tagGroup SexSnowbound



I woke to the rhythmic sound of breathing and soft moaning. The high ceilings of the room were illuminated by shafts of blue moonlight. It was the middle of the night on a weekend ski trip to the mountains. Our friend Shaun had the keys to his parent's condo at a posh resort and we were all taking a well-needed break. The condo was beautiful but only had one bedroom so we, my girlfriend Sara and I, were sharing the living room with our friends Jack and Kim.

The soft moaning was coming from Kim. As I opened my eyes I could see Jack's dark silhouette slowing moving up and down in that old familiar way. Kim was on her stomach, her head turned away from where we slept. Jack was on top of her and thrusting his hips slowly but firmly into her plump round ass. He was propped up on his hands, his long hair hanging down around his face. I watched as he slowly drew his hips back and then just as slowly drove them forward with an extra little thrust at the end. With each final push Kim gave a very soft sexy moan. I watched as Jack repeated this motion again and again. Suddenly Jack flipped the hair out of his face and caught my eye. Without breaking the rhythm or slow methodical pace of his thrusts he gave me a wink and a grin. I sheepishly grinned back and casually rolled over a little embarrassed at being voyeur.

The next morning at breakfast everyone was excited about snowboarding in the fresh powder that fell the night before. I slept very little after witnessing Jack and Kim in the act, so I was a little out of it and in need of a big cup of java. Shaun, a muscular black stud was laughing at Jack who came out of the bathroom in long underwear and his snowboarding helmet. Next to Shaun was his girl Keisha a curvy black siren. My girlfriend Sara giggled at Jack's antics, I love the way her freckled face lights up when she laughs. However, the good humored kidding didn't last long as Keisha broke in saying, "OK you funny guys Sara and I have a little bad news."

We all stopped eating and paid attention. Keisha said that the storm that was dumping all this snow was going to eventually close the pass out of the valley. "And since Sara and I have 'REAL' jobs unlike you losers, " she grinned, "we have to head out 'ASAP' so we don't get stuck here." Shaun and my jaws dropped. "Come on baby!" I said, "call in sick and stay." Sara refused and Keisha said she could not miss an upcoming meeting and that was the end of the discussion. We pleaded privately with our girls but to no avail. Sara and Keisha quickly dressed, packed, and left in Shaun's SUV.

"Might as well make the best of it," said Shaun "let's go get some powder!" We all whooped and hollered and headed up the mountain. It was a great day of nonstop riding. After the mountain closed we picked up a pizza and headed back to the condo. We stripped out of our snow gear and sat down to the hot pizza in our long underwear. As we ate and knocked back a couple of beers Jack asked, "you guys wanna go out?"

"Nah," said Shaun, Kim and I agreed. We were all beat and the fact that Shaun and I weren't going to get any tonight was sinking in. Kim noticed our mood change and she popped up out of her chair.

Kim has short thick blond hair, sparkling blue eyes and an impish look. She is about 5'6" tall with perky little tits, B cup I guess, and a nice round ass with muscular legs. She is a personal trainer and has worked as dancer. As she skipped toward the kitchen I couldn't help but watch her sweet ass jiggle across the room. She grabbed a bottle of tequila off the counter and said, "shots all around for some at-tee-titude adjust-a-mento!" She poured us all a healthy shot and quickly knocked hers' back. "Aaah!" Kim exclaimed as she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand in a funny animated way. She placed her hands on her hips and thrust out her perky tits and in a very cowboy-like stance and said in a fake drawl "that better boys? Now how about a hot tub?"

Jack was the first one out to the tub on the deck, flicking off his remaining clothes as he made his way. Kim was behind him as she removed her clothes. Shaun and I stared dumbfounded as Kim looked over her shoulder and with a sly grin said "is it HARD for you boys to get out of your underwear?" She giggled and settled into the hot tub next to Jack. Shaun and I slipped into the tub just in time to hide our swelling cocks. Jack had a big smile on his face and from the way Kim's shoulder was moving it was clear that she was stroking him. With obvious innuendo Kim said, "this sure feels good." Jack just gave a satisfied groan.

Kim whispered something into Jack's ear and he said, "go for it babe." She arched her back and squeezed both of her boobs together lifting them out of the water.

Kim said, "its OK to look boys, I don't even mind if you touch." Her wet tits were capped by two large puffy pink areolas, they were 3" in diameter and stood out a good half inch like little breasts on top of breasts.

"Those look good enough to eat," joked Shaun.

"Then go ahead stud, Jack won't mind, will you baby?" As Kim looked toward Jack he shook his head approvingly and smiled. Shaun wasted no time in moving next to Kim and started licking and sucking on her tits. Kim squirmed and putting a hand on the back of Shaun's head directed him from one nipple to the other. As Shaun suckled Kim's tits, Jack slid underneath her so she was sitting on his lap. Jack obviously had his hand in her crotch and was working her pussy. Kim's breathing was picking up as Jack nibbled and kissed her neck and Shaun alternated between her tits and her mouth.

By this time I had a full on woody and I was staring in total lust at what was taking place in front of me. Breaking out of her pleasure induced trance Kim gave me a wicked grin and motioned me to come over with her index finger. Taking my jaw in her hand she pulled me to her mouth and we shared a hot wet French kiss. "Stand up babe, you too Shaun" she commanded. We both stood in front of Kim, both fully erect. My cock is about 7" hard and quite thick, it has a nice upward turn when hard. I glanced over at Shaun and having seen him in the shower I was not surprised at what I witnessed. Shaun is about 6' tall, with chocolate skin and a very muscular build. His uncut cock was over 8" erect and had a slight curve to the right, it was truly massive. Kim looked at our cocks and subconsciously licked her lips. Taking a cock in each hand she said, "Jack's got his cock in my pussy and his hand is rubbing my clitty and it feels soooooo goooood." Her little narration of what was happening made me throw all hesitation to the wind. Then she alternated licks and sucks between Shaun and my cock pulling us close.

As Kim rocked on Jack's cock she expertly gave Shaun and I head. She put both cocks in her mouth and the sight was extremely erotic. To accomplish this "double suck" Shaun and I had to stand very close. In fact our bodies pressed against one another, which felt good in the cold air. Shaun was completely into the moment and his arm slipped around my waist to steady himself. Kim took our cocks out of her mouth and with two hands stroked up and down the shafts as she pressed our dicks together. The feeling was incredible, Shaun's warm body pressing against me, our two boners rubbing and rolling together. Kim looked up at us and said, "mmmm cock to cock, I know you studs like that." She squeezed them together hard and with the tip of her tongue played with the pre-cum that oozed out. Shaun's hand was resting on top of my ass, Kim took my hand and put it on Shaun's tight round behind. With her hand over mine she squeezed his ass cheek. "Feels good doesn't it?" she said in between licks on our cocks. Shaun gave a groan and I continued to feel up his ass and back. Feeling Shaun's strong body was so different and taboo that it was getting me even more aroused.

Jack who had been steadily working Kim's pussy suggested we take this fun inside and we all agreed. As we walked into the house Shaun pitched us towels his big boner swinging with each toss. For the first time I could see Jack naked, his 6' frame was lean with washboard abs. His 7" cock pointed up at a 45 degree angle and he was smooth shaven. Kim had wrapped her towel around her so her shaved pussy and ass showed at the bottom. Standing in front of us she said, "tonight I want a fantasy of mine to come true but before anyone gets to fuck me you have to do what I say, do you promise?" Of course we were all so horny we said without hesitation YES! Kim squealed with delight and ran out of the room only to return in a second with a bottle of massage oil and a bed sheet.

Laying the sheet on the floor Kim ordered Shaun to lie down on his back on top of it. She then told Jack and I to hold out our hands which she proceeded to cover with oil. Kim then instructed us to start massaging Shaun's body. We looked at Shaun and he just grinned and shrugged so we began. Our first tentative touches were to his legs and shoulders but after Kim turned up the gas fireplace she joined us. Applying oil to her own hands she also went to work on Shaun. Kim started on his chest and worked her way down to his close-cropped pubic hair. Taking more oil she started stroking his hard cock. Shaun closed his eyes and after a few strokes she took Jack's hand and along with hers she moved it to assist her stroking the big black dick.

Kim removed her hand and Jack continued stroking Shaun. He moved his hand toward the tip and pull the foreskin back revealing Shaun's shiny cock head. Instead of being repulsed I found these developments extremely exciting. "Lick it baby," said Kim. Without hesitation Jack began to skillfully lick and suck the enormous cock. Jack pulled Shaun's foreskin back and let a string of saliva run onto Shaun's cock head. Kim then moved over to me and stood in front of me so her round pale ass was at my face level. With limber ease she bent over and looking between her legs she said, "go ahead babe lick it." My tongue immediately went to her wet pussy, flicking out to her clit. She tasted feminine and wonderful. Holding her firm thighs I licked her pussy from behind for all I was worth, my nose rubbing her sweet pink asshole. Kim responded with a deep moan and by grinding back into my face. Soon my face was covered in her wetness.

Kim's body started to quiver as I devoured her pussy. Deciding to take it to the next level I inserted two fingers into her wet snatch and began to rim her cute pink asshole. She responded with a hissing "YESSSSSS" as I continued to tongue fuck her rosebud. Kim started to quiver more and bark obscenities, "Fuck Me, Fuck My Ass with your tongue, mmmmmm so good, look at you cock suckers you've got me so fuck'n HOT!"

As I worked away on Kim's back side I felt something wet and hot. It was Shaun's mouth on my cock. He had slid underneath me and was licking the underside of my shaft. I was crazed with passion and with my free hand I pushed my dick into his mouth. Jack was standing in front of Kim and she was sucking on his cock. Kim yelled, "I am going to CUM," and her body convulsed in wave after wave of orgasm. My hand furiously worked her clit as she lost herself in orgasm. Her juices flowed onto my hand as I finger-fucked her through her orgasm.

After her orgasm Kim turned around and taking my arm dragged me so I was over Shaun's body. He was still jacking my cock as I straddled his face. "Now suck that beautiful cock, suck it!" demanded Kim. I took Shaun's monster into my mouth. I loved the way it felt, solid, almost velvety in texture. I jacked it up and down as I licked and sucked.

"He's a natural!" said Jack. As Shaun and I continued in our 69 I could feel Kim's hands rubbing my ass, and then suddenly felt her tongue. She sloppily rimmed my hole and it was driving me crazy. She eased in a finger and I thought I would cum, but she talked me through it. She then eased in another finger and began to finger fuck my ass. During this Shaun was doing a great job keeping me on the edge of orgasm alternating between sucking me and squeezing the base of my swollen cock.

Then I heard Kim say, "alright Jack he's ready." I could feel Jack's hands on my back and then his cock head push against my asshole. Kim whispered in my ear, "are you ready to take it baby? you know you want his cock to fuck you, take it all." She was right. I did want it. And I weakly groaned a in agreement. I wanted Jack's cock inside of me. I pushed back to meet his hard shaft. Jack pushed slowly but firmly forward until his cock head worked its way in. The initial pain was soon replaced by pleasure as Kim applied some lube to Jack's dick. Shaun was now alternating between my cock and Jack's ass and balls. Kim joined me sucking on Shaun's cock.

My head and body were swimming in a sea of sensation. This was all too much. I shouted, "I am going to CUM!" That's all it took, all three of use shot our loads. Kim took Shaun's first shot in her mouth then quickly fed me Shaun's cock. I sucked two more big gobs out of Shaun as Jack came in my ass. The hot cum inside me was too much, I let my biggest wad ever shoot into Shaun's mouth. Shaun took as much as he could but a thick strand ran down the side of his mouth and chin. The contrast of my white cum on his dark skin was so sexy.

Jack finished his orgasm and collapsed on the floor next to me. The sensation of his still swollen cock pulling out of my ass was delicious. Kim rolled on top of him and they exchanged a cum-filled kiss. Sensing that I was perplexed at what to do with my mouthful, Kim said, "don't spit or swallow baby, come here and give it to me." I moved off of Shaun and locked lips with Kim. Her tongue probed deep into my mouth and we shared a sticky French kiss. I dropped to the floor next to Jack and Kim, the three of us still feeling the glow of the experience. We all chuckled and I couldn't help but say"WOW."

After a minute I noticed that Shaun had disappeared. He suddenly bounded into the room with a big smile on his face and holding an orange prescription bottle. "Who's up for some Viagra!?" he sang out.

To be continued...

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