tagLoving WivesSnowed In Ch. 03

Snowed In Ch. 03


Mark felt bad. Even though David wasn't complaining about watching him and Esther make love, and was obviously enjoying it, Mark knew very well that jerking off just wasn't the same. And it didn't help that Esther was a stunning woman, he was lucky to have her as his wife... and even luckier that she was so open minded. He could tell it got both of them off to have David watching them...

But he was starting to feel like maybe that wasn't enough. They were on week three of being snowed into the cabin, and he was feeling really bad about his best friend's womanless plight.

It was while they were getting ready for bed that he finally announced what he'd had in his mind.

"David, I think you should be able to make love to Esther if both of you are ok with it."

Both of them stared at him, and Mark blushed a little, feeling very exposed. He hadn't meant to put it so bluntly, but he wanted it out there in the open.

"Mark..." Esther started to stay, looking startled, and then David interrupted her.

"I can't do that man... she's your wife!"

Esther's mouth shut closed.

"I know," said Mark, and then he started explaining, "But I feel bad that I'm getting all my needs met and I don't think that you are, and who knows how much longer we're going to be stuck up here."

"But... she's your wife!" David repeated. Esther looked curiously at her husband, quietly waiting to see what he was going to say.

Mark turned to her, "It's not that I don't love you honey, I do, and I don't want you to think that this has anything to do with my attraction to you or anything... but David's been watching us and in some ways I feel bad... and in some ways I kind of start wondering what it would be like to watch him with you." Both he and Esther were blushing now, David had turned away so Mark couldn't see his expression, "And I get a little possessive feeling, but at the same time there's something about it that turns me on."

David turned back looking pained, "Look, it's not that I don't find Esther attractive, I do, but I just feel like it's really... I don't know... wrong!"

"But I'm ok with it," said Mark, feeling more calm and more ok with it by the second, "And I do want to watch, eventually, but it if makes you two feel better, I'm gonna go for a walk right now. Look for some firewood... you two can get into bed. And I'm just going to say that I would be perfectly happy to come back and find Esther naked and exhausted. I'd prefer she was in my bed, because I enjoy sleeping next to my wife, but I'll be happy knowing that she was in yours before that."

And with that he left. Feeling a little trepidation, but at the same time aroused at the idea that while he was gone, David would -- hopefully -- make love to his wife. The image in his head was extremely arousing.

Back in the cabin, Esther and David stared at each other.

"Did he really mean that?" David asked, looking bewildered.

"Yes," replied Esther, still feeling a little shocked, "I can tell when he means something."

"Wow..." said David, moving to sit on his bed, "I mean just... wow..."

Looking at him, Esther could see why Mark felt bad. He and David were like brothers in some ways, Mark had always been a very sharing person... she wasn't sure how she felt about his willingness to share her. On the other hand, it wasn't like Mark didn't have a possessive/jealous side, she'd seen that often enough... but he liked having David watch them. She liked having David watch them.

And Mark wanted her to do this. It turned him on. This wasn't the kind of thing she'd ever expected to do, but there was a part of her that was attracted to David... and she felt that there was a kind of erotic thrill of the forbidden.

As David sat on the bed, staring into space, Esther undressed. He didn't even move, and she had a feeling he was lost in his own thoughts. Well... she was going to interrupt that.

Moving in front of him, totally naked, Esther met David's startled eyes. He groaned at the sight of her naked body.

"Esther, I don't know if I can do this," he said.

"It's ok," she replied, "Mark really is ok with it. Or he'd have been back in that front door by now." She smiled, "He's still out there, which means he's taking his time. He really does want you to make love to me, and satisfy your own needs... and he really is aroused by the thought." Blushing she added, "I'm aroused by the thought."

David looked like he was going to say something else and she stepped closer, his head was just at the right height for her breasts. Running her hands through his red hair, she leaned forward and kissed him, gently, on the lips, and felt him both respond and try not to respond. Deepening the kiss, Esther planted one leg on either side of his lap, lowering herself against his body.

Out in the woods, Mark returned to the cabin, peeking in through the window across from the beds. He saw his naked wife straddling David, kissing him deeply... and David's hand slowly drift up to grip Esther's ass.

Moaning a little, Mark wished that it wasn't so cold out... this really was turning him on and he wished he could jerk off to the erotic sight, like David did when he was watching them.

David's hand clenched on Esther's ass, rough, digging into her flesh, and then it was like lightening flashed through him. Suddenly she was on her back, on his bed, and David was stripping off his clothes... he ran his hands over her body with an urgency that took her breath away... his lips pressed against her, tongue tasting her skin. His first taste of woman in weeks... she moaned and let her hands roam over him, thinking of Mark walking through the woods and wondering if he was picturing this in his head.

Outside the window, Mark moaned, pushing his pant and snowpant covered groin against the wall to rub his cock through the layers as David's red head disappeared between his wife's thighs. Esther was obviously moaning at David's tongue, the red hair bobbing up and down as she writhed and gasped, her back arching and thrusting her breasts into the air. Mark was sure that his friend was eating her like a starving man.

Esther gasped, her eyes widening in shock as David's tongue went lower, pressing against her anus... she wanted to protest -- Mark had never touched her there! -- but at the same time it felt good... and so she just relaxed into it, feeling the strange sensation of her nerve endings tingling as David licked her asshole. Then his tongue returned to her pussy, eliciting fiery sensations from her wet folds, sliding back and forth between her holes and making her thrash with sexual bliss. Fingers pushed into her, one wet one poking into her asshole...

Again she almost wanted to protest, but it felt good... strangely full and so she didn't say anything. David just did things differently from her husband, and this new experience was already teaching her some things... it felt good, his fingers moving in and out of her, one of them stretching out her back door... she'd heard about women who enjoyed having their assholes played with. Apparently she was one of them!

David licked and sucked, pushing his fingers in a mimicry of sex, going deep into her holes with them as he licked all around his questing digits. Then his lips found her clit, and Esther cried out, her hands clutching at his red hair as her back arched... David sucked the tender nub into his mouth and rolled it around, and Esther shrieked her pleasure as an orgasm crashed through her. In her mind's eye she pictured what it would be like if Mark was sitting and watching them on the bed and her orgasm just increased in intensity, making her writhe and thrash against David's fingers and mouth.

Mark couldn't tell what David had done to Esther, but she had obviously had enjoyed it... he'd done something different because her face had shown some hesitation and shock before she'd fallen into it. He wondered what David had done, rubbing his cock against the wall as he continued watching... wishing he was in there watching and able to touch himself.

Then David climbed on top of Esther, his hands and mouth on her breasts, squeezing and kneading the flesh... she could feel his cock rubbing along the inside of her thigh.

Remembering his reaction to her words the first time he'd watched her and Mark, Esther nibbled on his ear as he suckled at her nipple, murmuring, "I want you inside me..."

With a shuddering groan, David pressed his cock to her wet folds. Esther shivered as he started to push inside of her, the first new cock in her since her first time with Mark. Her pussy was so sensitive after he'd eaten her out, it felt electric, nerve endings tingling... he continued to suck and nibble at her nipple as he pushed inside of her -- easily with how slick she was -- and he bit down on it as he bottomed out. Esther groaned and arched her back, pushing her breast into his mouth...

As he released her nipple from between his teeth, David started thrusting, his mouth moving over her shoulder and neck, arms wrapped strongly around her... Esther moaned, her hands clutching at his back... he was rougher than Mark, teeth biting into her, hands rougher against her body. It turned her on though, thinking about Mark's smooth touch, feeling David's squeezing, questing fingers.

Pulling back, David pulled her legs up and rested them on her shoulders, putting his hands on her hips and looking down at his friend's wife as he fucked her. Esther realized that he was getting quite a good view, not only of his cock going in and out of her pussy, but of her breasts bouncing on her chest.

Mark almost brought his dick out into the cold when David switched positions, it gave him a fantastic view of his friend's cock violating his wife's pussy, Esther's face as she cried out in pleasure, and the lustful expression of David as he fucked her.

Esther cried out as David leaned forward, bending her in half, his body grinding hard against hers. He opened his mouth to catch her bouncing nipples, teeth scraping against them and making her squirm... her hands were on his shoulders, trying to get the leverage to meet his thrusts as he humped her fiercely.

Letting her legs go, David fell on top of her, she kept her thighs spread wide as he pillaged her pussy, hips lifting to meet his thrusts and rub her clit against his body as she cried out with pleasure. Mark couldn't stand it anymore... and he wasn't getting as good a view anymore either... he walked around to the door, quietly entering.

As soon as he got into the cabin, he started stripping... the two on the bed were so into their pleasure -- and so noisy about expressing it -- that they didn't even hear him as he undressed.

Esther cried out with ecstasy, her orgasm spiraling up as her body tightened down on David, who let out a hoarse groan. His arms had her in a constrictive embrace, and she couldn't move to get away from or meet his last brutal thrusts... he continued thrusting as he came, and she remembered in her mind's eye the way his dick would spurt from his moving fist while she watched him and Mark. Pleasure wrapped around rapture as his continual thrusting took her higher and higher, and she clutched at his back, crying out her passion.

Finally his movements started to slow, and she let out a gasping sob as her over-stimulated pussy was finally able to stop spasming with gratification. She shuddered in his arms as they loosened around him, kissing his shoulder as he kissed her neck, and then rolled off of her.

They both found themselves looking at Mark, who was standing naked next to the bed, fisting his cock... from the expression on his face Esther could tell her was about to cum, but they were both in such shock that neither she or David could say anything.

"Holy fuck that was hot," was all Mark said, before he fell on top of her. His cock thrust into her body with a singular plunge, his skin cold against her sweaty heat, and Esther cried out in residual pleasure as his cock rubbed against her sensitive pussy walls. The sudden shock of a hard cock inside of her sent her on another wave of rapture, almost painful in its intensity.

Mark humped his wife hard and fast, just a few thrusts as he felt his dick squishing in her used pussy... it was too much for him, especially feeling her orgasm from just that little bit of stimulation from him and his long wait at the window, and he cried out with throaty pleasure as he unloaded into her pussy... her second batch of cum that night.

Esther panted beneath him as he lay on top of her, his dick lodged in her pussy, David still sat to the side of them.

After a few moments of silence, other than heavy breathing, David asked, "So... I guess you really were ok with it then?"

Mark laughed, "Oh yes... watching you two was even hotter than I imagined it might be."

He turned his head to look at his friend, smiling, and David smiled back tentatively. Esther snuggled into her husband's shoulder, hugging him close as he shrank inside of her.

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