tagLesbian SexSnowed In

Snowed In


It's a cold and damp overcast day in late January. I'm standing on the concrete platform just outside of the train. Amtrak's Coast Starlight #14 is stopped in a little village in northern California named Dunsmuir. A quaint and sleepy little village nestled in a valley at the foot of Mt. Shasta. We're running very late; it's about 7:00 am, and we should have been here two hours ago. The conductor has announced that there will be a slight delay while the tracks ahead of us are being cleared, and gave us twenty minutes to step outside of the car if we needed a stretch.

I'm dreading getting back to Seattle and my nonexistent life. There's not much waiting for me there: empty apartment, boring job, superficial friendships, miserable rainy weather. I've been traveling here and there, whenever I could, looking for a place to make a fresh start. San Francisco was nice, if a bit pricey. I'm mulling over whether I want to make the move, when in the corner of my vision I see someone approach. Oh God, I hope they're not desperate for conversation. Right now I just want to be alone.

"Excuse me," the woman approaches. "Do you have a cigarette?"

"Ah, yes." I take the silver case from my back pocket and flip it open. "Is clove okay?" as I offer her one of my slender black cigarettes.

"Yeah, that'll work." I light the smoke for her. "Thanks."

I light one up for myself and we stand in silence, looking at the threatening western sky. I'm doubting that the delay will only be twenty minutes.

"That's not looking very good," she ventures.

"I think were going to be here for a while." We look over what we can see of the town, hoping against hope there'll be something to keep us busy during the indefinite delay we sense coming.

Our watches show that the twenty minutes is almost over. We get back on the train and back in our seats. She is in the same car, a few seats forward of me. We sit and wait and wait. It's been about thirty minutes now. The conductor finally announces that the delay is now more like three hours due to bad weather. Groans fill the train. The crew lets us get off again, advising that we need to be back by 10:00 am.

I get off and walk to the main street. Next to the train station is a shop called the

Brown Trout. It's a combination coffee shop, art gallery, and women's boutique. As I find a table, I see the woman I was speaking with earlier.

"Hey you!" I beckon her to join me. If I'm going to be stuck here, it might as well be with someone who doesn't annoy the hell out of me. "Looks like we were right about the delay."

"Unfortunately. Doesn't look like there's much to do in this town."

"Maybe the staff will let us stay, as long as we buy stuff. Let's start with some coffee."

"That would be lovely. I'm Leyna, by the way."

"Hi, I'm Marie. What would you like?" eyeing the lengthening line at the counter.

"Don't worry, I got it."

"You sure?"

"Thanks for the smoke!" she says over her shoulder, getting in line.

"Tall drip, please." Leyna comes back with our orders, and we slowly sip our coffee. We're going to have to make it last.

"So, what puts you on the slow train to hell?" Leyna wondered.

"I spent a week in San Francisco. Going back home now."

"How lovely! Bet you had a nice time."

"Yeah, a little. Just needed to get away from my life a little. Screwed up relationships, nothing better on the horizon, you know the deal."

"I feel that. Needed to take a break after dumping my latest so-called man. I was in Redding for a while, and had a great time. A little horseback riding, it's really beautiful."

"It really is - saw it on the way down from Seattle. Being out there alone with nature... it must have been just the thing to take you mind off of things."

"It was a start..." and from there we start trading our life stories, picking over the details of our failed relationships. The reasons are as innumerable as they are pathetic. But it's cathartic, it's good to unload. We're feeling a little better as we wrap up our stories.

"So what's the deal with your latest disaster, the one that sent you to California?" Leyna wondered. "How did he fuck this one up?"

"She, actually." A short pause.

"So does that mean that you're..."

"Gay? No, not quite!" I laugh. "I mean, I still like men, as friends or for a fling, but a relationship, that's obviously not gonna happen." Sigh. "So I thought I'd give women a try, before I join a nunnery." Pause for a moment -- it still hurts to think of my last girlfriend. "But she just... went away. Lost all contact and I have no idea why or what happened."

"Oh Marie... I'm so sorry to hear that." Leyna takes my hand. It comforts me a little, and I clasp her hand back.

"You gonna be okay?" Leyna's eyes are so expressive, her concern is unmistakable.

"Yeah... I will."

We sit in silence silent for a while, a bond forging from our misery. Glancing at the clock on the wall, it's nowhere near ten o'clock. Thanking Leyna again for the coffee, I excuse myself and take a long walk through the village.

At ten to ten, we're back in the train. Leyna moves her seat to be next to me. It'll be a few more hours until we get to Klamath Falls; we might as well be together for what time we have left. Ten, fifteen, twenty minutes go by. We're still not moving. There's an extremely bad vibe in the train -- the air is crackling with resentment. People are tense and angry, brats are screaming and running up and down the aisle.

Finally an announcement comes. Our worst fears are confirmed; there'll be an indefinite delay. The other passengers erupt with anger.

"Leyna, let's get out of this car, looks like things are gonna get ugly."

"No, what if the train leaves?"

"Look at the sky -- we can't even see the mountain." Mt. Shasta is completely obscured by angry dark storm clouds. "And besides, after coffee I went and reserved a motel room, just in case. You can stay with me."

"You sure? You just met me."

"I'm pretty sure you're not a serial killer. C'mon, grab your bag and lets go -- I hate this place."

"Me too. Thanks Marie."

We walk along the main street for about ten minutes and get to the motel room. It's a little room with a bed, sofa, TV, and an efficiency kitchen. We unpack our travel bags and settle in for a long day. After exhausting the Brown Trout, Dunsmuir doesn't offer much in the way of entertainment. We wander the streets and find a supermarket. Leyna goes to the customer service counter and rents some DVD's. I get a cart and pick up some groceries, enough to last us for a day or more. I don't feel like going outside again -- it looks like the upcoming storm is going to be really bad.

Back in our room, we unpack the groceries. I cook up a margarita pizza for us, and there's a California Merlot to go with it. When the pizza is ready, Leyna puts in a DVD and we settle into the sofa, watching a movie and enjoying our lunch.

Not long afterward, the storm rolls into the valley, snow piling up at an alarming rate. It's obvious that the train will not be leaving anytime today. We resign ourselves to a day in a motel room locked against the weather. The movie ends and we start another. Leyna returns to the sofa and leans against me a little, her shoulder up against mine. As the movie plays we gradually lean into each other some more, by now our thighs also touching. She feels so warm and soft and I love how it feels. Our hands brush against each other on our laps. Leyna takes my hand. I squeeze hers, and we sit in silence, just happy to be off the train and with each other.

I get up and open a French Vouvray. Uncorking the bottle, I find my gaze drifting in her direction. I can't deny that I'm feeling desire for Leyna. I want to have her in my arms, up against my body, tasting her lips, feeling her body heat as she makes love to me. Yet I'm hesitant. I'm so awkward at making the first move, and I've made mistakes worthy of a network television bloopers show.

Fuck it - if it doesn't work out, well, I've spent nights in awkward icy silence before.

I hand Leyna her glass and sit besides her, placing my arm around her shoulders as I do. To my great relief, she doesn't mind. I'm overjoyed as she leans into me even more, and my nervousness changes to relief, then contentedness.

We sip our wine as the movie finishes. We have a few more DVD's, but I don't want to watch them. I turn to Leyna, cradling her face in my hands, my fingertips brushing her hair along the hairline. Looking deep into her eyes, I'm not seeing any hesitation or resistance. Finally I close my eyes and bend my head forward to kiss her.

There's not so much sparks between us, as a soft warm glow between our lips. Leyna clasps me by my shoulders and draws me close against her body. Our kiss breaks off and I look into her eyes again, hoping I don't find any distaste. I don't have time to dwell on the question, as she kisses me back. We embrace each other and out kiss intensifies, our lips mashing against each other.

"Marie... I love the way you kiss. I'm so glad I met you." I feel the same way for Leyna, but my feelings remain unspoken. I know that my expression tells her how I feel.

"Baby, no more movies."

"No..." Leyna gets up to turn off the TV. Coming up behind her, I snake her arms around her waist, resting my head on Leyna's shoulder, kissing the nape of her neck. My hands wander to the waist of her Wranglers, unbuttoning the fly and slowly lowering the zipper. The nails of one hand scratch the skin of her lower belly through her panties, while the other slowly lowers her jeans.

My fingertips are now drifting lower, ducking under her clothes, seeking the crease between her legs. I kneel down behind her, slipping her jeans down her legs to her ankles. Her lingerie follows. As my beautiful lover kicks the discarded clothes aside, my hands drift back up her hips, turning her around, kissing her lower belly and the front of her legs. I push her gently backward to lean her weight against the wall so she doesn't lose her balance and fall.

My hands are now on the backs of my lovers knees, urging her to part her legs a little. As Leyna compiles, my kisses spiral toward her beautiful pussy. She's so fragrant down there; her salty musky scent is so intoxicating. The vulva is brilliant pink and flushed with excitement. Leyna puts one leg over my shoulder as I plant a tender kiss on her clitty, my tongue slithering deep inside her womanhood.

"Oh... that's it!" My sweet lady groans between sharp breaths. My mouth is pushing up against her vagina, my hands gripping her butt, pulling her tight against my face. She's so wet, so pen to my tongue as it zeroes in on her clitoris.

"Marie... flick it... baby!" my darling encourages me. How can I resist her, this lovely woman who is giving herself completely to me? My tongue flicks the little jewel, first back and forth, then up and down.

"Hum for me!!" Leyna's voice is commanding now, as her fingers entwine in my hair and pusher me even harder against her pussy. This is so weird... I've only been with a few women before, and I've never had anybody ask me to hum on their clitty before. But I can deny her nothing... She is so sweet and caring and so passionate, I want nothing more than to make Leyna happy. My lips press tightly against her clitoris, experimenting with different pitches and volumes, looking for just the right resonance.

"Marie... that's it... just like that!" my baby gasps. This is so thrilling to me; it's indescribable how wonderful it is to be able to be with such a strikingly beautiful woman, to bring her to such ecstasy. My love, I want you to come... I want to feel your nectar splash my face and run down my shoulders...

"Oh my god!!! Ohh!!"

That's it... come for me, baby. My tongue pierces her deeper, as I keep humming against her little pearl, my fingernails digging into her bottom.

"Oh yeah... right there... coming!" God, her climax is so hard! Her hips are bucking so violently, it's all I can do to keep my mouth glued to her body. Leyna is trembling so much that I think she might lose complete control and collapse. I get to my feet and hold her tight, pinning her between the wall and myself. My hand returns to her vagina, the fingertip flicking her clitty.

"Oh God! Here it comes again..." It's too much for her now. Leyna is shaking so hard that I'll no longer be able to keep her upright. As her orgasm subsides, I scoop my lover into my arms and lay her on the bed.

As Leyna descends from her climax, I slowly remove the rest of her clothes. As her body gradually goes still, I lower the bedcovers and tuck her in, with a little kiss on her forehead. She looks so peaceful and contented.

"Marie...hold me?" my beautiful girl whispers, and I simply cannot resist. I snuggle up beside her, spooning her very close, my head resting on her shoulder, my arms wrapped around her. I love the way she smells - her hair, her perspiring skin, her perfume, and especially the musky wetness between her legs. It's more intoxicating than any drug...

Have you settled down now? Caught your breath? 'Cause I'm not done with you, baby! Hearing my girl moan and scream in passion has aroused me to no end, too. My nipples are poking thru my clothes and into Leyna's back. I'm kissing her neck and her shoulders, my palms cupping her perky breasts, pinching the nipples ever so tenderly, as I whisper in her ear how much I desire her.

I sense her hips shifting up against mine; it's unmistakable that Leyna isn't finished with me, either. One of my hands drifts down between her legs, tracing the outlines of her womanhood. My forefinger slips deep into her pussy - probing, swirling, curling, eliciting the sighs and moans that have so enthralled me. I slip in another finger, then a third, rushing in and out of her slit.

"Oh yeah baby!! You got it!" I'm finger-fucking my lover, faster and faster, my thumb nestled against her clitoris.

"Ooh... Marie... coming again..."

I'm still whispering in her ear, how beautiful she is, how much I want to spend all eternity making love to her. Now I'm propping my body up on my elbow so I can gaze upon her face as she climaxes. As beautiful as she is, Leyna is never so lovely as when she comes. I love watching her in the throes of ecstasy, hearing the sounds of her pleasure.

Leyna arches her back as she lets loose with one final orgasm. Yes, my love, give me your nectar... gush all over my hand... It gives me such pleasure to see you as happy as this.

s her orgasm subsides, I remove my hand from Leyna's pussy. I taste her honey, licking it from my finger - it tastes so wonderful. As I do, my lover licks one of my fingers too. Together we taste all of her love. Then I kiss her, more intensely than ever before, sucking on her lower lip, then her upper, our tongues dancing, until we have to either stop or pass out from asphyxia.

I collapse back on the covers, pulling Leyna down on top of me, holding her head against my breasts, stroking her hair. Slowly I return to my senses. The weather has not improved; from the window it appears that we are flying through a snow-laden cloud. It's only late afternoon, and it's obvious that we won't be leaving very soon. It doesn't worry me. I have a warm and secure room, plenty of food and movies, and an incredible woman sleeping contentedly next to me. My trip to California wasn't wasted, after all.

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