tagLoving WivesSnowed In Ch. 05

Snowed In Ch. 05


David was obviously relieved when he returned to the cabin and Mark and Esther were happily cuddling on the couch, waiting for him. The three of them smiled and laughed, and fell into the routine of the day.

It was that evening, getting ready for bed that things got a little more interesting. David watched out of the corner of his eye as Mark and Esther kissed, Mark slowly stripping his wife down, hands rubbing over her body... she moaned a little and winced as he ran his fingertip over her recently deflowered asshole, which was still a little sore from the activities earlier in the day.

David sat down on his bed, laying back on the pillows and fisting his cock as he watched Mark grope and kiss Esther.

Then, to his surprise, Mark left off kissing his wife and pushed her towards David. Giving Mark a little look over her shoulder, just to make sure, Esther moved onto the bed with David.

Despite the fact that they'd had sex the night before, it was a little more awkward with Mark standing there watching from the beginning... on the other hand, the look of naked lust was apparent on his face as Esther kissed the tip of David's dick. Her tongue flicked out to caress the head and David moaned, looking up at his friend to make sure Mark was ok. Mark was now sitting on his and Esther's bed, fisting his cock as he watched his wife open her mouth to take his friend's cock into it.

With a moan, David pushed Esther's hair back from her face, running his fingers through the blonde silky stuff as her lips engulfed the head of his cock and began traveling down the shaft.

"That's right honey," Mark murmured, rubbing his thumb over the head of his own cock, "Swallow that dick..."

Esther made a pleased little humming noise at her husband's encouragement, the sensations causing David to groan and thrust upward into her mouth with pleasure. Using one hand to reach forward and caress his balls, Esther took David's dick deeper and deeper into her mouth, watching from the corner of her eye as her husband masturbated to the arousing sight.

Holding back her long golden fall of hair with one hand, David let the other travel underneath to grasp her fabulous breast, squeezing and kneading the tender flesh with his fingers, and making Esther moan around his cock again. His head fell back as he moved his hips with her sucking mouth, fingers pinching at the erect pink nipple... he could feel Mark's eyes on them, both disturbing and arousing to him. Esther fondled his balls, pulling them very gently as she rolled his dick around her mouth with his tongue.

It didn't take long before David was pulling her up on top of him, one leg on either side of his body. Pointing his dick straight up at her, David kept fondling her breast as Esther adjusted herself and started to lower herself onto him. Both he and Mark moaned at the same time as his cock began to sink into her wet pussy... David immediately removed his hand from his cock and got both of them on her heavy breasts, using them to pull her body down on his.

Esther gasped as he filled her pussy, arching her back with pleasure at the way he was playing with her breasts... she started to ride him slowly, enjoying her husband's eyes on her moving body... looking over at him, Esther gave Mark a sleepy sexy look through her eyelashes as she moved her body up and down on David. Her husband moaned with lust, his hand moving even faster on his dick. As David pinched her nipples, tugging at the pink buds, her mouth made a little "o" of pleasure and she began to move faster, hips rocking back and forth as she rose and fell over him.

"Oh fuck..." she moaned, leaning forward so that her breasts hung heavy over David, nipples pushing into his chest, and his hands moved around to her back, rubbing her silky smooth skin. Now her clit was rubbing against his groin as she moved on top of him, grinding against him as they fucked... Mark moved further down his side of the bed so that he could see David's dick actually sliding in and out of his wife's pussy, and he began wanking himself even more furiously.

David's hands slid down Esther's back and gripped her ass cheeks, pulling them apart, one of them sliding further to the center as he searched for her asshole with his index finger. She shuddered and let out a groan as his thick digit found the deflowered hole, even though it was much smaller than Mark's cock her poor asshole was sensitive after having been fucked earlier that day... but David sank his finger right in, and Esther's wince and gasp of slight pain quickly turned to moans of pleasure.

Mark was fascinated, watching the cock and finger going in and out of his wife's holes, hearing her moan with passion, and David's husky cries of lust as she rode him.

Esther felt so full, with the cock in her pussy and the finger in her ass, everything sensitive... she could hear Mark's heavy panting as he wanked himself while watching her and David, and she could feel herself spiraling into a fantastic orgasm. Even though she'd cum earlier when Mark had fucked her ass, it wasn't the kind of fantastic g-spot-clitoris combination orgasm that she always craved, and now she was getting the result of that... a much more intense version. It was like as if David had been teasing her body for hours... now with his finger wiggling in her ass, and the steady insertion of his dick into her pussy, she could feel her holes clamping down as the pleasure started to cascade through her body.

"OH GOD!" She cried out, her body tightening and locking down on top of David... he immediately flipped her over, somehow still staying inside of her, and started thrusting hard as she shrieked her pleasure, her orgasm just climbing higher and higher as he fucked her hard. Esther writhed as she felt David start to cum, his hoarse bellow announcing his orgasm as he started to spurt inside of her, his cock moving in and out as cum filled her pussy.

With her legs spread wide, Esther shuddered and thrashed beneath him, gasping for air as the intensity of her orgasm overtook her body. Finally he slowed his thrusting and pulled out. Exhausted, she left her legs open... and then David was moving away and she couldn't figure out why...

Esther cried out with shocked ecstasy as her husband quickly took his place between her legs and shoved into her, excited by the sight of David's cum already starting to drip from her pussy. Her over-stimulated body jerked as he thrust hard and fast, humping her furiously as his dick squished in the combined juices of his wife and friend.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck..." he repeated hoarsely as his wife shrieked and thrashed beneath him, her orgasmic pussy squeezing his cock intensely. Esther's body arched as he plowed into her, holding himself still as her pussy milked the cum from his cock, his entire body seized up in pleasure while she rubbed her pussy against his body, unable to stop cumming.

Finally, Mark relaxed and his weight fell on top of her... Esther let out a little whimper, realizing that there were tears in her eyes from the intensity of her culmination. Kissing her on the lips, Mark smiled down at her... and from the side, David smiled at them both.

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