tagLoving WivesSnowed In Ch. 01

Snowed In Ch. 01


Author's Note: There is an element of Loving Wives in this, for those who aren't into that kind of thing.


They'd been snowed into the cabin for two weeks now... it was a good thing that they'd prepared by bringing up lots of food. Of course, Esther thought sarcastically, that was more due to the fact that the men were lazy and got as much food as possible so they wouldn't have to make too many trips to the store. Her husband, Mark and his best friend David were out skiing again while she stayed nice and snug in the one room cabin.

While the men were having the time of their lives, Esther was getting rather bored... and horny. It was a very small cabin that David had invited them to, and she and Mark hadn't been able to make love for two weeks, because there was only the main room and a bathroom. They all slept in the main room, on two separate mattresses, but it seemed discourteous for her and Mark to have sex when David was mere feet away, asleep or not. And it felt even more discourteous to entertain the idea of asking David to leave his own cabin so that they could satisfy themselves, when he'd been away from civilization and the chance of a woman for just as long.

Still... she was getting horny.

Sighing, she looked out the window and smiled as she saw the men returning. Mark with his dark hair sprouting from the winter hat he was wearing, David's red hair neatly covered by his knit cap. Pushing her own blonde hair out of her face, Esther swept it back up in a pony tail as she started moving around the kitchen, getting the ingredients for dinner that she'd already prepared.

It was over dinner that the men sprang their idea on her.

"You know, Esther," her husband said, "David and I were talking today, he feels bad because of our lack of ah... conjugal relations while we've been stuck up in this cabin." Esther felt herself blushing as she glanced at David out of the corner of her eye, a little embarrassed to have all three of them talking so frankly. He looked a little red himself, getting redder as Mark continued, "And I know that you've been feeling a little ah... well, anyway, I agreed, and he agreed, that if you're ok with it, you and I could ah... well, we could make love while he watches." Esther's surprised gaze went back to Mark, who was turning red himself, and he rushed through the last part of his explanation, "And that way we could all be satisfied."

Feeling a little frozen, Esther examined her feelings about this... after all, she knew David very well and he was an attractive man, but she still felt like it was a little strange to have someone watching her and Mark... on the other hand, she was EXTREMELY horny, and the idea of getting off -- under any circumstances -- sounded incredibly appealing.

Thinking, she looked at her lap, and then back up at her husband.

"You're ok with this?" she asked. It seemed a silly question considering that he was the one bringing it up, but she felt the need to hear him say it.

"Yes," Mark nodded, took a deep breath, "David's my best friend, I trust him, and I know that you're an attractive woman -- anyone would think so -- and I don't mind that he find his own gratification while we give each other ours. It seems like the most fair arrangement... and..." here he blushed and he and David exchanged a glancing look, "I think it actually kind of turns me on a little. To think about being watched."

"Oh." Now Esther blushed again too. She mulled over the thought in her head of having David watch them, fisting his cock while Mark made love to her... her face god redder but she had to admit, there was something erotic about that scenario. Looking at both men she took a deep breath and said, "Ok."

"Ok!" Mark looked relieved that she wasn't angry... and then his expression turned to one of eager neediness, "Now?"

Both Esther and David laughed, but she nodded, just as eager as he was. David seemed content to sit back and let the couple work it out themselves, not wanting to intrude on their space. And probably not wanting to ruin his chance to see her naked, Esther mused. After all, she did keep herself in very good shape.

They moved towards the mattresses, and Mark kissed her gently on the lips as he started taking off her clothes... she moaned with anticipation, finding it easy to forget that David was to her right, sitting on the edge of his bed and watching them as they kissed passionately. Mark ran his hands over the skin of her shoulders as he took her shirt off, sliding them to her back and undoing her bra.

She could hear David's soft gasp as her breasts bounced free, heavy but perky, a round 34D with her pink nipples already hardening. It turned her on a little to think that he was already aroused just by the sight of her breasts. Mark moaned to as he cupped them in his hands, kissing gently around her nipples as she held his head in her hands, wanting him to move his lips to her perky buds.

Wrapping his lips around one pink nub, Mark's hands pushed eagerly at her pants as she unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off of him. Out of the corner of her eye, Esther could already see David's cock out, about the same size as Mark's, maybe a little longer but also a little less thick, he was running his fingers around the sensitive head of it, his eyes locked onto Mark's mouth on her breast. Sighing with happiness as Mark's fingers trailed up her inner thigh, Esther spread her legs a little more, feeling like the most gorgeous woman on earth with both of the men totally entranced by her.

Granted, she was the only woman for miles, but it didn't matter.

Mark bore her down to the bed, eagerly, and she spread her legs, pulling his face to hers to kiss his lips. Normally they spent much more time with foreplay, taking the time to enjoy each other's body, but it had been so long that both of them wanted to move faster.

"Oh please," Esther moaned, "I want you inside me..."

She blushed furiously as she heard David's lusty groan at her words, echoing Mark's, she'd almost forgotten he was there. There was movement at the corner of her eye, he was now fisting his cock as Mark lined his own up with her pussy... and then she was moaning with pleasure as Mark started to work his way into her pussy.

"Fuck you're tight," he gasped, and she realized she was... she could actually feel herself stretching open for him, almost painfully despite how wet she was. Spreading her legs a little wider to allow for better access, Esther left little kisses across Mark's collarbone and shoulder as he worked his hips back and forth, shoving deeper and deeper into her.

"Oh god..." she cried out as he completely impaled her on his cock, their groins pressing together, and he moaned as her pussy spasmed around him. They began to move frantically, humping up and down, her body arching to meet his as he pillaged her hole, their need spiraling around them and heightening the sensations.

Moans and cries of pleasure filled the room as Esther and Mark moved, her legs wrapping around his body as she encouraged his efforts with nails down his back. As she thrashed with rapture, feeling herself nearing orgasm, she looked to the right where David was furiously fisting his cock, his eyes on their interlocked bodies. He seemed to realize that she was looking at him and their eyes met, Mark's face was buried in her shoulder as she and David looked at each other and she began to cry out with orgasm.

Seeing her cum, David groaned and began to shudder, his fist gripping his cock tightly as he moved it up and down, Esther thrashed with ecstasy as spurts of white cum began to spew from David's cock, she watched all of it as Mark grunted and rammed into her hard, his dick pulsing inside of her as she rode the wave of her own orgasm.

David sat back on his bed, panting as he watched the couple in the last throes of their pleasure, his eyes glowing with satisfaction. Esther could feel her own body relaxing, satisfied at least.

Pulling himself up, Mark looked over at his friend and smiled. Esther felt relieved that obviously her husband was ok with the way things were.

"That wasn't so bad," Mark said, grinning.

"Not bad at all," David grinned back.

Esther could only laugh as her husband kissed her again.

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