the most girth, and literally let her mouth drop over my head, stretching her lips and going down on me in long, tender strokes.

Gina pushed my head back and started to kiss me, taking off her tank top and my t-shirt within seconds... rubbing her breasts against my chest and hooking her arms around my neck as we locked lips. I knew she always wore a thong, no matter what the other girls had on. That thought made me start to unbutton her shorts, and she stopped kissing me to climb off the couch for a second or two to remove her pants, bending down provocatively to reveal a black lace thong that was already clinging to her pussy lips and stuck between her ass cheeks.

Candice helped Amanda with my cock. Somehow, they were working together. Candice was fully naked and kissed Amanda and my cock in a hot wet kiss. Both of them worked on my head and had their hands on my shaft and my balls as Gina climbed back onto me, now straddling me and making out as I grabbed her ass with one hand and pressed Amanda deeper onto my cock with the other.

I loved the feel of Gina's ass. I groped it and sank my fingers in as she continued to press herself onto me and use her tongue to explore my mouth. Amanda and Gina meanwhile took turns shoving my fat dick in their mouths. They couldn't take all of it, as my wide girth prevented that unless they were really deepthroating me or lubed up elsewhere.

Still, they didn't stop trying. When Candice was sucking me, Amanda simply turned her head and started to lick Gina's cunt, making Gina grind her hips into me and stimulate her clit, moaning and letting herself move up and down without inhibition, wanting to ride Amanda's face while smothering mine with kisses.

Candice kept up the rhythm on my cock, using her hands to jerk it while she expertly used her tongue and teeth to give me an unforgettable sensation of her mouth. I reached forward to grab her hair and pull her in but Amanda grabbed my hand instead and put it on her pussy.

"Please, finger me now," she moaned.

I pushed a finger in Amanda, and she came up to me and pushed Gina to my left and started kissing me as well. Now Gina and her were taking turns kissing, and the three of us had our tongues intertwined for what seemed like hours. Candice stopped sucking me and rose up in the middle of Gina and Amanda, wanting to seductively kiss in a group French.

She held Amanda and Gina's heads commandingly, and controlled them like sluts to her bidding. Her tongue met with mine and Gina's hand found my cock when she realized no one was paying attention to it; giving me a handjob while Amanda was starting to orgasm from my finger inside of her.

Amanda gripped my hand and drove onto it like if it was my dick, she bent down again after slapping away Candice's grip, and shoved my cock in her mouth as she came, enjoying the feeling of my meaty dick pressing down her throat as her body spasmed with delight. Gradually, she went into Candice's former position on the floor and started working on my cock, bobbing her head hard and fast on my cock, making herself gag while she tried to swallow it whole.

I motioned for the girls to stop and come off of me, and Amanda stopped sucking me in time to raise her head and let everyone see how full of precum and saliva the sides of her mouth were.

"Let's see how this works", Gina said, coming off of the couch and kneeling at the side of Amanda and letting saliva build up in her mouth before French kissing Amanda and letting some spit flow over into Amanda's hot lips. Candice caught on and quickly joined in, licking the stickiness from both the other girls' mouths and sharing some of her own saliva with them.

This turned me on immensely, and I remembered Amanda's request to be tied up. I lounged about quickly and found a silk tie I had worn the day before. That had to do.

"Time to tie you up, like a good little bitch," I said softly as I kneeled down behind Amanda to ensnare her wrists tightly.

"Ah, I like it when you talk dirty, Ryan," it was Amanda, breaking away from the threesome kissing session and leaning back to give me a kiss of my own. She was know on her knees and her hands were tied behind her back... the perfect position to assault her mouth with my engorged, meaty cock.

Candice and Gina moved over by themselves and had were busy with each other, neither of them unfamiliar with being bisexual at least once in their lives.

I left Candice and Gina to themselves, stepping in front of Amanda and helping her take off her shorts, leaving her tank top on so it would be more kinky.

My cock was hard from the sloppy sounds that the other girls were making on the floor behind me, and I wasted no time in putting my dick into Amanda's mouth for a fucking she'd never forget.

As she started to moan, I knew Amanda wanted me to take control. I moved one leg up at her side... and held her head with both hands, rocking my hips back and forth, pushing the length and girth of my cock inside her waiting mouth, watching her lips struggle to maintain their shape as my dick rammed her tightening lips. I turned her head to one side letting my dick go between her lips, and pressed against the side of your mouth, my cock made a huge bulge on the outside of herr face as I started to jerk forward and stretch her cheeks like putty. My balls were slapping on her cheek, and her moans attracted the attention of Candice and Gina, who looked over but were happy to see Amanda tied up and being dominated by me; so they continued to kiss each other, hands now fingering each other's clit and pussy. Soon they were in full fledged lesbian territory, and didn't mind the absence of my cock.

I pulled out my cock from its entrance at the side of Amanda's face, and stood in front of her once again, feeling her saliva drip down my shaft. She started to moan as she smelt the raw scent of my head now glistening with precum. But her loud moaning was soon muffled as I grabbed her head forcefully and reamed my cock like a piston in and out of her mouth.

My balls were slapping rhythmically against her face, my legs smashing against her breasts as I fucked her mouth harder and harder. Her lips were opened to their full cock potential as I felt my head start to slide right in and bash against her tonsils, filling her mouth with wet, warm, and welcome cock meat. Amanda's hair was in a mess; streaming all over her face as her mouth was being fucked like a makeshift cunt.

Candice and Gina were in dreamland. They were now in a sixty-nine position; sucking and licking each other and having loud orgasms. I didn't bother with them anymore, Amanda was now my little slut, and she was going to take all of my cock no matter how mouth and body reacted.

I pulled her hair into a pony and controlled the movement of her head, up and down my fuck pole as I watched her breasts bounce and her juices start to run down her inner thights in noticeable amounts.

Candice and Gina were now on the floor making out with each other. I could see a thin layer of sweat forming on Gina's back, all the way down to her lacey thong that was lost in her plump, firm ass cheeks. Candice was all over her even though she was at the bottom; ravenously mouthing her and gripping her back and her hair. It was like they were thinking about fucking each other if they had the cocks to do it with. Candice's hips kept grinding into Gina's crotch, and they looked like they were both going to orgasm from the contact with their clits. Gina's saliva was all over Candice's smooth face, and their tongues were working to a frenzy and becoming dripping wet. They kept rubbing their hands on each other's breasts, brushing their legs and grinding their hips into a mingling mound of sex that involved two girls, two tongues, two hot little mouths and loads of saliva and lust.

I was watching them as I pounded Amanda's submissive mouth with my rock hard dick. My skin felt like it was going to burst from the thickness of my cock being taken without retreat from Amanda's slutty mouth. She wasn't tiring one bit, considering she was tied up on her knees and having her mouth ravaged incessantly. My hands were both behind her head and I wasted no time in putting all of my weight onto her face and shoulders and contracting every bit of muscle in my butt to shove my cock as far down her throat as it could go. Her eyes were welling with tears, and her lips were coated with my precum bubbling out from the meat of my girth straining her jaws.

My balls were slapping her chin with a constant rhythm, her hair was in a mess from my hands ransacking her head and turning it into a fuck-cushion for my hips to slam into. The only thing I kept in check was making sure she had just enough time to breathe, in between lunges that brought my entire pubic region smothering her face; force-feeding her mouth with my solid, rigid tool.

The girls had moved over to Amanda, wanting to get more dirty than ever. Gina went behind and under me, grabbing my ass and pushing her head right in the middle of Amanda's mouth fuck. She stared to latch onto my balls with her mouth, sucking them as I fucked Amanda even harder. She held on pretty tight to them, having her head being pulled forward and back as my cock didn't give Amanda's mouth the least bit of mercy; continuing to hammer away as I felt Amanda start to buckle from the weight.

Candice and Gina finally got tired of each other. Candice climbed onto Amanda from behind, leaned her head over and brought her mouth to Amanda's forehead, salivating on her and letting her spit run down Amanda's face as I hammered it. This seemed to turn Amanda on, as I felt her body arch upwards now to somehow take my cock even deeper. Candice's saliva kept coming at a heavy rate, streaming down Amanda's face like a cumshot, dripping onto my dick and lubricating it between Amanda's lips. Gina was getting in on the action too, as Candice's saliva ran down like a river over Amanda's face it splashed from my cock onto her, and little streams ran down my shaft to where she was sucking on my balls. Sure enough, Gina loved it, letting Candice's horny spit collect in her mouth and then recycling it to lube up my testicles as she sucked them. From the sounds I heard, I'm sure she was also swallowing a mixture of Candice's spit laced with my precum that dropped from Amanda's now swollen, fucked lips.

The feeling of the two girls absorbing every square inch of my cock and the image of Candice drenching Amanda's face with saliva was making me get weak, and I knew I was about to reach my climax.

"I'm about to come!" I moaned loudly. In response, Gina stopped sucking my balls and stuck her finger neatly and quickly in my ass, pressing the tip of her index against my swollen prostate, making me quiver with what was about to happen.

As I pulled my cock out just a little from Amanda's tortured mouth, Candice used her two hands and grabbed Amanda's chin and temple, stretching and keeping Amanda's mouth wide open as my cock erupted and I grabbed it; my spunk thundering out in hot, long streams straight into Amanda's waiting mouth. She sunk down a bit, keeping her tongue at the back of her throat so not a single drop of my cum was swallowed. My dick kept spasming, shooting warm jets into Amanda's mouth which now resembled a cup full of milk.

Spent, I jacked off the last bits of cum into her mouth. The girls automatically became creative, Amanda somehow closed her mouth and got up with the help of Candice. Staggering from the beating her body took at the hands of my groin, she walked into the nearest room and kneeled near the bed and backed it, getting some support and brace from the side of the mattress. Candice plopped on top of the bed and waited as Gina knelt in front of Amanda and motioned for her to share some of my cum.

Amanda raised up and kept her balance although still tied, and opened her mouth; letting huge globs of my sperm drip into Gina's waiting mouth. Gina used her tongue to guide the flow of cum straight into her mouth. Amanda let all out, then let some of her own saliva, overproduced from the mouth fuck earlier, drip into Gina as well. Then it was time to repeat, Gina forcefully pushed Amanda back down and raised up as Candice bent forward. They kissed deeply, and whilst exchanging my cum from mouth to mouth the load was too much and most of it dropped down. But it wasn't wasted, as Amanda was a true slut and positioned herself to catch every drop.

They weren't allowed to swallow, at least just yet. Amanda still had most of it in her mouth, and watching the exchange of cum between three nasty sluts was more than enough to bring me back to hardness as I jerked off looking at their beautiful bodies. I came up behind Gina, and she lay back on the ground, and pushed herself up until her pussy and ass were right under Amanda's chin, the back of her knees resting on Amanda's shoulders. Candice was still on top, groping Amanda's breasts and bending down to spit into Amanda's mouth; refilling the fuck juice to be shared between them.

Gina was now under Amanda, her ass resting against Amanda's breast and her face directly under me on the floor. It was time to give her mouth the same treatment as Amanda's, but I felt like making it as slick and sloppy as could be. I stuck my dick in Amanda's mouth letting some cum splash onto her chin and took a dip out of the cum reservoir, coating the length of my shaft and pulling out and kneeling on top of Gina's face. I then stuck my cock deep into Gina, who reached up and grabbed my ass as she enjoyed the taste of this new blend of salivated cum in her mouth. Sure enough, my dick slid in and down her throat with ease, and I wasted no time in grinding in and out of her facial orifice. I rammed my cock in hard and long, letting my balls smother her and my shaft stretch her lips.

I realized Amanda and Candice were up to something... I looked up, and saw Candice once again leaning over Amanda from atop the bed, letting a long, thick jizz-like stream of saliva connect and refill Amanda's mouth until it was nearly full and overflowing. I couldn't believe how much these girls loved spitting and snowballing their saliva and my cum and sharing it.

This sight made me fuck Gina's little mouth even harder, and shove my cock so hard down her throat it could see the bulge of my head filling up her throat just below her chin. I looked up again while devastating Gina's face, and saw Amanda drop her head down.

She was all tied up still, so Candice reached down and took her fingers and spread both Gina's propped up pussy and asshole wide open with four fingers as Amanda then took turns letting go of her mouthful of cum-saliva into Gina's spread vagina and asshole, the liquid running down and getting lost inside her deep holes.

"That's just fucking hot..." was all I could manage to say, staring in disbelief and wonder.

Gina moaned under my weight with pleasure, feeling her twin holes get stretched and loaded with slippery cum and saliva, all the while my massive cock gaped and pounded her mouth and throat.

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