tagLoving WivesSnowed In Ch. 04

Snowed In Ch. 04


The morning after David had slept with Esther, while her husband Mark watched, David went out for a walk to leave the two of them alone. The couple got the feeling that their friend wanted to make sure everything was going to be ok between them and give them some time to talk through any feelings.

Mark, wanting to make sure that Esther knew he loved her and that he wasn't at all upset about the night before, took his wife in his arms and kissed her.

"It was really hot watching you and David last night," he said.

"How long were you watching?" Esther asked, "We didn't even notice you come in." She blushed a little, feeling bad, and also aroused as she remembered David's passion and her shock at seeing Mark standing there, erect and watching with lust in his eyes.

Mark laughed, "I saw almost the entire thing from the window, I didn't come inside until the very end. You two just got me so hot, I couldn't exactly play with myself out there, it was way too cold."

Blushing even more, Esther glanced at the window, realizing that it would have given her husband the perfect view for seeing everything she and David did.

"I just have one question," Mark continued, "What on earth did he do when he was eating you out? You got the most interesting expression on your face!"

"Oh," Esther's blush deepened, going all the way to the roots of her red hair, "Um... well he ah... licked me -- not my pussy -- and then he put his finger in there too."

Mark's eyebrows raised, "He licked your ass? And fingered it?"

Blushing furiously, Esther nodded, looking up into her husband's eyes to make sure he was ok with it.

"I didn't think you were into that," Mark looked at her inquiringly.

"I didn't know I was," Esther answered honestly, "I was going to tell him to stop... but then it felt kind of good." She shivered a little, remembering how good, that strange full feeling... and then she looked at Mark. Her husband was looking a little possessive now and she realized it was because his friend had gotten to explore a part of her that he hadn't. Realizing that, she quickly said, "I would like it much better if you did it. In fact... Mark... would you like to take my anal virginity?"

Mark looked shocked, and Esther looked away, embarrassed. Putting his fingers underneath her chin, Mark brought her eyes back to his, "Really Esther? Are you sure?"

Hearing the eagerness in his voice, Esther realized that his shock wasn't because he was horrified at her suggestion, but because he was excited. She nodded, "It felt kind of good last night... and we seem to be trying a lot of new things this weekend. I wasn't able to give you my virginity on our wedding night... so maybe this can take the place of that. And... I'm curious. I want to know what it's like."

Mark moaned with excitement and kissed her passionately, surprising Esther with his response... after all, he'd never really expressed an interest in that area before. Although, thinking back, she remembered one time when he'd tried to finger her there but she'd refused... that had been very early in their sex life, and before she'd gotten as comfortable with him. Now... she wanted to know what it was like. Kissing him back passionately, Esther let her husband push her towards the bed, stripping off their clothes as they went.

He got her situated on the bed, on all fours with some pillows under her hips. Then she felt her husband spreading her ass cheeks, looking excitedly at her pink pussy and sweet crinkled hole. Leaning forward, Mark began kissing her ass cheeks, his mouth working inwards to the sensitive center... Esther moaned and pushed her hips back at him as his tongue swirled around her asshole. It felt just as good as it had the night before. Moving up and down, Mark teased both her pussy and her ass with his tongue, licking and nibbling at her flesh.

Resting her weight on her elbows, Esther moved her hips, gyrating in the air, surprised to be as excited as she was by the anal play.

His mouth moved directly over her anus, his tongue sliding around the hole, and she gasped with pleasure. Making it into a hard little point, Mark tried to actually push his tongue into that tight space that he was going to deflower, making Esther moan and wriggle with the new sensations that were making her pussy drip. Getting up and leaning around her, Mark pulled the little thing of lube that they'd brought up to the cabin out of the drawer.

Getting his fingers wet, he put the tip of his index finger against her ass and began to push it in. Esther groaned and wiggled her ass back and forth... it felt strange and erotic to have something sliding into her ass. Her nerve endings tingled and she shivered with the full, stretching feeling of Mark's finger in her tightest space. Sinking the entire length of his digit between his wife's ass cheeks, Mark fisted his cock with his other hand... it was rock hard.

He was so lucky to have a wife like Esther, so open-minded... and as this trip showed, literally willing to try almost anything. The possibilities were endless and he was enjoying this thrill ride.

Moving his finger in and out, he watched as her ass waved back and forth, hungry for more... breathing hard, he pulled his index finger almost all the way out, and then began to push two fingers in.

"Oww..." breathed Esther, letting out a little sigh of slight pain as her ass cramped a little, feeling VERY stretched and full now that Mark had two fingers in there. For the first time she felt a little twinge of fear at the idea of his cock in her ass.

"Are you ok?" Mark asked, slowing his fingers descent into her hole... they were about half way in.

Breathing deeply, Esther nodded, "Yeah... just go slowly..."

Mark pulled his fingers out a little and then pushed back in, keeping it at about the halfway mark of his fingers. Esther slowly relaxed as her ass stretched to accommodate, feeling the strangely erotic thrusting of his fingers, the sliding in and out of her ass that made her nerve endings tingle deliciously. As she started to move with his hand again, Mark started to push a little more of his fingers in with each thrust, making Esther drop her head and moan in new pleasure.

It felt strange, slightly painful, and also pleasurable as her asshole stretched for his fingers... Esther pushed back against them, wanting them deeper inside of her... reaching underneath her body she pinched her nipples, making her writhe even more with sexual eroticism. The pleasure in her nipples and ass seemed to center in her pussy, stirring new sensations at her core.

Seeing his wife responding the way she was, and watching her pinch her own nipples while he fingered her ass, moaning with pleasure, made Mark impatiently aroused. Pulling his fingers from her ass, he listened to Esther panting as he coated his cock with lube... getting behind her on the bed, Mark caressed her ass, pressing his thumbs into her cheeks as he pulled them apart to stare at her crinkled hole.

From the way she had her face down on the bed, hands still under her chest, Mark knew she was still playing with her nipples and breasts. With a groan, he lined his cock up with her virgin ass, and started to push in.

Esther gasped as this much larger piece of meat started to violate her... she whimpered as the head of his cock popped in.

"Owwww..." she moaned, pinching her nipples even harder to distract herself from the pain, "Slow down... go slow..."

Mark paused, his gaze fixed on the head of his cock embedded in his wife's glorious ass, reluctantly he asked, "Do you want me to stop?"

"No," she replied, and he shivered with delight, "Just go slow."

Massaging her lower back, Mark rocked the head of his cock back and forth in her tight hole for a few minutes, feeling her inner ass muscles play over the sensitive head. He moaned with pleasure as he sank a little more of his dick into her, both at the sight and the fantastic feeling of her flexible ass gripping him so tightly. Esther moaned too, wiggling a little and pinching her nipples even harder, starting to twist them back and forth... somehow making more pain in her nipples was making everything feel better.

His hands rubbed her body as Mark pressed deeper, working his cock back and forth as he pushed a little deeper every time... Esther whimpered at the violation of her ass, every nudge of his cock taking more virgin territory. Clenching and unclenching her ass, Esther tried to relax... Mark's cock felt huge in her ass, even bigger than it did in her pussy, and she was almost shocked at how thick his meat felt, filling her backdoor.

When he was two thirds of the way in, Mark couldn't be patient anymore, he leaned his weight onto his wife, completely filling her backside with his cock. Esther cried out as her insides were stretched open, moving as though to get away from the incoming cock, but she had no where to go... with all her weight resting on the pillows, she shuddered and tried to relax her ass as it spasmed around her husband's dick. Mark held himself inside of her, moving his hands up to her breasts to cup them gently, rubbing her tender nipples and moving her own fingers away from them.

Putting her hands on either side of her head, Esther lay before him, submissive and accepting, her ass impaled on his cock. Squeezing her breasts, Mark pulled out a little bit and then shoved back in, groaning at how tight her ass was, the way her muscles massaged him as he held his full length embedded in her ass. Moaning, Esther closed her eyes and wiggled, feeling his dick moving around inside her... she felt stuffed, full... her pussy still feeling rather open and needy, but at the same time, incredibly aroused.

Slowly, steadily, Mark pulled out and then pushed back in, beginning a slow moving crescendo of thrusting... Esther moaned, pushing her ass back out at him, wincing a little as he lampooned her tender hole. They were both caught up in the sheer eroticism of Mark fucking her ass... taking her last virginity.

"Oh god..." Esther cried out as he started to pick up the pace, shoving in and out of her ass with less and less mercy... she pushed back against his assault, her ass tightening and clenching, muscles working over his cock. Every nerve ending seemed to be on fire as he pillaged her ass, his hands milking her breasts as he used them for leverage to pull her back against him.

Panting and moaning, Esther gave her ass up to him completely, ramming herself back against him, pushing one hand down to her pussy and rubbing her clit as her husband fucked her up the ass. Rubbing her clit felt good, especially with the slick glide in and out of her deflowered ass, the tingling flowing through her entire lower region...

Mark's breathing was getting hoarse and heavy, she could tell he was going to cum soon.

"Do it," she whispered, her voice slowly getting louder, "Do it Mark, fuck my ass... fill my ass up with your cum... I want to feel you cumming in my ass!"

With a bellow, he thrust hard, making her cry out with the sharp pain and pleasure as he buried himself in her tender hole... Esther rubbed her clit furiously as she actually felt his dick expanding in her ass, each spurt of cum forcing its way past her tight hole... she could actually feel him creaming her ass. Moving her hips against him, as he held completely still, Esther cried out with pleasure as her ass tightened around him, milking the last of his cum from him, and her clit brought her over the edge into a fantastic waterfall of pleasure.

Mark's arms were wrapped around her, hands squeezing her breasts tightly, as she writhed beneath him, against her fingers... his cock flexed inside her ass as it spasmed while she came, slowly shrinking... a new sensation that just added to her orgasm. Esther shuddered and writhed, gasping for breath as her orgasm subsided...

"God..." she breathed, turning her head as Mark kissed her cheek to give him a kiss on the lips over her shoulder, "That was good."

"Yes it was." Mark kissed her again, his eyes looking somewhat far away, "I wouldn't mind seeing David fucking your ass... now that I've deflowered it."

Esther giggled, her ass flexing around him, "Not today... I have a feeling I'm going to be sore."

Mark smiled at his gorgeous, sexy, flexible, kinky wife, "Not today then. Although, I'm sure he wouldn't mind a little pleasure later tonight from that fantastic pussy of yours."

Laughing, Esther pushed him off her and turned over to kiss her husband squarely on the mouth.

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