tagGroup SexSnowboards & Hot Tubs Ch. 01

Snowboards & Hot Tubs Ch. 01


PART 1: Hot Tub Games



"Ain't no party like a West Coast Party cause a West Coast Party don't stop..." Well, we weren't quite on the coast. Big Bear was about a three hour drive up into the Sierra Mountains from the coast. We were a long way from L.A., but you couldn't tell by the crowd. Outside, the mountain air had chilled almost to freezing. But inside, five hundred LA natives were wearing next to nothing, a sea of buff bodies covered in a thin sheen of sweat as we were dancing and grinding to the latest club hits.

Already one Mind-Racer and two Vodka Red Bulls into the night, I wasn't feeling any pain. My head thudded thickly in time with the bass beat, my hips pumping in time with the tight ass pressed to my crotch. She was a pretty Korean babe, all slender limbs and high cheekbones with just a little too much eye shadow. Her dancing was a little bit gangly and awkward, but she more than made up for it with her energy. Life was good.

Not two feet from me was Derrick, Mr. Popular himself, and the reason why I had this pretty young thing dancing with me. Derrick embodied over six feet of trim, muscular man, with the softest brown eyes and chiseled face to match his chiseled chest. If that wasn't sick enough, the boy had charisma oozing out of his ears. Anyways, we'd not been at the party longer than fifteen minutes before Derrick picked up on a gorgeous Korean model-type. And being his best friend since grade school, I was quickly introduced to her equally attractive girlfriend.

I wish I could remember my date's name at this point. I mean, I knew it at the time, but being unwillingly rendered unconscious between now and then seems to have jolted it out of my memory. Ultimately it doesn't really matter, I never saw the girl again after tonight.

The song ended and it was time for another round. Sashaying with my date to the bar, I got her some fruity-fuzzy thing, and a Jagerbomb for me. With this much Red Bull in me I was going to be wired late into the night. While chatting up my date, a part of me wondered where the rest of our group had gone to.

As if right on cue, my friend Reiko showed up to the bar just as my drinks were being delivered, her boy-toy for the evening in tow. Involuntarily, my eyes dropped downwards for a second before tracking back up to her face. Reiko had a fantastic rack, shown off to full advantage tonight with some tiny V-necked blouse. Model-thin body complemented with mini-skirt, skyscraper heels, dangling earrings, blonde-streaked hair, and sunglasses tinted a light-blue, she could have walked right off the pages of a Japanese fashion magazine. Reiko was one of those girls who turned heads from across the street, and tonight she had turned the head of some big, hulking linebacker-type. The four of us made some minor small talk until their drinks arrived. It was pretty hard to hear anything over the music.

"Where's Taryn?" I asked, just as Reiko scooped up the Midori Sour placed before her.

She spun around quickly, a little too quickly, and she had to pause a moment to regain her balance. Rei always got a little too tipsy whenever we went out. She pointed at the back of another big linebacker who was slowly shuffling his feet to the music, valiantly trying to keep up with the beat. Presently, he turned and Taryn stepped into view.

Her mini-dress clung skintight to her every curve as she swayed with perfect grace to the music, her hips pumping erotically with the booming beat, her arms waving in the air as if drifting in the rhythm. Her tight legs and even tighter ass flexed and stretched and swiveled with her every movement, flowing with effortless grace. The overhead lights picked up the red highlights in her dark hair, and cast fleeting glimpses of the flash in her eyes and the shadows of her chest.

Taryn was beautiful.



The music was great, just fast enough to keep me in motion and with a solid backbeat to get my heart pumping. If only I didn't have to dance with this ugly lug. For the most part, my eyes scanned the room, looking at the lights, looking at other people, looking at ANYTHING other than this dimwitted gorilla drooling over me. We'd been hit on by every guy within ten feet when we arrived, some of them good-looking. But Reiko had to grab a hulking ogre with more muscles than brain cells, and being her best friend, I of course had to entertain the leftovers. He'd gamely tried to talk to me, but his vocabulary didn't rise above two-syllable words. What the heck did Reiko see in guys like this?

I looked over to the bar, to see Chris and some slutty Korean girl chatting up my best friend and big ogre #2. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Reiko spin around a little too fast, nearly flopping onto her face. I stifled a small giggle. She always drank a little too much for how high her heels went.


Sigh. She's wasted already. I knew I'd better keep watch over her for the rest of the night. Still bouncing to the music, I skipped over to the bar, my ogre in tow. He ordered some stiff foul-tasting drink. Did guys really like the taste of that stuff or were they just trying to impress girls with how manly a drink they could take without puking? I waved him off from buying me one, though. I was already feeling a good buzz, and didn't feel the need to push it any further.

As soon as I arrived, Chris and his date wandered off to rejoin Derrick. I watched him as he left. A little hurt, I realized he was still avoiding me. Turning back, I chatted with Reiko while the other three polished off their cocktails. Once finished, we moved back onto the dance floor. Sigh. Dancing was fun, but it would be a heck of a lot more fun if I was dancing with a guy like Chris instead of this lunkhead. As the night progressed on and Saturday night became Sunday morning, Reiko was getting more and more wasted. And whenever Rei got drunk, she got horny, and now she was getting a little frisky with her big ogre. He had his hands all over her, one meaty paw groping her C-cup tits. I told her two years ago that getting implants was only going to make guys go straight for them, but I guess that was her goal all along. Her hands were alternately scratching at his big pecs and every so often running her hands along his crotch. Reiko's eyes glittered happily.

Okay, this night was getting a little too close to rated-X for me, and I knew I had to reel Reiko in before the guy tried to drag her off to a bathroom. I politely thanked my guy for the evening, but explained that it was getting late and we should get home. Then I gently grabbed a hold of Reiko, and explained to her guy that we had to leave. Reiko protested and tried to keep dancing in my arms, but I whispered to her that it was time to go home and she started to come away with me.

"Aww, c'mon, baby. There's lots of time. It's still early!" her boy protested.

Despite his protests and Reiko mumbling that she could dance all night, I led her off the floor to find Ben and Stephanie. They'd spent most of the night snuggling with each other in a booth and occasionally slow dancing to the techno beats. How the heck do you slow dance to super-fast techno? Well, they'd only hooked up a few weeks ago, so that's young love for you.

Anyways, Ben never drank and so he was the keeper of the keys to Derrick's Expedition. He handed off the keys to Stephanie to let us into the car while he went to find Chris and Derrick.

The two ogres were still following us as Reiko was blowing kisses at her guy. At this point she was beyond wasted. She was half asleep by now, her eyelids drooping down as she leaned against my shoulder, burping every now and then.

"Rei, come on now. Rei, wake up Rei."

We stepped outside into the cold mountain air, the heat steaming off our bodies as we made it down the steps and headed for the parking lot. Stephanie had moved to Reiko's other side, helping me sort of carry her towards the car. The ogres still followed us outside, apparently not wanting to let us leave.

"Hey, Reiko! C'mon, baby. I thought we were having a good time. You're not leaving yet!"

I turned around and let Stephanie hold on to the bleary-eyed Reiko. "Guys, it was fun, but we really have to go home and get some sleep."

Ignoring me, ogre #1 stepped past me and over to Reiko. One hand went to her hip and the other tried to cradle her head. "Wake up, baby. I wasn't finished with you yet."

His hand cupped her ass and the other paw openly fondled her boobs while he ducked his head down to try and steal a kiss. Reiko was gone and there was no way she could resist him in this state. "Hey!" I yelled. "Get your hands off of her!"

Stephanie tried to pull Reiko away and I reached up, tapping the guy's shoulder to get his attention. That's when the big gorilla turned and I saw his meaty paw whiz through the air. I blinked only once before it slapped into my cheek, spinning my head around, and then the ground was rushing at me.


Ben was the "nice" guy. Not the best-looking, not the most-athletic. But he was smart and he was loyal. So when he came up to Derrick and me to say that Reiko was drunk off her rocker and it was time to head home, we knew he was serious and it was time to get out of there. We said goodbye to the Korean girls and exchanged numbers. They lived pretty far away from us so it was unlikely that anyone would be calling each other after tonight, but we'd had some good fun.

My heart and my head were still racing, pumped up by alcohol and music, and yet I could feel the tugging of exhaustion pulling at my limbs. You try dancing for four hours straight and not getting a little winded.

The three of us stepped out the doors to see the girls on their way to Derrick's Exped, the two linebackers still in pursuit. The air was starting to get bitingly cold, so we sped up our walking pace to catch up with them. That's when it happened. One of the big linebackers tried to grab at Reiko, and Taryn moved to stop him. He spun and slapped her. I watched in horror as her head rotated with the impact and then her body going limp to fall to the ground.

I don't know if it was because of the alcohol, or just the pure violence of what happened. My mind snapped and then I was yelling out, my weary legs moving into a dead run as I charged this big gorilla who outweighed me by a hundred pounds. Five feet from him my feet left the ground. He turned at the sound of my yell, just in time for me to tackle him right in the chest.

I brought him down to the ground, my momentum making up for the weight difference. He crashed onto his back with a thud, and then Stephanie was screaming and tugging Reiko away from the fight.

I got my bearings, still on top of him, and I started to get to my feet when I felt a hefty shove in my back, propelling me face-first to the icy pavement in front of me. I turned around just in time to see Derrick launching a vicious punch at my attacker, watching it connect with his midsection and doubling him over in pain. The first linebacker got to his feet, and then there was Ben, all one hundred and fifty pounds of him diving in at this guy who weighed twice as much as he did. Well, I did say he was loyal.

I threw a few more punches, then there was a blinding pain to the side of my head. And the world was spinning around me, a black cloud creeping into my vision. I watched dimly as Derrick ripped off a wicked kick, and then I fell into the oblivion of unconsciousness.



"We're here!" Derrick called out. Indeed, his truck made a right turn into the cul-de-sac, where the beachfront house with a big KSX-FM banner across the roof awaited. There was a radio station van parked outside, and some skinny intern came out to greet us. Derrick leaned across to the front passenger seat and punched me in the shoulder. "Let's go, bro."

Derrick had won a radio contest with 96.9 KSX-FM to their President's Day Weekend party at Big Bear. He and five friends (that's us) got all-access lift passes to Snow Summit Ski Resort, the house on the lake, and of course, VIP tickets to their nightly parties.

It was a small two-story, but the accommodations were plush. Three bedrooms took up the entire second floor. The house had a big screen TV with cable access, washer/dryer, and the refrigerator was even stocked with some basic food staples and juices. And best of all, a big hot tub with a view of the lake on the lower deck.

We had explored the house for no more than five minutes before Reiko announced that we were hitting the hot tub. And just like that, she whipped her sweater and shirt over her head, leaving her C-cups barely covered by a lacey baby blue bra to our hungry gaze.

Derrick and I just gaped at her.

"What? Oh, my bikini covers less than this anyways." And she turned around, reaching behind her back to pop open the bra-clasp as she strutted down to her room.

Suddenly there was a hand in front of my eyes, eclipsing my view of Reiko's bare back. I turned to find the source, and Taryn shook her head at me. "Naughty boys." Then she followed Reiko down the hall, but not before starting to lift up her own sweater. I looked at Derrick, and then we hustled off to our room.



"Ahh..." I sighed contentedly as I slipped out of the cold mountain air into the warmth of the hot tub. I sank down until the bubbling water rose above my breasts, now buoyant in the water and floating up just a bit. I relaxed against a particular jet that was gently massaging my back, and let the warm water rise up to my neckline. Still, despite the bubbles, I knew my bright yellow bikini would show through the water. The hot tub was built right into the floor of the wood patio, and was enclosed on three sides by the walls of the house. This helped to keep the cold at bay since little wind blew into the enclosure, and also gave us some privacy from anyone else around. The only open side opened up directly towards the lake, so unless someone was out on the water with a telescope, we were free from prying eyes.

I was first into the tub, and looked out across the lake, taking in the beauty of the moon's reflection rippling with the tide. Reiko would be awhile yet, having to make sure she looked perfect before coming back out of the room. Ben had been intelligent enough to first start the heater in the tub, only then retreating to the room he shared with Stephanie to change. Chris and Derrick came out only a moment later, and I smiled as I took a turn to ogle them for a change in their black and blue trunks.

Derrick was your picture-perfect stud. Tall, strong jaw, sharp eyes, dark hair and handsome. Chris wasn't quite as tall, but his toned body was every bit as strong and athletic. I smiled as I let my eyes trail across their firm pecs, solid biceps, and washboard abs. I especially loved Chris's tight six-pack.

"What are you smiling about?" Chris asked.

"Oh, nothing. Just doing a little sight-seeing, that's all."

Smirking, the two guys lowered themselves into the tub, Chris next to me and Derrick next to him. Ben and Stephanie came out a minute later, Stephanie in a sharp red bikini. I knew Reiko was wearing blue, so the three of us girls were a primary colors trio to titillate the guys. Looking the two of them over they were a perfect couple. Ben was in matching Red trunks, with his kind face and intelligent eyes. Stephanie was the silky-long-dark-hair quiet (read: seductive) type, the dark-eyed beauty to balance his nice boy look. The two of them slid into the soothing water, with Stephanie by my side. She gave me a pixie wink before turning her attention back to her boyfriend.

The five of us chit-chatted, looking out across the view and letting the tub soak away the built-up stress from a hectic week. Finally Reiko arrived, her long hair artfully piled atop her head, rolling our cooler after her. We'd stopped off for some "refreshments" before arriving at the house, and with great gusto, she pulled a Bacardi Silver out from the ice, popped the cap, and was already downing it as she slipped into the hot water.


Reiko splashed into the water, slipping her slender body between myself and Derrick, nudging the both of us to the sides with her feet and wiggling her hips to create some extra room. This of course pushed me closer to Taryn, and I found myself happily sandwiched between these two gorgeous women. Derrick reached back and dragged the cooler a little closer to the tub, then began to extract and distribute the rest of our alcoholic loot.

We'd covered most of the "how have you been?" and "what's new?" questions on the drive up here, so the conversation quickly turned a little flirtatious as the evening wore on. Everyone was feeling a good buzz when Derrick dropped his empty Corona bottle into the water, a lime still plugged into the neck. As it was, the bottle stayed afloat on its side, gently rolling about with the mini-waves we caused.

We were all feeling good and relaxed, and I saw a light go on in Derrick's eyes. "Would anyone object to a little game?" he ventured. The way he said it also made it seem a little like a challenge.

Stephanie giggled light-headedly. "What game?"

Derrick looked right at her, a slightly predatory grin on his face. He reached out to the floating empty Corona, flipping it in his hand and sending it into a gentle rotation. "Spin-the-bottle."

Reiko's eyes fluttered, and she clapped her hands. "Ooh, I always wanted to play this game. Never got the chance to play it before," she giggled, her high- pitched Japanese accent making the words sound even more playful.

Ben just stared at the spinning bottle as it gradually stopped while pointing at him. "Isn't this a childish high-school game?"

Derrick just grinned at him. "C'mon, Ben. Lighten up. We're on vacation, and we've got nothing better to do. We can quit if it's making people uncomfortable. Besides, it's not like this would be the first time you'd kissed someone other than Stephanie."

"Yeah, but I wasn't dating her then."

Stephanie looked at Derrick and I, her hungry gaze lingering on our chiseled bodies with momentary lust. She turned back to her boyfriend. "C'mon, Ben. It's innocent fun. You might even like it."

"There, the girlfriend agrees. And you can even go first." With that Derrick reached over and planted the bottle directly in front of him.

"I'm willing to try anything." So Ben leaned forwards and put the bottle in the middle of the round tub, then flicked his wrist and sent the bottle spinning. It bobbed this way and that, but when it came to a halt, the neck was pointed directly at Stephanie.

Ben smiled, "Fate is with me tonight." He leaned over, cradling Stephanie's head in his hands, pulling her to him in the passionate kiss of newfound love. She moaned into his mouth happily, and finally Derrick started tapping on Ben's shoulder to break them apart.

"Okay, okay, you two. There's plenty more for later." When Stephanie recovered herself, Derrick gestured to her. "You received the kiss, so it's your turn next. If you're lucky, I can show you how a real man kisses a girl."

Taryn and I groaned in unison at that. When we were out and about Derrick was the most charming gentlemen you could find. But back with his friends he always turned into a horny bastard. Stephanie just stuck her tongue out at him, making an ugly face. Derrick simply pointed to the bottle.

Stephanie reached out to the bottle, and set it about spinning. Around and around it went, until it came to a halt right in front of Reiko. "Okay, I'll spin it again."

"No, no, no, Steph," Derrick admonished. "You gotta kiss Rei."

Things had just gotten a little more interesting. Stephanie opened her mouth to protest, but then Reiko was already sliding across the hot tub, just keeping her head above the water. Stephanie pulled her long hair back and tucked it behind an ear as she watched Reiko's approach. The lusty light in Stephanie's eyes was back, and you could see Ben squirming in his seat at the tantalizing notion of these two beauties before him locking lips. He was too much of a nice guy to admit it, but his hormones were kicking in just like any other red-blooded male.

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