tagLoving WivesSnowed In Ch. 06

Snowed In Ch. 06


Author's Note: This story contains mostly anal sex with the wife. Enjoy!


Esther pushed her husband Mark down on the bed, smiling... it was another evening up at the cabin, they were no longer snowed in but they and their friend David had decided to stay a few more days in this retreat. The new sexual experiences were exciting and they didn't feel as though they were done yet...

Leaning forward, Esther began to lick and suckle at her husband's already hard cock... he moaned and leaned back against the headboard, watching as his friend's redhead disappeared behind the curve of his wife's ass. As David began licking her pussy, teasing it with her tongue, Esther moaned and her efforts on Mark's cock increased, making him gasp with pleasure. This was entirely new for them... usually Esther would either make love with her husband while David watched and jerked off, or make love with David while her husband watched and would then finish inside of her. This was the first time that they had done anything as a group.

Mark found it even more of a turn on to watch David pleasuring his wife while Esther gave him head... for one, it meant direct stimulation for him, and even though he didn't have as good a view of what David was doing he was definitely an indirect beneficiary of it. As David's redhead rose back up, Mark leaned forward to watch as his friend tongued his wife's asshole... Esther groaned as Mark's dick slid deeper into her throat as a result, her whimpers of pleasure vibrating along its length as her hips wiggled back and forth. David's tongue pressed against the crinkled hole, deflowered only a few days ago by Mark...

"Go on..." urged Mark, "Get it wet... you should fuck her there."

Esther felt a tingle of excitement flow through her at the thought of David taking her anally while she pleasured her husband orally... she'd be taking a man at both ends! It seemed incredibly naughty and extremely arousing. Mark looked down and saw the excitement on her face.

"Esther likes the idea too," he told David, grinning... Esther moaned around Mark's cock in response.

Reaching out, Mark grabbed the lube and handed it off to his friend... David got on his knees behind Esther and started pushing his cock into her ready pussy as he lubed up his fingers. Mark groaned with appreciation as Esther's mouth responded to the fucking his friend was giving her. Moving her blonde hair out of the way, he pulled it back to the nape of her neck so that he could see her rapturous expression as she swallowed his cock, lips sliding up and down its thick length.

David put one hand on her hip as he banged away at her pussy from behind, the index finger of his other hand pressed against her ass... slick with lube. Esther whimpered and wriggled as David's finger sank into her tight little hole, sucking furiously at her husband's cock. It felt so full, so raunchy, to be between two men, one of them in her pussy and one in her mouth, with a finger sliding in and out of her ass.

As David added a second finger to the invasion of her ass, Esther could feel her body stretching open, her ass felt incredibly tight with his cock filling her pussy. Mark stared down his wife's back at the sight of David's cock pushing in and out of her body, his fingers piercing her ivory cheeks...

Then David pulled out of her ass. Mark leaned forward, his cock pushing to the back of Esther's throat as he put a hand on each of his wife's asscheeks, spreading them apart for his friend. Esther moaned and gagged, and then whimpered as David's cock pierced her ass, pushing in firm and hard... filling her just like Mark's cock had...

It definitely felt a little easier than when Mark had deflowered the tight hole... the constant anal play the men had been giving her since then had helped to loosen her up and make it easier to adjust. Still, as David pressed deeper, she whined around her husband's cock as her ass stretched open, it cramped a little, burning and tingling in a slightly painful, but not totally unpleasant way.

Mark stared as that tiny hole swallowed his friend's cock, Esther's moans and whimpers felt fantastic on his dick as he moved his hips a little, forcing his cock down her throat. Leaning back a little, he let his hands slide from her ass to her breasts, squeezing the round orbs and pinching her nipples as they hung down from her body...

Esther moaned and writhed from the attention, her full ass getting fuller as David pressed inward, her nipples burning and tingling from sensations as her husband manipulated them, and the satisfyingly meaty taste and texture of her husband's between her lips. The cock in her ass kept pushing, keeping her just on the level of unbearable discomfort... it was never enough that she pulled off of Mark's dick to ask David to slow down, but at the same time it still burned and hurt as he pushed in just a little too fast. Somehow she liked that though, the fact that he just took her ass without asking, his body demanding that hers accept the invader without protest.

Just as she was getting used to his cock being inside of her, David started thrusting in and out of her ass, pushing her mouth over Mark's cock with every thrust, and Esther moaned heatedly... it felt so strange and so good to be fucked in the ass again. She could feel her insides clenching down on David's moving cock, tingling and burning with need... her pussy was dripping with desire.

"Oh God..." David groaned, his groin bouncing off of Esther's firm ass, "She's so fucking tight..."

"I know," moaned Mark back, "I deflowered her ass just the other day..."

Realizing that he was embedded in an almost virgin ass made David all the more aroused, and his thrusts started coming harder and faster, pleasurably abusing Esther's hole. She groaned and pushed back, her ass flexing around his cock as it moved, the two shafts of meat pushing into her simultaneously from both ends because of the movement. Shuddering with pleasure, Esther moaned and writhed, pushing her breasts in her husband's hands, feeling his fingers squeezing her nipples and twisting, heightening the sensations that were running through her body.

David's hands pulled at her hips, pulling her back against him roughly as he fucked her ass hard and deep, her husband's gaze greedily taking in the entire erotic act. Esther's mouth was like a vacuum on his cock, and he enjoyed watching his friend's pleasure as David fucked his wife's ass. Seeing David's face just reminded Mark of how blissfully tight and slick his wife's ass could be... and his friend was obviously enjoying it as well.

The three of them moved, humping back and forth, Esther's ass adjusting to completely accommodate David's cock, although she continued to tighten down on it as he thrust, making him groan with sexual rapture. Her insides were burning, and she yearned to have something more touching her pussy than David's balls slapping against her open lips. The sexual frustration fed her appetite and she voraciously swallowed her husband's cock, shuddering as his friend pillaged her ass.

Then David slapped her ass cheek, startling both her and Mark... her movement away from David nearly made her choke on Mark's cock...


Another one.


Esther shuddered and moaned, the spanking seeming somehow completely right in the situation, totally erotic... the slight burning pain just enhanced the slick glide of David's cock in and out of her backdoor, making her tighten down each time his hand landed a blow on her cheek. Mark, for his part, was surprised... both at David's spanking of Esther, and of his wife's aroused response. He'd never suspected that Esther would enjoy some of the things that David had initiated, spanking being one of them... but there she was, pushing her ass back for more, moaning around his cock.

Knowing he couldn't last much longer, David stopped spanking Esther's ass, leaving her pale cheeks a little pinked, and dug his fingers into that tender flesh as he started harpooning her hole forcefully, rocking her body back and forth as he pounded her from behind. Esther wailed around her husband's cock in lust as her ass was abused, in the most fantastic way possible.

She actually felt close to cumming as David thrust hard, feeling his cock widen and spurt into her tight hole, filling her backdoor with his cream. Esther was barely paying attention to her husband's cock, she was so lost in sensation... so close to cumming as David spent himself in her ass... Mark's hips were thrusting in and out of her mouth of his own accord, his cock going almost completely down her throat.

Looking at David, seeing his friend's body relax, Mark ordered, "MOVE"

Esther didn't even hear him, she could only whimper as David pulled out, her body trembling with need...

When her husband pushed into her ass she thought she might scream with frustration... her pussy was needy, she wanted him in there... and her ass was so sensitive after the rampant fucking David had just given it that having Mark push in so quickly was almost painfully over-stimulating.

Then suddenly, David's hand was underneath her, pushing a small vibrator against her clit just as Mark started pumping her ass in his own sexual frenzy... and this time Esther did scream as her entire body seized up in a terrific orgasm. Mark bellowed his own aching orgasm as his long denied need flowed over, his cock squelching in and out of his wife's just-used ass, which was spasming around him as she thrashed in ecstasy. David rubbed the vibrator against her clit, making Esther scream again at the extra stimulation, her body collapsing forward, which just meant her clit was pressing directly on the vibrator...

Mark followed her down, his cock spurting into her ass as he buried himself the deepest he'd ever been, helped by gravity as his weight fell on hers. Beneath him, his wife was screaming in the throes of a roiling orgasm, her ass and pussy completely overwhelmed, the sensations completely encompassing her entire body.

Esther didn't stop orgasming until Mark finally pulled off of her and the two men were able to pull her off the vibrator and David's hand. She curled up in a little ball, shaking with tears streaming down her cheeks.

"Are you ok honey?" Mark asked, a little concerned, he leaned forward and put his hand on her shoulder, Esther's back arched in reaction as that slight touch set off an orgasmic after-shock. Mark pulled his hand back.

"I'm fine," whispered Esther hoarsely, she felt a little lost in her own body, "Just don't touch me for a little bit."

The two men laughed gingerly...

They would feel much better the next morning when Esther was just fine, if in possession of a very sore asshole.

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