tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSnowed-in At The Pass

Snowed-in At The Pass


We left right after work Friday for a romantic weekend getaway to a mountain cabin, but by the time we reached the Cascades, night had fallen and the snow flurries turned into a full snowstorm.

The pass was closed. Unable to reach the cabin, there was no other option but to turn back down the mountain, and find the first place to stop before we got stuck. So we retreated to the closest town on the map, which was little more than a gas station and a motel.

We checked into the motel. Normally, we would have made the most of it; although not as romantic as the cabin we'd reserved, motel sex could help save the spoiled adventure.

Jennifer stripped off her clothes and turned on the shower. She stepped in and then yelped. No hot water. I turned on the heater, and a fuse blew, knocking out the lights. Jennifer wrapped herself in a towel, as I went to wake up the proprietor. He fetched a flashlight and fumbled around with the fuse box, which seemed to be a tangle of wires. Jennifer stood dripping wet wrapped in her towel. I could see the old man pretending not to look, but stealing glances every chance he got as he mumbled apologies for the old fuse box.

Eventually, he got the lights back on, but warned us that turning on the heater might blow out the fuse again. This would have been unacceptable, but what else was there to do? It was already midnight, and the snow was coming down hard, already covering our car. The roads were impassable.

So we hunkered down in the old musty bed, wearing long underwear and wool socks and wool hats, with all the blankets piled on top of us. There was a lot of shivering, and neither of us were in the mood for sex.

When we awoke, though, my cock was hard—the usual stiffness of morning wood before peeing, but also from being in a new and strange motel room with Jennifer. I rolled over to Jennifer, running my hands up and down her back, squeezing her buttocks, and nibbling kisses on her neck. Jennifer could feel my erection pressing onto her. She began to wake up, her eyes still sleep-crusted, and her blonde hair pillow-tangled. She reached for my cock and rubbed me through my long underwear, causing a small damp spot to start. "What have we here?" she said.

As we rolled around in the small, lumpy bed, I was soon straddling her. She pushed my cock out of my long underwear, gripped it with her hand, and started to slowly stroke me. My cock was directly over her breasts, which she massaged and pinched with her other hand. She worked her long underwear shirt up, uncovering her breasts. My balls were so close to her now bare skin, I could feel the warmth rising.

It was so cold that I could see my breath. She was still covered in the blankets from the waist down. Under the blankets, her hand had moved between her legs. I could tell that she was rubbing herself as she continued to slowly pump my hard morning cock. She still wore her hat, and her shirt. Only her soft natural breasts were exposed to the cold.

She began to stroke me harder and faster. "Do you want to cum?" she asked, though she knew damn well I wanted to cum. She loved to talk dirty as she rubbed herself and stroked me. If she timed it right, she would make me shoot over her breasts right at the moment she began her climax. My balls were swelling and contracting, retracting from the cold, and expanding as they filled. Her hand had felt so good—her tight grip jacking me.

She pulled my cock down between her pale breasts, then pushed her breasts together, forming a valley for my penis. I was already eager to spurt on top of her breasts, but now, snuggled in her soft, warm cleavage, it felt even better. "Do you like that?" she asked, knowing I liked it. "Do you want to cum like that?"

I nodded.

It turned me on to have her talking so sultry—like a whisper of a secret that we both shared. "Ummm," she moaned, getting herself off as much as she was turning me on. "I want you to cum between my breasts," she said. "Ummmmm, I wanna feel your hot cum."

I looked down and watched the tip of my cock poking out from between the cleft of her breasts. The tip was shiny with pre-cum, a bead already dripping and pooling in the hollow of her throat. I knew I would soon explode, soon shoot globs of white hot sticky cum onto her neck, and even into her hair.

She knew this, too, and was rubbing herself faster and harder, making herself wet and trembling with the building anticipation of orgasm.

Some women are disgusted by cum, and some indifferent. Jennifer truly loved it. If we were making love missionary style, she would always ask me to pull out and shoot across her belly. If we were going at it doggy style, she'd tell me to pull out and shoot in onto her butt. And if she was sucking me off, she'd pull away at the last minute, so she could watch me erupt, and splash her face with globs of warm cum. She delighted in the accomplishment of making me shoot my load.

I was about to explode, about to gush all the cum that had been building with anticipation since the day before. The frustration of the cold shower and broken heater, and the night of no sex. It had all built up to an almost painful pressure. And now I was straddling Jennifer, my cock sticking out of my long underwear, her long underwear pulled up over her breasts. My cock buried between the valley of her breasts, titty fucking her as she rubbed herself to an approaching orgasm and used her soft sultry voice to charge the air with her dirty talk. "Ummmm, baby," she cooed. "Cum on me..."

She lifted her head off the pillow and licked the tip of my cock. Catching a drop of salty pre-cum on her tongue, she let her head drop back to the pillow. Her eyes still locked on mine, she licked her lips. This made me even harder as I pumped my cock between her soft breasts. She knew I was close and stuck out her tongue to catch as much of the spray as she could.

Just then we heard a loud clatter. I leapt off of her and dove under the blanket. Just as we looked up, we saw the face of the old man in the back window. Jennifer yanked up the blanket to cover herself. I didn't want to get up with my hard cock wagging in front of me, in plain sight of the old man. "What the fuck?" I said.

"Sorry," the old man said. His voice was muffled through the window, but we could hear him. That meant he could have heard anything we'd been saying. "Just fixing the water heater." He then motioned like he was going to come around the building to the front, and disappeared.

I jumped out of bed and grabbed my pants. I'd just managed to pull them on when we heard his knock.

I cracked the door. "Sorry to disturb you," said the old man. "Just fixing that water heater right up for you. Felt so bad you nice folks didn't get a hot shower..."

I was still tired, sore from the lumpy bed, hungry from lack of breakfast, groggy from lack of coffee, and most importantly, pissed that he'd interrupted us at a very inconvenient moment. I am normally a pretty relaxed, "go with the flow" kind of guy, but I was ready to start yelling at the old man. Yet, he seemed genuinely sincere that he hadn't meant to disturb us. He said he felt truly bad for the heater, and wasn't going to charge us for the room.

There really wasn't anything else that could be done. Getting mad wasn't going to help. The free room certainly was a nice gesture. The old man added that the snowplows should probably be arriving by noon, and should get the pass clear again. "A really bad storm," he said, "but all clear now."

Looking outside past him, I had to agree. Outside it was gleaming bright, the air crisp. The sky an intense blue against the white snow-capped peaks. Inside the motel room it had been dark and musty. Outside it already felt like a new day.

I shut the door, and turned back to the bed. Jennifer got up and walked into the bathroom. She pulled down her long underwear and sat on the cold toilet seat. Through the open door, she called out, "Think he saw us?"

"I doubt it," I said, wanting to reassure her. In truth, I think he had seen and heard everything. "Want to jump back in bed?" I said, hoping to release what had built up.

"Not with him around," she said as she peed. Her voice was no longer the sultry voice she used when turned on, but the tired in the morning and let's get our day started voice. The moment had passed, and it was still freezing cold. She stood up and flushed the toilet. We might as well get dressed and see what the day had in store for us.

Across from the gas station/motel, was a large reservoir formed by a hydroelectric dam. A service road crossed over the top of the dam, and then twisted up a steep hill, into the forest. It looked like a good place go on a hike. Actually, it looked like the only place to hike.

Bundled in our winter jackets, gloves, scarves and hats, we hiked across the dam, and started up the hill. Along the way, we snapped photos. The frozen lake. Snow on trees. One of those silly couple shots where we hold the camera out at arm's length. In one Jennifer lifted up her jacket and flashed me. She was wearing several layers, but no bra. Her nipples immediately pinched in the chilly mountain air.

"You look cold," I said, staring directly at her bare breasts.

"Warm me up," she said, still holding her shirt up with both hands. I stepped closer to her and placed my mouth next to the soft skin of her breasts. Before I kissed, I inhaled. Her skin was dry in the mountains, but had gotten a bit damp with perspiration from the hike. She smelled delicious. I kissed her skin, which tickled her a little and made her giggle. But when I put my warm mouth over her nipples and began to gently suck and swirl my tongue, she moaned. Her hands ran through my bed-tangled hair. I ran my tongue up the cleavage between her breasts. She was a little salty.

I thought about that morning, straddling her. I was so close to cumming and shooting right in this very spot between her breasts. I resented the old man. I wish she hadn't stopped. If he wanted a show, whatever. Lonely old guy. Obviously the only business he got was from the gas station and not the motel. I should have just told Jennifer to keep going. I needed the release. I was beginning to get mad again, thinking about how the old man had spoiled our morning sexy time.

Then, without any prompting, Jennifer squatted down, opened my pants, and took out my cock. Even though the air was biting cold, the warmth of her hands immediately made me hard again.

As she began to kiss the tip of my cockhead and swirl her tongue around, a few tiny snowflakes began to fall. Normally, when you're getting sucked off by the woman you love, you don't think about anything else. But I started thinking about the snow and if the pass would stay snowed-in and if we'd have to spend another night in that cold, dank motel.

The more distracted I was, the harder it was for me to cum, and so the harder she sucked, gripping me with her hand and really going at it.

She was not distracted. In fact, she seemed still turned on from the morning, and focused on my erection. As she pumped me, I could feel the cum already heavy in my balls begin to churn.

I had been disappointed that Jennifer hadn't wanted to jump back into bed, but now I realized that she hadn't lost her sexual urge, she just wanted to get far enough away from the Peeping Tom motel owner.

This was nice. I was standing in a mountain forest on a gravel road, getting sucked off by the woman I loved as the snow silently fell. I tried to hold the picture of it, a mental snapshot, so I could always remember it.

Just then, I saw, far in the distance, another couple walking up the road. If I could see them, they could probably see us, and could no doubt tell exactly what was going on: her kneeling in front of me, her head bobbing up and down on my cock.

I told her people were coming. This seemed to make her go faster and harder. She pulled her mouth off my cock and held it open, her tongue inches from the tip. "Cum on my face," she said. "I want to feel it."

The people were closer now. I could see that it was a middle-aged couple. They were still far away, but they'd surely seen us by now. Jennifer gripped me with both hands, jacking me up and down, her face eager and waiting.

The people continued up the road. I could now see that they were walking a small dog.

Jennifer continued to pump my cock with both hands, her mouth open and ready to receive my load. She was looking up at me with her blue eyes.

The people were even closer. I could see that the small dog had a red sweater.

"Cum for me baby," she said. "Shoot it. I want your cum baby." She wasn't speaking softly or sultry. She was giving orders, demanding that I shoot my cum on her face.

Unable to hold back any longer, I grunted. "Here it comes," I warned her.

"Yes, baby," she said, ready for it.

I shot a large, pent-up load onto her face. It splattered on her mouth, her nose, and her hair.

She pumped out every drop.

Then she zipped me up, and quickly stood up. She smiled at me. Jennifer's face was covered with my fresh cum, some already dripping from her chin.

My heart was pounding, my muscles shaking, and my head dizzy from the intense explosion. With the couple still walking toward us, we turned quickly and headed further up the hill, hoping to put some distance between us.

As we took long fast steps, our breath scattered in the crisp air. Jennifer was glowing with perspiration, her cheeks rosy and splattered with cum.

She let it evaporate on her skin. She said she liked the sensation. She said it made her feel naughty. She said having the couple catch us in the act turned her on even more.

She unbuttoned her pants, and then guided my hand between her legs. She was wearing long underwear, but no panties. Her long underwear was soaked. My finger slid up her already wet and swollen folds. I slipped a finger easily inside her. She was warm, and I could smell the musk of her wetness in the snowy air. Like the forest, it smelt earthy, mossy, sweet.

She leaned into me, giving my hand more reach up into her as I began to finger her. She closed her eyes and moaned. From a distance, it just looked like we were hugging. She was standing very close to me, her lips nibbling at my ear, and her tongue darting in, as she whispered very softly, and very slow and sultry that she wanted me to pull down her pants just enough... she paused and kissed... and turn her around... she paused and kissed... and push her up against a tree... she paused and kissed, rolling her hips to meet the pressure of my finger inside her... and fuck her against a tree.

Hearing her say this made my still half-hard cock twitch and regain a little stiffness.

Meanwhile, the couple behind us had caught up a little. They had rounded the curve, and we could see them and their little dog with the red sweater again. I couldn't believe they were still hiking up the road. It wasn't like the service road was a regular hike. But maybe they'd been stopped by the snowed-in pass, too. Still, they didn't look like hikers, just the average tourist who would stroll a half mile or so and turn back. We'd already climbed several hundred feet above the lake and the old service road had switchbacked several times.

We started to hike again, trying to regain some space between us and the dogwalkers.

Jennifer hadn't bothered to button her pants back up. Her hand was in her pants, rubbing herself as we hiked. I had never heard of anyone hiking and masturbating at the same time, but she said she was so turned on that she wanted to cum as soon as we'd lost the dogwalkers.

After a while, I glanced back and noticed that the couple had stopped. Perhaps to let their dog do its business. We continued ahead, until they were a good distance behind us.

Jennifer stopped.

"Can you still see them," she asked.

I turned downhill to see. I nodded.

"What are they doing?"

"Nothing," I said. "Just standing there."

She was standing in front of me, and from a distance it looked like we were just talking. But her hand was still inside her pants, and she was rubbing herself even harder now, and her body began to sway, getting weak at the knees.

"Can they see us?" she asked.

"Yeah," I said. "I think so."

This seemed to get her even hotter. She smiled. "I'm going to cum," she said. She looked at me, as if for permission.

I nodded. "Make yourself cum," I said.

She smiled and closed her eyes, letting her head tip back. Snow fell and caught on her eyelashes. She bit her lip, as she held back a cry. Her lower lip quivered. And then she grunted sharply, and gasped, "Oh my god, I'm..."

Her breathing became sharp as she gasped. She grunted again, and bent forward, her hand still deep between her legs. "Ahhhhhhhhh," she gasped as the orgasm began. "I'm cummming," she cried out, her voice echoing off the hills.

The couple with the dog looked up. From the distance they still could only see her from the back. They wouldn't have seen her slip her hand from her long underwear, wet and sticky with her own juices. They couldn't have seen her face, rosy red from the cold and her orgasm. Her face, flecked with snowflakes and the dew of perspiration, and the salt of my cum. Her teeth chattered.

"Do you think they heard?" she asked.

"I don't know," I said. "Sound carries in snow."

"Good," she said, and grinned. It was a mischievous grin, like a naughty child who had gotten away with misbehavior.

The couple turned and began to walk back down the hill, away from us. Our breath steamed. I was hard again, having been only inches from her as she made herself climax. I loved her for being so bold, so uninhibited out in nature, even though the couple with the dog must have figured out what we'd been doing.

"Can you still see them?" she asked.

"They just rounded the bend," I said.

"Good," she said. She reached for my cock and began to stroke me through my pants. Feeling I was already hard, she released my body and gave it a few firm strokes with her still warm and slippery hand. Then she turned her back toward me and leaned forward against a tree. "Pull down my pants just enough," she said.

I hooked my thumbs into her elastic waist, and tugged down her pants and long underwear. Her pale bottom was now exposed, and instantly covered in goosebumbs. Stepping up behind her, and squaring my hips, the tip of my cock bobbed at the wet entrance of her pussy. I could feel its warmth radiating.

"Now fuck me," she said.

The snow fell silently, as I pushed in easily with one thrust and began.

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