Jake looked at Justin and folded his massive forearms in front of his chest. When Justin finally met his eyes, Jake cocked one eyebrow and looked at him again. "And? What the rest of the story? Why were you out at all?"

Justin dropped his eyes, staring at the floor and then letting out a deep breath. "I was kicked out of the house. My parents said I was an abomination and threw me out."

Jake hovered for a minute and then sat on the side of the bed. He hesitantly reached out and rubbed Justin's back. After a few minutes, Justin continued "I've been out at college for several years. I never had enough nerve to date anyone though. My parents are very strict Mormons, but I thought it would be ok, that they'd understand. And I'll be graduating in the spring, so I thought I'd come out over Christmas." Justin took a deep breath and his body shook. Jake tried to comfort him as best he could, but knew that he just needed to get the story out.

Justin shuddered slightly and continued his story. "They both started screaming at me. They said I was going to hell for having those thoughts. I tried to talk to them, tried to give them some of the literature from PFLAG, but that just made it worse. Dad grabbed a belt and started hitting me with it. Then they said I had to leave, that I couldn't stay in their house for one second longer. I guess I didn't move fast enough 'cause my Dad grabbed me and threw me out the front door in just the t-shirt and jeans I was wearing. I banged on the front door for a long time, but they turned off the lights. My brothers and sisters must have heard the argument too, because all of their bedrooms were dark. One of them threw me out a pair of shoes, but that was it. Eventually, I realized they really weren't going to let me back in, so I took my car and started back to school. The snow was blowing so hard I could barely see, and I guess I missed a turn and ended up in the ditch."

Jake tried to think of something to say. His own coming out had been years ago, and it had gone fairly well. His parents were very supportive. Scott's family had not accepted his announcement, and they never had reconciled before Scott was killed. As he was working through to something comforting to say, Kody walked over, stuck his nose in Justin's armpit, and inhaled deeply. Justin gave Jake a slightly horrified look, and Jake burst out laughing.

"Yeah, he does that sometime. I don't know if it's a greeting, a chemical test, or if he gets off on pits," said Jake.

Justin chuckled then reached over and scratched Kody under the chin. Kody let out a small whine of pleasure, and laid his head on the bed beside Justin. As the two of them got better acquainted, Jake cleaned up and stowed everything away. When he finished, he saw that Justin was yawning and his eyes looked like his lids were lead weighted.

"Justin, get some sleep. It's still snowing pretty hard out there so I'm just going to read for awhile anyway," Jake said, holding up his reader as proof of his activity.

Justin nodded and wiggled back into the blankets. His soft snores were soon proof of his exhaustion.


Jake had been quietly reading for the entire morning, but his stomach was starting to grumble and he knew Justin would wake up soon with a voracious appetite. Standing, he stretched, his back popping softly as his body resumed its full height. Walking over to a cooler he kept to one side, Jake quietly opened it and did a quick inventory of their food. Jake knew they would need supplies in a few days since there was no way Justin was going to be able to make the hike to the SUV until he had recovered. He'd already checked the weather forecast on his radio, and knew another big storm was coming in 48 hours from now, so he'd have to make a trip to town soon.

Pulling out some bratwurst, Jake started browning them. Grabbing a few other ready-to-eat items, Jake had shortly put together a decent lunch for the two of them. He walked over and gently shook Justin. When Justin's only response was an unhappy grunt, Jake shook him again. This time he got a groan of acknowledgment, and Justin sat up in the bed.

"I made lunch," said Jake.

At that announcement, Justin's stomach let out a loud growl and both men chuckled. Justin scooted to the edge of the bed, swung his legs over the edge and his feet to the floor. As he pushed himself into a standing position, pain shot through this lower body and he fell back onto the bed.

"Oh fuck!" said Justin through clenched teeth. Realizing what he had just said he reddened. "Sorry, that kind of slipped out."

Jake chuckled softly, "Don't sweat it. Sometime things slip out of my mouth too. Let me take a look at your feet."

Jake pulled over a chair and lifted the young man's feet to inspect them. As he looked over first one foot and then the other, the t-shirt slipped off Justin crotch, revealing his soft cock and tight ball sack. Jake tried to ignore the sight before him, but for the first time since losing Scott, he was feeling a physical attraction to someone. Snapping himself back to the task at hand, he pushed Justin back on the bed and shook his head.

"The blisters are fairly big, so you need to stay off them as much as possible. I'm afraid you're stuck in the bed for the next few days."

"Sorry, I know I'm ruining your vacation," said Justin, dropping his head.

"Nope. You're not ruining anything. I come up here because Scott was killed around Christmas. So I can avoid the memories in our house, I built this place the first Christmas after . . . after it happened. So Scott was never here, but there are a few things of his I've brought up over the past few years," said Jake.

"Well, I'm at least in the way. This cabin is, kinda cozy for two people," said Justin.

Jake chuckled and smirked a little at Justin. "Depends on how cozy the two people are."

Jake grabbed one of the filled plates and held it out to Justin. Taking it carefully, Justin was soon eating with relish. Jake smiled to himself, enjoying the youthful exuberance of his guest. As he watched Justin clean his plate, Jake was drawn to the slender young man in front of him. The t-shirt that he had loaned him was far too big, looking like a skirt on Justin, but it somehow fit the innocent charm of the youngster perfectly. Jake again got that comforting feeling that he had not felt for years. Jake had always recognized that Scott wouldn't want him to stop living because of his death, but Jake had been numb inside for so long that he had just accepted the fact that he would never find a person to be with again. Justin had him rethinking his assumptions of how his life would go. Jake suddenly realized what he was doing, and slammed down on his emotions. He refused to take part in any romantic daydreaming with a 20-something virgin. It just wasn't going to happen.

Jake was rather quickly brought out of his woolgathering by a wet lick across the back of his hand, followed quickly by a wet nose bouncing under it. Jake chuckled and reached down to scratch Kody behind the ears.

"Are you needing some attention, Kody? Is Justin getting all of Daddy's attention?" said Jake as he ruffled his Husky's thick fur.

"He's beautiful," said Justin.

"He's a pain in the behind is what he is. But he puts up with me and my moods, so I guess that makes us even." Jake looked around the room, noting a few things they would need if the two of them were spending a week at the cabin to give Justin time to heal. Having decided what staples they needed, he turned to check his backpack and started dressing for the trip. Without a thought, Jake sat on the edge of the bed to pull on his gaiters, with Justin scurrying to the opposite corner to stay out of his way.

Innocently, Jake reached over and grabbed Justin's bare shoulder and squeezed it. "Sorry, dude. I forget how big I am sometimes."

Justin smiled slightly and shook his head, "You look like a perfect size to me." Immediately realizing what he had said, Justin blushed crimson, and Jake chuckled slight at his discomfort. Without further comment, Jake finished dressing and was soon standing beside the door.

"I'll only be gone a few hours, I'll be back before nightfall. I just want to make sure we don't get stranded without food if a blizzard comes through. I'll leave Kody to keep you company, and you need your rest anyway."

"Ok," said Justin, "Just be careful."

Jake gave Justin a slightly sad smile, knowing the kid couldn't have known that was the same instructions Scott gave him each time he left the house. Turning quickly, Jake slipped on his snowshoes and headed out the door.


The snow had been deeper than he'd thought. Jake was glad he'd invested in a new pair of snowshoes at the beginning of the season, and that he was in shape for some rigorous snowshoeing. But he'd made it back to the SUV, easily dug it out and made it to town. It was a typical tiny up-north hamlet, but it had everything Jake needed.

He made a few passes up and down the aisles of the small mom & pop grocery store, trying to guess what Justin might like. Finally realizing he was acting like he was shopping for an important date, Jake laughed at himself and his constant habit of over planning. With that acknowledgment, he quickly finished his shopping and packed his purchases in the SUV.

As he headed out of town, he passed the small local pharmacy. Realizing he hadn't gotten anything for Justin's frostbite, he quickly wheeled into the snow-covered parking lot. Inside, he perused the aisles to find what he needed. Picking up the typical antibiotic creams and gels, Jake realized he had inadvertently ended up in the family planning section. Looking at the selection, he sighed at his foolish optimism that some young kid would be having the same fluttering for an old guy as Jake was having for him. But his preemptive nature soon won out and he grabbed a box of condoms from the shelf and tossed them in the basket along with a tube of lubricant. Shaking his head at himself and chuckling again, Jake figured these condoms would dry up before he used them, but he was prepared . . . just in case.


Justin woke up slowly, drifting in that wonderful place between sleep and awake. This day so far had been amazing, considering that he thought he was going to die last night, he couldn't believe his change of luck. Part of the reason Justin was still a virgin was just fear, he was afraid of falling for someone and finding out he was straight, but a bigger part was he'd found a lot of guys who he thought were cute, but never anyone who made his heart sing. The guys his age were more interested in drinking and screwing than anything else, and while Justin wasn't opposed to either of those, he wanted something more. He knew that Jake would never have feelings for a lanky kid like himself, but he could still fantasize. And the shoulder that Jake had grabbed was still tingling in delight from the touch.

Justin started as he felt something large jump on the bed beside him, immediately realizing it was Kody. The panting dog was sniffing across and through the bedding, until Justin was laughing and trying to push him away. The struggle continued for a few more minutes until Kody finally relented and jumped to the floor. Justin fought to sit back upright, and then looked at Kody's inquisitive face.

"Oh man! I really gotta pee!" said Justin.

Justin tossed the covers off and threw his feet over the edge of the bed. Carefully putting the majority of his weight on his heels, he gingerly walked across the small room and pulled out the bucket. Standing quietly, his strong stream arched into the bucket as he sighed in relief. Shaking the last drops from his dick, he quickly stored everything back where it belonged, and was slowly making his way back to the bed when Kody intercepted him. The dog looked at Justin, then stepped in and stuck his wet, cold nose right under Justin's balls.

"Holy shit! Don't do that!" squealed Justin as the cold shrunk his genitals.

Kody trotted off a foot or two and seemed to smirk at Justin as he struggled the last few feet to the bed. Just as Justin was covering himself, Kody erupted into a series of growls and barking that startled Justin.

"Shut up, Kody! You damn well know it's me!" came from outside the cabin as Jake stepped onto the small porch.

Justin pulled the coverings over and around him, making a warm cocoon against the cold that was about to invade his warm space. As he covered the last spot of exposed skin, the door popped open to a snow covered Jake who struggled to get into the door while Kody circled his feet feverishly. "Kody! Calm down, I'm here. Chill out." Turning to Justin, he smiled. "Feeling better?"

"Yeah, they're a lot better. I managed to use the bucket a few minutes ago and it wasn't too bad." Justin got a crooked smile, "Except Kody sticking his nose in my crotch."

Jake roared with laughter. "He does tend to do that a lot. When Scott was alive Kody drove him crazy sticking his nose under his nut sack anytime he found him naked." Jake turned and quickly tucked away the food that he'd gotten, leaving everything else in the backpack. He quickly pulled out two steaks and set them into a pan he'd been heating. Soon the tiny room was filled with the aroma of seared steak. Flipping the beef, he quickly filled two plates with a few items he had picked up. Soon the meat was cooked to the degree of doneness he wanted, and he carefully moved each steak to the already full plates.

Turning from the stove, Jake handed one of the plates to Justin then balanced himself on the edge of the bed. They both ate with single-minded focus and soon both plates were cleaned. Justin tried to sneak his plate to Kody for a final polishing, but when Jake snorted quietly at the noise, he knew he was busted. More importantly, when Jake's plate joined his, he knew it didn't matter.

Jake soon had the dishes cleaned and was preparing for night. To Justin it seemed as if the wind was blowing even harder, which Jake soon confirmed.

"There's another storm coming in tonight. The weather station said it could get to blizzard intensity. If it's that bad we might be stuck here for a few days, but I got plenty of food for us."

Justin nodded, not certain what to say since he was largely helpless in this situation. His clothes were dry, but unable to walk he hadn't even bothered to get to them and take off Jake's shirt. Actually, he was still very much enjoying the smell of Jake on the shirt as he wore it.

Once Jake had closed the shutters on the one window, he came back to the bed with a couple of magazines in one hand, and his reader in the other. He tossed the magazines to the bed beside Justin.

"I thought you might like something to read, so I grabbed a couple of magazines while I was out. There isn't much to do at night here except read," said Jake.

Justin nodded and snuggled down into the bed again, moving so there was ample light from the kerosene lamp. Jake stripped down to his underwear, and crawled in bed beside Justin. The evening passed quietly as the two of them read and occasionally shared something they found. As the wind picked up, howling around the small shelter, the warmth soon had Justin relaxed and sleepy. When he gave another massive yawn in less than a handful of minutes, Jake turned off his book.

"I think you're ready for some sleep, and I'm tired too. Lets get some shuteye," said Jake.

Justin nodded sleepily and handed the magazines to Jake. Wiggling down into the bed he soon found himself snuggled against Jake's warm body. Justin kept drifting off, only to be awakened by Jake moving again. After several times, Justin finally asked, "What's wrong?"

"Well, normally I don't sleep in anything," said Jake.

"So why are you wearing them tonight? I don't care, it isn't like we haven't slept together without clothes already," Justin said with a sleepy chuckle.

Without another word, Jake quickly stripped and tossed his underwear beside the bed. Wiggling back into the warm blankets he was soon nestled into the bed. Justin snuggled back against his warm backside, feeling very content. Jake smiled silently when he heard the soft snore coming from behind him, and quickly fell asleep feeling very content for the first time in a long time.


Jake woke the next morning feeling a vaguely familiar sensation on his butt as he drifted awake. After a few moments he recognized it as an urgently hard cock pressed between his butt cheeks. Enjoying the sensation that at one time had been very familiar; he relaxed and appreciated the feeling of long lost intimacy. But the feeling of satisfaction was fleeting when he awoke enough to realize that Justin was probably asleep, and didn't realize he was humping Jake's ass. Very softly he called out, "Justin?"

"Yeah?" came back the sleepy reply.

"Babe, your morning wood is a little busy . . ."

There was a brief pause, followed almost immediately by a loud squeak as Justin pulled his cock away from Jake.

"Oh god! I'm so sorry! Please! Oh god, I'm so so sorry. I was dreaming, and --"

Justin froze as he tried to collect his thoughts. Feeling very confused between his raging hormones and terrible guilt at what he'd done to Jake. Part of him was on the verge of tears, while another was furious at the situation that he was thrust into. His emotions were still warring as he felt the bed shift and Jake turned to look at him.

"Calm down, Justin. You were asleep and dreaming. You're a young guy and I'm sure you have desires. I know I'm too old for you, so don't think anything of it," said Jake calmly.

"No," said Justin almost in a whisper.

"No?" said Jake.

"No, you are not too old for me. I thought I was too much of a kid for you."

Jake looked at him and smiled, "This sounds like the x-rated version of the old 'assume' joke." When Justin just got a confused look on his face, Jake just shook his head. "Never mind, but now the question is, what do you want to do? We're both wide awake so we don't have the 'I was asleep and didn't know' card anymore."

Justin looked deep into Jake's blue eyes, torn between terror and ecstasy. He was unable to decide, not knowing what to do now.

"We don't have to do anything. It's up to you," said Jake quietly as he stretched his arm, exposing the plentiful hair exploding from his armpit.

Justin inhaled the scent from Jake's pits, and sighed. Deciding this was what was fated; he finally whispered, "Can we kiss?"

Jake chuckled, then gently took Justin's face in his hands. Moving closer, he stopped a few inches from Justin's lips and inhaled deeply. The morning smells of the young man were surprisingly pleasant, awakening feelings in Jake that he'd thought had died with Scott. Refocusing on the young man he was holding, he studied Justin's face carefully. His dark hair and eyebrows, combined with his chiseled jaw and slight dimple were charming and sexy to Jake. His nose could only be described as pert, but his lips, Justin's lips were so very red and kissable. Closing the last inches, Jake pressed his lips against Justin's, and to his delight he found they were every bit as kissable as he'd imagined.

As they separated, Justin gasped for breath as he tried to recover from his first kiss with another man. The soft lips, the scratchy rough beard, the slight masculine smell, everything about it was perfect. The hot touch of Jake's lips on his own had surged through his system and his cock was again hard and throbbing. His mind was reeling as he realized Jake was waiting for him to speak. Unable to form an entire sentence he gasped out.

"More, please!"

Jake cupped his chin, running his thumb across Justin's dark morning scruff. Leaning back slightly, he pulled his t-shirt over Justin's head and dropped it to the floor. He leaned in again and kissed Justin. This time it wasn't a simple kiss, Jake let the heat he was feeling enter the kiss, their lips pressing hard against each other. Suddenly Justin opened his lips slightly and his tongue darted out to touch Jake's lips before escaping back to Justin's mouth. Jake took that as permission for more, and drove his tongue into Justin's mouth. Soon the two of them were kissing with intensity and passion that had Justin's head spinning. Suddenly he felt Jake's finger run down the middle of his chest. The touch left a trail of fire where it passed and Justin's passion rapidly reached the point of no return.

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