tagMatureSnowed In With A Sexpot

Snowed In With A Sexpot


The weather was getting colder by the minute or at least that's the way it seemed every time they talked about it on the TV. It was snowing but not too hard YET. The forecast was calling for six or seven inches before midnight. The way it was going I would get to my cabin around seven so I should be all right.

I'm thirty-one and work in Manhattan as a lawyer and have a hunting type of log cabin as a retreat up in the Maine woods. It's nothing fancy but it is cozy and can be either heated or cooled electrically depending on the weather. It has one bedroom and bathroom with a combination kitchen and dining area. The living room is my favorite as it has a huge fireplace that is going to be just the thing on a snowy night like they are forecasting tonight. There is a laundry room by the back door with a lot of hooks to hang wet and dirty outdoor type of clothes. It's perfect for a getaway retreat. That's what this trip was all about; I had been working my tail off in the office and needed a break. I talked to one of the partners a week ago telling him that I was going to take a couple of weeks off just as soon as the case I was working on came to trial. That happened a few days ago, I won the case and I am now on my way.

I thought the garage man at the corporate garage had taken care of filling the car with gas but I am not even half way into Connecticut and I can see the gauge is shaking hands with empty. No big deal, I'll stop at the first rest area and fill up. I would be needing to 'check the plumbing' by then anyway.

The credit card reader on the gas pump at the station was having a problem so I had to go into the station to pay the bill. When I was inside and out of the snow I could hear a woman talking to one of the attendants. He was telling her that she had a rather severe problem with the engine on her car and it would have to towed into a big repair shop in town. That couldn't happen before tomorrow, if then, and with the way the snow was coming down he was afraid that it wouldn't be repaired for a good few days.

I couldn't remember seeing anyone so upset about this type of problem but she sure was.

"Damn, I was supposed to be up in Bangor in the morning and now I'll never make it." She moaned.

Well, the Good Samaritan is going to come to the damsel's aid. I moved a bit closer and said,

"Excuse me but I couldn't help but overhear your conversation and perhaps I can be of some assistance. I am going up to Maine this evening and would be more than happy to give you a lift. With the way this weather is going we will never make it much past Portland tonight but I can take you up as far as we can make it."

"That would be terrific. Let me get my stuff out of my car and point me at yours and I'll be all set." It was hard to tell just what kind of body she had but she certainly was pretty enough for me. Let's see where this leads.

I skidded a bit getting out of the rest area but nothing major. The salt and cinder trucks were out doing their thing so while we wouldn't be setting any speed records I felt reasonably confident we would make it.

We made the introductions after just a few miles. She was Sally and I'm Bill. I told her I was a lawyer and when I said that she gulped.

"Why did you react that way when I told you what I did for a living? What do you do?"

"Well, that's the reason I reacted the way I did. I'm a hooker."

I almost choked laughing. "I'll be damned but you have to admit that it's funny."

She chuckled a little and said, "I can see where you would find humor in it. Wait until you tell the guys in the office that you had a hooker in your pretty automobile and you weren't even thinking about sex."

That got me laughing a lot more. I followed on with; "Oh if you only knew some of the assholes I work with. They will do more than gulp when I tell them. They will shit their pants. I can just hear them. 'And you let her stay in your car after you found out without making a move on her'. "

I could see the way she looked at me and it wasn't pretty. "Bill, you can drop me off at the next convenient place .... gas station, motel, restaurant wherever. I sure don't want to put you on the spot."

"You can just stop that crap right now. I was telling you what the assholes would say ... not me. I'll take you as far as we can make it. I am heading for my place up past Portland but that is still a good ways from Bangor but you'll be a lot closer than you would have been. If the roads are clear in the morning I am sure there will be Greyhound busses running up to Bangor from the Portland area. Sit back and take it easy."

"Damn, you are a nice guy and I don't meet many of them." She said.

"Will your place be ready for your visit?" she asked.

"I think so. I have a caretaker that keeps an eye on it when I am not around and I gave him a call to tell him my plans and he assured me he would least have it warm. He was also going to stop at the local grocery store and put some stuff in. The deep freezer has a ton of meat in it so that part should be OK. He also promised to have a good supply of firewood stacked on the side of the house under a small roof shelter to keep the foul weather off it."

"Sounds as if you have things pretty much under control." She commented.

She continued on with, " I hope you don't mind my next question but you have talked as if you are going to take me as far as your cabin. From what it sounds like it is out in the woods and far from any places of lodging. Are you thinking of me staying at your place with you and if so you said it only has one bedroom. Where would I sleep?"

"Oh hell, I never thought about that." And looked over at her with a big smile.

"What are you grinning about Bill. Do you have something about your place you haven't told me?"

"No Sally, it's just as great as I described but it is a little short on sleeping facilities for a guest."

"Well, if you think you are going to get me into your bed you better think that through again. I have a better idea. Please drop me off at the next town we go past that looks like it might have a hotel or motel."

"Oh cut it out. You are going to sleep in the bedroom that, by the way, has a lock on the door and I am going to sleep on an air mattress in the living room right next to a wonderful log fire. You'll be safe from this fearful lawyer"

She broke into a huge laugh and said, "You are going to be in for a big surprise and I want to see your face when it hits you."

I couldn't help but wonder what she meant by that.

The snow was getting worse by the minute and it appeared that the plows and the salt and cinder trucks were having a rough time keeping ahead of it. I felt we would make my cabin all right but not much further. I had a little concern about the dirt road up to my place and gave the caretaker a call asking if he could use the small snow blower he had bolted on to the front of his tractor and blow away all that he could. We would be there in another two hours and if he could get the road cleared now there shouldn't be much more accumulation in two hours. He said he had already went up and down the road once with the blower but promised to give it another go before he got tucked in for the night. Great!

Sally and I had some great conversations but avoided even touching on her occupation. We gave politics, liberals and conservatives a good bashing but nothing deeper than that. She seemed to get a kick out of me talking about some of the cases I had worked on and the characters I had to defend or prosecute when I had worked in the District Attorney's office before my present job. She has a great laugh that is contagious as hell.

We had just passed Portland and the road was pretty well cleared. The snow was coming down heavy but it now looked as if the highway snow crews were staying ahead of it. That let me breathe a sigh of relief for I sure didn't want to get snowed in out in the wilderness of some parts of this state.

It was about an hour beyond Portland when we had to get off the Interstate and onto a country road. I expected a lot of trouble with this but surprisingly the road was fairly well cleared. Not clear but not bad. We had to drive on this for about a half-hour before hitting my long dirt driveway. It was starting to get dark and that was going to make everything even more difficult.

My large mailbox at the end of my drive stood out like a sore thumb but it appeared that my caretaker had done a super job getting the drive cleared. There was four or five inches of snow on the ground around the drive and if we were going to get another four or five we might not get out in the morning.

We made it up the drive with only a touch of slipping and sliding but were able to get the car all the way to the front of the cabin. I was able to get the trunk aimed right at the front door porch and we soon had our suitcases out and on the porch and then inside.

"WOW, I was expecting something like Davy Crockett's place ----not anything this nice." She said somewhat breathlessly.

"Get your luggage in the bedroom while I get a fire going. Josh, the caretaker, took a couple of T-bones out of the freezer for us so supper has been decided. After you get your luggage put away how about going into the cabinet over the sink and pull down whatever kind of booze you would like. I'll have a scotch and water."

"Yes Sir Captain." She said with a smart-ass sound in her voice.

"You keep talking with that tone in your voice and I'll have to do something your mother failed to do and that was to smack your ass hard and often."

She roared saying, "Ooohhh you know just how to turn me on you smooth talking cowboy."

"Just get the booze and be quiet." I ordered with a laugh.

It wasn't long before the fire was doing nicely and the booze tasted fantastic. I had the steaks on the stove grille and I had opened a can of green beans to go with them. We both liked our meat cooked medium-rare so it was easy to cook them right.

The food went over perfectly and we put a hell of a dent in the booze. There were a couple more bottles of it so I thought we would be OK for a day or so!

"Sally, I don't know about you and maybe it was the tedious driving but I'm sort of bushed and am going to hit the sack now. The TV in your bedroom should be working all right so you might want to catch a movie while I am catching some Z's."

She responded with, "OK, I'll stretch out and read for a while before trying to get some shuteye."

The phone rang and when I looked at my watch was shocked to see that it was eight in the morning. It was Josh the caretaker who asked me to take a peek outside. I did only to see a ton of snow had fallen during the night. There were at least a couple of feet of snow on the ground and it was STILL snowing.

I got up and made some coffee and it was either the smell of the coffee brewing or the noise I was making when she came out of the bedroom wiping her eyes. I only said, "Take look outside through a window"

"Oh my GOD, there must be three feet of snow there."

"Well, not three feet but at least two and it's still coming down. I think you ought to phone whoever it was that was expecting you and tell them not to hold supper for you. If it continues at this rate we will have the three feet you thought you saw."

"You're right. I'll use my cell phone from the bedroom." She said.

A few minutes later she was out with a huge smile on her face. "The whole meeting has been canceled because of the bad weather so I not going to be expected. I told them I would just go back home until the meeting was rescheduled."

"Well, sit back and enjoy the wild country. I have an old pair of boots a gal I used to go with left here that you are welcome to use. If you have any old dungaree type of clothes with you we can go trekking around to see some of the wildlife that inhabits these parts. But first; breakfast."

I am a whiz with scrambled eggs. I'm just being facetious for they are about the only things I can cook other than steaks on the grille.

"Scrambled eggs, toast and coffee coming up and you better say you are enjoying them or breakfast tomorrow will be the leftovers from this morning."

"UGH, oh these are perfect. Just the way I love them." She said almost bursting to keep from laughing.

We both put on our oldest clothes and made our way outside. The front porch has a roof over it and we stood there for just a few minutes staring at one of natures finest. A huge buck was standing not ten feet away staring at us while we were doing the same to him. Damn, the sight of it took our breath away. Sally leaned over to whisper something to me and the motion scared the buck into leaping off into the nearby forest. We were amazed at how easy it was able to prance through the ever-deepening snow.

The absolute silence of the forest was such a change from what we were both used to. Manhattan can sound like it's in the middle of a battle zone with the cars, trucks and just plain noise millions of people make. This was absolute peaceful. We walked up what is an old trail but the snow made it rather difficult to make out other than the depression that had been made by me and others before me made stomping through the woods. We saw probably a dozen more deer, both bucks and does, on our walk. God, they are graceful animals.

Neither of us had very warm clothes on and a short walk was about all we could handle. As soon as we were back in the cabin I put on the coffee. She had a million questions about the cabin so I gave her the cook's verbal tour of what it is all about.

"First we have well water so we are never without that, secondly, and probably most importantly, I spent a ton to get the local power company to run underground cables up to the place. In addition we have our own electric generator in case of a power failure, which is quite common up here. The generator runs on propane gas and I had a one thousand-gallon tank buried behind the cabin that they come and top off every few months. There is a lost-power sensor that can tell when the city power has failed and it signals the back up generator to kick in and there is a septic tank for waste. So dear lady, we are pretty much self-sufficient. We can use the electric heat if we need it but I like to use the fireplace instead. It's cozy and I just like the aroma and the sight and sound of the burning logs."

"Wow, you really are self sufficient and the peacefulness of the area is marvelous. Excuse me please." As she stood and made her way into the bath off the master bedroom.

She came out ten minutes later holding a pistol that was aimed directly at me. Oh shit, what the hell have I gotten myself into?

"OK, stand up buster and don't do anything stupid. Just do as I say and you will be fine."

"Yes Sally, just don't get nervous with your trigger finger. I'll do exactly as you say."

"Get your ass into the bedroom now and once again don't do anything that is going to give me a reason to blow holes in you. As someone on TV said the other night on one of those cop shows 'I can turn you from a rooster into a hen with one shot.'"

She followed me into the bedroom and as soon as she had cleared the door she used her foot to close it behind her. There was some rustling behind me that I couldn't understand but I figured I'd soon find out what is was all about.

"Now turn around." She ordered with a rather stern voice. Me and my desire to be a Good Samaritan!

Damn, there was plenty to see. She was bare ass naked and I could see she had a fantastic shape and her tits would drive me crazy. If it weren't for the pistol aiming at me my cock would have been rock hard by then.

She flipped her purse at me and said, "Take out my wallet."

"Wait a second Sally, I had no intention of robbing you."

"Oh I am certain of that." She answered me as she waved the pistol around.

"Now open my wallet." As she said that she flipped the pistol on the bed.

"Holy shit, you are a cop." I blurted out as I was staring at her detectives' shield and an ID card telling me she was assigned to the homicide department of the New York Police department.

"What the hell did you tell me you were a hooker for?"

"I just wanted to keep you honest and also to see how you would handle it. Now get over here and fuck me. I am hornier than hell."

I took a few steps towards her and reached out to rest a hand on a breast. She had lovely tight globes and I couldn't wait to get my mouth around them. I stepped back and began dropping my clothes as she grabbed my hand and pulled me to the bed. When we were close enough to it she sat down and wrapped her lips around the head of my still soft cock. It didn't take much of that before it was up and ready for action.

Well, as they say, one good turn deserves another. I dropped to my knees and used my hands to spread her legs and then buried my face in her crotch. My mouth was no sooner buried in the folds of her pussy lips than my tongue was searching out her clit. I soon had it uncovered from its protective cover and my tongue was working it over fast and furious. Her moaning became louder by the minute and I was glad that the cabin was rural. Had it been any closer to a city we would have had neighbors pounding on the door to see if anything was wrong.

When I felt her getting up to the point of no return I lifted my face from her pussy and lifted her legs up to my shoulders as I drove my cock all the way into her in one hard thrust. It wasn't a moan that came out of her but a full-throated screech.

"Oh God, yes, yes, yes, do me."

Another few thrusts and her juices were flowing out of her but I still hadn't come.

I had my hands cupping her tits as I drove my cock in and out of her now wet pussy as fast and hard as I could. It wasn't going to take me long at this rate before I was going to join her with my own orgasm. As I felt it getting closer I pushed her legs off my shoulders and removed my hands from her tits as I dropped my head down to give her one hell of a huge kiss. She quickly wrapped her arms around the back of my neck and stuck her tongue way down my throat. I was soon filling her pussy with my white hot cum as I gave it my final thrusts. Whew, she is one hell of a piece of ass.

"Well, for a dick you aren't too bad." I said laughingly as I reached over and picked up her gun that she had dropped on the bed earlier.

"I guess I'll have to make you my sex slave from here on out. 'The criminal said to the cop as he waived her gun in her face'."

"Mmmm, that wouldn't be a bad idea the way you fuck" she replied with a mischievous glint in her eyes.

"What would you want me to do for you next master?" she asked raising her eyebrows with a laugh in her voice.

"Oh I'm sure I'll have my cock deep in your throat over the next few hours and who knows, I might even shove it up your tight little ass."

"Oh God, my throat is OK but you will tear me apart shoving that monster up my ass." She said with a coy look on her face.

I couldn't tell if she wanted me to fuck her ass or not with the way she responded to my little joke about what I was going to do with her. I guess I'll see during our time together.

"Sally, it's still snowing so we can't go for a walk and I better get up and throw a few logs on the fire before all we have left are embers and they wouldn't warm the place at all."

"Hell, I think you and I do a pretty fair job of 'warming the place,' don't you?" she joked.

She followed me out to the living room and watched as I placed a couple of nice logs on the grate in the fireplace. The heat from the embers had them blazing pretty quickly. I sat on the braided rug in front of the fire with my back to a big chair and pulled her down to me. She sat on the floor to one side of me with her back to the fire with the backs of her legs brought up to her thighs and her face to me. I reached up behind me and grabbed a nice hand-woven blanket that was on the chair for decoration but it was going to serve a much better purpose today. I draped it over her and part of me and then bent forward and gave her another warm kiss.

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