tagLoving WivesSnowed In Ch. 02

Snowed In Ch. 02


Author's Note: There is an element of Loving Wives in this story.


It wasn't more than a couple days after Esther and Mark had first made love in front of David that Mark brought it up again. Feeling more than willing, her body aching to be touched again, Esther found herself again being stripped down in front of her husband's best friend.

This time was a little different though. Mark stood behind her, pushing her blonde hair out of the way as he stripped her down, facing David... it was both strange and erotic to be able to look directly at David as his dick hardened while he stared at her naked body. Esther felt both exposed and excited by it, Mark's hands moving on her breasts, squeezing the round orbs and pinching at her nipples. She couldn't help but moan and move her hips, her pussy pressing towards David, who groaned with excitement as Mark's fingers traveled down her stomach and spread apart her pussy lips.

She realized that Mark was finding it exciting to expose her to his friend as well, the way he was putting her completely on display. It just excited her more, quite honestly.

This time when they got on the bed, Mark put her in a doggy-style position, which a few pillows under her hips since she usually couldn't stay up on her hands and knees when he did it like this, and she was facing David. He looked excited to be able to stare directly into her eyes, see her face as Mark licked at her pussy from behind.

At this point he couldn't even see what Mark was doing, David was pretty much getting off on watching Esther's facial expressions... which were something to see as her husband found all her most sensitive places with his tongue and fingers. He wriggled them inside of her, while he sucked on her clit, making her gasp and shiver, Esther pushed back at him, wanting him to mount her and take her.

Finally, when she thought she might actually start begging, Mark moved behind her, his hands on her hips and started to push in. Esther made sure to look David in the eye as Mark entered her body, moaning her pleasure straight at him, mouth open in an "o" as she pushed back against her husband. David groaned fisted his cock harder, watching as Mark's hands slid up Esther's body to cup her hanging breasts, fingers nimbly pulling at her nipples as he kneaded her breast flesh.

Shuddering with pleasure, Esther moved her hips up and down, rubbing her ass against Mark's stomach and groin as he held himself inside of her... then he gripped her breasts harder and started moving back and forth, fucking her with strong, deep strokes that made her moan. As he began to plow into her with more force, she could feel her upper body being force to the bed, in a supplicating position... almost bowing down to both him and David.

As her arms gave out, she had to turn her head to the side, and she could see David moving to where he got both a better view of Mark fucking her from behind, and of her face. She tilted her head back a little, to make sure he could fully catch her pretty features as they contorted with rapture, her breasts being squeezed and pinched beneath her moving body.

Blonde hair splayed on the bed, Esther kept having to move it out of her face as it bounced around, her body being jolted by Mark's lusty thrusts. She stared at David's crotch, his hand fisting his dick, the shock of red hair at his groin... she moved back against Mark, feeling more and more aroused by being watched. It was like putting on a show... she liked the feeling of exposure and exhibitionism.

Moaning even more loudly than before, Esther gasped as one of Mark's hand moved from her breast to her pussy, rubbing at her clit as he entered her from behind. She could feel her body tightening down on his thrusting cock, and she rubbed herself against his questing fingers, shuddering with the sheer pleasurable joy of it.

"Oh Mark..." she groaned as he started going at her from behind like a jack hammer, his hands tight on her pussy and breast, her body feeling completely subjugated underneath his... she pushed back as best she could but he was so much bigger and stronger and the thrusting so forceful that it was more like she was just being hammered into the bed.

She could heard David's groan as he started to cum, spurting out from his hand while he watched.

Mark pinched her clit, bringing her back to the pleasure of her own body, and she could feel him swelling inside of her. With a gasp, she pushed back against him, feeling him starting to pulse and spurt inside of her. Shuddering, Esther let out a groan as she started to cum, just as his orgasm was finishing... Mark could feel her culminating and he rubbed her clit furiously, his half-hard dick still moving in and out of her, prolonging and enhancing her pleasure as she writhed in front of him.

Finally, all three of them were panting, tired out and sated... for now at least.

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